Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freqently Asked Questions

Note-Ignore the date...this is 2011 and I have updated the FAQ...the original post was in 2008 and i simply reroute the link back to the OG but still edit it for changes. Peace!

People email me. Many times a day now. I am a busy man, and retyping the same things over and over again doesnt truly serve anyone. Here is what people ask me usually...hopefully this will help...thank you so much for checking these out.

1. What is your workout routine like?
- I dont have one specific routine. I walk around quite a bit, and always do simple exercises like push ups, sit ups, and pull ups. The main idea is to just stay active. Working in a chair all day and then sitting on a couch all nite doesn't produce the body you are probably aiming for.
I am a big fan of the P90X routine, and still attempt to do a few hours each week.
Bottom line...
if you are CONSISTENTLY active
and can do at least 30-45 minutes of activity before you eat breakfast in the morning (do this in front of the TV if it helps),
and twice a week do the push ups and sit ups and some resistance work,
and then, you will see results.
You just have to stick with it. You don't need an expensive gym full of sweaty strangers.
Your living room and some determination is all you need. Burn some calories and don't eat late and you will see results. Its not about how you work out, its about how often you are active and how much intensity you bring.
Here's an idea - Just hold yourself in the middle of a push up and shift your body this until you can't anymore and rest...then do it again...all the while listening to a podcast or an audiobook. Keep doing this for about 10 minutes and you will understand the power of isometrics.
I see people at the gym (when I used to go to the gym...I save my money now because I know I can do the same at home) and they looked exactly the same as two years before.
Its because they dont "BRING IT".
They dont give it 100% on their workout, so the muscles are never challenged and they never evolve.
Challenge yourself and the body will adapt.

2. What is your diet like?
This question is hard because its always changing and evolving.
I have grass-fed yogurt for breakfast, with add-ins like berries, bee pollen, raisins, seeds.
I will often have canned organic coconut milk (check the labels!) instead of yogurt.
If I am wanting something more savory, Ill make a something with really good eggs.
Sometimes poached, sometimes sunnyside-up, and often raw in my smoothies.
I like huevos rancheros with nice organic ingredients!

I drink springwater from springs found on
I drink about 16oz of raw kefir made from grass-fed cows and goats,
and have this with berries as well. I try to minimize my nut intake,
having usually macadamias and almonds.
I certainly DO eat cooked dishes now, but always aim for organic.
I wont say no to any animal product that is raised on pasture or wild. I was a vegan for 5 years, and decided that for myself, including HIGH QUALITY animal products truly made all the difference. I feel more stable, have better digestion, and can maintain my weight far easier with a diet high in quality animal products.
My cornerstones are:
1. high quality plant protein like spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, and leafy greens.
2. high quality animal fats like egg yolks, cream, and butter from grass fed cows and goats.
3. Lots of fermented foods like kefir, yogurt, and kimchi.
4. Sea vegetables and lots of varied vegetables and fruits, usually seasonal.

There is lots of room to wiggle around in there, and we are all biochemically individual. I say look at your ancestors and then take their eating habits and make it into the most healthy version you can in this modern age. And remineralize. REMINERALIZE!!!

3. Where can I find high quality foods in my area?
-Check out,, and even your local craigslist in the gardening section.

4. I want to start a garden, where should I start?
-I would firstly read "The Secret Life of Plants" , then "Gaia's Garden" and then "Secrets of the Soil". This will give you a great foundation and instill some deep knowledge and respect for the gardening you will soon be doing.
Its all about the soil, please always remember that...LOVE your soil.
Consider yourself a caretaker of earthworms in your soil and you will grow amazing plants.
Depending on your space and area, different books will be needed.
Encourage lots of beneficial insects by planting lots of flowers and clover around your area, and you will find no need to use any toxic spray.
Cover your soil with 10 layers of newspaper and poke a hole through for each plant.
Weeds will be greatly diminished.
Start with the soil.
Invest in compost and manures, and cover it with newspaper and mulch like straw or leaves. Invest in earthworms and spread them over your garden.
You will find it hard to fail once these steps have been taken.
The Permaculture approach is time tested and will make gardening much easier because you will be emulating nature and enjoying the saved time and energy.
Nature does it best, copy her.
Just look at what she has achieved in eons of evolution...emulate.

5. I want to eat more consciously, but my family still eats a highly-processed diet full of pesticides. How do I make the connection?
-There are some great books in my "Resources" section, but Ive found that people who eat junky food tend not to want to read much or explore new ways of living.
You are here on this planet for your own reasons.
You hopefully get to choose what you want to put in your mouth,
and either make a balance to appease family and friends, or go 100% and alienate people. It will happen. It happened to me.
I eased off my hardcore viewpoints and now enjoy a richer social life and less guilt,
and now I have it so there are NO sacrifices.
Do your best to find affordable organic food, as this is usually the #1 reason people don't buy it (besides plain old ignorance about how they are truly being poisoned).
Check for good ideas.

Its your life...your choices. Choose or someone else will for you.
Dont limit them with vegetarianism or veganism either. The work of Dr Weston Price (with lots of pictures) is a very convincing book that shows many cultures eating high quality animal products and having no heart disease or any sickness. If you can get your family further away from refined vegetable oils, refined starches, and most of all any products with genetically modified ingredients...well...many would claim that you will be greatly improving their health. ;)

6. Ive seen videos of you on youtube where you were eating wild plants.
Have you ever become sick because of this?
-No. Not once. I have done my homework and you should too. Most plants are safe, but there are some out there that can seriously harm you. Get some good books and do research online and in the field. Wild foods is a HUGE step in the right direction, and I would highly recommend them, just do your homework first.

7. Do you offer personal training?
-I do. I am available for body tranformation work such as working out, garden consultations, dietary strategies, and also personal development. If you like the results I have achieved so far, email me at and we can discuss your next steps to get where you want to be.
I am based out of New York City, but am flexible with my time and travels. Lets talk. Here is a link for more details.