Monday, March 31, 2008

200 Subscribers to Rawmodel's Youtube Page

I'm trying to bring life and excitement to the
living-foods community and I feel that video is
really the way to go these days.

We are a highly visually stimulated society,
so in order to get some ideas across the gap,
we must go with the flow...and use the vid-e-o...

I recently uploaded a video made in Mexico City
where I was opening coconuts on my hotel rooftop.

Here is the Durian Smoothie combo...

Includes some Durian to open a thai coconut...
and easily enough, how to combine them into one delicious smoothie.

Im starting to do more wild foraging in Central Park as well,
so expect more videos of that really soon.

Thanks to all who have subscribed...
I cant thank you enough and I promise to keep
the content FRESH and light-hearted and yet...informative.

Successfully Raw Recap

A Perfect End to a LONG Week...

I got home from Mexico City on Thursday night,
and found out that I had to fly to Milwaukee on the first
flight out the next morning. So after a four hour nap,
I was in a taxi and headed BACK to the airport. Yeesh...

I shot all day for Kohls, and didnt get back until midnight.
I had to be at the event first thing in the morning,
so there wasnt much time to practice.

Luckily I had lots of spare time on the plane, so I went
over some main points and came up with some great subjects
to speak about. After all the preparation though, I simply
ended up winging most of it and just speaking honestly from the heart.

Everyone did AMAZING and from the feedback I heard,
all of the attendees had a great time and loved the food as well.

Big ups to the We Like it Raw crew, Karen Knowler and Joel Odhner
for sharing all of their experiences and knowledge. Im so proud
to be a part of such a great team of people.
ENDLESS thanks to Dawn for taking all these great pics :)
Youre the best...

And everyone that helped out too...nothing but gratitude.
Robert and his assistant for filming,
Kaya, Gigi, Jenny and Jamy for all of their help,
and Vanessa for providing the wonderful Gnosis Chocolate!

This is the first of many, and we just keep getting
stronger with each passing day.

A shot with the lovely Penni...

We are riding the freshest wave on the planet.
I loved meeting everyone many online
friends that were finally in person!
Blessed be the internet...

Much love everyone...have a wonderful week.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Fotos de Mexico

Beauty is Everywhere...

I was really impressed with Mexico City,
although I was mostly working the whole time or
stuck in the hotel. I wandered around a little on my
first day when I had some spare hours.

I was checking for some wild foods, and although
I did find some, the thoughts about car pollution
and soil quality kept me from trying anything.

(A Little Sorrel Mexicano...add it to your raw tacos)

Burdock is EVERYWHERE.

No big deal really...the exotic fruits were abundant.

After my fitting on monday, the production company
had one of their nice employees drive me down to the
local indoor market where I could do some shopping.

Here is what I found.

The production company was calling her asking where she was.

"Why arent you back yet?"
"He's still looking at the fruit!"

The green fruits in the center are Black Sapote. YUM!!!

They are seriously like chocolate pudding in the middle. AMAZING.

This one was REALLY ripe...the pic doesnt do it any justice.

I ate so many figs (Higos) at the job...Its been so long!!! Cant wait till July!

This had the interior of REALLY sour passion fruit.
Ive never had anything like it.

Good ol' Guanabana...or Soursop. I like Guanabana better :)

Sapodilla on the left and Mamey Sapote on the right.
Sapodillas I could take or leave...
Mamey Sapotes are like sweeter and juicer
sweet potatoes...I loved them.

Here are the insides of the Sapodillas -

And...fungicide and radiation free...coconuts -

Hairy coconuts...didnt luck out and find any green ones,
but I was flying high from the sapotes and guanabana.
The water was pure and not so sweet. The meat was
thick but filling. I would dice it up and mix it in a salad.
Like this...

Diced Coconut Meat
Diced Avocado
Diced Mango
Diced Cumcumber
Lime Juice (Not Diced :) )

Here is a video of me getting wild with the coconut.
Sometimes you just dont have the right tools and
you simply have to improvise. Best way to drink them anyways...

There are sculptures like this all over the center of the city.
If you are going to Mexico, Id recommend a day or two here.
Its WAY too big too see it all, but there is so much history here
and the markets are really cool. The people from the production
company were recommending some museums, but Id much
rather explore the life of the city.

Just an interesting ad that I saw while I was there...
Makes you think, eh?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Raw Divas Podcast

I did a GREAT audio interview with Tera from The Raw Divas
last week and I was just notified that its up on the site.

Its a long interview...but I think it will go by pretty quickly.
I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think.

Day one of the shoot was LONG. Great, but really long.
14 hours total, and tomorrow might be the same.

The caterers hooked me up with LOTS of figs and mango,
and even coconut water. They were so nice.
I havent had a fresh fig since September...
they were better than I remember.
I am so glad I have two fig trees heading to Minnesota
in just a few short weeks. Fun fun...
Enjoy the interview everyone, and if you
are anywhere close to NY next weekend,
please consider attending the Successfully Raw Event
being held on Saturday.

Its really a great deal...please check it out!

Mexico sin fotos y

Pardon the stock photos...not mine.
Cloudy day here...ugh.
Ive been taking pics and making vids
but I cant upload anything to these computers
so Ill do a good picture post when I get back.

I scored big-time in the fruit department though.
Oh yeah..and the guavas! Little yellow ones, so fragrant.

Laura, a good friend of mine from Connecticut,
was browsing some online catalog and emailed me
wondering if I was in it. I checked it out, and YES.

Here is the link:
Just watch the flash and it will rotate between
me and a girl. See? The Raw Food lifestyle PAYS. might not believe, but if
I wasnt raw I wouldnt be at the level to consistently
work and save money. Raw gave all of this to me.
Not only physically, but mentally as well.

Give it a try...we´ve been cooked for so long.
What harm could a 2 week experiment do?

You have to realize that you deserve only the best
foods ever available on all of the Earth.
You have to cherish yourself enough to act on that.
Come from abundance, not scarcity,
and raw food will be a breeze.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Safe and Sound in Mexico

Its almost time for fresh coconuts again...

Heres a video with me and Arnold from Arnold's Way.
He's a really funny guy. He called me Anthony
in the video then said my name was Dan in his description!
Come on Arnold! Haha...
(When I mentioned giving up friends,
I was talking about NY friends...not my lifelong
buddies from Minnesota. No misinterpretations!)

I would have just embeded the vid here but these
Mexican computers make it hard.

One of the coolest things that can happen to you
at the airport is having someone waiting for you
with your name on a card. It doesnt happen
often for me, but its so cool when it does.

Easy flight...finished Peter Ragnar's
Living Well on Wild Foods
and watched, coincidentally enough,

the Bee Movie.

A really funny movie with lots of good
messages about not having a mind-numbing job
and exploring the world instead.
Pretty ficticious about real bees...but oh well.

My driver told me that they sell coconuts
on the street here and that you can get them
with lime juice and cayenne pepper.
They usually go for a dollar...the hunt begins tomorrow!

I slammed 32 oz of green smoothie (Dino Kale and Plums)
at the security checkpoint at JFK Airport,
and brought 2 grapefruits along with me for the flight.

The two ladies next to me had the pasta and chicken,
then washed it down with a cup of OJ and MILK.
Good grief...their poor stomachs.
And they probably thought I was crazy.

Relish the multitude of perception.

Happy Equinox everyone!

Let it be the theme of your life.

Lighten Up :)

Anthony (looking to get some sun FINALLY)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Off to Mexico

I've got to shoot a commercial in Mexico City (ugh...CITY)
next week, so I'm off to the airport in about 2 hours.

Of course my camera is coming along, as well as the camcorder.
I doubt I'll be filming anything in the street, but at least
I can do some fruit vids when I get back.

Im really hoping to find some good fruit markets,
and maybe even stumble upon some wild fruits. Who knows?
I hit the jackpot in L.A. a month ago, so Mexico City could be similar.
I'm crossing my fingers for Aloe Vera, Cactus Fruit, and Citrus. We'll see.

I dont know what the internet situation will be like,
so if anyone sends me something or if the comments
don't pop know whats up. I'll see if I can make it
to an internet cafe to get things in order.

I just made my emergency superfood fudge.

It was a 3 day supply so I used:

3/4 cup of hemp butter
3 tbls of hemp oil
3/4 cup of gojis
1/2 cup of Cacao Nibs
3 tbls of Vitamineral Green
3 tbls of Healthforce Nutritional's Earth
3 tbls of Honey
And then a cup of my superfood mix that had all
those goodies in 13 ingredients. Here is the video again
to refresh the memory.

Hey everyone...if you like the vids, PLEASE subscribe
to my youtube channel. It will keep you posted
whenever I add something pressure though :)

I keep thanking the universe for these jobs because they
bring me one step closer to creating the eco-cottage/garden
in Minnesota. If I can do it, and show how easy and wise it is to do so,
maybe I can somehow inspire others to do something similar.

Its up to us to create heaven on Earth. Theories and reflection
wont do anything. Only ACTION.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Garam Masala Pics

So I finally picked up my camera today.
Here are the pics that I took from the retreat,
although Philip has provided many others on his flickr site.

Loving It!!!

Durian Newbies testing the waters...

If the Raw Food biz ever collapses, they could always model.

I have never, ever, seen so much Pure Food and Wine
Raw Ice Cream in one place. Unreal.

Rockin' out the Superfood Demo.
Sheep Sorrel Powder, Astragalus Root, Cat's Claw...
Only found at Garam Masala.

Philip and Brianna pumping out the raw sushi.

I wish I could say that I am a master tracker,
but these deer are basically mobile lawn ornaments.
The neighbor next door was actually petting two of them.

The Gnosis Cacao-Fueled Party that
caused the police to stop by and tell us to simmer down!

My first retreat ever...could be hard to beat.

Much love everyone...thanks to everyone
who attended and contributed to the success.
I hope this is the first of many.

Im off to go forage for wild greens in Central Park.
Its about that time....


Thursday, March 20, 2008


I was on the phone recently with my good friend, Raw Vegan Steven,
who is the funniest raw-foodist I know.
We were talking about his future garden in Pennsylvania,
and I mentioned to him that he should buy seeds of wild weeds,
"weeds" like dandelion, purslane, lambs-quarters, and plantain.
I mentioned that he could have so much growing naturally in his yard
that he would never have to replant again,
and he would never run out because wild greens are so strong and prolific.

The best possible tasting and freshest greens you could dream of,
for the cost of a few packets of seeds.

Then the idea came to me. Why stop at just your yard?
Why not replant all public spaces with wild greens?

Why not????

Parks, vacant lots, anywhere that wouldnt be sprayed by pesticides.
Think about this.
We can become the modern Johnny Appleseeds of the world.
Overgrow the pharmaceutical companies naturally by re-wilding the suburbs,
and the cities as well, especially the cities.

Is it illegal to plant wild edible greens in public spaces?
I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
Nevertheless...I think the idea seed has been planted, if you know what I mean.
All areas could be available to us.

City Parks, open woodlots, even the old neighbor's untended front yard.
And once wild greens are planted, they spread. Just like good ideas.

Do they ever spread. Their life force is SO strong.
That is why these pesticide companies invest so much money
into killing these plants...because they are just so indestructible.
Just imagine if you started eating those (unsprayed) plants on a regular basis.
Embrace nature instead of trying to destroy it. What a concept...

I intend very soon to have my eating habits centered on
wild greens, freshly picked grapes and berries,
and fresh fruits and nuts right off the tree.

And if not right off the tree, then at the local farmer's market.
I will still grow tomatoes and cucumbers and melons,
but I think the essentials will be taken care of with those previously mentioned items.

"One does not accumulate, but eliminate.
It is not daily increase, but daily decrease.
The height of cultivation always leads to simplicity."
-Bruce Lee

Think about it.
The best possible foods you can eat are, in my opinion,
by far the easiest and cheapest to grow.
Wild greens and fruit trees, and I would include hemp (more about this soon)
if the United States was sane enough to let the people plant it.
All of these foods require basically no attention, and give the highest nutrition.

The modern living foods diet still rests on cultivated plants that need man to survive.

They are DOMESTICATED. WEAKLINGS. You are what you

And most come from soil which isnt the best possible we could have.
What is more natural? What can we eat to mirror the ancient diet?

What contains the highest sources of minerals and lifeforce?

Can't find wild plants where you live?
Buy the seeds and plant them! The D.I.Y. ethos is in full effect.


Here is what I just ordered from,

and saw that sells the same line of medicinal seeds.

Check it...

Astragalus Seeds
Burdock Seeds
Calendula Seeds
Chickweed Seeds
Dandelion Seeds
Marshmallow Seeds
Lavender Seeds
Nettle Seeds
Peppermint Seeds
Passionflower Seeds
Plantain Seeds
Skullcap Seeds
Wormwood Seeds
Licorice Seeds
Lemon Balm Seeds

Lambsquarters and Wild Arugula as well now...

Sound good?

I intend to plant them anywhere I can regularly visit and that is not sprayed.
No more waiting in line to buy kale...domestication!

There are no excuses anymore...
we have the knowledge and the resources to grow our own food EVERYWHERE.
We need no personal gardens. Re-create Eden here and NOW! Start planting!


Lost...and Found

So I was freaking out about losing my camera after the retreat.
Not really freaking out, but there were so many good pics on there
from the retreat that I want to post. I really thought I left
the camera in Philip's car, but he looked and looked
and didnt find a thing. All hope was about to be lost.

Then Chocolate Girl called! She found the camera in Philip's
car on the last day of the event and called me on Monday.

Its a funny thing...the camera itself usually means so much
less than the pictures (memories) we have from the camera itself.

Upload your pics asap never know.

We are in the midst of updating stuff and creating
a press release for my permaculture project,
so things have been really busy lately.

And I worked yesterday and the day before,
and they were both two very long days.

Here is a letter the photographer wrote to my booker (agent)
after working with me on Tuesday. This really made my day.

Here it is:

Brock -

Just heading off to the Rufus office to shoot the Women's line, but wanted to
let you know that Anthony Anderson was a pleasure.
Such a nice and easy guy to work with.
He worked really hard and kept his energy up the entire day.
He's a real pro and contributed to the success of the shoot.

James A


It was a REALLY long day, but for some reason (LIVING FOODS)
I was able to keep my energy up the whole day. Go figure...right?


Added to that, Ive been moving out of my current apartment,
so there has been plenty going on lately. Its already Thursday and
it feels like the weekend just ended.

So if you happened to send me and email, please
dont get upset if I havent replied yet. I promise that I will get to it.
I'm getting swamped with a lot of things lately.

And...I'm off to Mexico City on Sunday for a shoot till Thursday.
I'm getting closer and closer to paying for the whole permaculture project.
I know that my intentions are pure about all of this,
so there is really no way I can't fail. There is just so much support.

Reminder for the day....

The more you thank the Universe for what you have, the more
the Universe will give you what makes you happy.

Sounds so simple and obvious, but how often to you do it, or FEEL IT?


Don't forget these upcoming events in the Northeast US...

Philip from is now on the roster for a Bonus Talk.
It just keeps getting better and better.

And of course the big RI event in April with Avocado Wolfe:

And just for fun, check out this video. Amazing how creative
we can be if we choose to do so.

Look at the joy on his face. Thats Ronald Jenkees. Talk about being in the now.

Peace and Love...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Garam Masala

Garam Masala was THE BEST.

Its funny...when you see all these names on an email list,
its so impersonal. I'm not sure how to really express it.

Approaching the date of the retreat, I was excited,
but I had no idea that those names on the list belonged
to so many amazing and beautiful souls.

We were all absolutely blessed to be in the company of
one another this weekend. So many good vibes, with a feeling
of openness and community.

We had a cacao party that was so loud the police had to come
and tell us to turn down the music!
"What have you kids been drinking???"
"What on God's Earth is CACAO??"
"Is that LEGAL?"

HUGE props to Chocolate Alchemist Vanessa
for doing an amazing cacao demo and fueling that fun.

And endless gratitude towards Philip and Dhru for
putting together such a fun and unpretentious event.

My camera is hiding in the back-pocket of Philip's passenger seat,
so I havent been able to upload any new pics, but they are coming soon.

We just secured a better and more fitting venue for
the Successfully Raw event coming up on March 29th.

We are upgrading at the moment as well,
so expect a big increase in content and information.

I've got to be at a shoot in 55 minutes...
so I'm going to start making my green smoothie for the day.

For St. Paddy's, I hope you had a green smoothie and not a Guinness Beer :)

Again, nothing but love to everyone at the event this weekend.
Saying goodbye reminded me of summer camp! Too good!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Humbled Pt. 2

Luckily for now, there are only 2 installments of "Humbled".
2 is enough for now. LOTS of comments...I love everyone's thoughts!

I should do an audio interview with my sister for the site,
because I think it would give some more voice and the whole
sibling thing would at least be pretty entertaining.

So this one is about BEES. At the moment, I am
a complete WANNA-BEE. There is just so much to learn,
but as a new beekeeping friend of mine told us this Saturday:

"Beekeeping isn't all that complicated. The bees know what to do.
People say that raising children is complicated too, but if
you keep the top part full of food and the bottom part dry,
its likely that youll be alright. Beekeeping is like that."

When raw/organic enthusiasts go into a new venture,
its easy to project our viewpoints into it.
I really did this with beekeeping.
I really vilified beekeepers...thinking that they poisoned
their bees with corn syrup and pesticides.

Im not sure what I think now. I am definitely against
the pesticides, but the feeding issue has challenged
my previous beliefs. Even talking to organic bee farmers,
I learned that bees thrive on sugar syrup, and have been
thriving on that mixture for hundreds of years.

Many organic people think Colony Collapse Disorder
is from a poor diet and harsh conditions, but these
bees have been under this routine for a very long time,
and bees reproduce every 6 weeks or so. And many bees
will be affected when they arent eating corn syrup or anything
unnatural, it will happen to them when they are feeding on nectar.

So what is new? What is the cause of CCD?
One theory we heard was that its from global trading.
Pests and fungi that are not from the US, or anything close to local areas,
are being accidentally imported from foreign lands at a rate
never before seen. These imports could be infesting the combs
and causing CCD. They are all pretty positive that its not because of their diet.

I was convinced it was diet and poor treatment. I have
to take that accusation back. Maybe their immune systems are
weaker, but organic bees ARE suffering as well...but not as much.
Although remember...there are many less organic beekeepers than commercial.

Another thing they told me was that when we try and raise
bees naturally, the colony will usually perish within
3 years. That is the natural life-cycle of a hive.
So, do they let the bees naturally die, or do they
treat them with something to keep the colony alive
and productive? What to decide?

Do you hail the organic religion above all else
and let the colony naturally expire, or do you treat them?
Would you treat your dog if it was sick? Your child?

The life-cycle of an individual bee is very short,
so you have to view the hive itself as a living organism
and do what you can to keep it alive. So many questions.

We found out two really cool facts at the beekeeping workshop as well.

#1. All worker bees, i.e. the bees that actually contribute something positively
to the well-being and continuation of the colony, are FEMALES.

#2. Only about 100 males (named drones) are produced in each laying,
and their only purpose is to mate with a queen from another colony.
When winter comes, the freeloaders (the males) are kicked out of the hive.

I told my mom this, and she said: "Well...are you surprised? Of course they are females!" get the point...we can't jump to such drastic conclusions...
the world, let alone the universe, is a VERY complex place.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Humbled Pt. 1

Carmella from the Sunny Raw Kitchen tagged me,
which means that I have to post 5 things about myself that
everyone on here doesnt already know.

I fully intend to do that...I really will.
But first, I have to say my apology to my sister.

I kind of ragged on her the other day about
being in medical school and drinking soy milk and coffee.
I didn't mean harm at all, and I was surprised that she even read it,
but it was a totally unconscious thing to say about my own sister.

She is in the top 97% of her class right now,
and she puts in so much time into her learning.
She knows WAY more about the body than myself,
and I am always learning new things from her.

Its easy to tell that many of us on here are pretty suspicious
of the medical community. And rightfully so.
There are so many doctors out there who simply prescribe various drugs
or recommend chemotherapy or surgery when
other and much less invasive options are still reasonably
available to consider. However...there are some who are waking up.

Here is a quote from my sister...(and Im paraphrasing):

"You have no idea what they teach us in med school. We DO get taught
about nutrition...but really, we can tell people to eat right and exercise
but most of them are so lazy and self-destructive that it would blow your mind.
You have no idea about the cases that we see! You would be
shocked to see how people abuse themselves, no matter what we say.
So then what? Someone has to be there to take care of them...that's us."

Rightfully so. Everyone on here has pretty much
assumed responsibility for their own health, or at least is starting
to consider it. So it can be natural (at least for me) to think that doctors are
the ones feeding pills to people and making them think that there
are no other options. Its also easy to forget how self-destructive and
unconscious people still are about how they treat their bodies.
How easy I forgot.
It's so complex and individualized,
that Ill never be able to make a correct statement.

But this much is true...what I don't know is still SO great.
We have to all realize just how unknowledgeable we are about just
about everything on this planet. Only when we can realize that can
we start making steps to remedy it, and be more compassionate
to those who might not have reached some supposed
answers that we might cling onto so dearly.

All I know is that I reached certain results
by doing certain activities and consuming certain foods.
I can share that experience, and if others like where I am
at, and what Ive achieved, then they can take it for whatever its worth.
Just look for results...thats all I can say.

Nothing is true until you believe it to be. Well...maybe gravity.

Gotta run...getting late.
Sorry sis...LOVE YOU!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

The new workout routine...

Ironic...this post sounded like it was going to be all masculine,
and then we get a picture of two beautiful flowers...appreciate the juxtapose.

So I signed up at the gym again. I just wasn't getting the intensive workout
I was looking for at home. Maybe if I had some more equipment
or if I was living alone it would be more productive and feasible
but there is always something going
on and it can be hard to really get a good (intensive and worthwhile) workout in that way.

I signed up for 5 months at the gym down the street...only two blocks away.
Now I can get out of the apt and really get a good workout in,
jog home, and rinse off. I love living close to the gym, because it saves
so much time with clean-up and shower.

I am a big proponent of doing at-home workouts,
but only if you can find a way to construct them
so they are beneficial to you. You have to take what works for you,
and what does must leave behind.
I still have my headphones on and listen to audiobooks
or my language lessons or some TTC lecture...we have to multi-task!

I was looking to use some heavier weights to use at home, and the
gym membership is actually cheaper than buying weights
at the store which I would have to haul around later.
Im really about getting rid of my possessions...not adding on more.
This situation just works for me right now.

My first workout was really good. I'm doing one or two
sets...and doing each one until my muscles really burn.
Even just holding the weights in mid-flex, and breathing really
fast until you cant do it anymore, is the best way to communicate
to your muscles that they MUST become stronger.
Make it burn and your body will adapt to the stress you are dealing to it. have to mix it up always. Try different routines every other week
to keep your body guessing and adapting.

I dont do much lower body...I feel that all my walking and staircases
that I hit throughout the day take care of that.
A message to guys and all ladies with guys...its all about stomach, chest, and arms.
Focus on those, and the rest will fall into place.

At home we can do push-ups, sit-ups/crunches, and arms with some 10-30lb weights.
If I had my own place that I was going to be staying at for a while,
I would have just bought the weights.
Put on some music or a movie, and get to work!

Immediately afterwards, I go home and make the superfood smoothie.
That is one nice thing about the at-home can get on the smoothie
so fast...or even have it pre-made in the fridge right there waiting for you.
I showed everyone this video a couple weeks back.

For more info on Astragalus Root Powder, Sheep Sorrel, Ho Shou Wu (Fo-ti),
Pau D'Arco, Hawthorn Berry Powder, and on each link.
I add in more hemp seeds, spirulina, and bee pollen
and maybe even throw in some brazil nuts for selenium and extra protein.
Its important to give your body that great nourishment immediately after
the workout so it can start rebuilding with high-quality materials.

Its sunday now and my triceps are still sore...I havent really
worked that area in a while and I can really tell.
I do each body area TWICE a it plenty of time
to re-heal and rebuild, then do it all over again.
It doesnt really matter what specific exercise you do...
as long as you can feel it in the muscles that you are targeting.
Play around and see what you like.

Make exercise as accessible and enjoyable as possible and
youll be amazed at how often you start doing it.
Don't let others hold you back either! This is about your
path to excellence, and if someone is standing in your way,
kindly ask them to step aside and maybe even join you if they are interested.

Your path! Full Speed Ahead...


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Successfully Raw on March 29th

My first major speaking event! Will you be there???

This is a full day event (10-6), with a wonderful catered lunch and dessert included,
so if you are anywhere nearby, I would really love to see you there
and to have your support. I am going to be sharing my story
about discovering raw foods and giving tips and tricks
that I picked up along the way to maintain a healthy physique
all the while staying raw and VERY far away from eating animal products.

I am really excited about this. I feel like its going to be a day
of hanging out and sharing with good friends.
There will be plenty of time to visit during the lunch break
and afterwards as well, so if you or any friends or family can make
it to the city for the day, please come wont regret it.

I believe the event goal is for 200 people to sign up,
and its filling up pretty quickly. I can tell that there is
a change in the air...we are all ready for a serious paradigm shift.

There are going to be great vendors there, and I'm sure
wonderful samples will be given out as usual.
Springtime in NYC...raw foodies, and good vibes everywhere!
Dont miss it!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bee Update

Just when you need some help...the Universe provides.

So I have ordered my two colonies of bees for this spring.
Im not sure how many are supposed to come with each hive (2)
but it seems like its supposed to number in the TENS of THOUSANDS.
Good lord...what am I getting myself into?

Endless thanks to Miss P, who sent me the link to
ENDLESS THANKS. I learned quite a bit just from this video.

I still have quite a bit of time to learn more...but this is a huge start.

And then...out of nowhere, I start receiving info on a beekeeping
workshop being held up in the Bronx. Wyldegirl was thoughtful
enough to send the heads up...Much thanks always Jenny!!!
(Her post on organic certification is SO right on...)

Here is a link to the course...Wave Hill Beekeeping Workshop

Knowing about this place can help keep some sanity via greenery
in an otherwise cement-laden existence.

And a final thought...

I have heard that beekeepers are consistently the oldest
living peoples in our society. Studies of Centenarians in Russia
have shown that most of them raised bees, and that their daily
consumption of honey and pollen, and also bee stings,
have contributed to this phenomena.

So...I could actually be giving the gift of supreme longevity to my
parents. My project is taking place across the road from my parents
so we can all share in the endless bounty together...and so they can
take care of the place while I'm traveling!

By putting in bees, I could be doing more for my father's health
than if I attended 8 years of medical school...
(Which some might call VERY expensive mental conditioning...Ask yourself.)

My sister is going to Med School at the U of M in Minnesota right now,
and she still lives on cooked cereal, coffee, and soy milk. Obviously
the whole Genetically Modified-estrogen-dead food issue really isnt taught to them.

"Drugs and Surgery = Good....Nutrition and Exercise = Irrelevant."

Maybe I am a bit too hard on the whole Medical system...or not.

They are in charge, and look at where we are. Its time for a change.

If everyone was a living-foodist, their entire industry would completely
collapse in a year. Think of the money lost. Think about the insurance industry.
Its scary...too much money involved. They simply need sick people to earn a living.

BEES BEES BEES. Good for the Earth, good for LIFE....good for US.