Friday, March 28, 2008

Fotos de Mexico

Beauty is Everywhere...

I was really impressed with Mexico City,
although I was mostly working the whole time or
stuck in the hotel. I wandered around a little on my
first day when I had some spare hours.

I was checking for some wild foods, and although
I did find some, the thoughts about car pollution
and soil quality kept me from trying anything.

(A Little Sorrel Mexicano...add it to your raw tacos)

Burdock is EVERYWHERE.

No big deal really...the exotic fruits were abundant.

After my fitting on monday, the production company
had one of their nice employees drive me down to the
local indoor market where I could do some shopping.

Here is what I found.

The production company was calling her asking where she was.

"Why arent you back yet?"
"He's still looking at the fruit!"

The green fruits in the center are Black Sapote. YUM!!!

They are seriously like chocolate pudding in the middle. AMAZING.

This one was REALLY ripe...the pic doesnt do it any justice.

I ate so many figs (Higos) at the job...Its been so long!!! Cant wait till July!

This had the interior of REALLY sour passion fruit.
Ive never had anything like it.

Good ol' Guanabana...or Soursop. I like Guanabana better :)

Sapodilla on the left and Mamey Sapote on the right.
Sapodillas I could take or leave...
Mamey Sapotes are like sweeter and juicer
sweet potatoes...I loved them.

Here are the insides of the Sapodillas -

And...fungicide and radiation free...coconuts -

Hairy coconuts...didnt luck out and find any green ones,
but I was flying high from the sapotes and guanabana.
The water was pure and not so sweet. The meat was
thick but filling. I would dice it up and mix it in a salad.
Like this...

Diced Coconut Meat
Diced Avocado
Diced Mango
Diced Cumcumber
Lime Juice (Not Diced :) )

Here is a video of me getting wild with the coconut.
Sometimes you just dont have the right tools and
you simply have to improvise. Best way to drink them anyways...

There are sculptures like this all over the center of the city.
If you are going to Mexico, Id recommend a day or two here.
Its WAY too big too see it all, but there is so much history here
and the markets are really cool. The people from the production
company were recommending some museums, but Id much
rather explore the life of the city.

Just an interesting ad that I saw while I was there...
Makes you think, eh?



RawLeah said...

Sounds like you were in fruit heaven! Too bad you had to work most of the time.

Uncooked Hipster said...

One day I will try Sapote...

yardsnacker said...

Hmm, not seeing pics but your descriptions are leaving me longing for a trip to Mexico City. I must go now. I will go now. :D Sounds like a great time, really happy for you.

Shayla said...

What a treat to read about and see your pics of the radiant fruit in Mexico-YUM! Mexico is very dear to me as I spent a year of my childhood there and, then backpacked through the country for 6 months after I graduated from college. I haven't been back for nearly 10 years and have lately been feeling the pull. The fruit, the weather, the lovely people- sweet memories. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Inspirational!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that fruit looks amazing. I haven't been to Mexico since I was in like 8th grade and I certainly wasn't all about the exotic fruit like I am now. It would be so awesome to go back. Your blog is such an inspiration - keep it up!

Dea said...

Hi Anthony,
Mexico looks beautiful.

FYI one of the pictures of edible of wild greens you say is sorrel, but I think its clover. I blended some clover in smoothies a while ago and then read up about it, its toxic to us humans. Just wanted to warn you. Take care, Dea.

Anonymous said...

Duuuuuuuuuude! How does burdock taste anyway?

Great seeing you friday!