Monday, October 31, 2011

The Greater Good...Please Watch!

This is the Trailer...

I realize now that I cant embed click the link to watch the film!

I just saw this wonderful video and I can't recommend it enough.

Its so well done. Its about the Vaccine battles going on in the US.

PLEASE...If youre a parent or know parents of young children,

Parents of young girls (for the gardasil vaccine) need to see this as well.

Everyone really. This affects all of us.
Many would say its just big pharma trying to make money,
but cant they make money without killing people?

I can't help but think something more insidious is going on.
Have they gone too far down the road to turn around?

Those poor souls...the ones trapped in the diseased minds
of the people that work for those companies...
I send them love because they need it so much.
Making a living off of this, when the evidence is so clear. two cents...enjoy the video and PLEASE share.

I think this is only available for another week,
and after that it goes on sale at for $10, which is a bargain.

Cheers and blessings! Heavy metal DETOX!

Read more about this movie on their site HERE.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Forget buildings that crumble...

“Trees are the best monuments that a man
can erect to his own memory”

–Lord Orrery, 1749

The Grow Paradise Newsletter

Through these years of writing and experimenting with this site
and even with my life, I realized that a few actions will very
likely fix all of the problems we are facing both as individuals
and as a collective whole on this planet.

I realized that the answer is to create paradise gardens for our families.
To eat from them, to raise our children in them,
to LIVE and LOVE in them.

Early on I thought that the answer was for everyone to go vegan.
This was a naive and uneducated viewpoint, and I feel that the bigger
issue is far more than diet, its about the lives we choose to create.

I am starting an organization called "Grow Paradise".
The site will be up soon, and I just launched a newsletter.
This is all about positive solutions that are fun and even easy.
Solutions that will get us on the fast track to living vibrant and
completely bliss-filled lives on this planet.

I truly believe that this is our goal as free-willed humans.
We have to merge Heaven and Earth.
Imagine what your paradise lifestyle would be like.
Really think about it for awhile.
Do you see...
Little kids running around?
Paradise gardens dripping with fruits?
Birds singing and bees buzzing?
Being with your loved ones and creating art and life every day?

That is what I envision at least.
I see a world where we can choose to do whatever we want.
Where all our needs and wants are provided for.

Growing our own slices of heaven and supporting companies
that produce healthy and conscious products is how we are going
to make this happen. The tide is turning. People are seeing the truth.

The Grow Paradise Newsletter will be a weekly affair and will
dish all the goods like recipes, new videos, freebie offers,
and just lots of fun ideas about making this planet HEAVEN again.
I'll also cover ways to make our bodies primed for thriving.
All the methods I've been using these past years to keep things optimal.

So please join me...the sign up is on the right if you're interested.
Pass along the good is the ONLY way we will make a safe landing.
These are the keys...these are fun shifts that will make it all happen.

Much love always...thanks for all the support!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Episode 1 of the AA Show - A GREAT intro

I feel that this intro to the AA show really breaks down
what Im up to - my food forest plans, my day to day life,
and whatever else...I highly recommend watching it.

If youre interested about my ideas for growing paradise
with the Food Forests, please contact me!

I have great resources to help you get started.
The more of these growing the faster we will get to our goal.

Many blessings and just DO IT! Plant those food trees!!!

Enjoy - let me know what you think!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mercola interviews Ronnie Cummins about GMOS