Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Great Permaculture Intro Vid

I was looking at some of my old videos from the
garden last year and started looking at related videos
in the sidebar of youtube.

I came across this one and found it to be really clean
and informative, and really inspiring.

How strange is it to lay in bed and think about sheet mulching
your garden? To fantasize about laying thick amounts of compost
on the ground and then planting clover all over it?
To daydream about spreading mint all over the property
and planting yarrow, nettles, and comfrey?

Going crazy, or going sane?

Enjoy the video.

Vitalis on Colostrum...

In a recent post, I was talking about trying to be more
independent in thought and not putting so much stock
in what one individual may be saying (or selling).


I feel that it is a responsibility of mine to share
whatever valuable info I come across because I think
it will help others. To keep it to myself for some selfish
reason or whatever just doesnt make any sense.

So...Daniel Vitalis is really bringing strong innovation our way.
And at risk of seeming like a D.Vitalis lackey,
I must share some really amazing videos I just saw.

Youre all big kids, you can do your own research and see
for yourself if you think it might be right for you.
Im convinced, but do your thing.

Here are some videos that go WAY deeper than just some
colostrum info. Think about some ideas like a family
eating a placenta after a woman gives birth or a father
drinking some of the colostrum of the mother of his child.
Ideas that are so far away from our modern mindsets.
Where have we been (mis)led for the past millennium?
Why is everyone around us in meso-health AT BEST?

We are in a process of continual downloading and reprogramming.
With the internet, we now have access to new ideas (and...products)
every day, and its up to us to be as educated as possible
about whether these strategies will somehow be valuable in our lives.

Check them out...worth every minute.
This interview could easily be worth $30
if they wanted to charge people for it.
There is so much key info in here, that if you can take
even 1/2 of it and somehow apply it to your health
strategy (especially about the probiotics) there will be
vast improvements in immune function (in my heartfelt opinion...)

Here are some mp3s that go much further in depth:
1. Click HERE to listen to Daniel Vitalis interview
Dr Anthony Kleinsmith about the healing
benefits of colostrum.

2. Click HERE to listen to Dr Kleinsmith talk about
colostrum and its effectiveness against Swine Flu.

Some have asked -
"Won't they run out of this stuff if the demand soars?"
"What about the baby cows?"

Like anyone selling any product, there must be
some trust involved. How do we know all the goji berry plants
arent being stripped or the cacao trees are being stressed from
overharvest? We have put some faith in vendors who claim sustainability.

Any doubt of that and I would pull my support,
but all seems very well and I trust Daniel to continue
bringing high-integrity products and information to the world.

I don't care if you decide to buy colostrum or not.
That is totally up to you and you can choose later on anyways.
Buy (or dont buy) whatever you feel like. Your life.

But its the information in the videos and the mp3s about
where our immune systems ARE NOW and where they COULD BE
is where the golden key really is. Again, these are worth every second.
Check them out while doing some stretches if youre worried
about devoting 30 minutes to youtube. ;)

Just spreading some info...and the part about Matt
drinking Angela's breastmilk is pure comedy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Matt Monarch + Daniel Vitalis

A great video, even if youre pretty familiar
with Elixircraft and making tonics yourself.

Daniel's first look in this vid is priceless.

Dont limit yourself to smoothies...
there are so many more options to spice things
up and add medicines to our beverages.

Im playing with gravel root and lots of turmeric
these days, and will be making a video of it this weekend.

Have a good Halloween everyone!
Be safe! There are lots of nutjobs out there!
And drunk people wearing masks are bad news!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Make Your Own Vaccine

I always admired the Do-It-Yourself ethic.

Share this with EVERYONE....PLEASE.

A huge thanks to Lucy Riascos from SunWarrior for
putting this up on her FB page.


Kefir-Superfood Trailmix Combo **UPDATE**

Back in the Kitchen AGAIN. Im in the flow!

After diligent research and self-experimentation,
I decided to add animal products back into my diet.
My main focus is raw, grass-fed dairy products like kefir, butter,
and also some heavenly cream. Wow. I love heavy cream.

I feel much more grounded now. My mind is off food, and my cravings have completely vanished. I was a crazy sugar addict before this transition,
and now Im so stable that I find it hard to believe.
Some might say that I was doing it "WRONG"
and I suppose we should all listen to them because they are
R-I-G-H-T. They know whats best for us, yes? Hmmmm..

I see many people self-limiting because of the teachings of others
instead of experimenting for themselves, and I also fell into this trap for a
long time and went on many ups and downs because of it.
I see WAY too many vegans going on yo-yo diets and I understand
now why it happened to me. Evolution is a good thing everybody!

If you study the work of Weston Price,
you will realize that different types of people need different types of food.
A Polynesian will need more carbs than an Irishman.
Someone from Japan will require a different ratio of carbs,
proteins, and fats than someone from Africa. Makes sense?
The key is to keep the sugars (starches) down and aim for wild foods.
On top of that, every disease-free group he visited ate fermented foods.

We need to look towards the ratios of our ancestors and then take it from there.
The fact that I'm eating cacao and goji berries
(which clearly wasnt in my ancestor's far as I know at least)
is not lost on me. This is about bringing two worlds together.

Im trying to join the worlds of vegan superfoods with high quality animal products with this meal. We can take the best of both worlds and make it work for us.
We dont have to pick sides! That is junior-high school mentality!

Its a thick dairy kefir, and I then mix in:

Goji Berries,
Shredded Coconut
Bee Pollen
and Cacao Nibs.
On top of that, I give a few grinds of a nice blend of sea salts, as well as some raw colostrum which is simply an amazing food.

So before shutting yourself off to an entire food group because of factory-farm misconceptions and animals eating grains instead of grass and wild plants, do some solid research of your own and look at the long term effects of 100% veganism. No ape in nature is a vegan. At the VERY least they eat a good amount of bugs. Even horses and cows eat lots of small insects found in the pasture. We cant avoid this, and if we try really hard we will suffer later on.

Look around...and come to your own conclusion.

Thanks always for watching, I appreciate your time.
Im keeping these as quick as possible because I know we are all very
busy these days and there is allot to look at online.

Thanks again, so much.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Lesson from Dominiq

Dominiq Li is a character...FOR SURE.
Check out her witty cartoons and posts HERE.

Im always looking out for conscious eaters who are
showing shining examples of health and physical strength.

Even if we are good about putting X or Y into our mouth,
we still have to get active if we really want to see results.

Food helps, it really does, but seriously everyone...
Lots of it, and frequently. Make it fun.
Your body and the people around you will appreciate it.

This vid above was made after four months of practice...

And this was from 4.5 months.

We've all got to step it up and get into our own
personal grooves for physical activity.
It really REALLY makes the difference.
There are many people out there that eat stricter
than me, that eat lighter or greener or whatever...
but its the consistent exercise that makes the difference.
For me...and likely for you too.

Whether its walking around the block,
doing some bicep curls while watching youtube,
or learning pole-dancing, just get on with it!

Thanks Dominiq for inspiring!
I feel like a total wimp when I watch those videos!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RawUtah Fall Update

My good friend Jake in Utah has been hard at play!

Check out whats he's been up to at

I think what he is doing has so much relevance to the issues
we are facing today, and he is bringing it to another level,
even from the Dervaes in Pasadena because he is building a
food forest and growing in a harsher climate.

And he is doing it in the suburbs!
Im not working with all that much land
(Im actually using waaaay less than half the 1.8 acres)

BUT, my overall surrounding landscape is still a bit wild.
My brother Jake is in a very different place,
and is totally shaping it into a forest garden.
He is on the Utah/Arizona border as well,
which even further drives the point home that
permaculture works just about everywhere.

I hope his neighbors are catching onto the idea.

Right on my friend! Keep it up and keep spreading the light!

Does this get anyone thinking?
Now is a good time to get a fruit/nut tree (or ten).
Half-price sales, wet weather, maybe its time for you too?

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Spicy Green MSM'er

This is not the tastiest drink in the world,
but when I consistently have a beverage like
this or something very similar to it,

I didnt know how hyper-cheesy I seemed until I watched
the video myself, and at that time it was too late to re-film,
so IT IS WHAT IT IS. Maybe Im getting too loose? Who knows?

Really consider stepping up the cayenne, vitamin c, green algaes
of your choice, and THE MSM. I get mine in bulk from
and spend about $8 a lb for MSM. Go with bulk and save!
Whole Foods is making WAAAAY too much on selling little
bottles of pills. Go with bulk and reap the benefits.

Enjoy...I made another one today so hopefully that will be up
tmrw or Wednesday. Its fun to film in this kitchen!
The light is great, and there is good energy in the place.

Ok...hope this vid is helpful! Thanks for watching!

A Good Reminder from Leija

These two videos really hit home for me.
Ive known Leija for awhile, but just found her vids
on youtube, and was really happy about her message.
I highly suggest checking these two videos out.
The story about the book manifestation is REALLY inspiring.

Here is a clip from her recent post on her blog found HERE.

Today, as I sat on this park bench, breathing, observing and taking in the lifeforce energy around me, I noticed a child (probably about 10 metres away) staring at me with a small smile on her face. She was the cutest little Asian girl I've ever seen. If she wasn't so bouncy, I'd swear she was a little porcelain doll. After about two minutes of eye contact and non-stop smiles, she walked over to me with her mom and said, “I like you. Will you be my friend?” That put the biggest smile on my face. I said, “Of course I'll be your friend,” while her mom laughed. I was curious why she decided to come up to me in particular. I'm some big adult sitting on a bench. There were many other adults and children all around. What was it about me? Now, this girl was probably about three years old, and what she said truly astounded me! She reached her hand out, placed it on my knee and said, “I want to be your friend because I love you and I know you love me. We come from the same place. I just know it.” My mouth just about dropped open. Her mother said, “Wow, kids say the darndest things, huh? Ok Katelyn, time to go. We gotta go pick up your brother from school.” She picked her daughter up, said, “It was nice meeting you”, and started to walk away. I didn't know what to do. It didn't seem appropriate to run after this woman, and say, “Your daughter is amazing. I'd love to hang out with you two. I think we have a connection here!” Instead, I sat there smiling, feeling so overwhelmed with emotion that tears began to roll down my cheeks.


When I read that my jaw dropped.

Check out her writings and videos for sure.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Good Clip from Abraham

Anyone out here a fan of Abraham-Hicks?

We chose to be here for a reason.
Sometimes Id be so pissed that I placed myself
in such a mess of a civilization, but later on I
realized that I needed to be here to take part in
making it better...making it paradise.

Think about it: Imagine for a second or so...
You were born in a Utopia, where everyone loved each
other and food and clean water and housing was completely
abundant and free, and most of our time was dedicated to
art, adventure, loving, creation, and self-realization.
This is the way it has been for a while now, and life is obviously
good...but how much would you really appreciate it if this was
the only way you knew? Would you truly honor it as much?

Now think about this -
You were born on a planet with a destructive civilization that
is basically acting like a virus upon the natural world.
People spend most of their time working at jobs they dont
love so they can buy stuff that should simply be abundant
without the need for money. During free time, people watch
strangers play sports, go shopping, talk about and compare themselves
to movie stars and celebrities...etc etc etc. Lots of wasted time
and disconnection from Spirit and Mother Nature.

HOWEVER...this is the best of times, and the worst of times.
I am seeing innovation and connection like never before.
Truly revolutionary ideas are coming from citizens,
not governments and multinational corporations
(The people who continue to keep us in this mess).
People are beginning to rebuild the Garden of Eden in their
backyards and neighborhoods, and even Vogue Magazine
did a feature on Guerrilla Gardening, which made my eyes pop out.

Things are getting better. Yes?

Now lets imagine, we completely rebuild paradise.
We abolish the need to pay for food, water, electricity, housing,
and transportation. The spell is broken and we now spend our time
making art, gardening, making love, and learning about both
inner and outer space. Life became good because...

Wouldn't that be more satisfying?
Are we setting ourselves up for the most triumphant
experience ever? To rebuild Paradise Lost?

The highest vibration (akin to love)
is triumph. Overcoming hardships give so much
more inner happiness than just having things delivered
on a silver platter. Im happy that I busted my ass building my
garden. If the thing was already built for me or if I took no part
in its creation I would be screwing myself out of triumph.
I sit up there and tell myself:
I CREATED this... What was once barren scrub,
is now a lush garden of fruit trees, berries, clovers, wildflowers,
and unimaginable galaxies of big and little animals.
You cant buy that feeling, you have to earn it.

We get to be the ones that make it better.
How lucky for us!
This whole experience is just a ride, and we
(and WE really are just one individual deep down anyways...)
have chosen to participate in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.
We have come here for a reason. Did you think you just
randomly showed up? Seriously?

It saddens me that our recent ancestors were hoodwinked
into trashing large parts of our planet, but there is still
time to re-heal. One conscious creator can erase the unconscious
actions of thousands of disconnected individuals.

We were on vacation in Thailand last January, and I ended up
harvesting 25 plastic bottles from a beach near Koh Phi Phi.
One person erased the negative actions of 25. Not bad.

Im rambling, but you get the idea.
We get to feel triumph whenever we want.
Lets make it happen for ourselves, instead of
inheriting it from our ancestors.

We get to give ourselves the gift
of feeling Triumphant!
What a deal!!! All is WELL!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chocolate Love

(more pics coming...)

I know that whole term "Chocolate Love" is so played
out at this point, but it really hit me yesterday and
I just had to write something about it.

Pretty much everyone loved the chocolates.
A few big biker guys said that they tasted like
crap, but they only tried the super dark goji clusters.

I later gave them the safer coco-almonds and got
an approval and a second helping.
Otherwise, people totally like them.
It wasnt really a foodie crowd, so super-dark
chocolate wasnt as appreciated as some of us might think.

There were about 15 of us working the event,
passing appetizers and chocolates, and I gladly
gave chocolates to anyone willing to try.
People that never had raw cacao before told me that
it was the best chocolate they had ever tasted,
and it turned into a mini-impromptu cacao party
in the employee area. One co-worker asked me -
"What the heck is in this stuff?...because i feel REALLY good!"

After some laughs and a theobromine explanation,
I felt so much gratitude and love for sharing this stuff
with everyone. I was so happy to hear that people were
digging it and having a really good time because of it.

To make something with care, passion, and love...
and see people enjoy it and appreciate it..
it was just a really special moment for me.

I can understand the joy that food artisans go thru
when people give back the love thru appreciation
that was so heavily invested in the preparation.

There will be lots more of this to come,
and Im overjoyed to finally be doing more career-wise
with raw and sustainable eating and living.
A little more each day...

Thank you for everyone brave enough to try the
chocolates last night (my fav was the bee pollen-cayenne-
cinnamon-sea salt mix) and I promise to keep bringing
more and more very soon...such a joy.

And thanks to everyone who sent good energy this way,
your kindness does NOT go unnoticed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Care Gala...Chocolate Love by Yours Truly

The stars have aligned, and I have found myself
supplying the raw cacao treats for this amazing
event. I have been making chocolate for the past
6 hours and my respect for Vanessa (Chocolate Girl
from Gnosis Chocolate) has SKYROCKETED.

A total labor of love though.
I am doing cacao-goji clusters,
coconut almond delights,
and cayenne, nibs, and bee pollen.

All shaped as hearts, stars, seashells. Fun stuff!

Come visit if you can!

And I might be interviewing with the people from
No Impact Man, but they want to come tomorrow and
interview me but I have three castings, a shoot, and
200 more chocolates to make. busy.

Send your good energy my way...its gladly accepted.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Keeping it Night.

Canis, Hominid, and Equus...who doesnt like grass?

First THIS.

Courtney Pool of Radical Radiance put this on her site
a little while back, and I also heard Philip of LovingRaw
telling me about this when we were speaking in Oklahoma.

Read it yet?

Ok...Im trusting you did.

I did a good deal of experimentation with eating habits
a few years back, and the one thing that REALLY improved
my mental clarity and overall sense of energy and well-being
was eating VERY little at night. The less, the seemed.

Ive drifted from that habit, but have decided to give it a go again.
Two meals a day. Nothing 6 hours before bed. Just water.
We'll see where this goes, but I know that it works and I simply
have to get into the habit again.

Ill make a late lunch my big meal of the day,
then ride out the rest of the evening with spring water.
I dont really care to lose any weight, so Ill keep my
eyes on that, but I'm hoping with the continuous exercise
and nutritionally-dense meals I should be alright.

Buddhist monks have been doing this for millennium.

This part below is from THIS website.

"I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One was wandering on a tour of Kasi with a large community of monks. There he addressed the monks: "I abstain from the night-time meal.1 As I am abstaining from the night-time meal, I sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding. Come now. You too abstain from the night-time meal. As you are abstaining from the night-time meal, you, too, will sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding."

"As you say, lord," the monks responded.

Then, as he was wandering by stages in Kasi, the Blessed One eventually arrived at a Kasi town called Kitagiri. And there he stayed in the Kasi town, Kitagiri.

Now at that time the monks led by Assaji & Punabbasu2 were residing in Kitagiri. Then a large number of monks went to them and, on arrival, said to them, "The Blessed One and the community of monks abstain from the night-time meal. As they are abstaining from the night-time meal, they sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding. Come now, friends. You, too, abstain from the night-time meal. As you are abstaining from the night-time meal, you, too, will sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding."

When this was said, the monks led by Assaji & Punabbasu said to those monks, "Friends, we eat in the evening, in the morning, & in the wrong time during the day. As we are eating in the evening, in the morning, & in the wrong time during the day, we sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding. Why should we, abandoning what is immediately visible, chase after something subject to time? We will eat in the evening, in the morning, & in the wrong time during the day."


What raw food guru lived to 113?

2 cups of coffee a day? Wow. Bless his soul!
(and his adrenals!)
But who the heck am I to say what he is doing is wrong?

Never EVER stop being a student.
As soon as you do, your progress is arrested.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I sometimes get comments on the pulldown pages
like "My Journey and "Photos" and "Permaculture Design"
and since I want to keep those areas nice and clean,
I dont approve those...not that they are bad or anything.
Here is what has come up lately.


I liked the Wunder Boner video and your video about the spinach smoothie. I'm going to make one this week. I tried the raw food diet but I always end up hungry.

How do I get over that?


Are you trying 100% Raw? Don't feel like its all or nothing.
If I were you, I would add in more fat and cut WAY
down on the sugar. This will stabilize things and your
hunger pangs will likely disappear.

Or...just eat more. Hungry? Eat.
But if you eat more fat, you will be satiated longer.

I will drink some water when I wake up -
usually 32oz (1 liter) or maybe more with MSM
and hopefully some cayenne or turmeric.
This will give me a few hours before hunger comes.

I can then have a little kefir with berries and hemp
or even just some raw grass-fed bleu cheese and that
will take me clear to 3pm. Its interesting.

Good luck! Glad you are experimenting!!



Hi Anthony
Your little Eden looks Amazing! And only after three months too- incredible!
Fantastic what you have done.
By the way you're always saying "we" in all your videos who do you mean?
Keep up the good work!



I cant remember when this comment was posted,
but 3 months it has DEFINITELY not been.
I started everything in Late April 08,
and although I probably havent been on
site for more than 150 days, it has been
quite a while now. If only I lived there...

When I saw WE, I mean my family and friends.
Sure...its mostly me that is doing everything,
but I have recieved so much help from my dad,
my mom, some friends, and my grandpa who loads
me up with horse manure and black dirt.
Without these kind souls, Id be hurting.
It does take a village! Dont get me wrong though,
I was up there alone 99% of the time doing whatever
needed to be done (not like I wasnt totally enjoying myself
though...every second was like a kid at the playground).

But my dad waters, my mom harvests whatever is ready
and freezes it for me, and I get help in other ways.
My sister Liz killed army worms that were chewing
up all the raspberry leaves. I was in NY doing castings.
I think I really mean the "collective" we.
The group of people who have put in time and labor
(whether enjoyed or not) into creating this forest garden.

One day they will see the sense of it all,
and I won't be deemed the crackpot of the family :)


Hey there, I'm stoked about the dome greenhouse, just came across your site through 105 Degrees FB page. I missed the Live and Learn at 105 Degrees on Saturday. I am taking classes there currently and loving it. After moving here from Northern California I was happy to see Okc being the home of such a great place. I have been an urban farmer for many years now, selling organic fruits vegetable and herbs at the markets and hopefully some select restaurants soon. I have been on a vegetarian diet many years with occasional fish and poultry. I am weening myself off dairy (my weakness) and finding raw food diet to implement as well has so many benefits. The classes I'm taking are great to help with the transition and
replacing dairy with healthy alternatives.
I think its great your sharing your insight with others for healthy lifestyles. Keep up the great work and happy farming to ya.

Shelly Anderson @AndersonOrganic.

Not really a question but I wanted to put it out there.
The folks at 105 are pushing the limits in so many good ways.
And I just feel the good energy there, unlike other places
Ive been to recently. There is just this really crisp vibe there.

About the dairy...not all dairy is created equal (AT ALL.)
I used to believe that, and missed out on a great deal of
nutrition and TASTE because of something I read.

RAW grass fed dairy products can work wonders.
Look into your ancestral diet and think for yourself
when it comes to vegan propaganda. As a farmer yourself,
you understand the care and attention that goes into
smaller operations. These are the operations I support.
The same goes for dairy. Good stuff is out there,
and studies claiming negativity with dairy are
based on pasteurized dairy raised on GMO feed and pesticides.
That includes YES...the ***CHINA STUDY***

Raw, grass fed. You would be surprised.
The book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"
will very likely give you a fresh and unbiased look
on what humans need for thriving.
Like Daniel Vitalis said recently, there are four kingdoms
of food - fungi, plant, animal..and bacteria.
So, any group of people who claims that we must completely cut out
one kingdom should be viewed VERY critically.
Where is the long term research? Look towards the
indigenous cultures untouched by processed food.

Just because we want to be Raw Food Enthusiasts
doesnt mean that we have to do it 100% of the time.
There is just so much "All or None" mentality out there
and it just saddens me at its stark limitations. Really.

And I mean that on both sides of the aisle.

1. People that are really into raw may suffer because
they feel that they can't socialize with old friends and family
like they used to because they don't want to be forced to eat
certain foods and don't want to alienate others.
Their bodies might crave old stuff and they may struggle with
the idea of purity until it drives them off the deep end.

AND, on the other side of the limiting coin:

2. People that eat the standard diet don't even want to
get into raw because they feel it will be all they
get to eat ever again and they'll never ever get to enjoy
the old flavors and warmth of their old diet.

LIMITING. Makes me so sad.

Rant over. Check out the book.
You can read it free HERE.

and last...a comment of support from Christopher Sunshine

Hey Brother!
This is awesome.
You are a wonderful role model for sustainable living, raw radiance and the creation of paradise within and paradise on earth. I am wanting to work with the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota on creating gorgeous abundant food forests...sustainable gardens! You seem like a great person to connect with around learning this. I'll be more in touch. thanks brother. Dart told me about you...i work at the tree of life rejuvenation center here in AZ. love!


What is crazy is that I was this close to doing a permaculture course
this fall on that same reservation. If the Native Americans can
readopt the balance of nature and show the rest of the world
again how abundant and enjoyable life can be without raping the Earth,
maybe some more people will pay attention and follow suit.

Dart is the man...really showing us the endured youthful looks
that can be had by conscious eating and conscious living.

I REALLY want to get down to The Tree of Life.
My dream would be to take my dad down there.
I think he is getting gout in his knee and he just had
a bladder infection which of course was treated with antibiotics.
After that, his knee started swelling, so of course...steroids.

These doctors position themselves to be such authorities
on these matters, when really most of them just regurgitate
textbook info and then practically become employees of
Big Pharma. We need more and more conscious doctors!
Praise the Universe for sending us Gabriel Cousens,
Len Horowitz, Nick Gonzalez, and so many others.
Truth cannot be hid any longer.


Thats it folks...thanks always for reading.
Im going to work on some videos today and get ready
for two consultation calls tomorrow.
I recently purchased a Blue Snowball microphone
so I can record the consultations and email them afterwards.

More vids coming soon.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeding the Beast

(here she is...hungry for action.
my kefir jar is to the upper left,
and the mini excalibur is on the right)

This has been a LONG time coming.
I had some compost experiments at an old
apartment on 64th and Amsterdam back in 2005,
but due to my lack of knowledge about how compost
works, I had some pretty explosive results.

Hint...add lots of soil and/or finished compost
to your fresh vegetable/fruit waste so the bacteria can
break it down much much faster.
I didnt know this at the time.

I would stuff pounds of juice pulp in these
5 gallon buckets every couple of days,
eventually filling them and then just sealing the
top. Thinking that I was letting it "incubate",
I would just forget about it until all that pressure
would burst the lid off and shoot half-rotten cabbage
into my closet. What a damn mess that was.
And my word...the smell.

The smell. Not even funny.

I would hear a loud *POP* and it happened
twice before I just gave up on the whole thing.
I had roommates, and it just wasnt cool to be
stinking the place up like that, especially since
they werent into gardening or anything like that.

I had major fruitfly issues that summer too.
They would all just chill out in the wheatgrass I was
growing in my little room. My poor roommates.

That was four years ago, and I hadnt taken
up urban composting again until now...sadly.

I wasnt going thru as much plant waste as before
(mostly due to smoothies and not juicing)
but lately there are always egg shells, spinach stems,
and again, now that we are juicing more - pulp.

(lots of stuff that usually goes into a landfill...
the first meal of "le beast".)

I have worms working for me this time too.
I put some in with the fruit trees, so I simply
pulled out about 10 and placed them in the bucket.

(from l to r - pink guava, black sapote (YES), and passion fruit vine)

I would love more, and will likely get more soon,
but for now this is fine. I then, and this is important -
dumped finished compost on top that I received from
Steve Storch of Natural Science Organics after
visiting his place in Watermill, NY.

This way, I have dumped BILLIONS of microorganisms all over
the undecayed plant waste so they get working on it really fast.

That was what I missed during those first
experiences - no soil or compost added to the veggie waste
to start breaking things down. The stinking stuff would just
ferment, build up pressure, and then apply itself to my
dark and warm closet interior.

Things are breaking down fast.
I add brown napkins and paper bags to soak
up any moisture, and the worms are doing there thing.
And so far there is really no smell...pretty much.
Sure...if you stick your nose down there you will get a
whiff of something, but its really minimal.

(this wonderful little cubby where we once stored our
kefirs will now house the compost bin...perfect!)

So make your own compost and keep that waste
from going into a landfill! I will just keep applying this
stuff to the fruit trees in the window.

Im amazed at how much is going in there,
and I think I might have to dump some more
compost on top of the mix to keep things happy.

I give it a shake every few days to keep things moving,
and leave the lid unsealed so pressure wont build up.
Which is pretty important. Especially while living with
another person who might not be so gung-ho about
the ins and OUTS of composting indoors.

This is an ongoing experiment that only started
a week or so ago, so Ill keep things updated about this for sure.

Feed the beast! And she will reward you kindly!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Philip's NYC B-day Chocolate Party

I am missing work to be at this event!
You better come and say hello!
Im serious!

More details HERE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just in Time for Flu Season?

I spotted this at my friend's apt
(who shall remain unnamed).

A sad splurge from his usual dietary pattern.

The fact that he even bought this stuff is humorous enough,
and then I noticed the label.

I had to bring it (the EMPTY box) home with me to photograph it.

I have since found more articles about this,
but since I stay away from the cereal isle
I remained totally uninformed till now.

They are hurting. Really. Desperate.
I actually feel sorry for them on a deeper level,
but many would just say that they are liars selling
poison to kids to actually keep them in poor health
and (don't forget!) inferior mental strength.

How many are still being fooled by this?
Would any parent who REALLY cared about health
and immunity be buying this stuff?

Human consciousness is evolving faster than ever,
and these companies are working harder than
ever to keep selling the "fodder" that has slowed it so much.

For Our Pescatarian Friends


Is it possible to laugh so hard
and be totally grossed out
at the same time?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aikido in Combat :)

A very uplifting, funny, and poignant video.

Which path will we take?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Scammer Uses Rawmodel Pics to Sell JUNK

3 friends and quite a few visitors to
contacted me today to tell me that someone is using my
old before-after pics to sell some crap called AcaiForce.

We think the affiliate is based out of the UK,
and the company itself has no knowledge of the
shady tactics used by this affiliate to sell products.

Im pretty bummed though, because:
One - The Product is not a good product,
and I dont want to be seen as promoting it.
and Two - They are using my pictures to sell their stuff!
And what liars! Michael from Brooklyn?

Let this be a VERY wary about ads and
anything you seen online. Its a sad fact.

My reputation as a caring soul that puts people
and truth first before profit is far more valuable
than any shady endorsement deal.

I am sending a letter to the company,
and we might even get a lawyer involved.

I remember the WLIR post with all the fake ads
last year or so (likely longer than that) and its just
so unfortunate to see dishonesty and trickery out there.

Lets outshine this junk...keep living your truth
and making up for the jokers out there who care
more about the almighty dollar than honesty.

You cant escape your higher self, for it ALWAYS
knows if you(your current human ego) are a phony or not.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zeitgeist Addendum Clip

Just a little clip from a movie I saw last year.
A very powerful film, in so many ways.

If you can close your eyes for the first minute or so,
its even more powerful somehow.

Carl Sagan said those words in his series "Cosmos".
That was around 3 decades ago :(

Be the light!
You are the creator! Seriously!

(My phone wallpaper, I added the text)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food Forest Overview (Literally)

Thanks to the scary spy equipment at,
I have been able to find a pretty detailed
photo of my (not-yet-started) forest garden.

This pic seems to have been taken RIGHT
before I started work, like march 2008 or so.

I can't wait to see this same angle with
the dome and the deck and all the plants,
hopefully by next year that will be up.

One day Ill have to fly over the area
and get some really good shots.

I put some black lines in to show where I
have been thinning out the canopy and
adding in more fruit trees. I put all the chopped
up wood back into the soil to soak up moisture,
and any shoots that come up (coppice) will be
used for even more mulch. Also...there are
always culinary mushrooms to grow as well.

The land gets hit by the sun's energy so well all day,
that it really is a perfect spot. And with the southern
slope going down to the road, the grapes are just
loving it. Seeing it just makes me want to get
back there and work on more soil building
and mulching and whatever else I can do.

Check around on Bing Maps to see if you can spot
your future food forest. Chances are it will be detailed
enough to really lay out a good plan for next spring.

I have 1.8 acres, mostly wooded.
To the right of the pic just past the
black lines, I plan to put in a little
watering hole no more than 20x10ft.
Just enough to keep lots of frogs and
other animals around, providing a more
balanced ecosystem close to the garden.
There are some good water sources about 200 feet
away, but lets get it as local as we can.

I wont lay down plastic though,
I'll just compact the base of the "pond"
as much as I can, and then it will slowly drain
throughout the season and refill when the rains
come. Unless there is a serious drought, there should
always be some water sitting around in there.
Sure, it might invite mosquitoes, but it invites
frogs and other animals that eat their larvae as well.

Biodiversity happens because of diverse microclimates.
The more of these we can create on one piece of land,
the better our chances are for making it through
tough times. And again, I never had to spray for
ANYTHING. The occasional tomatillo this summer
needed a little beetle maintenance (squishing), but really,
All pest problems stem from the idiocy of monoculture.
Plant ONE type of plant in a field, and what would
ever entice any other animal BESIDES the one
that likes to eat on that one single crop?
Predator populations just cant keep up with
exploding pest populations that have found a major
food source. Im rambling here, but you get the point.
Plant as many different plants and you can,
and let your spiders and snakes and frogs live to see
another day so they can keep the system in check.
The more we do early on, the less we have to do later.

Won't it feel nice to plant your own garden of Eden,
and then tell your kids and grandkids all about it
as you sit around drying fruit and making art?

To know that these simple (but temporarily laborious)
actions can actually feed us and free us later on in life is
such a powerful and needed idea that I have really focused
most of my attention on it. I have some serious food forest
projects in the works and will be releasing more and more
info as the developments unfold. If you have any desire
to start working on your own, let me know and send some
pictures over so we can share the inspiration with others.

This idea is bigger than me.
If someone out there wants to use this idea
and try to become the face and voice of food forest gardens,
PLEASE DO. The more the better.
Be the food forest supergoddess. I beg of you.
Take the idea and run with it!
Ill be right there with you, but the more
of us that can get this paradise planted,
the better off all of us will be.

Getting closer....

Of course I want you to be a conscious eater,
but more than that, I want you to build
your own little slice of Eden for you and yours.

One leads to the other, but the latter is
a far step from the former. You can do it though,
and I am here to help (or at least inspire?)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ram Dass - Fierce Grace

I watched this movie today,
and although I've heard of Ram Dass
this was my first real exposure.

Ive read Paramahansa Yogananda's work,
and even "I am That" which I bought in Kathmandu
and read while in the Himalayas...heavy moments.

Read that work HERE.

I cried towards the end of this film,
the big softy that i am couldnt help it.
There are some pretty powerful moments
of pure emotion that are hard to get thru.

If you can watch this via netflix or however,
it would truly be time well spent.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Future of Living Cuisine - 105 Degrees

A Living Foods Oasis in the middle of the Cooked Desert.

Im one of those people who always try to minimize
my camera use, but when I see all the good pics people
take, I wish I had done more myself.

I took some good ones though, but sadly
focused more on food than the good people.

Is it me, or is it just raw foodies that take pictures
of not only their food, but the food of other
people sitting at their table?

You wouldnt believe it (or maybe you would).
As soon as the server places the dishes on the table,
out come the cameras and its like the paparazzi.

Baklava...praise the heavens.

Macaroons Version 2.0
The tan ones were beyond belief.

This I didnt taste, but it looked too cute.
Love those sprouted lentils...

This was some kind of "Aztec Parfait"
if I remember right. Again, amazing.

Coconut Curry Rice, my favorite.

What was most striking about these dishes
were that they were the creations
of the academy students in the LEVEL ONE
program. These dishes were just as good
than any other place Ive been to.

What the heck is going on in Oklahoma?

Philip and I made it to the tasting on Friday
night, which was the graduation of the
academy students. If you want to put yourself
on the fast track of living foods cuisine,
consider taking a month out of your schedule
and sign up. A commitment yes, but think about
the possibilities after graduation.
And you would be learning from a true master.

Im keeping the people pics to a minimum,
because there is always the chance that someone
is not going to like a certain pic of themselves
(I know females (and many males now too),
and very few approve of their pictures posted by others,
so to stay in good graces, Ive kept it to food.)
Check out the other blogs for lots of good
people pics, there are loads of them.

Here they are in NO particular order:
Penni at Real Food Tulsa
Courtney at Radical Radiance
Ani at
Philip at
Karen at
Tim at

They may or may not have posted thier pics
yet, but there are the sites. Keep checking.

A very wise thing about 105 is that they
have BRUNCH! Who doesn't love brunch?
This was a blue corn tostada, I should
have ordered one to go for my plane ride home.A painfully tasty coconut yogurt parfait.
Breakfast of champs.

I want to become a food photographer.
This dessert had the whole place silent with
caramel-pecan ecstasy.

I should have used the flash...a wonderful dessert trio.

I had to give up a modeling job to attend this event.
Before I arrived I was a little mad that I was missing out
on work, but after arriving and reconnecting and meeting
all the great souls that attended, I was SO glad I went.

A HUGE thanks to the 105 Degrees team
for putting on such a spotless event.
It is such a breath of fresh air to see such professionalism
and tact in the living foods world.
THIS is what we all need. Little crunchy cafes
arent going to get most people to try different food,
especially Raw(????) food,
but slick places like 105 has that potential.
The place was ALWAYS busy.

HERE is more info on the 105 team,
I would highly recommend stopping in and showing
your support for such innovation and excellence.

Here is a video that Penni did as well,
it will give you a little taste of the weekend.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Diary of a Foodie Videos

My good friend Alexandra shared these with me this
morning, and I totally had to share.

I am SO happy to see this coming to the mainstream.
There are even food forest backyards
and NYC wild foraging! Wha???!!

These are both great episodes, and I will be
sure to see the rest soon.

Enjoy! Mainstream! YES!
(If you can, be sure to do some stretches
or jogging in place while watching this... and burn 500 calories!
Why not?