Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mexico sin fotos y scoop.com

Pardon the stock photos...not mine.
Cloudy day here...ugh.
Ive been taking pics and making vids
but I cant upload anything to these computers
so Ill do a good picture post when I get back.

I scored big-time in the fruit department though.
Oh yeah..and the guavas! Little yellow ones, so fragrant.

Laura, a good friend of mine from Connecticut,
was browsing some online catalog and emailed me
wondering if I was in it. I checked it out, and YES.

Here is the link: ScoopNYC.com
Just watch the flash and it will rotate between
me and a girl. See? The Raw Food lifestyle PAYS.

Honestly...you might not believe, but if
I wasnt raw I wouldnt be at the level to consistently
work and save money. Raw gave all of this to me.
Not only physically, but mentally as well.

Give it a try...we´ve been cooked for so long.
What harm could a 2 week experiment do?

You have to realize that you deserve only the best
foods ever available on all of the Earth.
You have to cherish yourself enough to act on that.
Come from abundance, not scarcity,
and raw food will be a breeze.



Anonymous said...

I actually wanted to respond to the last post. I've always wondered about the mystery of butterflies. There is something that butterflies teach us humans and that is of beauty and the power of life. I just recently realized that there is a god within an apple. Most people are caterpillars trapped inside a cacoon. They never realize their potential in becoming a butterfly. You are a butterfly. And I think strangers look at you and wonder sunconsciously how someone could be so beautiful yet it never occurs to them that they can reach their full potential too. Caterpillars eat what nature has provided for them. The food is the catalyst towards the splendid transformation. I hope you remember this everytime you feel a stranger gawk at you while you eat something they percieve is unusual.


Jennifer said...

nice photo spread! looks like you guys were in central park? have fun on saturday! wish i could make it but i'm still working on my teleporation lessons, ha...

i'm stoked for spring/summer fruits! just had some black sapote last week and picked up 10 cherimoyas from my co-op! awww yeah... ^_^

Audra said...

Hi Anthony,
I've been reading your blog a lot recently and find you to be such a positive force in the "raw world." I wanted to thank you for your constant positive outlook and support. I was at Quintessence on Sunday and think I might have seen you...any chance you were there? (such a bizarre question, I know). I was getting food to take out and could have sworn that I saw someone who looks just like the pictures that I've seen on your blog.
Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all that you do. I'll be at the raw event on Saturday and look forward to meeting you.
Thanks again,

Bella said...


You look freaking adorable in the ScoopNYC ads. I just gave up buying overpriced stuff from them, and you made me look, damn you!

Have a great time in Mexico.


Michelle J said...

Hi Anthony, you look great in the ScoopNYC ad! I like it a lot!

Also, interesting fruits..i admit i never heard of mamey and sapodillas but hey what do i know? :O)

yardsnacker said...

Great photoset! I love that sort of weathered ambience. And, totally jealous of your foraging in the mean streets of Mexico. I've never even seen half of those fruits!

Bueller said...

I love it! You look so cute and brooding. I like the ruffled hair. Nicely done!

You're such an inspiration.

By the way, I'm confused about young thai coconuts. When are they good to eat? I was avoiding them because I heard they were so covered with pesticide. Any tips?