Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Juice it up baby!! Plus a giveaway!

Feeling like a springtime cleanse,
so I've upped the juice these past days. Allot.
Like how I used to.

Lots of raw veggies with blended dips for dinner,
and the occasional truffle (for quality control of course).

Here's another video about what I made yesterday.

Big props to the Sunwarrior crew for exposing me to Ormus Greens.
Wonderful stuff and its become a staple in my juices.

See what Dr Brian Clement says about their protein powder:

So anyways...back to the juice.
Im loving the seasonal shifts and the freedom of
knowing that I have less restrictions to fiddle with.

So no more 'isms...ok? Dont be 100% anything except
simply and honestly being TRUE TO YOURSELF.
Do you need a label? Can you not just be YOU?
Why define yourself by something you dont eat?


And because all the phone consultations have been going so well,
and people have been having such good results,
I feel compelled to offer two free 30 min consultations
to the two lucky people who has their comments picked.

Share a juice recipe. Exotic or simple.

If you dont feel the need for a consultation with me,
just let me know. Many of you out there are more knowledgeable
than myself about certain issues, so if you want someone who needs it
to have a better chance, put it in the comment at the very end.

Winner gets picked by Friday afternoon!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plant Therapy

There is just something so therapeutic about working with plants.
Beyond conventional therapies (possibly including many meditations)
and both chemical AND natural powders and pills -
I would love to see people who are sadly
suffering from stress and maybe even depression simply
include more plants into their lives. Its really something special.

Im adding more and more edibles to this lovely space in Arizona,
and the potential really feels endless. The Desert Space of Love!
Little pockets everywhere to put in good soil with a beautiful little plant.

Im thinking about Desert adaptable plants -

Prickly Pear Cacti
Pinion Pines
Hardy Rosemary
The Wonderful World of Citrus

Im mulching everything heavily, and giving them lots of attention.
They are all doing really well - lots of flowers and new growth.

Plant more edibles. Little pockets EVERYWHERE.


Monday, March 29, 2010

New Videos on Youtube! Im serious!

(Mini Max in front of a baby Pomegranate...LOVE HIM)
There was some serious technicical (zoolander voice) malfunctions
on my computer and some upload issues with imovie that kept me
from uploading videos in the last HALF DAMNED YEAR!

All is fixed. Videos are coming down the pipe.

Here is one, I hope you enjoy it. New feel, right?

Me walking around a section of the food forest in AZ.
Im putting in figs, citrus, pomegranates, aloe, and annuals.
Lavender is filling up little spots as well.
Im LOVING it down here, and its so nice to be creating another
forest garden in a different climate than Im used to.

Much more is coming now, so all the youtube subscribers out
there - first let me apologize for the lack of uploads,
and second, let me fill you in on all the good stuff coming up.

Dairy Kefir
Making Water Mixtures for plants
Garden/Food Forest activities
Spring water in Sedona
A 7 day cleanse we are doing very soon
Live Enemas! Just kidding!
Wild Foods!

All excitement aside...its going to be great so buckle up lol.

Here is the food forest walk from last night.

Givewaway tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pine Pollen...FINALLY

After hearing about pine pollen almost two years ago,
I finally come across it and all is right with the world.

We were going for a morning jog when I came across
a pine tree full of pollen cones. I touched it and the pollen
just dusted off so thick, and then I knew this was it.

I honestly didnt know what I was looking for before
that random encounter...I thought maybe they were even
the actual pine cone that would open up and release pollen.

So I geared up and went back later on that day to see what
I could are the pics from that late afternoon.

As we were driving to the trees, we saw big fat chemtrails
over Camelback Mountain. How obvious are they trying to be?
People are having happy hour and staring at THIS?

Its crazy, right around noon, they all start and by 4pm the
whole sky is hazed out. I kid you not.
Harmful chemicals or not, they are ruining the beautiful blue AZ sky.

Anyways, sorry for the sidenote, it was a part of the trip though.

If only a pine pollen company could hire me
to work the camera for them. is the highest form of plant testosterone,
so that is pretty damn sexy....right?
Old folks going on powerwalks stop by and ask what
Im picking and I always tell them about the testosterone.
The eyes of the old ladies LIGHT UP.

Not long cones, not actual pine cones.
These little babies are filled with pollen.
The size varies depending on the tree,
but as you can see compared to my hand,
they are pretty small. Lots of work...bring headphones
or hum a tune if you get bored.
Consider it a fun hobby and all is well.

You can just touch them and the powder flies off.
So I would pinch each cluster and just put them in my bag.
After filling it up, I brought it home and prepared it for

I am a sifting fool these days....
between the kefir, the teas, the pollens...
Im always shaking my sifter into big bowls.
Good arm workouts at least.

So this is what I gathered in about 20 minutes.

I had to pinch and crush all these little guys,
and then after gathering up the dust -

- Id put the leftovers on top of the soil of the fruit trees!
Lots of crazy good nutrition in that soil now.

So what to do with all this hornball dust?

I had my first batch with dairy kefir,
but now Im just mixing it in with kombucha and ice water.
Am I noticing a difference?
I figure my hormone levels are pretty high because of my age and diet,
but still - this is a primo wild food, and Im feeling really good.
Im having about 1 tbls a day, and I need to find more soon
because it takes allot of time and patience to get the dust
into a bottle. We filmed the process too, and once
I get my computer working again, Ill upload about
5 new videos...finally.

Bring a towel and some water to wash up afterwards,
this stuff gets EVERYWHERE.
Black was probably the worst thing to wear,
but at least it looked funny.

There is still plenty of time to find this stuff!
Its just peaking now in the Southwest, and Im sure
once you get to the higher elevations youll have more time.
In Minnesota, early May is the ticket, so you have been warned!


Monday, March 22, 2010 giveaway

This is going to be a fast giveaway...but a goodie.

My friend Curt is a biodynamic gardener/farmer
and is spreading the love in the best way.

Check out the site HERE...

Obviously you can just fill out all the stuff and do it yourself,
or you can at least put in a sweet little comment about
what you are excited to grow this least that way
we can all learn and be inspired a bit more.

So I am just passing along the good tidings of this giveaway,
Im not going to do it myself because its just more runaround
for me (emailing Curt your email address and back and forth..etc)
when you could easily just sign up and get the wonderful package
right away. He sent me the seed pack with the instructional page
and it was all absolutely wonderful. YOU WILL LOVE.

So get on over there, sign up, and leave a nice comment
here about a plant that youre excited to be teaming up with
in 2010. Mine??? Desert King fig and goji berries raised by my
good friend Jake over at bartered truffles
for goji plants and I am totally loving it!!

Thanks Curt! Thanks Jake!
Good people know good people!!

Planted a Desert King Fig
and a Yosemite Gold Mandarin today!!!
I cant stop! Planted two aloes on Friday!
And now gojis!!!!

My selke cherry tomatoes are in their starter pots
and I will be keeping everyone posted on the growth...
for whoever does the same...PLEASE SHARE PICS!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lessons from the Millionaire Matchmaker

I urge all of you to watch this.
I watched it last night and it gave me so many lessons.

Before you ask yourself - WTF? Why is he watching THIS?
Just check it out.

Both millionaires are Eco-Friendly,
but the lessons ring so true for many of us.

I dont even want to get into the lessons yet,
I would prefer that you watch it if you have the time
and then we can discuss it in the comments.

I saw so many things that I fear I might have exuded
back in the day. Just check it out and tell me what you think,
I PROMISE you I wouldnt refer you to watch crap.

Enjoy and lets talk after...seriously.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chocolate Biz Update!

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back--
Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation),
there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which
kills countless ideas and splendid plans:
that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that
would never otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen
incidents and meetings and material assistance,
which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.
Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now."

Im at a really funny crossroads.
I was sitting out in the food forest in AZ yesterday
morning watering the trees when my booker called
me to sternly tell me how upset she is that I am not
living in NYC to do castings and that I am missing out on so much.

I told her as strongly as possible how good it feels
to finally be doing something that my soul agrees with.
I told her how big of a gamble modeling is,
and how toxic I feel NYC is.
She doesnt want to submit me to clients
if Im not going to be there, and I understand that.
Its tough...I hate missing out on the $$, but at what REAL cost?

I was sitting at the farmer's market on Saturday
and it really sunk in that I was there selling chocolates
of all things, when many people would think that I should
be in NYC doing all the model stuff.
I felt like a kid at a lemonade stand.
Maybe I will go back to modeling,
maybe I can do it down here,
but this alone just feels so right on.

We got accepted into Oakville Market,
and we are visiting with Whole Foods very soon.
Lots of online orders too, which is just amazing.
And the great part is that when we visit with people
and tell them about what we are up to,
we know that the integrity and quality is just unbeatable.
There is no selling, its just honest conversation
and we are just SO in the flow.

Im sorry if this sounds like some shameless self-promotion,
but it is honestly going so great and I am so optimistic.
To finally be in control, and not simply be crossing my
fingers on the whims of some very eccentric
NYC clients to make a living...
a living that I felt guilty about for many years.
I read too much Adbusters in my early 20's!

Here are some comments we've received just in the
past few days...I promise these are not made up.

"Oh my! The truffles arrived on Friday.
Canada Customs does love to take their sweet time.
Oh, so worth the wait.
Truly the best truffles I've ever had,
and boy have I eaten too many people's shares of truffles.
I love the crunchiness of the cacao,
the dense luscious creaminess.
They are so satisfying too,
not that I didn't want to eat them all right then,
but that I don't need to.
A great dessert should always leave you content,
and I feel happy. Truly yummy Anthony!
Thank you so much for your truffles.
Definitely made with love!!!"

Ms. T from BC, Canada.

And here's another!

"Winning those truffles practically changed my life;
they certainly have been a catalyst for
so many abundant maifestations,
and likewise more yoga!
Ah, Bikram yoga!!!

Talk about life changing chocolate!
Absolutely incredible, I just ate the Last ONE!
YUM, they don't melt in your mouth,
YOU melt while they are in your mouth!!!
Goodness Gracious!
Anyways THANK YOU very much Anthony,
I was so glad & fortunate to have won! Hooray!

So of course I had to share & spread the joy!
But I just didnt get my fill: these bad boys are out of this world!
I would like to order some more my friend..."

S from Montana, USA


Thats just two. When I read these I have to forward
them to my mom so she can understand what is going
on over here with all of this. Something truly special.

I suppose that you just have to take the leap sometimes.
I know I am missing out on work in NY, but at what cost?
If I was sitting on my thumbs there waiting for castings
and thinking about everything going on down in AZ
I would be going CRAZY. Youve gotta follow your heart,
and give yourself a little padding just in case.

If anyone is interested, please email me and we will
make them for you right away. Everything is made
to order and shipped out asap. Usually we ship out
early in the week so there is no weekend wait.
The price depends on how many you want to order,
so email me and check out the temp home page HERE.

Follow your bliss! Make the commitment!
Dont ever forget that Goethe quote!
The man knew what he was talking about!


AZ Permaculture Space of Love

SO good to see hummingbirds around.
In Portugese, the hummingbird is known as Beija Flor -
Literally "Kiss Flower". How nice is that?
I took this picture right outside the front door,
she let me get really close to her.

So Ive been planting and taking care of trees that
have already been planted. There are 12 right now.
Ill put some more pics up soon (and hopefully a vid -
damn Apple doesnt let you upload mpgs to Imovie.
Damn them!

Anyhow, I planted a BEAUTIFUL Lisbon Lemon.
She was full of blossoms when I came upon her today
and the smell was simply intoxicating.
I seriously cant think of a better smelling blossom. is the process of me planting this beauty.

Step one...have lots of fun with compost tea.
This is THE composter to get.
Loads from the top, you can spin it,
and it will drip out compost tea when it rains
or if there is excess moisture in the bin.

This stuff is golden! Keep a rock in the bin so the wind
doesnt move it around. I pour maybe 1-2 cups for a
5 gallon pail. Maybe more, but Im playing it safe.

See...thats where all that stinky goodness drips out.
Nature has a way of smelling...go figure. Good and bad.

Here is the shovel I used!
I miss my copper shovel in Minnesota,
but works!

So I wondered out to the front yard where I have the
5 gallon pail waiting for use. I fill it up in the morning
and about 12 hours later use the water so the chlorine
has evaporated off. Some say 2 hrs is enough, some
wait over a day. Since I have only one pail,
I do two cycles a day at 12 hours. Ahh..the math.

Im loving that stir stick too. Really nice to swirl
up all the goodies. I brought some spirulina
and sea salt along with me, and I always add that stuff in.

I usually like to add dairy whey to my mix as well,
but I just started a new batch today so that will
have to wait until tomorrow. Really good for
building up healthy bacteria populations in the soil.

Um....dont ask! Put a little of yourself in the mix!
The plants will love the nitrogen and if your diet is good,
think of all the fun stuff in there.
This is super weak too...1 part urine to 5 parts water is really good.
This was more like 1 to 30.
I cant believe I took a pic of myself peeing into a bucket.
Seriously though, this is a GOOD idea.
So this is the finished brew...I then stir for a little bit
and sing some songs if Im in the mood.
The water sure most of you know that by now
who read blogs like this. Water is intelligent, and if you
bring the intention of love and positive vibes to it,
I feel that its super powerful.

The blank canvas. So rocky, but rocks come in handy.

I love to build rock circles, they trap nutrients
and keep the rain from washing everything away.
And it looks good. To me at least.

Let the digging begin. So damn rocky. More rocks for the circle!

I basically pried (is that how you spell it?)
rocks out of this hole. I really wasnt digging,
I was just getting rocks out. Sandy dirt and rocks.
This is going to need allot of TLC.

Bring in the TLC. Organic composted mulch.
The guy at the nursery said 1/2 this with 1/2 native soil (sand)
is just fine. I erred on the side of caution and added in a little
more of the good stuff, and watered it down with nice nutrients.

Me starting to get the hole prepped.
Good stuff on the bottom.

And after all this talk, you finally get to see the tree.
She is big! And FULL of blossoms. Heavenly!

After popping her into the hole and filling it in,
I like to surround the larger area with a few thick inches
of the mulch. This way it will trap more moisture
and leech down into the sand, feeding the tree later on.
Ill continue to dump more of that mulch on as the weeks go by.
This is my feeble attempt at trying to lure people
into planting trees!
The power of association! Let it overtake you!

I havent modeled for a month now,
so this is me working the camera for practice.
Cant get rusty. That tree is looking happy with
all that tasty mulch around it.

With my hands, I mixed in some nice organic fertilizer.
Maybe 2 cups or so...spread all around.

There she is...sitting pretty. Im excited to see how
everything is looking in the morning.

I also happened upon a lovely yellow guava.
$30! I was ordering these online and they would
cost me $100 with all the shipping! Crazy!

The boys go crazy about planting fruit should too!

I worry that guavas are a little cold-sensitive
for the winter desert nights here,
so Im putting this one in a nice container and will
see how things pan out. The nursery guy said
that people are having success with them down here,
but it takes a little TLC to make it click well.
Moisture, warmth...but not too much.
I think the container is perfect for now.
Show your plants the love they deserve and they
will give it back to you 100 fold later on!
Treat planting as a joyous hobby,
not some lame chore. The plants will thank you!

Until next time...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Giveaway winner for what Ive been up to

I found this at Lifethyme about a month ago...

I really hope this becomes the standard.
Less IS more!
I feel thats the same reasoning of the truffles.
Keep it simple...why 30 ingredients?

The winner of the raw book is Amber!
Here is her entry...totally picked randomly I promise.

"Two books have blown my mind over the last month (literally:)).
I've been struggling with a binge eating disorder/mild depression
(low motivation, self-induced isolation etc.).
I was very tempted to go on an anti-depressant
because I literally felt like I couldn't function anymore.
But because I follow a high-raw, very health diet/lifestyle,
chemical pharmaceuticals don't vibe well with me.
I started reading The Ultra-mind Connection with Dr. Mark Hyman
which is all about healing brain-related illnesses.
He gives a 6 week program to begin healing the brain.
Well I am 4 weeks in and I feel like I've had a 180 degree turn.
My motivation is back, my cognitive function is returning,
I feel like seeing my friends and I'm back on track in all of my training.

The other book I read was The Edge Effect by Dr. Eric Braverman
which teaches all about neuro-biology and the role the neurotransmitters
play in all functions throughout the body.
I learned that I am serotonin deficient even when I was at my
best and at my worst my acetylcholine levels were very depleted.
These are fairly easy things to fix with the use of all-natural
supplements and mild lifestyle changes.

For anyone struggling with depression, energy loss, eating disorders, etc, etc, etc.
I recommend reading both of these books!"

Great stuff! Im going to send your email over to Snubbr so
they can hook you up asap! Congratulations and great job with
everything you've gone thru and are working on!

The Phoenix Farmers Market was awesome!
Ive never ever been on the other side of the table
at a farmer's market, but this felt so right!
The website is up too, check it out HERE.
Its a temporary pdf and much more is coming soon.

We would set up at 7am and then just visit with people
and it all came really naturally. Not many people are going
to get rich selling at the farmer's mkt, but its great exposure and
gives decent credibility as far as the local and organic scene.

Some of the offerings at the market are really great,
but many are pretty conventional and not very innovative
as far as organics and such.
Even grass-fed needs way more exposure, but its easy to
forget the viewpoint of the mainstream when you get
neck-deep into cutting edge nutrition and organic living.

We are joining two other markets and will be doing
a culinary festival this weekend where we will be passing
out samples and saying hello to everyone.

Later that night I have a redeye flight back to NY for a two day job,
which Im honestly not that excited about!
The energy down in the Southwest is just so good and was 70F and sunny today. I have planted new trees
and am giving lots of TLC to the other 8 fruit trees that have
been planted in the past few years. More pics to come!!

Ok Im out the door and have to roll 100 truffles tonight
so Im going to wrap this up. Ill be posting about the desert
permaculture project I am lucky enough to be working on and
sharing lots of pictures. Such a joy to be working with trees so early
in the season...6-8 weeks in MN before people get outside and in the garden.