Friday, February 29, 2008

Garam Masala Retreat and George Carlin

If anyone hasn't heard yet from We Like it Raw,
there is an amazing retreat being held in the
Poconos (Mountainous region in Eastern Pennsylvania) from
March 13th to the 16th. Lectures are going to be held, lots of
food demos and videos, and nature walks as well.
This retreat is a steal for sure...
check out the link and be amazed by this location.
We are going to have an amazing time,
so if you can get away for the weekend
make the decision and come hang out with all of us
in only two short weeks. You wont regret it, I assure you!

We have been amazed at the response already,
and people are flying in from WAY further away than we expected,
so hurry if you are interested.

Garam Masala (Warm Spice) Retreat in just two weeks!!!


Im intending to add in a video with each post,
either something I made or something I recently
watched on youtube or google video.

Seriously folks...all the video content we need
to be successful just might be found on youtube these days.

Here is a clip from a recent stand-up performance from
the one and only George Carlin. He really tells it like it is,
and I hope we can all fully realize what he is talking about
and take the steps to create Eden here on Earth.
There is some swearing don't hold it against me.

This is a thought I had the other day...

Some people believed that we were kicked out of
the Garden of Eden thousands or millions of years ago.
What is funny is that they accept this current world instead
of trying to REBUILD Eden. If you got kicked out of the club,
START YOUR OWN. Rebuild paradise on Earth.
Dont accept the current crap we have been
given by the government and corporations...
create Paradise NOW.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back in Action...

Sorry everyone...tons of stuff going on.
I was in Milwaukee for a shoot with Kohls,
and have been running around the city all day today and earlier this week.

I just bought two colonies of honeybees,
and after watching the feature on 60 minutes
and reading Dhru's posting, I couldnt agree more.

Conventional bees are treated so poorly,
and I think that the wave has finally crashed on the beach.
They are robbed of their honey, fed poisonous corn syrup,
and totally pumped full of toxins.

I didnt even like the idea of buying my bees from
conventional beekeepers, but they offer disease free bees
that are close to my home in Minnesota, so I can get them easier.
You should see it their catalog
they sell corn syrup by the TRUCK LOAD.

A big 18-Wheeler filled with Corn Syrup.

Here is a fun fact that many of you might not know.
The Hostess cupcake company had their original factory
in cleveland, and corn syrup would flow through the pipes.

There would be puddles of high fructose corn syrup on the factory floor.
Not even RATS or FLIES would eat the syrup.
Only dogs and humans would eat it.
Interesting, right?

I have been reading the Anastasia series, and I am up to book three.
I actually was happy that my flight to Wisconsin was delayed
so I could keep reading in peace without having to get up and wait in line.

It keeps getting better and better. These books will change your life,
especially if you are in the process or raising children or are planning to someday.

There are so many more to read, so I am really excited to explore more.

A documentary that I recently watched was

"The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil"

Watch a related clip here:

Only the creatures that can adapt to changing environments will survive.

"A man is rich in proportion to the things he can let alone."

-Henry David Thoreau


Friday, February 22, 2008

A Friend from Home Visits Me in NY

( A pic from Costa Rica..taken about this time of year in 2006...let's go!)

Finally! After over three years of living in NY, a friend from Minnesota
has finally made the journey out here to spend the weekend.

3 years...they could have had a free place to stay and the inside scoop on NYC
from someone who knew the ropes and had been here for a while.
I think if my friend lived here I would have made it out by now....right?

Better late than never though...and Im so grateful to have him here.

Aaron is really getting into living foods, and was really excited to try
some of the wonderful raw offerings of NYC and see the all the sights.

He arrived yesterday and we have 3 more full days here,
so there is still so much to do. (MOMA, COSM Gallery, Chinatown..etc)

We hit up Westerly's yesterday on 54th and 8th for some sandwiches from the deli,
which we then enjoyed in the sun nearby at Central Park.

Did a little walk through of the Museum of Natural History after lunch,
and then headed over to Chocolate Girl's apt to pick up some supplies.
Her apartment smells like a magical chocolate factory.
She has the luckiest neighbors EVER.
Philip was hanging out too...and we made this video outside.
Philip is really charging 100% with the juice feast.
You have to have a good amount of discipline
and control over self to stay on a long as he has...and Im really happy for him.

After that, Aaron and I chilled at my place a bit with a little superfood pudding,
and then made it over to Jubb's Longevity Cafe for a lecture.
David was really on point tonight and the food was amazing.

Jubb's cafe is really on a whole different level when it comes to food quality.
All I suggest is that you might want to call in ahead of time and place
your order because the wait can be a bit much sometimes...just a tip.

I usually go with an Irish Moss smoothie or a dessert.
The desserts are SO complex, and with the ingredients they use, its surprising that
they actually dont cost more. One of the best values there if thats what youre going for.

We finished up the day with a walk through the East Village...
a bit cold but he's from Minnesota so there were no complaints.

We are going to Pure tonight...I'm sure he'll love it.
My roommate and his fiance tried Pure on Monday and they are still
telling people how amazed they were. That doesn't occur too much, even in NY.

We are going to be at Bonobo's tomorrow around if anyone is
nearby, Im just putting it out there....stop by and say hello if you can. We will
find a big table and all get caught up. NOON to ONE...Bonobo's...BE THERE.

When we have visitors, we tend to see our home city differently...through their eyes.
Things seem more exciting...fresher...unexpected, and random.
I am sure we all need a little more of that in our everyday routines.
There is so much out there that we simply become accustomed to because
we happen to be around it every day, but in fact the magic and energy is always there.
You just have to be in the right mind-frame to notice it.

Crater Lake, Oregon...that island was the tip of a collapse volcano. COOL.
I REALLY miss Oregon...


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Superfood Smoothie V 2.2

So this is what I have been doing as far as Superfood Smoothies go...
I do one of these a day combined with 1/4 cup of Hemp Butter
and 2 Tbls of Hemp Oil. I have been getting the organic variety,
but Manitoba Harvest also offers "Pesticide Free" which is about 25%
cheaper, although its good to show support to the organic farmers.

So these two products, a little honey...usually 1-2tbls,
and then the Superfood mix of the week.

What I love is that every 8 days I am able to try a new blend...
maybe I'll want to double the maca or take out the sheep sorrel...

LOTS of flexibility here.

I dont know the alchemy or ideas of combinations with the mix
featured on the video, so don't even bother asking.
Someone like Daniel Vitalis would know more about that stuff than myself.

After I make the smoothie, Ill throw in some gojis, cacao nibs, and shredded coconut.
Something for texture...then I prefer to eat it slowly with a
wooden spoon instead of gulping it down in 1 minute.

Take your time...enjoy and savor what you are putting into your body.
If its good enough to put into your body,
you might as well take the time to enjoy it.

As the seasons change, Ill start adding in fresh wild greens,
but for now, the dried versions will have to do.

I hope this can help!

AND...for anyone asking about is what I do.
Lately I was doing a massaged kale salad (Insprired by Dhru),
and wanted to make the honey mustard dressing that he made a while ago.
I went online, and googled RAW HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING.

You wouldnt believe how many good recipes I found.

Try this with raw vegan ice cream, dressings, ANYTHING.

USE the really makes our raw path so much easier and stress-free.

And by the way...those flowers were purchased on the 17th of Feb...
If you have someone special...make it a point to get flowers once a week.
It can really brighten up their day and really adds so much to the atmosphere.
I just love walking into a room a seeing fresh flowers in a vase.

Flowers arent just for Valentine's Day...


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jill is Queen, and How I Travel.

Missing my facial hair, but LOVING the food.

So...Dawn and I made the trek on the R train out to Brooklyn on Friday
night to hear if all the fuss about Jill's Cafe was true.


We were amazed at the high level of quality.
Not only of the food, but of the ambiance, the music,
the service, and the VERY reasonable prices.
I have to say that its worth the 15 min subway ride out
to Brooklyn for a meal. Even just for dessert.

This picture does these fine culinary delights NO justice.
This was by far the best carrot cake I have ever had.
The Hazelnut Torte was divine, and the pecan cup was perfection.

I have never met Ms. Pettijohn,
but I must send my gratitude to her for
setting up such a fine establishment and for
charging such fair prices.

Do yourself a favor and visit this wonderful spot.
Its cozy, and usually quiet. A perfect place to actually have
a conversation over your food instead of having to basically
yell like at other raw restaurants these days.

Sometimes places can get too popular....know what I mean?


To totally digress, let me give a quick tip about my travels.
Or more I can do them more than the average bear.

A reader asked me how I can afford to travel.

Now, true...I am single, but I dont really credit that to my travels.
How do I do it? I OWN NO CAR.

Think about how much you spend on a car every month.
I spend $76 total on subway/bus fares.
So lets say instead of spending $600 a month, I spend $76.
Lets put $500 a month in a jar, EVERY MONTH...
and every 4 months or so I could go on a GREAT vacation.

This basically is aimed towards young people without kids. but with cars.
Is there some way that you can structure your life so that you dont
need a car to get things done? Could you borrow a car from
a friend once a week to do all of your grocery shopping?
Could you get a bike? Could you live in a city?

$500 a month...straight into the travel fund...think about it.
Dont be stuck in the car paradigm if you dont have to be.
There are so many possibilities in which to live our lives.

Especially if you are single and could really do this
if you actually desired it. You could have 3-4 MAJOR
vacations every year without fail...and no car drama.

Nuff said...? Let me the comments.

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable.
It is designed to make its own people comfortable.

Clifton Fadiman (1904 - 1999)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day is NOT for Lovers.

A Special Day to Show LOVE?

I know that obviously Im not the first person to mention this,
but I think as far as the raw foodies are concerned,
I have a very "romanticized" version of how they act and think.

I'd like to believe that they are independent enough in the their
minds and hearts to not really participate in such a made-up
day that was created to sell mediocre chocolates and cards.

I'd like to believe that they are so full of love that what
they are "supposed" to do on Valentine's Day
actually mirrors their activities 3-4 times a week.

Is Valentine's Day really for lovers?
Or is it for the people who don't usually show love the rest of the year?
And why do we feel that we have to consume products to show love? Hmmmm.

Did any of us go out on the 14th and fight the crowds for a dinner table?
Did we BUY something that we normally wouldn't have?
Could we have waited till Friday to buy flowers?
Shouldn't we be buying flowers once a week anyways?

Here's an idea. STAY HOME.
Stay home, and make dinner together with your lover.
Make chocolates TOGETHER and put your love into that bowl with every swirl.
Make a wonderful raw meal in your own kitchen.

Then sit down, enjoy the food that you both made...not strangers,
and think about how much quieter and more romantic it is
compared to some crowded restaurant full of people eating and working.

Then, follow it up with a nice warm coconut (or olive or almond) oil massage,
and wrap it up with whatever suits your fancy :)

OR...go to a Chocolate Party held by Raw Foodies...cant go wrong with that.
More active yes, but of course still really fun.

Maybe I should have typed this on Wednesday, but I wanted to
see what everyone was up to. There is always next year.
WAIT! There is always NOW. RIGHT??

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day you show how much you care.
Get off of this consumer mind-track and show your love to your lover

This is how the enlightened ones live
and this is the key to heaven on Earth.
Every day, every moment. LOVE. Nothing but Love.

No day on the calendar can ever tell me what to do.
We are free, and we can make Valentine's Day every day.

Breaking free...loving like everyday is V-day...pretty nice right?
Coconut oil massage!!!!


Oh right! I have finally started uploading videos again on youtube!
Check them out HERE.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Support Small Business!!!

This is what happens when you just did a
ginger juice shot with all of your friends.

I've recently had the great pleasure to come into
contact with two great individuals who have
had the courage to take the leap and went into
business for themselves.
They now work for their own dreams and goals...
not someone else. Think about this.
Think about how much more productive you would be in life
if all of your actions were going towards YOUR goals.

My first friend is Glen Colello of Catch A Healthy Habit.

He just recently opened the wonderful
Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe.
Specializing is Super Smoothies, Green Smoothies,
Salads, Soups, and Raw Desserts...
it really a great place to visit.

If you are anywhere near West Haven Connecticut, or even if you arent,
I would highly recommend stopping by. He has events all the time and
it is now the hub of Living Foods in Connecticut.
Way to go Glen!!!! GREAT place!!!

My other good friend is Dawn of

Dawn had a well-paying job out in California,
but found it unsatisfying and saw no light at the end of the tunnel.
She had the immense courage to walk away from a position
that people would devote 10 YEARS to reach, and moved to New York.
She opened up an online boutique and is now living the life she dreamed of.
There is nothing for guys at her site, but for all you raw ladies out there,
I have noticed some pretty hot pieces that Im sure you would all look great in.

My favorites so far are some of the pieces from Flux Nouveau and Elijah.

Support these brave individuals if you can. Support all the brave souls
who have left the corporate world of cushy security and took the plunge
into the ocean of running their own businesses.

Let us all be inspired by them and try to structure our lives so we can
devote all of our time and energy towards our own projects
and to our loved ones and fellow citizens...

Hacking away at those shackles....


Monday, February 11, 2008

We like it WOODEN...

We Like WOOD.

Got your attention?

Nothing sexual kiddies...get your minds out of the gutter.

Im talking about bowls, cups, forks, and spoons...and NOT personalities.
This is about gravitating towards using as much wood in
your kitchen and at your dining table as possible.
This post was inspired by my good friend Dave Lindoo out in Portland.

Have you noticed all the pics of my salads with wooden bowls lately?
The more I read about the nastiness of plastics and metals,
and the more I embrace natural things, the stronger my
preference is for using only wooden utensils and bowls.

I havent purchased a ceramic knife yet...but its coming soon.
And true, Im still using the vita-mix which has metal blades,
but at least we can be metal free if we are doing
salads and natural foods that don't need processing in the kitchen.

Is the vibration of the food higher?
Is the intengrity of the food maintained?
Are toxins kept out by using wood?
Is the vitamin C content maintained because we arent using metal anymore?

I would definitely think YES on all these accounts.
But really...I think its basically just really cool to eat out of wooden bowls
and use nice wooden chopsticks and wooden spoons.
It feels way more natural and it adds more novelty to the meal.
Its SO fun to sit with loved ones and have raw food out of wooden bowls.
I think it really completes the natural circle.

True...wooden products are expensive in Western countries...
I bought all mine while traveling abroad,
but if you compare the price of a bamboo bowl
to the price of a nice ceramic'll be very suprised
how close in price they are.


Check thrift shops and yard sales, especially since spring is coming
up and many old ladies are cleaning out their kitchens to buy new
shiny metal bowls and kitchen tools. Take advantage!

I noticed that there is no glaze on my bowls either...
that could be an important thing to consider.
Not a big fan of varnish or seal-coating on my bowls.
However, if there is glaze or varnish, I would suggest buying
some fine sand paper from your local hardware store
and give it the rub down.
Then polish it with some primo olive oil or your
favorite nut oil to give it a nice shine.

It just feels so right eating out of wooden bowls...
something about it just rings so true to me.
Check it out, look around for one, and if you get one...
you will likely be very happy that you did.


What is in that last salad????

And how did I make that basil and pistachio ice cream???

That is a massaged dinosaur kale salad.
I covered it with lemon juice, honey, and olive oil...
then squeezed and massaged it for about 5 minutes.
I then added sprouts, raisins, cucumbers, apples, and cashews.

And the ice creams?

1 cup of cashews, 1 cup of coconut water
3/4 cup of coconut oil, and 1/2 cup of Agave.
I still use agave for ice creams.
Add in as much basil as you like...blend away.

For the pistachio? Substitute the cashews for pistachios...
Dont you just love the freedom of raw food?

This one pictured above is the basil recipe (SANS basil), with cacao powder and nibs.

We added cacao nibs and more chunky pistachios afterwards.
Running it through the ice cream machine makes is so much creamier,
but its good no matter what.

Its so funny when people think that raw-foodists
don't enjoy food anymore. How clueless...

Have a great week everyone!
Nothing but love always!
SO much support and feedback, LOVING IT!



I Really REALLY like LA...

(Or at least Santa Monica :)...)

This might be a long post...but I promise to use lots of pictures so the flow stays quick.

I had a job for Acura on Friday which shot in Venice.
I had to fly to LA the night before, and after a long
US Airways flight, we finally arrived.

My great friend Bueller from Bueller's Kitchen
was so cool and picked me up at the airport and
brought Juliano's! What a way to start my time here...

I had their Thai soup, the curry noodles,
and the raviolis. All were delicious.
Ive heard alot of people trash on Juliano's saying
that the food is too transitional or something like that.

Hmm...well....if you dont want transitional food,
order a friggin' salad and stop complaining!
Yeesh! cant please everyone I guess.
Focus on the POSITIVE things people! Jeez...humans!

I loved the curry noodles...and its something we can make at home too.
Take a zuchinni, put a carrot peeler to it and make wide noodles
that look like egg noodles. Put them in a dish with olive oil,
SEA salt, and curry powder...maybe a little honey.
Add some raisins if you'd like...experiment a bit. Lots of options.


I went to the hotel gym at 1:30am...did some arm exercises, then went to bed.
I woke up at 5:30, then did some more chest exercises.
Only took 15 minutes. I dont do the gym here in NYC anymore,
so I try to take advantage while I have it on hand.

I had to be on at the shoot in Venice by 7:45 so I took the cab at 7am.
After only a 10 min ride, I was there. Oh well...early is better than later.
When you read books and have an ipod on hand,
dealing with excess time becomes a non-issue.

However...something was calling me.
I wondered down a back street off of Lincoln Blvd,
and found paradise. I just gravitated to it.

In the warm California sun, I found a beautiful
orange tree, wild greens EVERYWHERE,
and the cherry on top of the raw cake...
WILD Aloe Vera. A massive one.
One that no one has touched probably ever.

While everyone on the shoot was eating eggs and sausage
with potatoes and who knows what else...
Im sitting in the side street eating oranges, greens, and aloe vera.
All unwashed...but I somehow made it through.

They asked me if I was ok with the catering at the photoshoot,
knowing that I'm raw and possibly a little picky.
I said "Don't worry, Ive been chomping on weeds out in the alley."
They all laughed, thinking that I was joking. I laughed harder to myself.

I didnt even peel the aloe vera. Just chomped on the whole leaf.
After that meal...I felt amazing. Very happy and alert. Vibrant.

The shoot was great. I only had to work from 10am till 1pm,
and then I was let loose onto the streets of Venice.
I headed directly for the beach (after picking a ton of wild greens and alot more aloe).

Dont worry, I picked the aloe from the bottom, and left most of it untouched.
This plant was very huge though, so I was able to load up.

I walked west to the beach, then directly north to Santa Monica.

The weather was soooo good, and I kept asking myself:
"Why the hell do I continue to live in NY?"

So cold and dirty and grey...full of so many unnatural things.
Sorry to seem negative, but really...there is a vast
difference in the feel of these two very different areas.

I headed up Strand Street off the beach, and POW!
There is was...Euphoria.

And better yet, there was a
Community Garden right there as well!

Again...why do I live in NY?

Euphoria is a great bright and happy.

I had the coco-phoria and the jalapeno poppers...

then finished it up with some blueberry cake.
(It was pretty good...the pic doesn't do it justice really.)

I basically live on green smoothies, so I have to indulge
while I can. Everything was wonderful,
but honestly, I enjoyed my breakfast of wild aloe and
oranges in the Venice side street 10000x more.

Call me crazy...but there is just something so much more pure about it.
I felt so connected to that breakfast...just picking it right away and placing
it into my mouth. No transitional foods...just pure goodness.

I walked around the community garden a bit, then headed to the beach to
listen to the water and do some deep breathing. I dug myself a
little spot to sit and just marveled at how beautiful it all is.

People that talk trash about LA need to stop hanging out with negative
people and just get over to Santa Monica.

I breathed in that fresh salty air that I love so much,
and even did some sun-gazing.

It was all really great.
I was going to read while I was sitting there, but I figured
that I can read on the stinking plane...
why not be in the present moment on the beach while I have it??

My new friend Joyce picked me up after sunset,
took me to another LA gem called Leaf!

I had a Mediterranean Wrap with Collard Leaves,
and it was great.


We talked about being with a partner who isnt raw,
raising raw kids, permaculture and composting, relationships...
why are raw foodists such good conversationalists???
Shared interests I suppose....

I enjoyed every minute of my stay here, and I urge all of you
LA folks to really sit back and realize how good you have it.
Sure, there is traffic, fantastically plastic people,
and the whole hob-nobbing scene...
but just focus on the good stuff and
you'll realize just how lucky you all are.
I just had dinner at Pure with a good friend from LA
(HE LOVED the food at Pure...never had anything like it before...)
and he said that the human disconnect is so strong in LA.
I can totally see where he is coming from...but isnt it
up to us to create good communities, especially
with the online resources we have these days?

Have a nice sit on the beach for me and take in the fresh air for the rest of
us stuck in the concrete jungles. Im hacking away at my shackles as I type this...


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going Back to Cali...

(Pistachio Ice Cream...right out of the Ice Cream Maker...BLISS!)

So I just booked a job for Acura, so Im off to LA in like...5 minutes.

Looking forward to trying some more raw restaurants,
unfortunately because of time restraints, I wont be able
to make it to Au Lac this time...
I was pretty bummed about that.

But now it will be Euphoria or Leaf...
Im sure both will be amazing.

Wish I could stay the whole weekend!

Much more to come..


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Runway show and staying busy

Its all about getting things done fast,
and enjoying your excess free time with friends and loved ones.

I've been super busy lately...

Making new dishes, filming new vids for youtube (coming soon),
reading Anastasia and listening to the Four HOUR Work Week,
doing some castings, and working.

Granted, my work is not common, but I still have to
put in a good amount of time behind the scenes.
Every minute working out counts as work...
although since I always listen to success tapes
and watch documentaries while doing so, it really is pleasure.

Here are some pics from the R. Scott French
Fashion show I did on Monday during the
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY.

Here is the link of the actual show video...
Im numbers 17 and 64.

Shows don't pay very well, but you get some
extra exposure and some freebies,
so its pretty cool overall.

I should make myself a RAWMODEL.COM
T-shirt to wear around while I'm at these things.

If it wasnt for raw food AND exercise...
I would not be a model.
Very few people can trash their bodies
and still look decent enough to get paid for this.
Genetics has NOTHING to do with it.
I believe that the human body is
naturally beautiful, and only because
of decades of trashing does it become
covered with a facade of non-beauty.

Read David Wolfe's Eating for Beauty and become as convinced of this as myself.

What did I eat yesterday?

A smoothie of One Aloe Vera leaf,
1/4 Cup of Goji Berries,
1 Tablespoon of Blue Green Algae.

Then a superfood blend of 1/4 cup Hemp Butter
1 Tbls of Hemp oil (always Manitoba Harvest)
Goji Berries
Mesquite Powder
Ho Shou Wo
A handful of dried Nettle Leaves
1 tbls of Wild Honey
Cacao Nibs
2 tbls of Maca (POWER)
1 tbls of Sheep Sorrel Powder and Pau D'Arco Powder
1 tbls of Hawthorn Berry powder and 1/4 cup of Hawthorn leaves.

8 0z of Evian....blend it all together and eat as a pudding. YUM!!!!

Then a monster green salad of arugula, black olives, sundried tomatoes,
Cucumbers, red bell peppers, lemon juice, olive oil, honey and onion.

Plus about 1.5 litres of filtered water.

And to round if off....basil ice cream!!! Same recipe as Sarma's...
just add in a handful of basil leaves!
Or...Rose petals, lavender flowers, daylillies....

You could add in anything really. Thats the beauty of it.
You are the creator!!!

And by that...I mean of EVERYTHING...not just some little recipes.

"Imagination is the beginning of Creation.
You imagine what you desire,
you will what you imagine,
and at last you CREATE what you will.

-George Bernard Shaw-

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Helpful Raw Foodies

This is supposed to be a blog about food right?
I may digress a bit talking about other issues...but never fear.
I can still make dishes that would convert any junk-foodist
from the dark side to the LIVE side.

If you are into making raw ice cream,
having a $50 ice cream machine makes all the difference in the world.
I've had the ice cream at Pure, and thought that it would be impossible
to duplicate the creamy texture, but a small home ice cream machine from
Costco or Sam's Club will completely create the best ice cream ever.

If you can get it from a local vendor, all means.
Im not saying go out and support Wal-mart or whoever,
so dont release the hounds on me...
its just a quick idea to improve your raw food experience.

Oh yeah, we made basil ice cream two nights ago...BLISS.
Perma-grin is a good way to describe it.

SO...enough about the food already!
There are other more important things to attend to...such as...

I've never immersed myself in a sub-culture before,
and I would surely day that at the moment,
the raw food movement is unfortunately a sub-culture of veganism
and all other more mainstream meat/cruelty free lifestyles.

I find this kind of funny, because I feel that in this little pocket of humanity,
resides the lightworkers that have started the ripples in the pond
that will soon overtake the world with peace and sustainability.
The truth smacks you right in the forehead about 2-4 weeks after going
raw...and the ideas of violence, greed, jealousy, competition,
and even pride soon start to drop away from your life.

I have found more bright souls in the unfortunately current
dark soup of the world in the raw food community.
Everyday I am blessed to meet more radiant
beings who live HIGH impact lives. By high impact, I mean positive
vibes flowing from their hearts and minds...not carbon footprints.
Ironically, us Raw Foodists are probably some of the lowest scoring
westerners as far as carbon-footprints are concerned.

Everyone is so eager to help...and I see much less judgment in this community
compared to the more mainstream vegan communities.
Look at the comments someday on this website...where does most negativity come from?
NON RAW FOODISTS...usually VEGANS. Just negative vibes..
Not coming from a sense of love and compassion, but attack.
Its no wonder they scare everyone away.

In fact, this revelation occurred to me last night and I will now make
it a point to no longer speak down about people eating differently.
I will talk about the bad energy of eating certain foods,
and the negative impacts it has to our minds bodies and souls,
but I want to really focus on the joy and love of eating high
vibrational foods and being around high vibrational people.

Eat the freshest...look the freshest.
Eat the freshest...think the freshest.
Eat the the freshest.
Eat the freshest...BE the freshest.

Raw-foodies have fresh minds and pure hearts...
I don't want to generalize too much, but seriously...look around.
In the community, I see nothing but love.
Especially on the Forums,
people are so helpful and non-judgmental.

I just dont notice it anywhere else.

We are here to help, because this lifestyle change awakens
the lightworker resting deep within us.
Let us know what we can do to positively impact your life,
and chances are many of us will be willing to make it happen.

When I was trekking in Nepal, I noticed that every Nepali on
the trail greets you in two ways always.
One: They will refer to you...a a brother or sister.
And two, they will always say "Namaste".
Namaste...most of you might know but for those who don't:
"The Divine Spirit in Me Salutes the Divine Spirit in You."

That notion...added to the idea that everyone is a brother or sister.
How would that affect your view of the world?
How would you start to see strangers?
Would you even see strangers anymore?


(One has opened is still tightly closed. Which is more beautiful?)