Tuesday, May 5, 2009


If you enjoy rawmodel.com, and have found some value in it,
all I ask of you are four simple things - Your choice of course.

1. Plant your own Space of Love, your own Sacred Family Garden.
No amount of money you could ever give me would equal
the amount of joy I would feel if the Earth was restored to a Food Forest.
If the light bulb of inspiration has been lit by this website, or by
any other possible way, please act on it. Plant your Space of Love NOW.
IF...and this is huge...you know of any people of influence,
-celebrities, politicians, business leaders, religious leaders-
Show them the pure joy of planting a family garden and get them involved.
Turn THEM on. Get their light-bulb flashing.
If we can get more celebrities building eco-villages and politicians
giving massive tax breaks to organic farmers, Paradise will be
much closer to being restored. We are all siblings on this planet,
and if Paradise can be rebuilt, we can finally live in abundance
and complete inner and outer peace without fear or hate.
Enough said.

2. Subscribe to my youtube channel, and try to get your friends to do the same.
This exposes new friends, and spreads the word of conscious eating & green living
and rebuilding the Paradise that we've lost in the past few centuries.

3. If you are going to buy some great products of high integrity,
please see if you can use my affiliate links.
Its the same price if you buy directly from them, only this way, I get a referral
directly from the company. You will never pay a premium. Ever.

I've been asked about advertising on my site many times,
but sometimes I am not 100% behind the company or the products.
I want to focus on only the best out there.

With the affiliate links, I can pick and choose the best of the best,
which gives more control and keeps unfavorable products from being featured
to the readers that I might not wish them to buy.

Affiliate programs are the best way for me. These companies are strong,
and I fully support them. If you can, shop at their sites
by clicking on the links on the right side of the blog.
I use the money to plant more fruit & nut trees and spread
the word about this lifestyle and what it can do for all of us.

4. I've spent countless hours helping readers via email and even the phone,
and their continued success has shown me that my method works.
If you are looking to step it up and cut out the clutter
and regurgitated opinions from people who dont walk the talk,
contact me at Anthony@rawmodel.com and we can set
up some consultations to take you to the next level.
Read more about this HERE.

This will help grease the wheels...allowing me to put
more time into the website, making and editing videos,
and working on the Permaculture projects which I hope will
inspire many others to do the same and liberate
themselves and their loved ones.

Endless thanks to all of you who read and contribute to this site.
Reading your comments and hearing about lives changed for the better
makes it all worthwhile. I know this site will continue well into the future,
and Im excited to see where it leads us. Its been over four years already! Crazy!

I hope many of you out there have really been helped by my work.
I always try to destroy the myth of the pale and frail conscious eater,
and I know that we have only begun with the possibilities.
We are in this together, and the internet is here to help us all.
Now is the time to use technology as a tool to spread info and inspiration.
Paradise inside ourselves and on the Earth will be ours again soon.

Thank you for everything!
I simply couldn't do this without the good energy given by so many.