Monday, March 17, 2008

Garam Masala

Garam Masala was THE BEST.

Its funny...when you see all these names on an email list,
its so impersonal. I'm not sure how to really express it.

Approaching the date of the retreat, I was excited,
but I had no idea that those names on the list belonged
to so many amazing and beautiful souls.

We were all absolutely blessed to be in the company of
one another this weekend. So many good vibes, with a feeling
of openness and community.

We had a cacao party that was so loud the police had to come
and tell us to turn down the music!
"What have you kids been drinking???"
"What on God's Earth is CACAO??"
"Is that LEGAL?"

HUGE props to Chocolate Alchemist Vanessa
for doing an amazing cacao demo and fueling that fun.

And endless gratitude towards Philip and Dhru for
putting together such a fun and unpretentious event.

My camera is hiding in the back-pocket of Philip's passenger seat,
so I havent been able to upload any new pics, but they are coming soon.

We just secured a better and more fitting venue for
the Successfully Raw event coming up on March 29th.

We are upgrading at the moment as well,
so expect a big increase in content and information.

I've got to be at a shoot in 55 minutes...
so I'm going to start making my green smoothie for the day.

For St. Paddy's, I hope you had a green smoothie and not a Guinness Beer :)

Again, nothing but love to everyone at the event this weekend.
Saying goodbye reminded me of summer camp! Too good!



Michelle J said...

Hey Anthony, should i say i'm jealous of your wild cacao party? I am kinda...I love Vanessa's chocolate! So, where is the new venue? A loft huh? Sounds awesome, i'll be there for sure!!! Seriously, glad you all had a great time on the retreat!!! Talk soon!

Uncooked Hipster said...

Geez, I bet you kids were all high on maca ond bee pollen, huh?
And yes, I had a green smoothie yesterday.

But you guys should really have a scholarship option for some of these events. Poor student raw foodists need spiritual retreats too!

Keely said...

I'm looking forward to your interview with Raw Diva Tera tonight as part of The Raw Divas Sisterhood. I'm really interested to learn more about your foraging!!!

Glen Colello said...

My friend Gilbert spent the weekend with you all and came to the Sunday night Documentary at Catch A Healy Habit Cafe in West Haven Ct

Anonymous said...

Did the cops REALLY come? wow. Sounds like a party! I really wish I could have gone, but as a busy college gal (and only 19) I don't think I could pull it off....but any party without Alcohol is where I wanna be!

dhrumil said...

Aint noting like a welikeitraw party.

Bueller said...

That's hysterical. I can't wait to come to one. I'm so glad it was a huge success. Have a marvelous day!!


Tara said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I am so glad I found it because it has inspired me to go back to raw.

Thank you and keep writting!