Monday, March 31, 2008

Successfully Raw Recap

A Perfect End to a LONG Week...

I got home from Mexico City on Thursday night,
and found out that I had to fly to Milwaukee on the first
flight out the next morning. So after a four hour nap,
I was in a taxi and headed BACK to the airport. Yeesh...

I shot all day for Kohls, and didnt get back until midnight.
I had to be at the event first thing in the morning,
so there wasnt much time to practice.

Luckily I had lots of spare time on the plane, so I went
over some main points and came up with some great subjects
to speak about. After all the preparation though, I simply
ended up winging most of it and just speaking honestly from the heart.

Everyone did AMAZING and from the feedback I heard,
all of the attendees had a great time and loved the food as well.

Big ups to the We Like it Raw crew, Karen Knowler and Joel Odhner
for sharing all of their experiences and knowledge. Im so proud
to be a part of such a great team of people.
ENDLESS thanks to Dawn for taking all these great pics :)
Youre the best...

And everyone that helped out too...nothing but gratitude.
Robert and his assistant for filming,
Kaya, Gigi, Jenny and Jamy for all of their help,
and Vanessa for providing the wonderful Gnosis Chocolate!

This is the first of many, and we just keep getting
stronger with each passing day.

A shot with the lovely Penni...

We are riding the freshest wave on the planet.
I loved meeting everyone many online
friends that were finally in person!
Blessed be the internet...

Much love everyone...have a wonderful week.



Anonymous said...

you should post a picture of dawn :) !

Raw Faith said...

SUCH a great event... and it was awesome finally meeting you! oh and here is a great pic of us!
anthony and brit successfully raw event

wyldegirl said...

much love to you as well- and winging it "from the heart" really worked for you- you were off the hook funny!

Penni said...

Yes, the weekend was incredible and I LOVED your part of the lecture!! Besides being drop dead gorgeous, you are freakin' hilarious dude! Who knew?! It was a total pleasure to finally get to meet you in person. Can't wait until I get to hang out with you guys again soon! Please give my love to Dawn....she's a jewel.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the event was great and that you did a wonderful job Anthony! How exciting. Wish I could've been there, but c'est la vie!