Monday, July 27, 2009

Good teeth...bad teeth

Im reading the book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"
by Dr Weston Price the whole thing here:

Here are two sets of pics, both of Swiss children.

Above..Children from isolated mountain villages.
Their staple was rye bread with liberal amounts
of highly mineralized grass-fed butter.
They did not use toothbrushes.

Above...Children from towns where refined foods were adopted.
They used white flour and jam extensively.
They used (or at least were introduced to) toothbrushes.
The crowding in the bottom two pictures is not hereditary.
Their bodies were forming poorly because of
inferior nutrition. It goes way beyond cavities!
Bad food = poorly built bodies.
Do you see the connection yet?

Im being blown away by this book...check it out for sure.

It may change EVERYTHING for you.

A letter from Collette

Its been a few months now since I started adding
back fermented dairy (yogurt, kefir) and eggs...(usually raw in smoothies)
and all is well. No mucus from the fermented dairy, no sluggish feelings.
No pimples either. All the anti-dairy people need to learn about
raw, grass-fed milk before they generalize.

One of the big arguments I hear about the use of animal products
is the environmental impact...this REALLY needs to be clarified.

First, we are used to all animal products coming from factory farms.
These animals are fed grains, which are completely unnatural for them,
since they are ruminants and supposed to graze grass. They are injected
with antibiotics and hormones, and eat GMO foods and other foods
sprayed with pesticides. Let me assure you that no one is washing their
food for these poor souls before they eat it.

This way of raising food is hellish. I feel that those participating
in these operations are enslaved by greed and have lost a decent
part of their humanity. The complete lack of respect for life crushes me.

I would never give my money to these people, and would
do whatever is in my power to convince others to do likewise.

I get my products from biodynamic farmers and those who
treat their animals with respect. The animals eat vegetable scraps,
grass, and bugs. Steve Storch feeds the stalks of brussel sprouts to his
Scottish Highlander cows and they absolutely love it.

These animals are playing a positive role in the ecosystem.
Their manure goes into compost, which nourishes the soil.
Whereas in factory farms, where it will usually seep into rivers
and the aquifers below.

These grass fed animals are processing excess biomass, turning it
into useable materials. What is wrong with that? We simply
can't generalize...there is a huge difference in these two methods,
both in environmental impact and nutrition.
PLEASE...learn about the omega 3 and 6 ratios in grass fed
compared to grain fed animals...this is HUGE.

When people simply say that animal products are detrimental,
well...what KIND of animal products?
I will bet that all the animal products eaten in
THE CHINA STUDY was from animals eating
cheap grains. No doubt. Does T. Colin Campbell mention this?
We have to be big kids and read between the lines here.
Dr Nick Gonzalez has said that a cow raised on grain and a
cow raised on grass shouldnt even be considered the same species.
The chemical makeup of their whole system is completely different.
What does 99% of the western world eat when it comes to animal products?

That topic "green" is it to drink coconut milk here in the US?
That is a staple of many ethical vegans who claim they are conscious
about these things, yet there is a total disconnect. Dipped in fungicide,
shipped about twelve thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean,
and usually grown under oppressive conditions.
I've been to Thailand, and they are not being paid well, trust me.

Even more obvious is the packaged coconut water. There, we are adding
in all the energy used to get that coconut water into a package
and THEN ship it, so it can eventually end up in the garbage.
I mean...come on.

thai coconut blended with durian (both thai), and spirulina (from india),
and I added in some raw cacao (from Peru) and almonds (from Spain).
What is the ecological impact of this meal? Yikes!

Dont get me wrong, I have definitely drank my share,
but I am done claiming the green virtues of the vegan diet.
Locavorism and supporting natural farmers is FAR more
crucial than simply eating tropical fruits and superfoods from
all over the planet. I am dumbfounded how that slipped past
the radar of so many ethical (green) vegans.

I want to support organic farmers across the world.
Farmers in Peru growing sustainable cacao should have
people to sell their products to. We just have to be conscious
about all the shipping going on. Support who you feel is worth it.
However, I bought these product in the countries where they were produced,
and they are far cheaper. Middlemen are making a lot of $$$.

Cows, goats, and chickens are not bad for the planet.
They have done far less damage than us humans.
They are simply USED by humans in bad situations,
and we can easily forget that they can provide so many positive things.

Here is a letter from a reader that I just received.
I would highly suggest reading the books she mentions.

Hi Anthony,
I've just been reading your blog for the first time in a year or so and am so happy to have read this. I was watching your YT vids early last year when I started my nutrition journey, but soon found the work of Weston A Price and realized this was a better path for me. I really do truly believe that an omnivorous diet with a balance of wild foods and biodynamic/grassfed/lowtech domesticated foods is the way too go. You are on a good path and I commend you since I have noticed some vegans are so hugely resistant to new ideas.

Some good sources you might be able to slowly go through at your own pace, "The Vegetarian Myth" by Lierre Keith (so much more than a nutrition book, a complete manifesto on civilisation, agriculture, the nature of life etc... this blows my brain), "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston Price, "Nourishing Traditions" by Sallon Fallon, "Cure Tooth Decay" and "Healing Our Children" by Ramiel Nagel, "Wild Fermentation" by Sandor Ellix Katz.... Derrick Jensen, Joel Salatin, Paul Chek.

You are right with the observation that a vegan diet often does not make for healthy bubs. The development of the bone structure, especially of the head, is compromised. I empathize with vegans and vegetarians, but I think there comes a point when we have to quietly accept that human beings are not living in tree tops in the tropics. We've long since explored and wondered to the corners of the globe in all sorts of harsh conditions, our brains growing all the time.... able to fill so many different niches. If humans were meant to be vegans, how did Eskimos survive and thrive? Masai Africans? Aboriginal Australians? Siberian Reindeer Herders?

Living off goji berries, raw cacao, maca and 'superfoods' shipped all over the planet is not the height of human experience and not ecological.

Enjoy the learning process though. We're all on a journey with new things unfolding all the time. Don't rush yourself. Especially be wary that long term veganism can reduce your ability to manufacture Cholecystokinin, so eating animal foods can actually make you feel very sick as it will literally sit in your stomach. This might confirm in your mind animal foods are bad for you and repel you from trying again. It has to be a slow process to retrain your enzymes.

This has really inspired me. I always love to see people willing to change and grow and reconsider, especially when you've built up a community or identity around something- it really takes courage and spirit. All the best to you!

Take care from Australia,

So what do you think? Im sorry if this is confusing to some of you.
The rabbit hole DOES go deep.
The most wonderful part of this is that we are conscious eaters.
We just need to KEEP learning and expanding, and not
be haulted by vegan, and raw vegan booksellers and vendors.

Open your mind, read OTHER stuff besides raw,
and then come to your own conclusion.

People say goats milk is the perfect food...for baby goats.
Tell that to a 7ft Massai man that has been thriving off of that
his whole life. We need to explore more.

Look at your ancestral diet. We are all different.
I am Swedish and Dark-Irish, so what is working for me
might not work for you. We can't be pulled into the idea
that one style of eating is best for everyone.

Raw veganism cleaned me out and got me back to baseline again.
I am so happy I went through what I did, now Im rebuilding.

Watch if you have time...totally worth it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swine Flu...Sound Familiar?

Thanks to Courtney Pool for sharing this with me!
Courtney just started P90x and is reconnecting with the
meaning of SORENESS. Those first days are the worst.

Anyways, check out this video.
Do what you want, but I will NEVER EVER
get a needle put in me ever again if I can help it.
Nor will I ever let my children get shot up with
aluminum and other heavy metals.

We all need to wake up, especially since they are
doing it to us again. Ive heard that a flu scare is coming
this fall again, and vaccinations are going to be pushed
upon as many people as possible. Best be prepared...

Crazy right? Over 30 years ago! When will people learn?

Spring Water at Le Source

Jake and his mom take us on a wonderful
hike in the canyonlands of Utah to an amazing spring.

Check out this video for sure...

Nice work Jake!!!

MN Couple Gets Married, then Famous

Im telling you...good things come out of MN.

I wonder if the older folks were liking it?

Huge props to the wedding party to have the
courage and lack of inhibitions to do this.

How fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sam Rocks the Peach Pudding

We were laughing so hard when we saw this!'ve got quite a young lady on your hands!

Check out Debbie Does Raw for more fun stuff like this :)

A Visit with Biodynamic Farmer Steve Storch

I had been looking forward to this for quite a while now.
I had first learned about Steve Storch through
Patrick Timpone's

Here are his three interviews:


Join up if you already havent, its free (you can upgrade)
and the information found in these interviews (lots of raw stuff)
is worth thousands of dollars. I try to listen to one every other
day and its been very groudbreaking for me.

Steve is a Marine Biologist, but his true passion is
the soil and biodynamics. His interest was sparked after
reading "Secrets of the Soil" which also affected me greatly.

He developed the Thalassa Mix with a partner,
and I can attest to the power that it has.
My tomatoes and cucumbers have not one pest.
The idea of spraying them down seems ludicrous.
Of course, there is lots of biodiversity in my area which
keeps "bad" pests in check, but my tomatoes and cukes
have the most wonderful flavor Ive yet to taste anywhere else,
and its simply because of the thalassa mix (ocean minerals).

All of his produce goes here: The Greenthumb.
Located right on Hwy 27 in Watermill NY.

He developed an automated vortex brewer,
which is additionally powered by solar energy.

Old fashion wisdom meets new school tech.

Anyone who is a fan of Victor Schauberger
and Daniel Vitalis will know of the power of vortexing water.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of biodynamic agriculture,
called for vortexing the water 20 seconds in one direction,
then 20 seconds in the opposite direction...(FOR ONE HOUR).

If you want serious arms of steel and have lots of spare
time on your hand (maybe listen to an audiobook while stirring?)
then the manual method is for you. Steve's work frees up time
to work on other projects while the water is doing its thing.

Steve is also developing "Earth Towers" on his property.
In his words:
"The tower resonates to the frequency of the earth and
helps heal and restore the etheric earth energy so
disturbed by cell towers, HAARP devices and other military industrial activities."

Read "Secrets of the Soil" or google Earth Pipes
or Earth Towers for more info.

He has at least 8 hives (that I saw) on his parcel,
and puts little crystals in the corners of the landing pads.
The bees were climbing all over them.
Im going to do the same when I get back to MN.

He raises chickens, scottish highlander cattle,
donkeys, a horse, and some goats. Lots going on here.

He says the donkey are one of the most personable
animals he knows...truly individuals.

He uses the manure from the animals along with
biomass on the property to make his biodynamic compost.
He adds in the biodynamic preps to fully connect the soil
to the atmospheric forces in the cosmos.

To many, it might sound too "far out".
But we have to remember that we are not only
a member of this planet, but a member of this galaxy
and universe as well. Its all one interconnected web.
To think the cosmos has no effect on us is pretty hilarious.

Ive had biodynamic produce and dairy products,
and I can tell you that cosmic forces or not,
this food is amazing and tastes beyond what I thought
was capable. I had biodynamic apples in Germany
last fall, and never in my life have I had an apple like that.

Steve's lettuce was so strong and bitter...I felt as if I was eating
dandelion. There is truly power in biodynamics.

Biodynamic farming is definitely not veganic farming.
There is a large role that animals play in biodynamics.
Horns are used to make the compost, and even a stag
bladder is used. Steve sources his animal products
from deer hunters, so its not like the animals are being
raised for these products. I was uncomfortable with this at first,
but the animals are being raised for food anyways.
That might be a lame excuse for vegans, but remember,
the SOIL is not vegan. The soil wants meat and manure
and all types of dead matter. Do what you feel is appropriate.

I purchased 3 buckets from Steve, and have already
started seeing inca berry bush and miracle
fruit are better than ever.

Thanks Steve for showing us around and spreading
the ideas that will heal this planet from the warfare
of chemical and GMO agriculture. for THESE people by supporting their work.
They and their methods will do far more than any
government endorsed program.

Check out Steve's site at

By the way...Dawn did a much more detailed account
of our day in Long Island...including our new springwater find!
Check out the details HERE.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Man Among Wolves

I saw this last year...great documentary and really enlightening.

Here is a little clip. Its hard not to get emotional the first time.
When I think of the deep primal instinct being
awakened in that little wolf cub, something really gets to me.

See for yourself.

Was that not the most adorable heartwarming thing EVER?
Something so pure about it...

If you can download or rent the documentary, do it.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Appoints More GMO Thugs

This is from the Organic Consumer's Association.
Note...Do NOT give them your phone number,
for they will call you WAY too much asking for donations.

Support them by living a life based on local communities
and food grown by yourself and your neighbors.

Here is the article.

GMOs Aren't Safe! Don't Let Obama Put GMO Boosters in Charge of Food Safety!

Genetically modified foods are not safe. The only reason they're in our food supply is because government bureaucrats with ties to industry supressed or manipulated scientific research and deprived consumers of the information they need to make informed choices about whether or not to eat genetically modified foods.

Now, the Obama Administration is putting two notorious biotech bullies in charge of food safety! Former Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor has been appointed as a senior advisor to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on food safety. And, rBGH-using dairy farmer and Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff, is rumored to be President Obama's choice for Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety. Wolfe spearheaded anti-consumer legislation in Pennsylvania that would have taken away the rights of consumers to know whether their milk and dairy products were contaminated with Monsanto's (now Eli Lilly's) genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH).

Please use the form below to send a message to President Obama, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (oversees FDA) demanding Michael Taylor's resignation, and letting them know that you oppose Dennis Wolff's appointment.

About Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is a lawyer who has spent the last few decades moving through the revolving door between the employ of GMO-seed giant Monsanto and the FDA and USDA. Taylor is widely credited with ushering Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) through the FDA regulatory process and into the milk supply -- unlabeled. A Government Accounting Office (GAO) investigated whether Taylor had a conflict of interest and or had engaged in ethical misconduct in the approval of rBGH. The report's conclusion that there was no wrongdoing conflicted with the 30 pages of evidence that Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) described as proof that "the FDA allowed corporate influence to run rampant in its approval" of the drug.

Taylor is also responsible for the FDA's decision to treat genetically modified organisms as "substantially equivalent" to natural foods and therefore not require any safety studies. The "substantially equivalent" rule allowed the FDA to ignore evidence that genetically engineered foods, including soy, are in fact very different from natural foods and pose specific health risks.

In November 2008, Tom Philpott reported that Taylor was among President-Elect Obama's "team members" looking at energy and natural resources agencies, including USDA. In March 2009, President Obama announced the creation of a White House Food Safety Working Group to improve and coordinate the government's approach to the nationwide food safety crisis. Agri-Pulse reported that Taylor was "the leading candidate to staff the White House [food safety] working group." While anti-GMO activists, including the Organic Consumers Association, protested -- OCA members sent 13,435 letters to USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack, who co-chairs the Food Safety Working Group with HHS Sec. Sebelius -- Taylor laid low. He was nowhere to be found at the White House Food Safety Working Group's May 13th Listening Session. But, the rumor proved true. On July 7, 2009, the FDA announced that Taylor had joined the agency as senior adviser to the commissioner.

As Philpott describes in a July 8th article, Taylor's food safety agenda is to "shift much more of the burden for funding food-safety operations to the state and local level" and to promote HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) systems where the points in a process that pose the most risk are identified and “fixed” with remedies like ammonia washes and irradiation. Taylor's approach -- putting a few bandaids on an industrialized food system gone wrong -- is in direct conflict with organic practices and is likely to unduly burden small producers.

Taylor has long been hostile to real food safety. While working as a lobbyist, Taylor authored more than a dozen articles critical of the Delaney Clause, a 1958 federal law prohibiting the introduction of known carcinogens into processed foods, which had long been opposed by Monsanto and other chemical and pesticide companies. When Taylor rejoined the federal government, he continued advocating that Delaney should be overturned. This was finally done when President Clinton signed the so-called Food Quality Protection Act on the eve of the 1996 elections.

Taylor is featured in the documentary, The World According to Monsanto, which you can watch on OCA's Millions Against Monsanto page.

About Dennis Wolff

Dennis Wolff is the Secretary of Agriculture for the State of Pennsylvania. Wolff also is a dairy farmer and owns Pen-Col Farms, a 600-acre dairy cattle operation. Wolff has championed agribusiness interests as Pennsylvania's Secretary of Agriculture, including banning local dairies from marketing their products as free of Monsanto's rBGH. Wolff is a member of the Agriculture Technical Advisory Committee to the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO has been largely credited with forcing so-called "free trade" on farmers and consumers around the globe, undermining national sovereignty and food safety. Finally, Wolff was a strong proponent of the "ACRE" initiative (Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment), which gives the Pennsylvania state attorney general’s office the authority to sue municipalities over local farm ordinances deemed to exceed state law, depriving communities the right to ban toxic sewage sludge, factory farms, and GMOs.

Aside from having absolutely no experience in meat inspection, the chief food safety responsibility of the USDA, Dennis Wolff should be rejected for any post within the Obama Administration for the hostile position he has taken, as Pennsylvania's Agriculture Secretary, against consumers' right to know what is in our food. According to the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Wolff:

* Tried to ban all labeling of dairy products that didn't use genetically engineered growth hormone (rBGH or rBST). This was an outright violation of freedom of speech of the dairy processors and the farmers who supplied them.

* Said that consumers were "concerned or confused" about the labeling and said his department received "many calls" about it. Yet when a New York Times reporter asked him about this, Wolff couldn't provide any surveys showing consumers were confused and could not come up with the name of ONE CONSUMER who had complained.

* Held one meeting of the so-called Food Labeling Advisory Committee and said they recommended the labeling ban. Yet the committee never voted on anything and never made any recommendations specific to dairy. Moreover, the group most affected by the rules and most opposed to them, the PA Association of Milk Dealers, was never even invited to the meeting.


Do we REALLY still think he is on our side?

(Dont till that soil Michelle! Lay down newspaper and add new soil on top?

And get some copper tools! You can afford it!)

Michelle can plant her garden for a great photo opp,

but the proof is in the appointments.

The federal government has consistently undermined

our food freedom by favoring corporate agribusiness.

It really doesnt matter who is in office...that is the biggest hoax of all.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Landing...HOAX?

I remember hearing David Wolfe mention this,
and someone blasted him and called him a loony
conspiracy nut. Ive done research and I'm definitely
raising my eyebrows now.

Do your research. Think about it.
Why do you believe they went to the moon?
Because you were TAUGHT that?
What else were you taught that was wrong?

Im not coming to any conclusions,
because this stuff goes super deep,
but I think Joe Rogan explains it VERY WELL.

Just think about it. Don't assume everything
we are told is real. Very few of it is. VERY FEW.

It could all be real, but before coming to your own
judgement, do your own investigation before
assuming what the US Gov't tells us is true.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Invincible Health Master Class

Ive been really busy lately in the city,
working almost everyday and with a fair
amount of castings as well.
I really give it 100% while Im in NY because
I still have to pay off my property expenses
and all the other bills that seem to pop up in life.

Hence...the lack of posts.

Its Sunday morning and Im working at noon
so Ive got to get things rolling early today.

My point here is to share with all of you the
upcoming class that Daniel Vitalis is holding
this week...The Invincible Health Master Class.

I firmly believe that Daniel has the ability to reach
way more people in the mainstream than David Wolfe,
and his teachings will not only alter and enhance your
food and water habits, but you ENTIRE lifestyle as well.

It just goes so far beyond food, and many of us in the
raw community can believe that raw food will pretty
much take care of everything...that its all we really
have to change. This class will change all of that for
you if you already havent considered it yourself.

If it wasn't for him, Id still be drinking dead bottled water.
I was working in NJ this weekend, and ran out of my
spring water so I had to drink Smart Water and
Deer Park water from an office cooler. It made me feel
so much thirstier..I couldnt believe it.
As soon as I returned home at midnight last night,
I chugged a quart of our springwater, and it was like
night and day...instantly the parched feeling went away.

Everytime I drink lame water for a few days, and then
go back to spring water, an amazing thing happens and
Im sure others can attest to this too:
I have to urinate like crazy for one day once I start drinking
the structured water again, as if my body is flushing
out all the old junk that I drank the few days before.

Everytime I come back from MN it happens,
and its happening this morning too.

I was raw for almost 5 years before I made that
connection, wasting hundreds and likely thousands (OUCH)
of dollars on bottled water...Daniel Vitalis changed that for me.

Here is a great talk from him exactly about that - Water.

I honestly believe in his open-minded approach
and his views on re-wilding and what human domestication
has done to all of us, and I hope that you can somehow
expose yourself to more of his work.

I highly recommend the class, but if you arent willing
to make that investment now, you can expose yourself
to his ideas through his interviews on

Its free to join up, and youll have access to
so many good interviews about diet, gardening,
global politics and the money system as well.

But if you are ready to step it up and take it to the next
level of not just diet but LIFE, this would be a great class.

One more video if you have time:

I know I might seem like a D Vitalis pusher sometimes,
but I deeply feel that his message is pure and if
his teachings are absorbed and executed in your life,
you will never look at life and yourself the same way.


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Primo Peach Pudding

Most raw people I know really love tropical fruits.
Tropical fruits are awesome, no doubt, but I'm
starting to think that its more of a
"Grass is Greener" sort of thing.

I once asked a cambodian rickshaw driver what
his all-time favorite fruit was.
His answer? Apple. "So sweet and crisp!" he told me.

Maybe the tropical thing is so prevalent because
most of us don't have the access like we would hope.

There are some jewels from the temperate regions though.
Most notably...the peach.

I planted two peach trees last year and they both
died over the winter. I think it would be a good greenhouse
tree if I had any space left (which I dont).

That was a bummer...losing those trees.
But onto brighter times. Its peach season, so at least
we can get them from the professionals who know what
they are doing when it comes to growing primo peaches.

I like "leaners". The ones that are so damn juicy
that you have to hunch over to keep them from getting
all over your clothes. When I am in MN, I get them at the
grocery store, wash them off in the bathroom after
checking out, and proceed to eat two or three on the drive home.

Its a good thing I dress like hell when I'm there, because
that peach juice is all over me by the time I pull into
the driveway. A great benefit of not having to care about
appearance! Full peachy enjoyment!

Mango lovers say that eating them in the shower is a good idea.
Peaches may just be the same, but peaches are pretty clean
compared to those ripe gushy mangoes.

Here's an idea. Peach pudding con (that means with)
aguacate...(that means avocado).

(that bowl to the right is a kelp soup which I diluted and poured on my sq ft gardens)

Avocados blended with most fruits make a crazy-good
pudding, but peaches take it to the upper levels.

I add in a bit of sea salt to balance it out,
and if one was inclined...a little raw honey.

Seriously...a super quick and satisfying treat.

One avocado per peach is the way I do it,
but you may need to tweak it to your taste buds and fat needs.

We are so lucky to have the peach...enjoy the good ones while
you can...because soon after its gone again.
And peaches shipped from China and Chile just dont cut it.
(Although China is where peaches are originally from)

Local is logical, both for taste and environment...
get tuned in with the seasons and go with the flow.

Try that pudding and see the light.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MN Update

(the back half of the garden...just planted more buckwheat
because the soil still needs more loosening)

Things are growing really well here right now.
Some things...too well.

There is a point where a plant turns into
an ORGANISM that simply cannot be stopped.
I have encountered a pumpkin vine that almost
choked out two persimmons, one fig, and had vines of 15 feet
in 4 directions. I have never seen anything like it.

As the vines spread out, they would send out
little rootlets that would probe the surface for moisture
and nutrients. This thing was just way too healthy.

Cover crops are doing their thing too.

I wish I would have been smarter and did them right away
last year. They add so many flowers and greenery to the
landscape. We have buckwheat everywhere and the bees
are simply going crazy for the flowers.
They are staying very close to home this season.

A very happy cacao tree. Growing quickly now that its humid.

The square foot garden area.
Remember, this spot looked like this in mid may:

We can always re-green our living space.

This is a voracious cucumber vine trying to
probe its way outside the front door of the dome.
I kid you not, the vine is at least 12 feet long.

Horse manure seems to do the trick!
I layered that with chopped leaves last fall,
and planted this cucumber in mid may.
Two months later and it looks like that.

I'm also adding another layer of newspaper for the worms to
feed on. You should see the soil now...crumbly and full
of worm castings. The stuff smells sweet though...funniest thing.

Ill be adding more soil and planting some more cover crops
when I get back again.

Raspberries are coming too!!!

Getting better every month...