Thursday, August 28, 2008

Consultations with Anthony Anderson

Sessions are available on appointment -
please email me at for availability!

We'll get directly to what's needed in your life to help
you reach the next level and beyond.

Exercises for the Body and Mind that get consistent results.
Food and Water strategies with recipe ideas
Green-Lifestyle Design
Permaculture Food-Forest Gardening

There are lots of "authorities" out there claiming to know the answers.
Are they REALLY getting the results you are aiming for?

Being in the extremely competitive world of modeling,
I was able to achieve the results that made me very successful
in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Asia, and Los Angeles.
I was blessed to have the pressure to be at the top of my game physically.
This included health and wellness of course,
but also garden and an overall lifestyle design overhaul as well .

Knowing what it takes to reach the upper levels of health,
I had to look my absolute best and be my absolute healthiest
to earn my income as a model and now as a public speaker.

Countless hours of research and experimentation.
True motivation to find what worked in order to make a living as a model.

Get on the fast track so you can save both time, energy, and money.
Knowledge is power, and nothing slows you down and
wastes more money than bad advice!
Use your common sense and look for results.

I've worked with many individuals over the past decade,
and have found what works long term for both men and women.

My role is to keep you motivated and passionate about your progress,
and to design a strategy that is fun, realistic, and gets results quickly.
Im not here to waste your time. I've put in the time for you.

* grocery store/farmers market walk-throughs
* easy kitchen prep with both raw and cooked dishes and beverages
* fermenting foods and beverages like kombucha and kefir as well
* references to trustworthy vendors that have been discovered and tested
* detailed workout regimens that will get quicker results while having more fun
* food forest garden design and installation (email for pricing and details)

By having both exercise, lifestyle, and food strategies working synergistically,
your life (and your family's life) will be changed forever.

Results speak for themselves.
The consultation rate for ONE HOUR (skype, phone, in person) is listed below.
I use my proceeds to continuously plant more fruit and nut trees,
and to help spread the message of Food Forests and Organic Gardening.

Please email me at - Thanks!

Consultations with Anthony Anderson