Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alex Jones on Food

I have to wonder just how much more the Illuminati
have to do to convince everyone that they are
really poisoning the public.

Im telling you...Alex Jones knows his stuff!
And as many of you know,
you DO think differently when clean food is in your body.
Its so strange...I couldnt believe it until I really cleansed out,
but its a clean diet, live a (relatively) clean life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Story of Cosmetics

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sampling and Talk at Organic Avenue Aug 3rd!!

I am going to be in NYC the 1st of August
and will be doing an event at Organic Avenue
on Tuesday August 3rd at 630pm.

I will be bringing loads of truffles for everyone to enjoy
and will be giving a talk on Blackbird's Mission of
Sacred Commerce and using our profits to fund
organic gardens and food forests.

Ill also be giving concrete examples and tips
on how to start building your own sacred family
food forest so this is an event not to be missed!

The cost? All that is required is that you purchase
which OA is retailing for $ you'll be getting lots
of samples as well so please come and say hello!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Recipe from me

Instead of talking about real-life issues that
affect your life and your family's life
lets talk about making food!
Which is actually a big deal as far as health is concerned,
but you all know as well as I do that people can
easily distract themselves with food as much as
with Lindsay Lohan or Lebron James.

I want to talk about more serious stuff but once
in awhile we can actually go back to raw food, right?

People are foodies, face it.

Here is what I ate today for breakfast.

Really ripe organic strawberries that Deb
from Debbie Does Raw brought to AZ with her,
and some raw organic grass-fed cream.

Um...cut up the berries and dump the cream on top.
And then get on with your life!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daniel V on Tap Liquid


This text will be replaced by the player

Tell any dentist that tells you fluoride is ok
to WAKE UP and stop drinking the fluoride!

The Obama Deception CENSORED by Youtube.

This was the #1 vid on youtube and for
a few days the NUMBER ONE Google Trend...
on the level playing field, the govt cant compete.

Please spread this video around as much as you can -
this vid will break the illusion held by both
Hardcore right-wingers and progressive liberals -
its not about left and right...
its about the (financially) rich vs everyone else.

Here is the video....PLEASE share..

fight censorship at every level!

The truth must not be silenced.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blackbird Naturals + Whole Foods!

Its finally official! We got word from Whole Foods
that we are accepted and will soon be distributing
our lovely truffles in Arizona...soon moving onto regional!

I feel SO blessed...we are coming from true authenticity
and good things are coming our way so fast because of it.

The folks at Whole Foods LOVE what we are doing
with the Blackbird Food Forest...and its only just begun!

A big thanks to everyone out there supporting us and
doing whatever you can to help each other and make
this planet paradise! Thank you from us 3!!

Aspartame Vid

Im thinking that this vid is about 10 years old now,
but the commercial is relatively new.

I would highly recommend checking this out -
its a bit long but I was glad I watched it all.

Look at the connections -
Monsanto Subsidiary
Ronald Reagan-Appointed FDA chairman overturns
previous rulings that wanted the BRAIN CANCER FINDINGS
in the lab animals tested to be explained...

So - If this can happen,
cant 9-11 possibly be an inside job?
can't chemtrails possibly be real?
cant they be softly killing us by design?

There were CLEAR results that aspartame
causes brain cancer - yet it was approved
by the people that claimed to be looking out for us.

And we wonder why so many people are so passive and
accepting of reality these days? Maybe people are
actually being made retarded by all this stuff
and thats why the idea of "clean food" totally makes no sense
to them and why they are so obsessed with sports
and celebrities and other distractions?

Are we being shaped into mindless automatons?
By looking at the public school system that I went
through as a child, absolutely YES.

If you want super kids I think that homeschooling
or maybe a Waldorf-Montessori until the child is ready
for homeschooling or even unschooling.

it was a BIG book that changed my thinking and had
me reflect on the wasted potential that i suffered
by wasting so much time in regular school with all the
busywork and distractions. Ive tried my best to make up
but its a pretty large handicap.

Off to plant some basil! Its one of the only plants
that can really take the AZ sun right now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Question about Book Suggestions

I get these comments in the About and FAQ sections sometimes
and I try to keep those areas as tidy as possible so I usually dont
approve is one that I thought I should share -

I remember that you had a site with books listed, where did it go?
There were all kind of books like the auto-bio from that yogi P. yogananda or books about food...etc..

I kinda remeber that because of your cucumber pickle video ;)
It would be nice if you could make a list like that again!

Enjoy the summer!
Aron from Germany

I wish I still had that list.

Its a funny thing about me and books,
I used to read them as a kid, but as the
"long and arduous road to adulthood" took
hold with jobs and studies, my exploration stopped.

It wasnt until I had the summer off and then soon
began modeling in Paris that I really got to delve into books
again and it completely changed my path in life.

I read some Michael Moore stuff after seeing
Bowling for Columbine after drinking 5 margaritas
at Service Industry Night at Bar Abilene in Mpls.
Made that movie even heavier than it was...seriously!

Anyways, I know the Michael Moore has some minor
(or major if thats your opinion) shortcomings
(I personally think he could have gone WAY deeper
into 9-11 and why Obama was put in place at this point in time
but so it goes...

"Walden" by Henry David Thoreau was a HUGE one for me.
Its a slower book at times, but I had the time and quiet to
really be present with it. A big game-changer for me...
esp the whole voluntary simplicity idea and how it actually
makes life richer and more purposeful.
That book will shift a life if a person is ready for it.

What I am involved in now with the creation of the
Food Forests and Organic-Biodynamic gardening
was initially inspired by Thoreau's writings
(among many other things that synchronistically came my way).

Conversations with God opened it up BIGTIME for me as well.
I recommend reading the three books *skip #2 if you feel like it*
I think Neale Donald Walsch made up the whole thing
because before he wrote that he actually did the whole
"A Course in Miracles" although he makes himself seem
like a total laymen as he started the writings.
You dont read "A Course in Miracles" and stay
spiritually in the same place either. So....

(another of Walsch's books...i read allot
of his stuff...all I feel was worth the time)

the writings are amazing and massively inspirational
and although he thought George HW Bush was a good guy
back when he wrote the book in the late 80s-early 90s
I will hope that hindsight has sharpened his vision.
Hell...I actually really hoped that Obama was a good guy!

Ill add some more books in later...

"the last hours of ancient sunlight" is great
I would just read the Anastasia stuff asap too...
anything to get your heart and mind into creating
paradise NOW on the planet for yourself and your loved
ones - despite any efforts via the side of darkness.

As far as actual gardening books -
"Gaia's Garden" by Toby Hemenway
and 'The Four Season Harvest" by Eliot Coleman
and maybe some other regional gardening book would
be all you would need I feel. I know there are other jewels
out there but if I had to pick two- those are mine for getting
right off to a solid start and not being bogged down by details.

More to come...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


SO worth the watch.
Think about this when you see how worked
up folks get over sports.
I cant get over the gov of Ohio pleading to Lebron James.
I dont even really know how good lebron james is, but jeez..

I gotta be honest I cracked up w laughter a few times in this vid.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Raw Food World + Blackbird Naturals!

I am so happy to announce that Matt Monarch
has accepted our truffles into his store,
The Raw Food World. Check it out HERE.

Matt sent out a newsletter today announcing the partnership:

Many of you already know ‘The Raw Model’, Anthony Anderson. He is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! He leads an EXTREMELY sustainable lifestyle, he cares PASSIONATELY about Mother Earth, he is VERY kind to those he encounters, considerate, wants to help everyone and is… well… GOOD LOOKING! Now, to top it all, Anthony and his good friends Alexandra and Andrea just came out with the MOST INCREDIBLE Raw Chocolate Truffles on the planet!!!

What I like MOST about these Chocolate Fudge Truffles, is that one of the MAIN ingredients is coconut oil. Before raw chocolate ever hit the market, using coconut oil was one IDEAL way to get that chocolate bar consistency and texture. However, many chocolatiers have since shied away from using coconut oil because it melts in the heat. However, Anthony and these Divas have found a way to utilize coconut oil as one of the main ingredients while at the same time keeping the truffles intact.

Due to the coconut oil content, it is ideal to refrigerate these truffle when you recieve them in the mail, for the ULTIMATE taste. For those of you who know Anthony Anderson, then you know that anything he creates, which people will actually be putting into their bodies, is very sacred to him, and he pours the utmost care and love into the creation of these divine truffles.


So nice of him to say all reciprocation:

I think what Matt and Angela are doing in Ecuador is

THE ANSWER to all of humanity's ills.

Sure...we dont have to necessarily go to a foreign country

to build our space of love, but maybe thats a really good idea

when you really at the geopolitical landscape.

Their Food Forest is popping and we are constantly

checking in to see garden updates from their sanctuary.

Have a blessed day you two!!

Thanks for all the love and support!

One thing Matt and Angela love about Blackbird is that we

are using it as a platform to both fund Food Forest Co-Creation

and to spread the word and joy about it.

We have used all of our profits on planting Paradise

and we urge you to do the same!

Now is the time! Look at the food supply -

especially with air being polluted in the gulf and

prices just going up for any reason they want to give us.

Growing our own is the most revolutionary thing we can do!

Blackbird salutes the Stokes-Monarch Clan!!

We hope that we can see each other's slices of heaven soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sedona Spring Visit

We made our monthly trip up to Sedona to harvest
springwater....its just so magical up there!

It was pretty windy so there was no swimming
on the menu but we went to a really cool nursery
and dropped off Blackbird samples at New Frontiers Market.

We were going to eat at ChocolaTree but we were so full
from our snacks at New Frontiers that we just went
home and called it a day. We listened to some
great stuff about EMP attacks on the way home -
Look into this one everyone...if you can make it thru an
EMP you are officially a self-reliant human being.

Despite the officialness of this video,
it seems very little has ever been done to
insulate us from this potential attack (or solar flare).
Google "EMP Protection" and see what you can do to
take the next steps towards protecting yourself.

Anyhow...enjoy the Sedona video!
Alexandra is getting IMovie 09 soon
so they are going to be even better!
Check out my old vids for a good laugh!
Those vids were as rough as they come but dammit
they have heart! Gotta keep the love in it!

Big hugs everyone - have a great july!

Independence from WHAT?

This was taken about 5 years ago but luckily
I still have this shirt!

So...happy dependence day!

Dependent on?

Corporations to feed us, clothe us, give us water...
governments to tell us how society should work
and how much they take our money away for war spending...

Soldiers are being used as bio-robots in this.
The authorities always trick the masses with the
"Support our Troops" message.
The Nazis did it, the soviets did it, and the Americans do it.
Please do not ever fall for this.
Its not about troops...its about tricking the masses
into supporting the agenda of the destroyers.
When I see pics of young american men who were just killed
overseas I just feel sorry for them.
They were fooled...tricked into thinking that they
were actually doing something positive for the world
instead of being the muscle for the Illuminati.

How about - "Wake up our Troops!"?
They are being used by corporations as hired mercenaries.
I wish there was more honor in all this, but its so obvious.
The government of the united states is a mere branch
of the Corporatocracy used to legitimize plunder.

Republicans always talk about preventing big government -
what they dont add in (and no one really brings up in the media)
is that government doesnt count anymore.
Big Brother is Big Business. They call ALL the shots.
Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, Monsanto...The military industrial complex,
Coca~Cola and Nestle draining the world's water supplies
only to bottle it with sugar and make the masses sickly...
you get the point. This is the game that is being played.

We lost our independence...
and I really believe that we never really had it.
Until we can be happy and alive and healthy without
the "help" of those bastards we can forget
about freedom...its a brand name used to make
us think that we are free when 99% of us are wage slaves
and need big brother for every aspect of survival.

Sorry to seem negative (realistic?) but we must be
aware about all of this so we can take steps to liberating ourselves.
That is what Blackbird Naturals is all about.
We set up a business centered around healthy food and clean
ethics and are using all our profits to get ourselves
and other people more self-reliant and independent.
This, we believe is the path to freedom.

This is the key...set up sacred commerce
and use your funds to melt away the chains of dependence.

It all starts in the mind though, you know that.

Thought - Word - DEED.
We have to have to act.
If you want to be free that is.
Life can be comfy, and work may be easy,
but just think about the dependence on the system.
What if there is a massive solar flare and the grid is fried?
What about water and fuel shortages (both man-made and natural)?
Then what? Do you have water? Food? Where could you go?
I would highly suggest buying a 5 gal tub of organic coconut
oil and some dried herbs and superfoods from Mountain Rose Herbs
at the very least..have a little stored up to at least have a month to make it.

The coco oil is the densest form of energy that will
never seem to go rancid if stored in a cool place.
Its super affordable and a family could live months on it
if they had to...hopefully it wont have to be the case,
but with geo-political and natural forces arising, best to be safe.

I want to blow sunshine up your ass - really I do.
That's what all the positive solutions are about.
Don't get dragged down in the negative.
Get aware, make a plan of action, and GO FOR IT.

Independence has to be earned...
A bunch of suits in washington, new york, london etc
will never, ever give you the real thing.
Those bums need slaves to do their dirty work.

(I had to unload all this with a shovel,
but i couldnt think of a better investment right now)

You have to take it for yourself. NOW.
Seedlings...buying trees, investing in good soil,
rainwater harvesting, composting, getting some animals
like chickens, rabbits, or goats to help turn scraps into
food again is a big big big step on the freedom path.

Im off to the garden to put some transplants in
and check on the little chickies!

The only independence we will enjoy is the one
we have created ourselves. Remember that always!