Sunday, March 9, 2008

The new workout routine...

Ironic...this post sounded like it was going to be all masculine,
and then we get a picture of two beautiful flowers...appreciate the juxtapose.

So I signed up at the gym again. I just wasn't getting the intensive workout
I was looking for at home. Maybe if I had some more equipment
or if I was living alone it would be more productive and feasible
but there is always something going
on and it can be hard to really get a good (intensive and worthwhile) workout in that way.

I signed up for 5 months at the gym down the street...only two blocks away.
Now I can get out of the apt and really get a good workout in,
jog home, and rinse off. I love living close to the gym, because it saves
so much time with clean-up and shower.

I am a big proponent of doing at-home workouts,
but only if you can find a way to construct them
so they are beneficial to you. You have to take what works for you,
and what does must leave behind.
I still have my headphones on and listen to audiobooks
or my language lessons or some TTC lecture...we have to multi-task!

I was looking to use some heavier weights to use at home, and the
gym membership is actually cheaper than buying weights
at the store which I would have to haul around later.
Im really about getting rid of my possessions...not adding on more.
This situation just works for me right now.

My first workout was really good. I'm doing one or two
sets...and doing each one until my muscles really burn.
Even just holding the weights in mid-flex, and breathing really
fast until you cant do it anymore, is the best way to communicate
to your muscles that they MUST become stronger.
Make it burn and your body will adapt to the stress you are dealing to it. have to mix it up always. Try different routines every other week
to keep your body guessing and adapting.

I dont do much lower body...I feel that all my walking and staircases
that I hit throughout the day take care of that.
A message to guys and all ladies with guys...its all about stomach, chest, and arms.
Focus on those, and the rest will fall into place.

At home we can do push-ups, sit-ups/crunches, and arms with some 10-30lb weights.
If I had my own place that I was going to be staying at for a while,
I would have just bought the weights.
Put on some music or a movie, and get to work!

Immediately afterwards, I go home and make the superfood smoothie.
That is one nice thing about the at-home can get on the smoothie
so fast...or even have it pre-made in the fridge right there waiting for you.
I showed everyone this video a couple weeks back.

For more info on Astragalus Root Powder, Sheep Sorrel, Ho Shou Wu (Fo-ti),
Pau D'Arco, Hawthorn Berry Powder, and on each link.
I add in more hemp seeds, spirulina, and bee pollen
and maybe even throw in some brazil nuts for selenium and extra protein.
Its important to give your body that great nourishment immediately after
the workout so it can start rebuilding with high-quality materials.

Its sunday now and my triceps are still sore...I havent really
worked that area in a while and I can really tell.
I do each body area TWICE a it plenty of time
to re-heal and rebuild, then do it all over again.
It doesnt really matter what specific exercise you do...
as long as you can feel it in the muscles that you are targeting.
Play around and see what you like.

Make exercise as accessible and enjoyable as possible and
youll be amazed at how often you start doing it.
Don't let others hold you back either! This is about your
path to excellence, and if someone is standing in your way,
kindly ask them to step aside and maybe even join you if they are interested.

Your path! Full Speed Ahead...



Michelle J said...

Hi Anthony, Awesome that your signed up to the gym! So convienent too! So, you know i run...should i be concerned with upper body as well because i never do upper body exercise! I like the feeling running gives me but i know theres always more and better workouts! :O)

Hugh said...

Personally I wouldn't join the gym. I'm a big fan of Ross Enamait's approach to fitness. He's one of the few online 'gurus' that isn't trying to scam as much money as possible from the public. I can't recommend his book 'Never Gymless' enough.

All I need to cover lots of fitness/strength training areas is a pull up bar and a kettlebell. That's it. Cardio, strength endurance, max strength.. all covered. If you wish you can get artistic and paint yours, people always want to know about them when they see them.

Eating mostly raw has lead me to drop the amount of protein I'm consuming but I'm interested to see how my body will repair itself with just having quality, clean, alkaline blood. Lot's of dark greens for me!!

bueller said...

Hi Anthony! Thanks for the great post and inspirations!! Happy sunday!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed from online that the topic of sexuality is frequently exempt from raw foods community. But sexuality is a part of the human experience. I've noticed that raw foods is transformational spiritually, emotionally and physically. But raw foods must be transformational sexually. And why is everyone so shy to talk about sex when it's a part of life? Sex could mean masturbation or the beginning of arousal or the potent, delicious, powerful orgasm. It's weird and great at the same time because during masterbation I've experienced powerful orgasms because my diet is mostly raw. I think it's because the raw foods generates good energy. And Raw foodists shouldn't hesitate to discuss sexuality or explore it.

naseem g said...

hey anthony! its been a while since i left a comment! are you reading A New Earth? (Eckhart Tolle), or have u read it? Im reading it right now with the Oprah web class thing, your picture of the flowers reminded me of it! Glad everything is going well for you! :D :D

wyldegirl said...

so synchronized.
this morning i decided to stop whining about how much i miss power walking in warm weather (early mornings are the best way to start the day!) and hiking up all the mountains, and how much i miss my yoga classes as i'm no longer in the area where i adored my studio and teacher. . .
so i did my own yoga and rather than bundle up like the kid in the snowsuit who can't really move, i plugged in my ipod and rebounded wildly for the better part of an hour, waving my arms, twisting and shaking my little booty (hehe) and not only did i get the best workout, my lymph flowing and cheeks red, but i had FUN! i don't like being in a rut of rebounding every single day like i was for a few months, but thrown in for a bit every few days and you feel like the most ecstatic little kid. . . complete with the heavy and very funny feeling that you can't walk and you certainly can't jump or dance for a bit on the untrampoline ground. . . it always makes me giggle.

and THAT is the best way to approach exercise, with wild abandon and pure joy. . . good for you for kicking it in gear too. . . and yes, the change is SOOOOOO happening ( i think that was mentioned in your previous post?). . . i love feeling the swirling energy. . .

oh and then i had a superfood smoothie with cacao and spinach that is just making my tastebuds dance with delight as well. . .
great minds. . . ;)
ooh and i have to say that the word verification at the bottom of the screen to post this comment is Seva. . .how rad is that of a sign???
xx Jenny

Kyle Ellen Nuse said...

Hey Anthony,

Just discovered your blog today via another fellow raw foodie's blog. I so appreciated your green smoothie video! Great ideas and tips. I am a raw food nutritional counselor and colonic hydrotherapist, so I am always on the lookout for time savers to suggest to clients. I find that men have more trepidations than women when it comes to adopting a raw food diet, mostly because they fear they are going to loose too much weight and become skin and bone. Definitely getting more high protein greens into ones diet is helpful and working out with weights, but any further suggestions you have on this topic would be great! I currently have two blogs going: one on general health insights called Never Absent, and the other called Radical.Rational.JuiceFeasting.Experiment tracking my 92 day juice feast I am doing with hundreds of others around the world. Come check us out!
Be well,

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, man. I need to get on this.

Aaron said...

One thing I would like to add. Just because you run doenst mean you shouldnt work out your upper body. And Tony, just because you walk alot doesnt mean you shouldnt work out your lower body. To be said that it all starts with the chest, arms, etc but really it starts with your legs and back which is more of your core. They are really all connected in different ways. If you work your abs, you should do just as much work out for your lower back to compensate. Working your lower back helps out your hamstrings as well and vice versa. When you work out your hams, it helps your calfs as well. It all effects different elements. Even if a person walks all day, if you were to go ice skating or play basketball, you would feel sore in different muscles because you dont use them as much when you walk. A person should really work out your upper body one day and lower body the next. You can do your lower back and your abs every day if you would like. It really only takes twenty five to thirty minutes every day to get in your lifting. It can also be considered cardio as well. Give your muscles thirty seconds between sets. One more thing...if you run and does work better to run first. Although you can do all of your lifting at home with very me if I go to the gym, get all of my lifting, run on the treadmill, shower, hit the pool and sauna if you like and go home, how much can be said about the convinience and ability to have access to so many great things. It is worth it to me and I can think of alot of other areas where I can save money. JMO. Later Tony...Talk soon bro!

Carmella said...

Hey Anthony,

You've been tagged which means you need to tell 5 things we don't already know about you in your next post and then tag 5 more bloggers. Check out my blog, The Sunny Raw Kitchen for more details. :-)

Raw blessings,

Isle Dance said...

Someone just directed me over to your site...great info!