Monday, March 24, 2008

Safe and Sound in Mexico

Its almost time for fresh coconuts again...

Heres a video with me and Arnold from Arnold's Way.
He's a really funny guy. He called me Anthony
in the video then said my name was Dan in his description!
Come on Arnold! Haha...
(When I mentioned giving up friends,
I was talking about NY friends...not my lifelong
buddies from Minnesota. No misinterpretations!)

I would have just embeded the vid here but these
Mexican computers make it hard.

One of the coolest things that can happen to you
at the airport is having someone waiting for you
with your name on a card. It doesnt happen
often for me, but its so cool when it does.

Easy flight...finished Peter Ragnar's
Living Well on Wild Foods
and watched, coincidentally enough,

the Bee Movie.

A really funny movie with lots of good
messages about not having a mind-numbing job
and exploring the world instead.
Pretty ficticious about real bees...but oh well.

My driver told me that they sell coconuts
on the street here and that you can get them
with lime juice and cayenne pepper.
They usually go for a dollar...the hunt begins tomorrow!

I slammed 32 oz of green smoothie (Dino Kale and Plums)
at the security checkpoint at JFK Airport,
and brought 2 grapefruits along with me for the flight.

The two ladies next to me had the pasta and chicken,
then washed it down with a cup of OJ and MILK.
Good grief...their poor stomachs.
And they probably thought I was crazy.

Relish the multitude of perception.

Happy Equinox everyone!

Let it be the theme of your life.

Lighten Up :)

Anthony (looking to get some sun FINALLY)


yardsnacker said...

Dino kale and plums? Now that's interesting! Local coconuts are on sale here for $1.19 in Seattle if you can believe it! Thank goodness! Have fun in Mexico!

Anonymous said...

After being raw off and on for a year, I found your site. You are such a great role model for the raw diet and living from love that I made you my browser's homepage, so I would have something to each day help inspire me to pursue the best path to a good, healthy, happy life. You know well how there are things all around us that can make us stray from eating the right foods.
I commend you for the choices you make in your life and sharing your experiences with the world.
Thank you!


Anthony said...

Natalie! Thank you so much for your kind words...its the best compensation I could ask for. I am glad to have somehow helped you ¨stay on track¨. Pretty soon the (not so good) foods wont even appeal to you anymore. Its just not worth it. It took a while for me, but after about a year and a half, I broke free from the grip.

Lifelong habits are hard to change. Most raw foodists we read about have been doing this for over a decade. We have to be patient with ourselves and know that when we are ready, it will click.

I was walking by all these tortilla-salsa-omelette stands this morning, and it DID smell good...but its just not a big deal anymore. I headed straight for the guavas...

Thanks for reading.

And to my buddy yardsnacker...snatch those cocos up man! It could be raw ice cream time!

Later everyone...choose to have an amazing day.


Michelle J said...

Hello my friend, sounds great so far!!! My next adventure is to try the coconuts, i do love coconut water so much!! You make me laugh, when you say you saw the ladies next to you eating chicken, pasta and MILK! UGH!! We are so not the crazy ones dude! Have fun, enjoy the guavas!

Bueller said...

Sounds like a great trip already! I wish you all the best!