Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kombucha Experimentation

Since Ive grown so many scobys now,
Im definitely branching out and trying some new blends.

The one above is astragalus, goji berries, chaga, and black tea.
Ive found that the best sugar to use truly is straight up org. CANE
sugar...turbinado works well too and so does maple ($$$ though).

I highly recommend branching out - Im trying a sarsaparilla
variety too and the classic ginger...I just love kombucha.

Be sure to cut it with water when youre ready to drink it though.
Kombucha is really acidic, and drinking so much of it can be
a bit hard on a person. I make mine for about
and the power of homemade is truly tangible.

again...the theme...Do...It..YOURSELF! and with love!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picked, Cured, and ENJOYED!

These ended up better than I ever expected.

The olives I picked in this vid:

are still in their brine. However, I did a salt pack with
the really ripe ones, and they became edible so fast and ended up
so tasty that Im completely sold on the method.

I used a burlap sack, which ended up leaving little burlap
hairs that had to be picked and washed off - big pain in the butt.

The best way would be to use a nut mylk bag or a cheese cloth.
Wrap all the olives with salt so the salt roughly touches most of
the olives. They dont have to be completely engulfed in salt.

They should hang so the water pulled off from the salt can drip.
I would let this moisture drip into a can so you can use it for
mixing with your water for your vegetable garden. Good minerals!

I can't see it taking more than one month. There are still ripe
olives hanging on the trees in Phoenix and Im going to make it
a point to collect as many as I possibly can before they all fall and shrivel up.

To think that SUCH AMAZING ABUNDANCE gets swept up and trashed
every single year completely reflects the insanity of this culture.

All you need is a cheesecloth and some sea salt! COME ON!!!

The abundance is everywhere my friends...all you have to do is
just look around and open your eyes and your heart.
The world of lack belongs to the the wild and free-range
people out there, food and medicine abounds and we are all happy.

Ill keep you posted on the brine cure...they are getting close but
still a little too bitter to enjoy...stay tuned!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Greetings from the Grand Canyon

we were up at the Grand Canyon this week with friends
and the scenery DEMANDED some filming!

I really hope to see whoever can come to the conference -
life changing talks and tons of one on one visits.

We are doing giveaways to whoever gets a ticket thru our referrals -
Get your tickets and the $50 discount and we'll send you some thank
you gifts - any money we make on referrals go right into the food forests!
Get your passes HERE.

This conference is much more informative than Raw Spirit...
come if you want information that will take your health strategies
to the next level - there is nothing out of date here and you arent
going to hear the same old "Why I went Raw" stories like at Raw spirit.

Raw Spirit is a great time, but I feel that i learned SO much more at
the Longevity Now Conference...see you there!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wild Goji Berries!!!

I discovered wild goji berries (wolfberries) on the hill in
our backyard yesterday! Who would've thought??

This is likely Lycium Andersonii...I swear!
It could be Lyceum Fremonti, but Im pretty sure its Andersonii,
and not because of me of course..

again, a message to realize that food is EVERYWHERE if you
can just identify it - and certainly...start looking for it in the first place!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Longevity NOW

We are going to be exhibiting at the Longevity NOW Conference
in Costa Mesa, CA this April 1st...its going to be a great event
and from talking with some of the speakers its going to
be a definite step up even from the last conference
(which blew my mind because we went and the talks were amazing).

There is still a chance to get the reduced tickets HERE
if you are interested - its a great event and - Ill be there too!
So come stop by our booth and we can talk about diet,
permaculture, self-reliance and the future!

The networking opportunities alone are worth going.

See you there!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


God bless him!!

He speaks out, despite the constant threat of lawsuits from the
group of people hellbent on poisoning the earth and its inhabitants.


Read the article HERE.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Perennial Plate

I have been loving this series...Alexandra showed it to me yesterday.
And its based in Minnesota!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Differing of Opinion

Found this so profound -

and now...

what feelings do you get?
And about the diversity...autumn olive/russian olive
really only takes over DAMAGED ecosystems that need help.

Its funny to hear her extolling all the virtues of this plant,
yet telling us to put roundup on them. OLD SCHOOL BYE BYE...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Planting in the Veggie Patch!!

with inspirational books like the one above
(great portions are dedicated to wildharvesting and esp wild greens)

HUGE things will be sprouting up this spring.

2011 is the year of new growth,
and we are being prodded by so many to head in this direction,
so let us take the hint and thereby assume the destined role we so rightfully deserve
in the increase joy and responsibility of being our own food producers
and wild-foragers...I feel that this will soon be our future whether
we are ready for it as a pastime or why not land softly?

Imagine yourself on a sunny hillside filling your basket
with wild greens like lambsquarters and nettles...all
going into your salads and soups for the evening.
Total abundance all around you where there once was scrub grass.

Dont yearn for paradise and abundance...PLANT IT!