Saturday, March 8, 2008

Successfully Raw on March 29th

My first major speaking event! Will you be there???

This is a full day event (10-6), with a wonderful catered lunch and dessert included,
so if you are anywhere nearby, I would really love to see you there
and to have your support. I am going to be sharing my story
about discovering raw foods and giving tips and tricks
that I picked up along the way to maintain a healthy physique
all the while staying raw and VERY far away from eating animal products.

I am really excited about this. I feel like its going to be a day
of hanging out and sharing with good friends.
There will be plenty of time to visit during the lunch break
and afterwards as well, so if you or any friends or family can make
it to the city for the day, please come wont regret it.

I believe the event goal is for 200 people to sign up,
and its filling up pretty quickly. I can tell that there is
a change in the air...we are all ready for a serious paradigm shift.

There are going to be great vendors there, and I'm sure
wonderful samples will be given out as usual.
Springtime in NYC...raw foodies, and good vibes everywhere!
Dont miss it!



kipling said...


I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past several days. You are an inspiratinon. Kudos.

I hope to be at this marvelous event. I went raw in 2006 but strayed miserably from the course after 3 months. A recent diagnosis of Celiac disease has me back on track. Finding your blog helped in reinforcing the desire to do it right this time. I really appreciate guys like you that take the time to share and mentor others. I Applaud and Thank you!

All the best to you!!

Anna said...

I wish I could be there Anthony!

For those considering going...GO! Anthony is such an amazing man, and I am sooooo grateful that he helped to get me started with this whole raw thing. I'm already down 27 lbs. since Jan. 1. He's motivational in such a positive, kind and supportive manner. Listen to what he has to say! Read through his entire blog, and get going! I'm certain you won't have any regrets!

Bella said...


I can't be there, but I'll be thinking of you. And I promise to make it to one of your future speaking events (there will be many). Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony. I wanna mention that my favorite video of yours is the Macadamia Nut milk. I never thought that nut milks could be so creamy. I'm reaally happy you're doing this event. I wish I could come.


Maggie said...

Hi Anthony! I would miss it for the world. I've already signed up for my sister and I to attend and I can't wait!!!

Michelle J said...

Hiya Anthony, i am going to be attending this raw event and cannot wait! I don't know what i am looking forward to more...the raw lunch OR your motivational talk! OK, i just decided...your talk for sure!!! :O) I have to agree with Anna. You are an amazing man! Just had to say that! Hope to see you Wednesday and for sure at PURE!!!
Love ya

Melissa said...

I signed up the first day I saw the announcement. I am really excited. I can't wait to hear you speak. I love the blog!

Anonymous said...

I can't be there Anthony, but I'm sure you'll rock the house! ;) Good luck!


britanie said...

Hi Anthony! I am all signed up, I cannot WAIT for this event! It will be my first Raw Event ever! I am so excited to hear you speak and hopefully be able to meet you as well!!!