Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chickens and Sauerkraut

The cycle is now complete...full circle (like our chicken playpen!)

We adopted 9 little female chicks about 3 wks ago,
and it was the best birthday surprise ever.
This little "blackbird" above is Cheep Cheep.
She couldnt walk at all when the girls picked her up
awhile ago, but with Andrea's TLC, Cheep Cheep
is running around like her other 8 sisters now.
She wouldve ended up in the freezer destined to be
Anaconda food in the near future. We are so happy she's
alive and well with us in Paradise Valley.

We are building them a really fun and creative playpen
which was formally just filled with some groundcover.
This young sweet acacia needed to be trimmed back,
and now it will also serve as a perch for the hens.

Check out the latest at the ranch...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Alex Jones on Fluoride

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best of Raw Truffle Marathon...

We've been pumping out a massive order placed
by Organic Avenue this weekend...

Hand-crafting 1500 truffles takes WAY WAY WAY
longer than I ever imagined. We figure about
100 truffles per hour when two people are rolling.
When you know what BPM (balls per minute) means,
you know you have crossed over to the other side.

Luckily though I love the two souls I work with!
-And what a great mission to have.
We feel so blessed to be partnered with Organic Avenue too...
when we see the coverage they get with the press
and how professional they are we cant help but get
both excited and overwhelmed about where they are headed.

We are participating in the NYC Truly Raw Cacao Recipe Contest,
and we are so excited to be spreading our message
and truffles to all those great people on Friday.

Since we are our own bosses, we can bring our ipods
into our space and listen to great stuff as
we are making these little delights, and we've
come across some great material.

Here's a gem- "One Man, One Cow, One Planet"

Biodynamics will allow people to transition
to a closed loop (i.e. not having to BUY fertilzer at all)
and HEALING agriculture system...if there is one.
Food forests for sure. Anyways, Im off to take care of the garden
and all of our 9!!! baby chicks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oil Spill info....please PLEASE watch.

Think you really know whats going on?

Before and Afters...

Hard work, lots of organic nutrients, and LOVE...
A barren landscape can be transformed into an oasis.
The pic right below was taken just 13 months ago.

This was the blank canvas. Im surprised I wasnt
more intimidated about starting the transformation.

I wish this pic had more light...
Totally lush with life...its just pure splendor for me.

This was july of 2008...the interior garden is stronger
but you can see pure gravel-sand on the outside.
No more...a lush bed of white clover now blankets the whole space.

Two years. Two years with me working there every so often.
You could do this SO much faster.

While others were paralyzed with anger and despair
by watching WAY too much news and other distractions,
I was planting the Garden of Eden. Makes sense??

A change of mentality...

Saw this the other day...
its funny, because I actually plant and encourage these plants.
How many millions have these crappy companies made by
scaring us away from TRULY healing plants?

A simple change of mentality...the idea of spraying
chemicals on ANYTHING in my space is insane to me.

I have a thick spread of poison ivy, and instead
of drenching the area with some evil chemmy brew,
Im just trying to outplant it with red clover and will
then manually (the good ol' fashioned way) pull up
the remaining underground vines after a good rain.

My dad has sheep sorrel growing all over his shop area,
and he kept thinking that he had to SPRAY it...
Im disappointed in myself that I havent convinced him
yet how idiotic that mentality is but anyways...
I showed him that its indeed a tasty edible and now instead of a
pesky weed, he has a CROP. A simple change of mentality.

If your ecosystem is healthy, spraying is laughable.
Its because humans have made it out of balance that one
insect or plant will take the large gap and become the opportunist.
Not their fault...they are just trying to survive in the
ecosystem they were born into. By introducing more biodiversity,
nature simply balances itself out. Trust in her...always.

If you do have to immeadiately protect your plants,
use a good garlic spray or neem oil. Works everytime.

Share the pic with others...Im sure most of you reading this
wouldnt be too keen on spraying your plants with chemmies,
but the pic speaks a thousand words.
Each one of those three plants are SUPERSTARS
for a healthy garden and ecosystem.
And they are great for eating too...(eat clover FLOWERS).

More permie pics in the next issue...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Talk About Anastasia

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Economic Hitman

Whats the solution for YOU?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Space of Love Vid

Im back in MN again, one month after all this was filmed...
The place has EXPLODED in green, it has finally popped.

Covered in green..Just craziness.

Much much love and thx for producing this Doll...you rocked it.