Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Healthforce Superfood Seminar w Bethanne tmrw at 6pm Pacific time!

If you miss the live interview Wednesday evening,
check out the FREE downloadable podcast HERE.

Since its tuesday, obviously the interview hasn't quite happened
yet but that link above will bring you there once Bethanne has posted it.

We'll be talking about superfoods, food forests, conscious commerce,
and other special strategies I have included into my life in the past
couple of years. Along with that, ill share my story of how I stumbled into
the living foods lifestyle...its an hour long so it will fly by.
Learn from my successes (and my mistakes!)

A big thanks to Bethanne, Dr Sheridan, and everyone at Healthforce
for adding so much integrity and generosity to the community -
we need SOOOO many more companies like Healthforce!

Bethanne's personal site is Ediblegoddess.com
and she is having a big sale on there so check it out..great ebooks!


This is the link to attend! See you there everyone!!

November Minnesota Food Forest...

Figs...in Minnesota...at the end of November. Who else is doing this?????

Winter came too damn early...and Im a big softy after living
in Phoenix and now Los Angeles...thin blood for sure.
When its -5F before December...it makes me wonder why my
parents are still sticking it out up there!

One thing for sure, it definitely weeds out the weaklings!
Anywhere there is awesome weather year round youre bound
to find lots and LOTS of people...definitely not so in Minnesota!

And whats interesting is the guy that wrote
"The World in 2050", which just came out,
said that northern areas will be very desirable to live,
and he even mentioned minnesota! Crazy!

I filmed loads so there are more coming soon.

The dome was still toasty warm, at night it would get to about 33-34F,
but outside again was 0F and SOOOO windy.
On the sunny days it got up to 70F - so that is paradise.
The figs just lost the rest of their leaves,
and because the tomatoes went bananas they started to
block out the comfrey and Jake's goji berries.
I rescued them in time though,
and chopped up those cherry tomatoes really well for the compost pile.

My whole thing now is mushrooms growing from logs.

(turkey tail...the first ones to really take from the plugspawn)

There is a vid coming soon about it, but it was a revelation
to me last week. The fungus can continue to break down the wood
in the greenhouse, but outside nothing would progress until
april at best - so this way the whole understory will be sprouting
with mushrooms in the winter. Im passing on growing winter veggies
in here because I want to focus on the perennials and give them
as much energy and lack of competition as possible.
The idea of broccoli or spinach hurting the hachiya persimmon
or the gojis is pure blasphemy!

(under these oak leaves are inoculated logs...this way it will feed the
soil instead of feeding from it...the trees agree.
Damn...they look so meek without the leafy goodness from summer.)

(white sage...started from blackbird seeds - check them out HERE)

(pick a few and use them to freshen up your ride...so pretty too)

I still have the front strip open, and Im debating
whether it should be a leafy green patch or if I should
fill it with some kind of low growing berries that I couldnt
grow outside in Minnesota...the leafy greens would be pretty
key though - and its not available to the deer so we would actually
be able to eat it ourselves! What a concept!

I did a sq foot this september full of brassicas,
16 squares filled with two kinds of cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.
One day my mom called and said they there were all nibbled
down to the nub...nothing left at all.

hmmm.....can you feel the frustration?
Or when Javelinas dig up and destroy the papaya and grape vines
in Phoenix? I cant get a break here!!!!
In nature we must protect our food - we are the jaguars
hiding our food up in the tree away from hyenas.
I cant blame the deer or the woodchuck...they gotta eat too,
but jeez...all a guy wants to do is grow some cabbage to make
sauerkraut and he has to fence the damn things in a veggie fema camp!

I doubt Ill do cherry tomatoes in the dome again,
if I were there all the time and could prune off the suckers it
wouldnt be an issue, but they go so wild when Im not there,
blocking out the sun, sucking up water and nutrients..
Next year they will all be in the sq foot gardens
and also covered by a temporary hoophouse to keep
the rain from getting them all blighty.
I wouldnt even think about growing them exposed to the elements,
they got so blightly from all the rain we had this year,
so with the hoophouse, its temporary and mobile,
cheap as well, and it extends the season and keeps the water from
causing fungus on the leaves...this is key!

Geese were flying over constantly, and I even filmed
a buck chasing a doe right across the eastern slope
of the food forest! Awesome! I tried to call him in but
the scent of the doe was hard competition.
Maybe he is the one nibbling on the mulberry trees! Damn!

That edible fence IS NOT GROWING FAST ENOUGH!!! hahaha..
I think its time for a little electricity or a motion sensor sprinkler,
which sadly could only function 6 months out of the year here because
of the cold - so maybe thats the key - go electric until the edible hedge is
up and running...because the deer knock me back so much -
beating up on the trees and berries, eating all the annuals -
its a tough ball game for sure!
No one ever said that wild animals were easy to beat.
When youre hungry...and the acorns were very light this year...
you get REALLY crafty at finding food.

more to come...editing the videos now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Id be so pissed at myself if I didnt speak up about this -
bless youtube and the internet for getting the word out.

Please check out the movie titled
"What in the World are They Spraying??"

Although the evidence is over our heads every day mostly if we
live in major cities...do you remember airplane contrails hazing
out the entire sky as they dissipated?
Not me...they would disappear right after.
But for some reason most people think they are natural
and that getting worried about them is "weird".
Well, I think massive levels of Aluminum and Barium
found in the samples is WEIRD.

So google Chemtrails and Geoengineering...
You may not want to believe it, but a little reasoning is
all it takes to raise an eyebrow...airplane jets hazing out the sky...hmmm...

No chemtrails near the Minnesota Food Forest though!
Just thousands of geese flying overhead! I'll take it!

I just read that MALIC acid at 2000mg was found to
remove aluminum from rats at the University of Barcelona.
You'd have to eat about 8-10 apples a day,
or take the oral supplement. Im taking EDTA now,
and will be adding malic acid.
Ive yet to do a test for heavy metals though,
but with the fillings in my mouth...

But with just me living in cities, I know there is a good chance that
I could flush out some more metals...
we are also taking Healthforce's Intestinal Drawing Formula,
so with these three...Im crossing my fingers that it works.
I have 8 amalgam fillings too...so obviously im not just freaking out
about chemtrails or the government poisoning us - its already in my body.

I still have chlorella too...we shall see.

Friday, November 19, 2010

FDNY Testimony of MORE Explosions AFTER the Planes hit

That clears it up pretty nicely

AFTER the plane hit...more explosions going off in the building.

Ummm......straight from the source - no Mainstream Media Filters.

Our own gov't is BLOWING up our firefighters. Not surprised....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Angels and..."Food Safety"

The tipping point has happened - if the Powers that Be
want to continue to lose control, the best thing they can do
is to try and regulate home gardeners.
The harder they squeeze, the more people wake up.
Its happening with the TSA and the Corporate Rapists...
the original gangsters are hidden in the banksters - dont ever forget.
They have lots of minions they call "politicians"...these hired
hands do all the bidding, but are just middle management.

from a friend -

Hey Anthony, how are you hanging out there?
I wanted to ask you a favor...I believe you've heard of bill S.510, have you?
I think we all should make a post about the importance of preventing this bill to pass, because all you do could be illegal if this passes. So I encourage you to make a post about how people can help in preventing this bill to pass...check this website's post:

Good luck, and keep doing what you do!!

The number one thing we can do to wash darkness away from
the earth is to simply become the angels that we really are.
One angel shines out thousands of devils,
and by planting food forests and waking people up about
wage slavery and all the distractions used against us,
the illuminati have NOTHING to defend themselves.

They rely on a few things to maintain control -

Most TV, Videogames, and even Fashion.
They are all meant to keep our minds off of us being turned into
living-breathing tax paying batteries. Giving OUR energy to THEM.

Fear....the biggest one ever. FEAR.
How low of a vibration!
When the nazis went door to door and terrorized the public,
they were COMPLETELY outnumbered.
If the public would have realized what was in store for them,
maybe they would have fought back and turned that evil 1%
into a sad but brief memory. Thats why we MUST remained armed.
Its happened before, and the patterns are showing themselves again.

That might sound crazy to some,
but what the illuminati want the most is a passive unarmed population.

And its not just fear of armed govt goons telling us to get in a train,
its also the fear of not having enough "stuff" or looking poor.
I used to sleep outside in europe (calling it urban camping is better)
and eating food from the dumpsters just to see what it was like,
and it was the most liberating thing to have jumped off the cliff in a way
and to know that the safety net could only be woven by myself.

Knowing directly that i could be happier without so much stuff
was such a huge gift...so the thought of "lack" really becomes just
an individual feeling from a person who is benchmarking their life
against the pure illusions of the elite to make us worship and try to emulate them.

They always show celebrity mansions and their cars, their clothes.
Its all to make us feel insecure and to worship them and their lifestyles.
Little do we know that they are the biggest slaves of all.

Well...anyways, if they want to come and take my food forest..
it will be a very bad idea for them.

SO - plant it now! Just do it! Seriously!
JUMP IN AND PLANT! Build up the soil,
start making drawings...just do it asap.

And #1...be the ANGEL you are.
You came to this planet for a reason...
and its not to have kids or make money and have a luxury lifestyle.
Your higher self knows the true mission, and only by blocking out
the distractions and fear can we fully embrace the LOVE
that is our birthright - along with living in Eden.

I believe we are here as Angels to bring Heaven to Earth.
The devils in power have had all the money and time and support
in the world to build paradise for us all, and obviously that isnt
their idea - but they are teachers for us...we know from their lessons
that is IS UP TO US, AND ONLY US...the Angels of Planet Earth.

So just go for it with no regrets.
I wish I didnt waste so much time in school being distracted
and climbing the ladder...dont waste anymore time, its really coming
down to wire now so your involvement in this mission is beyond crucial.

Take a deep look into your own eyes -
who the heck are YOU...REALLY?
Are you joe or mary...or is that some temporary human illusion?
Could it be that you and I are actually the same person deep down?

You can name that "person" if you want...many have.

Im not saying that I have IT figured out...Im trying my best
and just hoping that others will be angels instead of distracted souls -
I feel for certain that we chose to come here to replant paradise...
that we...each and every one of us, is actually Source Energy...
we are manifestations of God on the physical level,
some of the most powerful manifestations in the Universe,
with both the mind to imagine, the HANDS TO CREATE, and the heart to LOVE!

Here's to us! Much love fellow Angels!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Building WHAT? 9-11 Truth becoming MAINSTREAM!

9-11 truth is gaining massive momentum now -
A poll of 10,000 Australians revealed that 78% feel that

SO horribly hard to imagine, but the science backs it all up,
and if you look at the motives and all the secrecy with what happened
afterwards, its not hard to realize that those bastards killed
thousands of innocent people that day for more money and power.

Why does that surprise us though?
Because those people were mostly Americans?
The same leaders have been responsible for millions upon millions
of other deaths around the world, why do we perceive that US citizens
are exempt from their power moves?

Here's a thought - Obviously now the lie about WMD caused
us to go into Iraq. It was CLEARLY a lie.
How many soldiers have died and our continuing to die because of
that very well-known and exposed lie?

How many died for the lies of Vietnam?
If the powers that be are willing to kill tens of thousands
of their own soldiers, what makes us think that civilians are safe?
Seriously! They sacrificed so many us for their power grab.

Im getting the feeling now that 9-11 was created to be discovered.
Too much is coming out about it on the mainstream news.
Even Fox News...the last place I would see 9-11 truth come up.

SO what does this all mean?
The crash of the American Gov't for something else?
Something better or Worse? Why all the exposure?

Here's the take from Alex Jones -

I cried when I realized it...I was living in NYC and I
rode my bike down there at night and was looking at
Ground Zero...when it all finally sunk in that it was an inside job...
that all those families suffered for a murderous lie...I had to cry.

Too much...but who are we? The spoiled children of history?
Do we even comprehend the suffering of other people at
the hand's of our own government? Why do we keep paying taxes?
Why do we sheepishly go along with all this?
If we really are ONE, why do we turn a blind eye to the
suffering around the world? Why just freak out about 9-11?

Here is a really good article to consider - HERE.
Ive been trolling around on GLP for the past 2 weeks now
and its really up to date cutting edge stuff.
There are (possible) nutcases on there, but its free speech,
so opinions fly freely and should be taken w that grain of sea salt.

Keep spreading TRUTH...no matter what it is!!!
Release the big brother parasite from your heart!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesse Ventura's show is a must-watch

This is an exclusive interview with the executive producer.
The police state has caught wind of this show and they are trying
to put the hammer down on this show - we need to support them!

Here is the episode they are talking about -

its all about ratings, if you have tru tv please support this show.
I hope this can continue because this stuff is our warning.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


a good question recently -

What sweeteners are you digging right now anthony in your elixirs?

Any thoughts on the ''raw'' coconut sugar crystals by Coconut Secret?

Because Ive had some change ups in the sweetener department,
this question came at a perfect time.

I HAVE found the coconut sugar recently...it was in the bulk section
at the Venice Whole Foods and Essential Living Foods was offering it.
They are CRUISING now...
So we read the label, and having had the coco amino and the
thick nectar syrup thing at Dhru/Lori/Phil ' s place in Temecula,
I thought the dried version would be worth the try.

Ive added it to a deep dark chaga-reishi tea and its like espresso
with caramel! Seriously. Im loving that dried nectar WAY too much haha.

I mix it with the grass fed cream from organic pastures and its seriously
ridiculous how perfect it is. I mix it with the frozen organic raspberries
from Trader Joes (THE #1 best thing about TJ's is the frozen organic berries!)
and that combo is just wonderful...we'll add in some heritage flakes
or oats and some raw granola...a good breakfast without a doubt.

I have some great honey here but besides mixing some
Honey Pacifica (raw and spray-free) with our elixirs
we have ignored the avocado honey for awhile,
as well as the black sage.

They are great for salad dressing but for
one reason or another we've just used a little coco nectar crystals
and the dates that we got from Deb's fav farmers market this sunday.

I put 3 or four medjools and let them soak in coconut milk
and have them the next day with raspberries...YES!

I tend to have a sweet tooth, usually it behaves but if I indulge
its better to do it earlier in the day and brush your teeth after hahaha

My sugar has been high with all the good fruits around too -
DurianRider would be proud of me!
One day I ate probably 20 sweet yellow guavas that were just heaven.
And sapotes, persimmons, figs...its been higher than normal.

There it is...always experimenting and mixing it up!

I know sugar is bad but hey - I have to experiment.

Where is everyone else on the sweet side?

Blackbird @ Erewhon in LA this Sunday!!!

(I took this photo in the Erewhon parking lot and also grabbed lots
of flyers for it so I can stand on Hollywood blvd in my underwear handing them out.)
am i kidding...? um yes. But boldness is rewarded!

We'll be serving up chaga-reishi-chai-vanilla-chuchuhuasi tea
blended w/ superfoods and our very own kombucha as well!

Definitely giving the low-down (and download!) about building your
own Food Forest and WHY you should be doing it ASAP.
Its a 2 hr event but come and go as you please, we'll be recording it too.

Here's the image from Erewhon's site.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why seeds?

Our seed collection is doing better than we ever
thought possible this early on...we are so grateful!

From nettles and dandelion to astragalus and calendula -
what has been planted in the ground already and what will
be planted next spring will spread and spread for decades.

Think about the hundreds of seeds put out by each plant..
what we plant now could very well travel on and on for a very long time.

There could be nettles growing in a random
deserted Los Angeles parking lot
10 years from now that originally came from a Blackbird tin in way back when in 2010.

That is powerful idea.
Nature can spread like a mofo if humans
just get the hell out of the way.

Seeds are like life-bombs...asymmetrical
bursts of birth/thriving/recession/and death.

Guerilla Gardeners should have free reign to the city - for they are working for love!!

Once I finally honored the Earth by taking care of her skin.
(which we all call soil, and which we depend on for life)

By taking care of the soil, by recognizing it as a galaxy of life
and feeding it like an actual pet, my thumb suddenly became pretty green. The plants surged, and I simply loved them and treated them as the sentient beings they are. It worked.

By offering seeds, we are able to encourage the replanting of Paradise...the real-life nuts & bolts of it. No more philosophizing...ACTION is needed now more than ever. And by getting seeds out there, and seeds that have vigorous potential,
we are directly fighting the dark forces that seek to remove as much plant life from mother earth that they arent able to genetically engineer and resell to the public. Our seeds our heavy re-seeders....so get ready for abundance when the cycles come around. Spread the life...spread the overgrowth. Spread more oxygen around! Heaven knows we need as much fresh air as we can get these days!

We are doing an event at Erewhon next sunday at 2pm! We will be covering all this and more!!! See you soon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Question from Rose about Kombucha

We've been mixing our kombucha with springwater and
Elixir of the Lake and Vitamineral Green from Healthforce Nutritionals
and have been LOVING IT bigtime...Elixir of the Lake is GOLD!!

Hello Anthony!! I had a quick question for you. Where can you buy,or where do you get your Kombucha from, and how do you make it? I'm sure I remembering you blogging about it a while back, but cannot seem to find that post. If you could let me know how you make it that would be awesome, thanks!!

Always an inspiration!!


I make it myself now! Its great - I make 2 gallons of black tea with about 10 bags (weigh it out if you have to, always organic and just black tea for starters...) and two cups of sugar or maple syrup. So 1 gal = 5 bags and one cup of sweetness. Pour a bunch of kombucha OR put a pancake scoby inside and in about 2 weeks it should be sour. I get 2 gal glass jars from Wal-mart with the glass lid - they are awesome. I know its wal-mart and its not the coolest I guess to shop there but its the only place i know of that has the jars.

We are going to do a kombucha demo in california really soon as well,
going to do sarsaparilla and oolong tea!
Thanks for staying in touch!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Thanks to Matt and Angela

Just a personal message from myself to Matt and Angela -

A huge thanks for your support!
Our seed collection has really flourished so quickly
and truly a large part is thanks to you both.

Personally, I am so elated that we (Blackbird) teamed up with a couple (M&A)
who shares the Food Forest/Anastasia/Space of Love Vision-Mission...
and we know that the SYNERGY will only speed things up even more!

Thanks so much for the kind words too!
it seriously made me blush!!!

We are so pumped to see your Food Forest explode with life
and Im always excited when a new garden video comes up haha...

So from the bottom of our hearts - Thanks and Love!!
We are all adding to the reconstruction of Heaven on Earth!
!!!!!!!!AND ITS SOOO FUN!!!!!!!!

-Anthony, Alexandra, and Andrea

Here is one of their latest videos!! LOVING the Space!!!

Here is the write-up from Matt's newsletter -
(if you havent subscribed to it, each one is a very detailed essay
full of information - worth the read FOR SURE. Sign up HERE)

With the "At-Cost" specials and blowouts, this is THE site
for one-stop Raw/Green shopping.

"As many of you know, Anthony Anderson, the "Raw Model" is an EXTREMELY ethical man whose heart is all about regenerating Mother Earth. You also probably know that a big portion of his energy goes into growing his own wild foods in the most eco-friendly, organic way possible. The concept of these new Wildharvested Superfood Seeds from Anthony is BRILLIANT!. We received the seeds into our store a week ago, I haven't even talked about them yet, and they are already FLYING off the shelves!

The fact that these seeds come from Anthony Anderson takes this idea and product to an ENTIRE new level for us. I feel 100% SAFE knowing that these Superfoods I am going to be growing and eating were wildharvested by Mr. Raw Model. In fact, Angela and I brought a bunch of these seeds down to Ecuador to grow :-)

These Wildharvested Superfood Seeds come in these beautiful miniature sliding-door metal containers, to protect them. The packaging is very attractive and makes aGREAT gift idea. In fact, Anthony even created a gift pack containing one of each of the THIRTEEN Superfood Seed packs, as you can see in the picture to the left. He also created two specialist 3-packs, which you can see in the list below. Not only are these the HIGHEST quality of seeds... BUT!!!... Anthony did all the work for us in selecting what he feels to be the TOP 13 Superfoods that we can be intaking into our bodies in order to establish a strong immune system and health!

Check out these thirteen Wildharvested Superfood Seed packs below!!!:

  • Astragalus
  • Burdock
  • Calendula
  • Dandelion
  • Goji
  • Holy Basil
  • Lamb's Quarters
  • Maca
  • Nettle
  • Sage
  • Spinach
  • Stevia
  • Tomato
  • Wild Mixed Salad [3-pack]
  • Immunity Boost [3-pack]
  • Superfood Seed Presentation Box [13-pack]

    My tastebuds are just DROOLING thinking about the wonderful food that we are going to be harvesting from these Wildharvested Superfood Seeds! To learn more about ALL of these seeds and why Anthony chose them, check out this very informative video below with Anthony, The "Raw Model" himself...


    I am excited about ALL of these new Wildharvested Superfood Seeds... However, I am dumbfounded by the fact that from this little $3.95 miniature tin of Goji Berry Seeds, you could LITERALLY grow over 1000 Goji Berry plants and create yourOWN Goji Berry Forest!!! "

    Check out this MUST-SEE video below with Anthony as he discusses these Goji Berry Seeds!:


  • Thanks so much you two!! Keep spreading the LIGHT!!!!!!


    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    Feral Kevin breaks it down

    A really strong site for harvesting wild edibles is FeralKevin.

    Ive been watching his channel for a good two years now,
    and learned quite a bit from his work.

    He encourages his friends and clients to plant wild edibles
    in their own back yard too...MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

    Here's a great vid from him...def subscribe and enjoy.

    Nettle juice!!! POWER!!!

    Here's his direct site - http://feralkevin.com/

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    A Great Comment

    Just loved this one - the ideas are sppppreaaaaading.

    Hey Anthony, this is a very interesting concept.
    I come also from a Renewable Energy background (My M.S. is on Renewable Energies),
    and I totally agree on the concept that city planning is really bad for many reasons.
    We've lost a lot of the wisdom of previous civilizations and we have to travel ridiculous distances to go to work,
    sometimes for a slavery type of salary! We have to go back to our roots, and start making money in the form of food!
    The food we grow is money we save! And food we prepare is money we save as well!
    Everybody should have a garden, bigger or smaller, but everybody should have one!
    And then, organic fresh foods will be available for everyone,
    and we will enrich the soil of this precious Earth we live in, and naturally clean and purify the water we drink.
    Anyways, I could go on and on on this...but it's your blog my mate!
    Good luck!