Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schoolteacher Camden Long is growing paradise in Orlando, Florida

My new friend, and Partner in Paradise, Camden Long
has taken co-creation into his own hands and decided to plant
a food forest in the apartment complex he lives in.

He asked his landlord if this was possible, 
and luckily he received the go-ahead. 

His direct action is so noteworthy...he just went for it. 
No townhall votes, no petitions...just planting paradise. 
We need many more like this young man.

He is a teacher in Orlando, Florida, and has seen first hand
the need for REAL food and the paradise lifestyle in the 
community he lives and works in.

This is where we will see the change.
Signing online petitions is fine, and useful,
but things that Camden, myself, and many more are doing is what
will really create the change that sadly so many politicians hollowly promise.

Here are some pics from last Sunday...
Camden and I planted about 10% of his total number of trees purchased.
Trees he purchased HIMSELF. The man just went for it. 

He is taking this vision much further as well.
Incorporating it into a school project and applying for grants,
his goal is 25,000 fruit trees in Florida. 
Keep your eyes on this young man! 
The inspiration is spreading.

Creating Heaven on Earth. It is possible. 

One of the papaya plant gods...just waiting to be planted.

Why yes...thank you. 

A busy little girl just doing her thing...feasting on apple nectar.

Divinity is proved with this flower.

More than just a friend...a mentor...a provider...a classroom...

Camden grabbing some bags of Mushroom Compost to add to the sandy soil.

A little goes a long way!

Camden chatting it up with the kids that were instantly
curious as to what we were doing.
We didnt have permission to film them or take pictures,
(signed permission slips are being created for Camden's
fruit tree planting party this Saturday) but it didnt matter..
we were just in the moment...enjoying every second with our little friends.

Laying out some spots for the goodies...

Camden enjoying the some good energy to Ms Papaya before
we planted her into her new home...sending that energy is critical!

And me...doing the love to the plants always. 
They give us SO much and really ask for so little in return.

Grow Paradise is a proud supporter of Camden and his project.
If you are in the Orlando area this Saturday (March 10, 2012)
Please attend this get-together. 

Here is the event on Facebook -

Here is the address - 

  •                                  7567 Sun Tree Circle Orlando, FL 32807
  • There will be signs, and giveaways too!
From 11am to 3pm!

Thanks for doing what you do my friend!

Here is a vid from Grow Paradise's recent project in South Africa.
Spread this inspiration far and wide! Thank you!!!!
Please check out Grow Paradise as well for more updates and videos!
We are creating organic t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, and will be selling seeds
to raise funds for more of these food forests. We also glady accept any donations
to help get these projects moving. Keep growing paradise...its what we are here for!