Friday, January 29, 2010

No More Gym

(Tracy was on a flight from London the night before...
So she probably isnt looking as good as she usually does))

Every woman that Ive recommended Tracy Anderson (no relation)
to who has actually given her Mat Method a shot has really loved her.

If Im in NY this summer, I would love to get some sessions
like these set up in Central Park so we can all get together.
And guys...this workout will kick your ass, I am still sore from Thursday.

Do this workout consistently (thats the free ride)
and things will really start clicking. No joke...simplicity done consistently.
Getting off starches and sugars will take the weight off twice as fast.

I think Ill do cream and berries with coconut kefir mixed in.
I bought the Liquid Clear stevia drops and tried it with the coconut
kefir AND milk kefir and it was just what I was looking for.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


(I took this two weeks ago, the sky was completely blue
and clear just two hours before. Other jets in the sky
put out no trail, but obviously these were.)

I have to admit that I was totally uninformed about
this um..."phenomena" up until about a year ago.

Maybe the idea that the government was spraying heavy
metals on the population was a bit too "Evil Empire - Sci Fi" to me.

I mean...seriously, how crazy of a scenario is that?

Well, with plain logic and some investigation,
one can come to their own conclusions.

Im not looking to stick my neck out and saying that they are real,
I dont feel like becoming a target even though Im a small fish to fry.

I simply feel that I can pass on the info and let others dive in.

What do you think about this?
Too crazy to be real?
Too damn obvious to be NOT real?

Check out some videos and judge for yourself.
Sorry if this really bums you out.

Check out the videos below.


This video right above is the definitive video to really
get the scoop on what might be going on.
Check out for more links and photos.

Again...sorry if this really f-ed your day up :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Groupies? Come on now...

I just found out this morning that a big discussion
came from my "fatisfied" post a week ago.

I ended up reading some of it and I thank all the positive souls
for being open-minded and being nice enough to defend my honor!
Hahaha...oh man the ego was bruised!

All kidding aside, people's actions speak for themselves.
I mostly get upset when judgmental folks refer to rawmodel
readers as groupies, as if they are hanging on to every word
of these ramblings....that just insults everyone, especially the person
speaking that groupie nonsense.

People want to call themselves 'experts' and its totally
true that many of us have had WAY too much time on our
hands and have been able to pick up some solid info and
experience along the way. I never claimed to be an expert.
Im just another soul on the path towards all of you are.

I put up my experience in hopes that it might help other people.
The dairy board hasnt paid me anything (I discourage factory farming
and non-grass fed products so those guys would not be a fan of mine)
and Im just reporting from what Ive gone through.

When people attack my character it just makes others
wonder if their diet has something to do with such harsh words.
I honestly feel sorry for those who live in such a mindset.
Its soul-numbing enough to read, let alone to actually live
in such a judgmental and negative emotional space.

Im living my life, sharing whats coming my way.
If you find some value from the people Ive learned from
(after all, like everyone, I repeat information Ive heard,
YET...I experiment with it myself and simply report how I feel)
then...AWESOME. Im glad its working for you,
and based on the comments everything seems to be clicking nicely.

You ALL know better than to listen to the ramblings of some
male model (of all things...heavens) with no formal nutritional
training. Although, I had to make things work because of my job
and maybe thats what sets me apart...oh right, and results help too.

I limited myself to the raw vegan paradigm, and as long as
I stuck my head in vegan-sand everything made sense.
Sure, some person's teeth were rotting and sure that person
looked all ragged and stripped out, but damn,

That is, until I was blessed enough to hear some other viewpoints
and then make the unbiased decision for myself.
I simply bring some other viewpoints and let people decide.
This is one opinion, why trash it just because its not yours?
Ive felt GREAT on low fat raw vegan but it didnt last forever.
My teeth would start to hurt and I got some cavities.
And of course, constant eating and always thinking about food
and being so bipolar and judgmental towards nice people.
What am I supposed to do, keep doing the same thing?

Thank you ALL for your positive energy,
Im in a really good emotional space right now and I have
all of your good vibes to add to it.
Even the meanies...they act as a mirror and teach us
compassion and open-mindedness.

Im on the computer about 30 min a day and LOVING IT.
Maybe all these folks getting worked up about food
should consider a little less computer time.

The fact that we can simply CHOOSE what we eat
is a luxury beyond 95% of the world's population.

We are really a bunch of spoiled modern humans with too much
free time and too much choice! lets not get so worked
up about food! Lets cover the basics and get some exercise and fresh air.
Here are some cornerstones that one can gravitiate

1. Whole unprocessed foods. This is pretty much 90% of people's problem.
2. Fermented foods. This would take care of so much illness.
3. Low Sugar. Low sugar. Low sugar. Play with stevia and use
HQ sweeteners when needed and treat fruit as a treat not a staple.
4. Highly mineralized sea veggies and leafy greens.
5. If no longer vegan - grass fed and wild animal products.
6. Make some exceptions for heaven's sake. Its just one meal!

Much love and endless thanks,

Anthony (a marginally attractive male model-chocolatier LOL)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Edible Island


How can this be my dream job hahaha

Raw Food Right Now + Rawmodel

(Primo home-made ice cream...check out the yellow from the yolks!)
And all those tiny vanilla seeds...YUM!)
And I thought I wasnt a foodie anymore!

Heidi and J.S. did a great post about Fatisfaction...
check it out HERE.

The comments are great.

Thanks you two for the link up!

A Question from S...

Here's another question.
What he says right off I dont agree with. Im a bit nuts.


I feel like you are the only sane person in the "raw" community.
Everyone has there own way & everyone else is 100% wrong.
I feel so lost...I keep bouncing between raw and cooked.
I want to heal my body but keep being told that cooked food,
even if its healthy can not heal the body.

Here is how I would like to eat:

Breakfast: Green Juice, No Fruit.

Lunch: Wild Fish & Steamed Vegetables w/ a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Dinner: Wild Sardines & Steamed/Baked/Roasted Vegetables

I totally vibe with being a Pescatarian (only eat fish/seafood), no fruit, no grain.
Just Seafood & vegetables....
It vibes with me, and seafood is easier for the body to break down.
I just vibe with the oil in the fish, while chicken or beef feel like a brick in my stomach.
I just feel healthy eating this way, but am constantly told that I am wrong on my beliefs.

I am told its 100% raw or nothing. Can my above diet heal and keep me healthy?

Please help me, you have given me such great advice in the past -
"there is little sugar in nature and most grains would never
survive without constant human protection".

Who says 100% raw or nothing?
Juliano? A role-model if there ever was one!
I mix it up all the time and its fine for me. Who knows.
What I know is that I actually report from my experience
instead of simply repeating what some raw guru said.
We owe that to ourselves at the very least!

Sure, youre diet is a bit fish heavy,
and I would search for varieties that are low in heavy metals.
Its more than I'm willing to play around with,
and I would support organic fish farmers instead possibly.

Do you ethically vibe with the diet?
If youre of Northern Euro descent, I would look into
grass-fed dairy, preferably raw. Brisling Sardines are cool too.
When I have all that in my system, digestion is so simple
and I actually end up eating way less because Im satisfied.

Its great to get those grains minimized!
I occasionally have some, but its 1% compared to my old self.
I actually ended up at an italian restaurant last night and
had white bread with olive oil and Parmesan cheese!
Sure, I wouldnt go out looking for that, but I ended up
there with friends, made an exception for the evening,
Its all about what you do MOST of the time I feel.
I would freak out so much about not making any exceptions,
and it ruined my social life and made many others not want to spend
time with me because they felt judged or thought I had
some sort of a superiority complex (which I sort of did).

I eat raspberries now, maybe an odd piece of fruit.
If I go to SE asia or the tropics, Ill be all over the fruit again.
Im just tired of apples and pears.
Ive been eating some fun citrus lately though, but maybe one
piece a day max? Its so much less than before and I feel just fine.

I had an egg-cream smoothie for breakfast,
a hunk of cheese on my way to the airport,
some coconut kefir, and an avocado.

Oh right...and some chips and guacamole.
And a beer....with a lemon! A lemon!

I think there are so many wise people in the community,
and we are all getting sharper everyday because we are always
exposed to new revelations thru this wonderful creation called
the internet...praise the heavens for the internet.

Low sugar seems to be the way to go,
but keep playing around and see how you feel.
Listen to the cravings and pay attention to whats going in.
Liquify the diet when you can, your digestion will thank you.

Peace and thx!


A Question (of sorts) from R...

(BACK IN THE DAY!! Growing and juicing!)

Does this questions remind you of yourself?
Or your former-self?
I get these questions all the time,
so please shower me with pity!


Hi Anthony!

Hmm Got a good question which I always forget:

How long does it take care to eat then to manage (or separately) all your raw foods per day?

I guess to be more specific: How long to eat, how long to manage (grow/water/cut/maintain) all your greens/veggies/anything you grow per day? Like, I'm guessing you make one tray of wheatgrass per day with 1 1/2 cups seeds unsprouted.

Total it takes me 2-3 hours per day to manage everything, and so far I have been doing (unsprouted) 1 cup garbanzo sprouts, 1/3 cup mung sprouts, 1/6th cup alfalfa, broccoli, radish sprout mix, 1/6th cup clover leaf sprouts, 1/2 cup kamut/spelt sprouts, 1/8th cup almonds, and 1/8th cup Quinoa sprouts, also will throw some flax or extra virgin olive oil/ onions to top it off. Will eat 2 avocados, 2 bananas, and a green smoothie (about 8-10 ounces of a mix of kale, spinach, carrot, tomato, swiss chard, celery, radish, and more) per day. Sometimes I cheat when I am not so hungry and eat less, sometimes will add a few strawberries/mangoes to the mix.

For my outside growing, I grow one tray of wheatgrass (1 1/2 cup unsprouted seeds) per every other day (going to increase to every day), and same amount of black oil sunflower seeds into one tray, and same with pea sprouts. I am about to stop pea greens, and just resume to eating sunflower baby greens. I eat and juice half a tray of wheatgrass per day, which yields about a total of 3 ounces or sometimes 4, and then eat half a tray of baby sunflower greens. That's my routine now. Been doing it for 3 weeks, I just feel like crud, have gotten more pimples and detox symptoms that I read online. So waiting for that 1-2 month detox period to be over.

All this takes me between 2-3 hours, and I'm getting faster every day I notice.

Don't forget to hook me up with your schedule with timing so that I can compare and do the best I can in mine.

Thanks for all your inspiration so far Anthony,



This takes me back to a time when I was REALLY thinking allot
about food...quantities, time frames...all that (fun?) stuff.

I dont do wheatgrass anymore. I probably would if I had the space,
but the grass-fed cream has me so satisfied and its a lot easier to drink.
Hahahahahah. I mean...WAY easier. Oh mercy so much easier.

I would just grow wheatgrass for my goat and then milk her.
I used to drink so much of that wheatgrass, and I did feel really good,
but I have to weigh the balance of what it takes to get the goods
and the feelings I get from it. The grass-fed cream and butter
just cut out all that labor (for me at least) and its way more satisfying.

All the it if you feel.
Sprouts are fun, and although its been awhile since I ate a bunch,
I do value them highly. I guess it boils down to the time/space issue.

If I were in your situation Id be flushing out my colon.
That diet is really cleansing and your skin is dealing with the detox!
Enemas and hopefully colonics! I was pumping so much fiber
through my body the first two weeks of my raw journey
that I had no real detox problems. Fiber is a tool to be used to cleanse!
My diet is fairly low fiber now, and I love it, but at the time it was
really useful and crucial to cleaning me out properly.
I should have bit the bullet and got a colonic, but I heard
all the negative propaganda and it misinformed me for two years.

But honestly...reading this question exhausted me.
I just feel the obsession (?) when it comes to food oozing through the screen.
Let the numbers go and just eat some clean food and get on with life.
2-3 hours farting around with food! Oh heavens now!

Make it simple my friend! Get on with it!
And cheating with mangoes and strawberries isnt cheating!
Enjoy life!

Nothing but love!


Project Camelot Interviews David Icke

Ok that Fatty post was great!
I love the responses, and seriously,
I learned so many things.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this one,
I think its a big key that most of us havent had a chance
to really tune into yet because of fear or just so much sugar around.

Carboterians beware! Thy days are numbered!!!
Oh right! And nooo hard feelings to those still
riding happily on the vegan train. I had some GOOD times
on that wagon, and I dont blame you for riding it out.
Don't let some crazy male model of all people convince you otherwise!
That being said...Ive been where you are, and looking back
I feel that I wish I would have come to my current place
much...MUCH earlier. All is well. Thats my story.
Things change...things evolve. Such is life.

Moving on from food this time, here is a great interview
with Mr David Icke. I love his message, and his heart
is really in the right place in my opinion.
His story is GREAT. GREAT.

Check it out if you have the time. Seriously.

Ill be posting more tonight because I can finally hook up
this computer to the internet. So maybe we'll get a few in
before I have to sleep...Im in Milwaukee shooting a job.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fatisfied...SOOOO fatisfied.

These will be in abundance at the event in Soho NYC this sunday.
Full of good fats like coco oil, cacao butter, and I can even put
in grass-fed butter for those who really want something fun.
Not to tempt you or anything...
Funny thing...I was shooting for Steven Alan today
and I brought in these truffles...people were freaking over them
and the photographer started asking me questions and it turned
out that he shot the cover for Natalia Rose's new book.
Small world!!! I really like her approach overall.
Im humbled by my changes in perspective in the past year.
I was at whole foods the other day and what did I buy?
3 bunches of parsley
3 bricks of grass fed New Zealand Cheddar *NICE* on sale too
A quart of grass fed HEAV(ENL)Y cream
A dozen "progressively pastured" eggs
Italian spring water in glass.
As we came home and laid everything out,
I was thinking to myself...
"Damn...I never thought Id be buying THIS stuff a year ago."
How things change.
I went through the craziest judgment trips on people that
werent vegan, let alone raw. I didnt even value people's opinions
because I figured that if they hadnt worked out the food issue
yet they didnt have much wisdom to pass onto me.
Damn...what an ass
I was.
I read vegan stuff on facebook now, and its so clear
how annoying most people saw me back then.
Just the tone in the writing of people,
and all the super-misinformed generalizations.
I did a post on Huffington Post
calling out Natalie Portman on her super-generalized views
on why veganism is so great and they didnt even publish it.
I also did a post about chemtrails for them and they rejected that too.
Dont assume Huffpost or Treehugger is what it claims to be...
Since Ive been on the road Ive been keeping my diet really simple.
Ive been hitting the fats really hard, and the results have been
surprising to say the least.
My key has been grass fed cream.
Explain this to me -
I blend up 3 of those previously mentioned eggs,
1/2 a cup of cream (DAMN)
1 vanilla bean
Pinch of sea salt
1 date
and a decent little scoop of coco oil.
I blend this up at 10am.
Its creamy liquid goodness,
sweet but mellow.
From 10am to 7pm I have no desire to eat.
Liquid. Its not like it stayed in my stomach.
I was satisfied for that long.
I did it again today and its been the same thing.
As I was having this breakthrough,
I end up going to my friends' place and we listen to
an interview on OneRadioNetwork with Nora Gedgaudas.
She compared burning sugars to using kindling to keep a fire going.
Always having to replenish the fire with twigs.
Instead, with fats, its like a nice yule log burning away all day.
I had the worst blood sugar issues in my early days of this.
Always hungry...always thinking about food.
Then I would binge on starches and sugars and end up getting sick.
It even brought me to minor bulimia for a while.
Can anyone relate? I know Im a model, but that never happened
until I started going raw and really cutting back on fat.
Anyways, thats totally changed now (its been years)
and Im fit and lean as ever. Major revelation. So much easier.
I almost have to consistently work out to keep from losing weight.
When I tell women that I eat lots of cream they just think Im
either brave, stupid, or lucky. Well...lucky to know whats up at least.
When I was eating lots of fruit and sugars my face was still
puffy, and now its much better and I dont have to do anything.
And the freedom from damn liberating.
Of course...I didnt really talk about that stuff when I was raw vegan.
I didnt want to mess up THE CAUSE. THE CAUSE!!! For the CAUSE!
I felt good, but damn...hungry all the time. Never feeling really satisfied.
That 10oz of fatty liquid kept me in the zone for 9 friggin hours.
Explain that!
And Im feeling just as good, and Im not getting sick or anything.
No mucus, none of that crap. Feeling GOOD.
Feeling steady and solid and GREAT.
It seems that eating light at night and being physically active was truly
the key to alertness and mental clarity, not eating raw vegan.
It drives me crazy when I see the generalizations that all animal
products are bad for humans...for two reasons.
1. I unfortunately used to be in the camp that generalized
2. Its just so misleading and unexplained by those doing it.
Most people in the western world eat animal products. Duh.
Most people in the western world arent that healthy. DUH.
Easy enough.
Most people in the western world ALSO eat refined
sugars, veggie oils like soybean and canola and corn (ahem...GMO)
and eat animal products raised on GMO grains.
Few are happy with their lives because of the work-consume cycle as well.
Why jump to the conclusion that simply animal products are the culprit?
Some vegan who eats tofu everyday is going to tell me what is ethical to eat?
There are major breakthroughs being made in the
post-raw-vegan circles. The ones who are continually searching
have made some big discoveries and are bringing others with them.
Daniel Vitalis, JS and Heidi from RawFoodRightNow,
Truth Calkins, Paul Nison and many others as well.
We have to be honest about the ups and downs of raw vegan.
Are you always hungry? Craving? Thinking of food?
Are you burning sugars (carbs) instead of fats?
Any vegans out there...I ask that -
If you are big into fruit...try making a fat heavy
smoothie in the morning and see how long it takes you
throughout your day. Coco oil, avocado...whatever you fancy.
Im curious. If youre vegan...embrace it as long as you feel.
Just try burning more fats. WAY MORE.
People that are more experimental...
try that egg cream smoothie.
Im curious to see how long that takes you thru the day.
Daniel was putting in some fun extras like colostrum and
ormus but mine is a little more simple for now.
I might dump in some Chlorella and Sunwarrior
tmrw and Saturday to compare,
but I feel like I really stumbled upon something huge.
Ive been eating more fats for awhile now,
but these past two weeks I was really able to experiment
with it and not add in much sugar and its been eye-opening.
If you are not a member of
(and I urge you to sign up...its free and operates on donations)
please search for Nora's interview and see what you think about it.
It was recent so you dont have to scroll down far.
Shall we do an egg-cream challenge?
How about an egg cream feast?
Lets build our bodies instead of strip them eh?
Seriously...if any of you out there start doing this in
the morning, let me know how far it takes you.
I was doing auditions all day, on my feet from
10 to 5 and I just sailed the whole way...easy breeeeezy.
In the spirit of experimentation and open-mindedness,
(who was really a judgmental prick back in the day)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Decade to Rebuild Paradise

At last, the first decade of the 21st century has ended.

What has changed? What has accelerated?

Seriously...its been the most amazing decade of my life,

and the most scary as well, mostly because I finally woke up.

Where was I ten years ago?

I was just another college student, doing the rounds

and hoping to land some crap corporate job after graduation.

I really had bought into our cultural myths for 22 years,

and although I knew something was amiss,

I was basically going along with the program.

It wasnt until I disconnected myself with the distractions

did my truth (possibly not yours) begin to sink in.

What was I doing on this planet? What was the point of all this?

When I was 22 I sat at home and thought about myself

as an old man dying in bed. What would I value?

What would I remember? What would I regret?

Would I be happy with my life if I dedicated it to a corporation?

Somehow along the way I came up with this idea

that I still cling to ferociously today.

*We are here to create Heaven on Earth*

*This planet is #1 our playground, and #2 our workshop*

*we are here to destroy the barriers between Earth and Heaven

by personally creating Heaven in every aspect in our own lives*

I know you all love pics, and there are some coming up,

but Im posting from my friend's computer so stick with me.

So how do we create Heaven here and now?

Perhaps living as if you are an angel?

Hint hint everyone...we ARE Angels.

Perhaps rebuilding the paradise that our ancestors destroyed?

Making each day blissful and completely full of love without judgment?

When I was living in Italy 5 years ago, with no tv,

no internet, no cell phone, no mp3 player,

I somehow came up with the idea to build a sanctuary that would

allow my friends and family to have a place of refuge to pursue

their passions and their artistic abilities without fear of starving

or eviction. I found that the true treasure was free time to create.

Only later did it become a plan of long-term thriving

and path to freedom. I just wanted a place where everyone could

be themselves and not worry about the things that drag most people down.

Little did I know it then, but this was the idea that I still believe

can free us and our decendants and rebuild paradise lost.

I didnt know about Anastasia till 4 years later,

but maybe she sent the idea to me.

Or maybe it just came to me because of my lack of distractions?

I truly believe it was the second.

That this truth can come to us all if we clear out the clutter.

This is the decade for massive change.

If its not this decade, I honestly cant imagine which would be.

But we must act out of love and not fear...right?

As the old saying goes, "Trust in God but still tie up your camel".

And if shit doesnt hit the fan? And you still built your own personal Eden?

Guess what? Youre still living in Paradise and will have eventually liberated

yourself and your family from the corporate food chain,

and possibly even created many new revenue

streams to support your family and your adventures.

So you really can't lose.

Eat the best food ever, live in paradise, save money, earn extra money.

Did I mention that you get to live in a paradise that you built yourself?

I laid in bed on Dec 27th and was asking the "Universe"
for a sign that I was on the right track.
I mean...what young person puts almost all of their money
into building a food forest of all things?
Times were a little tough last year
because of the money I put into that project,
and I sacrificed many good times to buy a greenhouse,
a sundeck, 100 fruit and nut trees and countless other
expenses that just seemed to add up to thousands of dollars.
I didnt doubt that it was a good idea, but was tough sometimes.
So I laid in bed and just asked -
"Please show me a sign.."
*Aliens landing on my sundeck to give me a high-five*
*Extremely lucid dreams of Spirits telling me I was on track*
well....No dreams that night.
The next day I was cutting down more brush and "weed" trees to
build a wildflower meadow directly west of the main garden
and one of the poplar trees that I cut down became snagged
on another standing tree...known by many as a "leaner".
Leaners really stink, because you have to then cut down the other tree
to free the first tree that became stuck.
Its dangerous because the original can totally fall on you.
Both were poplars so I had no problem with that, but its scary
So I start cutting down the standing tree, and they both
begin to fall. Because the first tree was a leaner,
it split about 7 feet above the ground.
This is what I saw when I looked at it.

What (Who) does this look like?

Do you see a neck...a head...wrapped in a shawl?
Looking downward to your right side?

This was the other side that fell to the ground.
A mirror image. I have both peices still.

What do you think it looks like?

My eyes popped out of my head and my jaw dropped

when I realized that it um...REALLY resembled the Virgin Mary.

Now now…don’t assume that I buy into Christian dogma,

but this REALLY looked like her.

(And NO there will be no virgin mary trinkets being sold by me)

I rushed down and grabbed my dad.

He was in the middle of lunch but I dragged him up to see

this and his reply was –

“Um….I guess it looks like her”.

Nevertheless... I felt as though my space was now blessed,
And this happened the morning after I asked for a sign.
Look at the aura coming off of her head,
leading to that star…its just too much...right?
This is the heartwood of a tree...not a stain or watermark.
And then later that day I saw the letter "V" everywhere.
Was it a random split in the wood?
Anything is possible.
Or did the blessed mother of the ascended master Jesus,
visit my space and show her approval?
Anything is possible.
Ill take it as a sign that things are going well
and that I should keep spreading this message.

This is the decade to build your own Eden.
And remember, I had to start from scratch,
and did about 95% of the labor on my own.
If you have a backyard
and a house youre 75% set already,
so dont be discouraged at all!!

Im so over people pointing out problems.
Problems depress people.
Problems depressed me for years.
I was so angry at all the wrong things.
And that anger just paralyzed me.
I rented "The 11th Hour" the other day.
I just watched the section titled "SOLUTIONS"
and then put it back in the mail.
We all know things are other than optimal.
But we must stop bogging ourselves down with negativity.
Solutions. Positive solutions.
If we aren’t having a blast building heaven on earth,
This is seriously the most selfish thing we can do.
Lets take it to a new level this year and the following years to come.
You don’t have to save anyone else.
Take care of you and yours first and everything will fall into place.
Build paradise and your diet will fall into place.
Build paradise and your exercise routine will fall into place.
Build paradise and your soul and heart will fall into place.

This post has gone on WAY too long I feel.
Im doing a talk about this in NYC this Sunday.
Ill be providing my now-famous cacao truffles
And my good friend Jade will be leading a Kundalini Yoga Session.
Finally I can talk about something other than food!
Well kind of…food forests! Damn….hard to escape I guess.
Please contact me at if you are interested.
Its going to go about 3 hours, and including the truffles it will
be $30 and that will be going to building a sacred space in Hawaii
this upcoming year. I urge you to attend to get on the fast track
towards building your own little Garden of Eden.
We didn’t get kicked out of paradise.
We cut it down ourselves and planted annual monocultures.
We can undo this NOW. I urge you to free yourself
and heal your own motherland by creating Heaven on Earth.

2010…we will outshine and outplant the bums
that got us into this mess. We can do this.
This is our time. Our year. Our century.
The people that continue to put us and leave us
in this purgatory (many times Hell for many people)
know that this is coming and that is why they are stepping
up their game big time. We must overpower their fear and hate
with pure love and co-creation.

People are waking up. The time is now.