Saturday, July 28, 2007

Advice is Cheap and Plentiful

The Abundance of Cheap Advice

Everyone has their "two cents" to throw in when it comes to health and overall well-being. Many have exercise tips, and diet secrets. We all know this. There is no shortage of it in this society. Ask 1000 people and get 1500 different answers.

If I can give you any advice on the subject of taking advice, it is to look at who is giving it. You must ask yourself - "Is this person achieving the results that I want to achieve for myself?" Are they in great physical, mental and emotional states? Ive come to find that people who have the most messed up lives are usually the ones running their mouths about how to properly live in this world.

And ask another question as well. "Does this person have anything to gain if I take their advice?" Usually, I'm referring to a salesperson or personal trainer...someone looking to pick up a client. Although in this case, their advice might be sound, but their intentions might not be as pure as simply helping you.

If these two questions are asked and you come to an answer you are satisfied with, then I would go ahead. Above all...look at the results they have achieved. You wouldn't take financial advice from a bum on the street, so why would you take health advice from someone who is clearly not in good physical shape?
So if someone tells you that coconut oil is bad for you, or that avocados are bad for you, or even that raw vegetables and fruits aren't as healthy as cooked ones, simply look at them and make the call. By the way...coconut oil and avocados are VERY good for you, and raw vegetables and fruits are Nature's first law.

I'm not selling you anything. Most of you I probably don't even know. And look at my results. Thats all I can say. Take it for what its worth.

Pictured above? Raw Strawberry Shortcake!....Recipe is here:

They made it sloppy...I layered it and put the strawberry topping all over the top. Its all about the presentation people!!!

Have a great week everyone!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily Essentials...No Matter WHAT

Some Basics to Include in Your Diet EVERYDAY

I was visiting with a good friend of mine on the phone a few days ago, and he had some constructive criticism for me about the site. He said to me: "Yeah, everything looks great, but what if you were a mom with three kids and no time...what do you do then? Its easy for a single guy to do this diet...what about someone living outside of a big city?"

I have to admit, it is possible that this blog could be seen as promoting a lifestyle which is only attainable by people with extra money and time on their hands. But the more I have learned and explored available resources, the more I have realized that this diet can be done ANYWHERE, and you would actually save money both in the long and short term.

When you eat nutritionally dense foods, your body knows it and needs less of it. You could eat a whole loaf of white bread, or you could eat some sprouted grains and your body would fill up on the grains before the bread. Same with ice cream and junk food. Its so easy to keep eating and eating because nothing is registering with the have to actually get a stomach ache before you receive any feedback to stop eating. So there is money saved there.

Here's an example - For breakfast, I eat three pieces of fruit, maybe 2 with some extra water. Apples, GRAPEFRUITS, oranges, a papaya, a bowl of berries...mix it up and keep rotating as to keep it exciting. You know how much 3 apples costs? 3 organic apples? About $1.50 MAX. I NEVER buy individual pieces...I always buy the 3lb bag and I can't see why anyone wouldn't. You get your organic produce for about half the price. 3 Large Grapefruits? Maybe $2. When was the last time you had a breakfast that cost less than $2? Sure, you could eat a bowl of cheerios and some milk, but remember, you are getting almost no nutrition. Me? I would eat 3 bowls of cheerios to fill me up. All of it just cooked starches and fiber and milk puss. So what are you really paying for? And think about how processed that food is. Factories...businessmen making money...shipping this stuff across the country with fossil fuels to reach our blessed tables. NO THANKS.

Here are the essentials which everyone should have everyday. Eat these, and then fill in the gaps with your other foods...

1. Cucumber - Cleanses the kidneys and the skin. Many Hollywood actresses eat one cucumber a day at least. Chop them up and put dried fruit and a sweet salad dressing on them. Or just break it in half and eat away. It is also a diuretic, so your body will push out excess water that was causing bloating. Forget about putting cucumbers on your eyes...EAT THEM instead! It comes from the inside!

2. One salad or green smoothie. You MUST get green leaves in your diet. We have evolved with green leaves in our diet for millions of years, and ever since we left them behind our health has rapidly decreased. They have more calcium than milk, have the fiber to keep your insides clean and regular, and have so many other great minerals essential for health. Either make a great salad everyday, or blend your greens with fruit (banana mango...pineapple...grapes and figs...apples and prunes) and simply drink your greens. matter what. Get this in.

3. WATER WATER WATER. I cant say it enough. The more you drink, the more your body will realize that it doesn't need to store excess water anymore, and poof! You just lost 5 pounds of water and you are looking more toned than ever before. Alot of times people will mistake water for fat. Its usually water that is stored under your skin. This is what takes the definition out of your muscles and makes you feel heavy. Fat takes time to accumulate, water takes a day or two.

4. Grapefruit. At least one, hopefully 2 or 3. It has an enzyme that breaks down cellulite, and is widely known for breaking down mucus in the body. And they taste SOOO good. Get the Red variety...much sweeter and easier to eat for the newcomer.

5. Avocado. I would say Avocado or a Coconut...but unless you live around an asian market or are able to order coconut oil online, I would go with the avocado. Avocado is a GOOD fat, and RAW fat. That means that the enzyme LIPASE is still alive in the avocado...this enzyme breaks down the fat for you, so its not stored in your body. When you eat COOKED fats like fried oil and cooked animal fat, the body doesn't know what to do with this fat, so it stores it away. Make sense? You are better off eating raw whale blubber than cooked fats from oil and meat.
An avocado will give you a full feeling, and if you blend it with a pear or some other sweet fruit like a peach or an apple, it will combine to make a wonderful semi-sweet pudding. I LOVE these for breakfast...I add nuts and pieces of dried fruit for extra texture. Avocados are very mineral rich, and will give your skin a smooth shiny look that people will notice within weeks.

So...Cucumber (50 cents), Green Smoothie ($2-3) , Grapefruit (50 cents), Avocado ($1-2), and lots of Water.

Thats easily two meals, and it totals $5. Who says you have to eat three meals a day anyhow? What animal in nature eats three square meals a day? Are we slaves to tradition STILL?

To all you parents out there...just keep giving the kids fruit. Honestly, from what I know now, I would have to HATE my child to give them a soda and a candy bar. It would be like cutting them or punching them. I value the internal health as much as the external. To give a child junk food is not only negligent, but its lazy and forms addictions that are very hard to break later on. My mom let me drink soda when I was really young, and I still have a sweet-tooth to this day.

If prices are too high at your grocery store, look for a local farmer's market or even better - a local farmer - to get better prices. I try to get as much as possible from the farmer's market now because I know about the life-force of food...and shipping organic produce from California is VASTLY different from buying it direct from a farmer that harvested it the day before or the morning of the market. You just cannot beat it, plus the money is going directly to the organic farmer, not some agri-business. A little leg-work goes a very long way. And think about the oil saved. Shipping a head of lettuce 3000 miles costs much much more than 100 miles. HIDDEN COSTS.

Even better? GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. Nothing beats this. Seriously. When you love your plants, and give them the energy they need, you are creating something magical. Please look into the method called Square Foot Gardening. Its for all people, but especially those with limited space. You will get more produce from this method than any other. If every household had two of these for sustenance and fun, we would be a completely independent country, both nationally and personally. Check it out - This method could end world hunger, and the death grip that industrialized nations have over the third world.

Think about this idea too - not only would the grocery bill be less, but you won't be using electricity for the oven, microwave, and the stove-top. You and your kids won't suffer from the same illnesses as before. The illnesses caused by dairy and processed food consumption will go away. Think about the money saved on doctor's visits and co-pays! No pots and pans to dishwasher either...I just rinse off my dishes with a little soap in the sink and put them on the rack to dry. No energy needed.

There are so many costs that we never think about...the real costs of our diet. How much is your health and vitality worth anyways? If you had prostate cancer or breast cancer, how much would you pay to eradicate it? Why not pay for organic whole fruits and vegetables NOW and save yourself countless thousands in the future?

I would gladly pay twice as much for organic now, because I know that standard vegetables are pretty much genetic hybrids made for shelf-life, not nutrition. You get what you pay for, and you are fueling your #1 possession, your body.

And you are also fueling your REAL #1 possessions...the bodies and minds of your children. I'll state it again, I would have to despise my child to give him or her processed junk food or dairy or meat. It would be like putting little drops of poison in their water...not enough to kill them, but enough to make them sick over the course of time. Unthinkable. I see kids walking around with some mystery blue liquid in their bottle while their fat mother sits on the subway. Obesity isn't genetic, but poor lifestyle habits certainly are.

Get the essentials in (Cucumber - Avocado - Grapefruit - Greens - Water) and love your kids and yourself enough to eat the BEST FOOD EVER. Invest in yourself and your health. Forget the mutual funds and the stock market...if you have cancer, none of that will mean anything to you. You are the are the asset. Invest wisely.

The Rawmodel

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What Has Worked So Far

What Has Worked For Me So Far

Sometimes I believe that I get too critical about some other ways of life. I don't want it to seem that way. I have been there too. I did an internship for selling life insurance. I lived off of chicken sandwiches and milk and grilled cheeses for YEARS. But besides my acne, I was a pretty healthy person. Not super healthy and vibrant, but good enough at the time.

What I'm saying is that I have come across some other ideas, have experimented with these diets and ways of life, and have experienced some really interesting results. The raw-vegan diet has been one of them. Meditating a little bit as well has helped me (however i'm by no means dedicated at all in meditation. Ill do it a few times in a few days, then will stop for weeks for some reason.) Although, Ill still always lay in bed each night and every morning and feel gratefulness for all the positive things (and in a way, negative things too) in my life, so that is like mediation in a way as well.

It is the books that I've read, and the documentaries that I've seen...which have really affected my life.

The magic of quantum physics, and how amazing this universe is...and the role of consciousness and the idea that "the observer" is essential to create reality has completely changed my view of why we are here on this planet at this very moment, and what this is really all about. Here are some of these movies and books.


The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe

Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis

Wild Health: Lessons in Natural Wellness from the Animal Kingdom by Cindy Engel

The Complete Conversations with God (Boxed Set) by Neale Donald Walsch - Neale Donald Walsch (Books)

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I recommend that you read this review about the secret as well - Read More

I think it was the most recent one anyways by the reviewer S. Winters

(I have my problems with the Secret as well, but all of the information in this work can be very positive and life changing. I think it focused way too much on "HAVE THE CAR YOU WANT...LIVE IN THE MANSION OF YOUR DREAMS!! idea...but beyond that, its ok. From what i have learned in life, its the experience of enjoying more from less which is truly liberating.
But thats just what I happen to be going though now. Its totally cool if you enjoy different things, we are all different and should honor and enjoy this diversity. I read Walden too intensely when my mind was beginning to open up to different ideas in 2003. I believe that it had a really profound effect on how I've been living my life ever since. Some of us are shaped by our parents exclusively, some of us by books and other media, and most of us both. I'll always put toilet paper on the roller in a certain way and its pretty much because my family did that. Funny right? It seems to work, so I stick with it. I think this is how we approach most of our daily lives. I just happened to read some different material when I was finished with college and I could finally read for fun. It totally opened up my reality.

I think in that in the University System they keep the students so busy that most of them never have time to read books for fun that would distract them from the classwork studies and prevent them from forming different ideas about how life can be lived.

I'll go more into this at the end...back to the list.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda (Book)

Simple Living and Solar Power and Gardening:

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin (Book)

Voluntary Simplicity, Revised Edition: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin (Book)

Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth by Jim Merkel (Book ...different author)

The New Independent Home: People and Houses That Harvest the Sun (Real Goods Solar Living Books) by Michael Potts(book)

I watch the Home and Garden Channel all the time when Im on the elliptical at night.
There is always great stuff on there, and the yard landscaping shows are my favorite.

Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work by Mel Bartholomew

The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education by Grace Llewellyn

And -
Walden by Henry David Thoreau

There are countless others..check out stuff from Anthony Robbins, and you can always find these things in your local library. The idea is just to start cultivating new ideas.

We are all on our own path, and I am cool with anyone who is a good individual and doesn't like harming others. There are so many of us out there that are looking to meet up with like minds, and even though it doesn't happen as much in person as it used to, it does freely occur on the Internet.

Now ideas can spread that can shape our futures. We are no longer limited by vocal chords, and even telephone and print. Now we can see INDEPENDENT ideas...not needing money or group action to be published.

Another thought crossed my mind the other day about travel. You know, there are some people that like to make life enjoyable EVERYDAY instead...and if that includes having a nice lunch in a restaurant, or having a freshly made gourmet coffee every morning without the fuss of cleanup, then that is totally cool.

There are some that like to condense more enjoyment into two week periods or however long as possible, and that's cool too. We are all different. I just happen to live real modestly here in the city and then use my money for travel. Whatever does it for you, does it for you. That's all there is to it.

Although you see some of the more elaborate creations that I've shown on this site, I mostly live off of hemp-coconut smoothies with superfoods in them, green juice, and various fruits throughout the day, both dried and fresh. (Too much dried lately though, although they are figs, which arent so sugary.) Dried fruit is very high is sugar, and you will eat quite allot of it before you realize that you ate too much and a brick is sitting in your stomach. Go slow with it and drink water while you do it, it will be MUCH better for you. I had a late evening of dates and macadamia nuts once, and it was a very difficult night of indigestion that followed.

Here are the basic ideas that I've come across so far that have "worked" for me.

Our closest relatives are the great apes, and their natural diet is the diet that we have eaten up until 500,000...or even 10,000, ...or even 50 years ago.

500,000 years - The Introduction of high levels of meat consumption and the use of fire for cooking .

10,000 years - The era of domestication begins, grain and milk products abound.

50 years - Corn syrup and white flour become primary staples of the diet, along with cooked dairy products and processed meats.

So if we ask ourselves...what is the diet that is MOST natural for us, and that would promote the health enjoyed by the wild animals and more natural people of the world? Its the diet that came before fire. And now we have the resources to bring the best foods from around the globe to our doorstep, for a cheaper price than by going to the health food store. This is whats happening now. The free time is trying to make itself available. And so is the vibrant health. The Universe is making this easier for us, so we can reach higher levels without so much effort.

I've gone through it, and have had amazing changes. Changes never experienced on a vegetarian or vegan or even raw vegan diet with a large amount of nuts and seeds.

When I have gone 50% fruit, 50% leafy greens, things start to change quickly. Energy dips down a little at first because the body is readjusting, but then you start waking up early and spend 18-20 hours a day doing very active activities because you have so much energy. You have clear thinking, and are able to concentrate on books without getting distracted, and more ideas start to flow in.

When I started waking up at 6am after going to sleep at 2am, I had to ask myself what was going on. But it was about going light on the meals, and not eating late, and staying clean with good water and breathing deeply that had pushed me to the next level.

And about spending money. Spend it on what you want to. If the idea of not spending it and saving for a house later works for me, then it works for might not work for you. Another person could be completely content in their apartment, and there are people that have GREAT apartments here and everywhere obviously. I just like being more rural. And although I am in the middle of it right now, eventually I'll come to city only once in a while. We are all different. One way isn't better or worse.

But from my experience, I have found that by simplifying our lives, and minimizing our possessions, we have less to take care of and less to worry about losing. And the less I buy, the less I have to earn to pay for it all. If 5 people were to join forces and do this together, living cooperatively and minimally, then the possibilities for change are greatly increased, and the time frame needed for them to occur is dramatically diminished.

My hobbies that are basically free are as follows:

I ride my bike around the city. I watch documentaries and movies that add to my life...usually I stray from the typical Hollywood distractions. Movies can be downloaded online or rented through netflix for about $20 a month.
I read alot, and study spanish and now french in my free time. I received all my materials through the library or by downloading them for free online.
I buy books, but its usually through, where I will pay about 20% of the retail price. I highly recommend it.
And I listen to good podcasts and music while Im at the gym. An Ipod Nano is $200, but if used to its full extent, its the best $200 spent by far. No comparison. It gives back so much, and can help give you an education that college students pay thousands for.

If we can get more free activities into our life, we have the chance to put more money away for bigger goals and projects. It has worked for me, maybe something different works for you.

So be sure to check out the links, and go to and try and find a cheaper price as well. And get some plants for your place, they really add so much to the atmosphere if you take care of them.

I really should get outside, its beautiful out there and here I am on the computer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sticking to the Curriculum

Sticking to the Curriculum

No matter what it is you do, if you expect to improve yourself and your life, you have to take consistent steps (although usually small and seemingly ineffective) EVERY DAY to make big monumental strides overall. The journey of 1000 miles is taken with small steps, and the beginning of that journey is having the IDEA to take that step. Not even the first step itself, but having the idea to do so.

By stretching whenever I had the chance, I was able to become pretty flexible. Touching my toes was unthinkable a year ago, and that is the way it will feel about many things in life. By reading a little bit everyday, or listening to a simple Spanish conversation for 20 min every day, we begin to rewire our brains and after an extended period of time, we are light years away from where we were.

I know that it seems disheartening sometimes...not feeling like you are making much progress in the first 2 weeks, or even 2 months. But keep faith. Know that you are improving yourself, and enjoy that path. Make it enjoyable by listening to good music while exercising, or planning on a foreign vacation and buying those tickets to make it solid in your reality. Motivation, ultimately must come from within. You can lead a horse to water, but as we all know, you cannot force it to drink.

So...stick with it. Have nothing but fresh fruit for breakfast. Make yourself an awesome salad for lunch or dinner. Drink water all the time. In fact, drink nothing but water and FRESH juice. As you may not know, Tropicana and Minute Maid Orange Juice has to be pasteurized (cooked) in order for it to last long on the shelves. This is dead juice, and basically sugar water with some depleted vitamin c. This is true for even Naked Juice and Odwalla. It is cooked, therefore it is dead. The enzymes have been destoyed, so the magic is gone.

Instead, just eat a few oranges and drink nothing but water. If you have cravings for coffee or coke, ask yourself...why is my brain so focused on drinking coffee? Why can I not stop thinking about an ice cold coca-cola? Think about bathing your insides with the bubbly brown sugary acid cocktail...come on! Ask yourself "Am I ADDICTED then?" Addiction (or...the realization of addiction) only occurs when you step back and look at something objectively. See if you can give something up for a week. Whether it be television, soda, meat, or cheese. You'd be amazed how hooked you are to these things, and how you've been unconsciously indulging in these addictions for decades.

Test yourself, and push yourself to new limits. Where there is no struggle, there will be NO growth. And since NOTHING stays still in the universe, either you are growing and evolving, or you are dying and regressing. There is no stable unmoving ground. If you are not growing, your are dying. Think about this long and hard.

GROW...EVOLVE...BECOME THE ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION OF HUMAN EXCELLENCE. You have as much of a right to it as anyone on this planet. You were born a genius, but were led to believe that you were not. You were told to admire smart men and women, infallible saviors, and creative geniuses and artists. All the while, the ultimate goal, you were told, was to get a good secure job and have kids and buy some junk and pay your taxes. OH...You want to be an artist? GET REAL! That will never pay the bills! We admire these people, but tell our kids to be accountants. Hmm....

Is there a contradiction here? If you were raised knowing that you were a child of God as much as the Buddha or Jesus, would that become your reality? If you were raised thinking that you were a sinner at your that how you would live? Could we all truly live like the Saviors of the past and become them ourselves? Look to these enlightened individuals as the innovators...the ones that showed humanity what was and still is possible. Possible for ALL OF US. And more possible now than ever before. We have the knowledge at our fingertips, and we have experienced the other ways of life that have led to ecological and spiritual destruction. We know that there is a better way, and its time to live it.

"The Least among you, will do all these things and more." - Jesus

"Have I not told you that ye are Gods??" - Jesus

If the church raised you to think that Jesus was your equal instead of your savior, where would that leave them? You would be self-empowered, and wouldn't need them to be the middleman between earth and heaven for you anymore.

I tell you this though, the only difference between you and Jesus is that he KNEW who he really was, and acted that truth out in his life. You haven't realized your inner power havent realized that you are a perfect physical manifestation of God, just like every other being in this universe. The energy of life vibrates throughout the cosmos, and it is flowing through the veins of your body. The person deep down inside of you...the one without the name...without the trivial human drama, that is who you really are. And that is God...You are God observing and living in your own creation in this temporary body.

Big thought, eh? The magic of it, is that everyone you see is also this very same person. Don't be fooled by the different physical appearance. Because not only are you brothers and sisters, you are the same individual. The Ego separates us from this realization, but that is the fun of it. That is the game, and perhaps the purpose Rediscovering who you really many years or lives as it takes to get it right, and then acting upon it. Bringing heaven into the earthly experience.

Live a reality where you are pure good. See the perfection in EVERYTHING, and know that the force of the universe will help you as much as you need and want. Its your choice. You are the producer of your reality, and its up to you to write the screenplay. And please stop worshiping false idols (electronics, fancy clothes and cars, jewelry, and the basically the entire consumer culture). If you get enjoyment from these things that's cool, but look for other things that don't require so much money and hours worked to pay for them. These are hours of your life that you get to use only once. If you enjoy your work that is a blessing though, and if you have the disposable income, enjoy life with it as you see fit.

Get out of the backseat of the bus and jump is the driver's seat. No longer will you allow to let things happen to you. You will make them happen, and love every minute of it.

Continuous improvement. Love yourself and know that you deserve ultimate health and ultimate life. Your body is the temple of the force of life...which many call God, please always remember that. Tell yourself..."I deserve to enjoy vibrant health. I am worthy of this" I love my body and will give it nothing but the best."

All you need is love (and some money...if you want to live in the modern society, but I think that is beginning to look really overrated.)

Peace it and give yourself to it every second. Love yourself and your brothers and sisters. We are all in this together. Little steps every day change our reality.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Travel or Not to Grow

To Travel is to Grow

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime. ~Mark Twain

I cannot emphasize how much traveling has enriched my experience in this life. I have been around, although not nearly as much as I would like. And that's the funny thing about it, the more that you travel, the more you realize how much more is out there and you begin to feel that you haven't seen anything yet.

And when you are out there in the world, trying to figure out how to get somewhere, or to do something, you meet someone very important - yourself. You figure out who you are deep inside...or at least you get a strong hint about it. Especially if you decide to travel on your own for a little bit...that whole experience is accelerated rapidly. I would recommend some solo travel, but after a while you won't need it anymore, and it will probably be better to go along with your favorite travel partner.

I find it a complete tragedy that people choose to spend money on daily doodads instead...just by eliminating one Starbucks coffee each day you could take a nice $1000 vacation. And think about where you could go if you brought your lunch to work with you! I'm not into restaurants at all really anymore. I like knowing WHO made my food, and HOW they made it. I honor my physical body too much now to jeopardize its health.

I've worked in quite a few restaurants (both very upscale and very not) and let me tell you, they are all gross, and most people are quite unsanitary. The guy making your dinner doesn't know you, so why would he care if he dropped your chicken breast on the ground? Do you think he is going to go through the trouble to stop the entire flow of the kitchen to make a new one while everything else gets cold? NO. I have seen this too many times. Its brushed off, and put on the plate. Your gourmet soup? Its made with powder and cooking in big vats, spooned out like an ordinary soup kitchen. The only difference is that the homeless person got his for free while you paid $5 for it.

So...with that digression...I have realized that I enjoy making my own meals or dining at home with friends and family much more compared to eating out. You can make far superior meals for less money, and you get to put the LOVE into what you are preparing. You think the Guatemalan behind the counter cares about what you put in your mouth? You are a pig-American as far as he is concerned. With the money you save everyday, you could easily do a two week Asian vacation. Easily. Its about consistency this all the time, and think about kitchen conditions and putting love into the food. Ever wonder why Mom's cooking tastes so much better? LOVE.

Back to travel. Its SO easy. I kid you not. Get a guidebook, transfer your eating and drinking out funds towards a travel fund, and in less than a year you can be exploring the jungles of Thailand and drinking coconuts like its your last day on earth. I hiked in the Himalayas for about $30 a day, including all my expenses. I visited with Sherpa families in their simple mountain villages and took part in a snowball fight with Buddhist nuns.

Let's see...those experiences or Starbucks everyday? Please...

And I tell you this...the deeper you go into raw food, the more your senses are open to the truth. You can't deny the truth any longer, and you can't do what you don't want to do anymore. The pathways of creativity are swung wide open, and you find a way to make the life that you want to live become real. Slaving away at a job you don't love becomes unthinkable.


What are you trading in? Freedom? Your life? Fun? For what? The ability to pay bills that you don't even need to have? The more security that you demand, the more freedom you will give up. Many MANY people work at jobs for insurance benefits. But they hate the time wasted there. But they are slaves to the security mentality. Instead, they could develop their own business, live more simply, and easily buy their own insurance, and have so much more freedom. Think about the regret they are going to have when they are laying in their death beds...thinking about how they wasted their youthful years working to pay for stupid cars and stupid clothes. We have really been tricked here.

I went from traveling, to restaurant cleanliness (or the lack of it), and then to the work ethic again. Let's bring it back to the first. The more freedom you have, the more you can grow from the chance to travel. You can go without asking permission like a little child. You truly become your own creator of this life. How does this not sound appealing? Do want to live like a teenager? Trying to get mom and dad to give you permission for everything? You are giving up 10 hours a day to work, so it might as well be towards your liberation. Get a guidebook from Lonely Planet and start visualizing your journey there...soon it will become realized if you want it to be.

Take care.

Raw Food - Traveling - Raw Food - Traveling - Don't waste money! Get it?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Advice on staying lean

My Top 5 Tips for Looking Lean and STAYING Lean

A lean, tight, and muscular body is what we are aiming for here. We all have that body, but most of us have a thick layer of fat and water that hides its beauty from the rest of the world. I don't know about you, but I definitely do not want to be big and muscular. And I know that is a big fear of women...they are adamant about not putting on bulk and looking like some kind of she-male.

Not to worry ladies...unless you are totally killing it in the gym and consuming large amounts of chemical supplements, you are not going to get that way. Your body just does not product the testosterone to get you there. So heed this advice if it sounds logical to you.

I have to stay lean. If I bulk up, I can't fit into suits and fitted shirts, and therefore Im losing money. At first, monetary gain was the #1 motivational factor for me with choosing this lifestyle. Now that I have really gone deep into it, and experienced the clarity and pure joy and boundless energy that it gives, you couldn't pay me to go off of it. Seriously. You could offer me $50,000 a year to go back to the cooked junk doughy cheesy meat diet, and I would laugh in your face. Id rather be a raw bum than a rich cooked foodie. And that is no lie whatsoever. we go.

#1. Drink copious (lots) of water! If you are already eating large amounts of raw food, you are getting way more moisture in your diet than someone eating bread and noodles and meat and cereal. However, the more liquid your body receives, the more it will shed because its receiving the signal that it doesn't have to cling onto water anymore. When you drink or eat salty food, you will lose water, but then the body will know and react. It will say "Water is in short supply...I must make reserves so I can make it through this dry period." Now any liquid you put in will stay on you, and you will gain about 5-8 pounds in water over the weekend. I have done this, and I feel that most of it goes to my face. I can no longer see the veins in my arms and across my chest, and I feel bloated and horrible. I would recommend about 3-4 liters a day at first, then maybe bring it down to 2 liters, but eat lots of fruit and veggies like cucumber to keep the body hydrated. Also...the number one hydrating vegetable? Celery! 3 stalks a day will keep you much more hydrated than before, and will give you lots of good hydrochloric acid to break down excess fiber in your system. When you wake and before sleep are the two crucial times to get your water in.

#2. Exercise Before Breakfast. You will be burning off fat reserves in your stomach instead of burning the sugar in your stomach from breakfast. I will make a green juice with no sugar in it, or just a lemon water, and then do an hour on the treadmill (slow but steep). I'll watch some interesting show and listen to music while I do it to make the time pass by more easily. This is HUGE. Before breakfast! Do this for a week and you will notice the differences much sooner. No joke. If I have a big job coming up and Im not in peak shape, I will consistently go before breakfast and within 3 days I will be satisfied with my look. Its so obvious...every move you are making is fueled from your fat, not the food in your system. Think about this.

#3. Eat 5-6 hours before bed, and try to get some moderate exercise in before sleeping. This has to do with burning off any excess calories before going to bed. More of a precaution than anything, but I also feel that it really helps with digestion to get some moderate movement before becoming sedentary for the night. Otherwise it can just sit like a big lump in your stomach, and ferment and give you bad indigestion. Trust me...Ive come home late from jobs and have pigged out on dried fruit and nuts, and even though these are technically raw, they just sat like bricks in my stomach. The next day you are tired and moody. Avoid this at all costs. Eat early and move around a bit before bed. The more the better. I dont care if its sex or treadmill or doing twists in front of the TV...just get that heart rate up a bit after your last meal. If you do get the most eat a piece of fruit, or even better just drink lots of water until you feel full and keep your mind on other things.

#4. For Heaven's Sake...NO refined carbs. No pasta, no bread, no rice, no refined sugar...its all completely unnatural and if you long for it, you are connecting positive past experiences to it and you are simply addicted. Don't feel bad, I just recently got over my food addictions. Pigging out to me means a mango-coconut smoothie (with LOADS of shredded coconut) at 9pm...thats my sin. Bread and pasta and all that are cooked carbs. Our cells will hold on to as much as 3 times the amount of water if these carbs are in our systems. This is why the Atkins diet does so well in the beginning. People cut out all these carbs and the body releases all the dead water it has been holding onto for years. All of a sudden people have lost 10-15 pounds and they feel great. All the while they are eating flesh and pain and death, but thats another topic. At least they have cut out the refined carbs, and their early weight loss is proof that it works.

#5. Number 5 was a tough one for me...there were lots of options. I could just say, eat raw food. I could say exercise. Both of these would work, under one condition. CONSISTENCY. You have to stick with the program. Going on and off, even for just one day a week will slow your results down way more than you could ever imagine. All of these things will do wonders, but you have to stick to it every day for at least a week. AT LEAST. The longer the better. Even I have problems with this sometimes. Ill eat too late...thats my major issue. But this is rare...once every 2 weeks MAYBE. But if you think of it like a will know what you have to do to cancel out that offense. Me, I went to the gym the next morning and did an extra 1/2 hour on the treadmill, just to be safe. This is what it takes. Think of it like a ledger. If you do a negative, you have to do extra positive things to attempt to counteract the former. If you have a large meal at 9pm or even later because you went to a wedding, stay up a little later than usual and do some boxing moves in front of the tv before bed. Always keep that in mind. It might sound tedious, but you will be lean and look better than ever. This is what it takes. Do you think all the people in magazines have great bodies because they like to relax and enjoy eating late and having pasta and bread? I would hope not. These people have put alot of time and discipline into their lifestyles and daily habits, and they have reaped what they have sowed.

There is a term in the computer business...GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out. You get back what you put in. And for every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward. You have to want to look amazing more than you want to eat that pizza and fall asleep. Strive for excellence and give yourself the body that will help you accomplish all your dreams and aspirations. Health is wealth, and in this society, a healthy body will show that you are disciplined and care for yourself, and that will open MANY doors for you. You wont regret looking better, and especially feeling better. 5 simple steps. Some easier than others, but humans are habitual. The trick is to develop habits that evolve you, not make you look like a tired slob. Your choice.

Good night my friends,


Monday, July 9, 2007

A Belated Happy "Independence" Day from Rawmodel

How Free are We REALLY?

Here is a strong idea that I have heard recently. The more security you wish for, the less freedom you will have. This goes for jobs, traveling, and life in general. The most security someone can have would be in a maximum security prison...and that is where the least freedom is enjoyed.

Do you want to be a slave to bad eating habits? If you are sick, are you free to create and travel the globe? Do you need the security of money? Many people do...they have buried themselves in debt and lifestyles that require constant cashflow. So in turn, they are forced to report to work every day and make someone else richer.

I dont want to alienate anyone here. We all have jobs, and most of us young people are trying our best to get by. But remember, more security= less freedom. Think about this. If you are self-sufficient and dont need alot of money to live and ENJOY life, you can enjoy more freedom if you want it.

Hobbies like...gardening, learning something new from library books, exercising, riding bikes in the park, learning a new language...all of this stuff is very affordable if not free. We dont need to pay for leisure in order to enjoy ourselves.

"Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery, Only Yourself Can Free Your Mind" - Bob Marley.

See through the looking glass. Realize all the lies we've been sold. As long as you feel ugly and incomplete, you will always be looking to buy something to make you feel better. Realize that you are perfect, and that will soon become manifest within you. Act as if you are perfect. You could be a savior if you wanted to act like it.

Our future is uncertain if not VERY bleak because of the American Dream. We were indoctriated with patriotism by saluting the flag every morning and studying biased history textbooks. We are not free. We are forced to pay taxes for unjust wars, both home and abroad. We are forced to work for money because this system values money over everything else. We are stuck in jobs because we are indebted to our creditors. We believed that we had to have the newest outfit or the newest electronic gadget. As long as you aren't free to eat lunch when you want, are you REALLY free? Could there be a better way to live?

Its a give a take...true. But please...your paycheck will not make you rich. What you do with your paycheck can make you rich. Don't waste it on frivolous consumer goods. Make a plan for self-emancipation and start working towards it. The simpler your life becomes, the freer you are to do WHATEVER you want. If you wanted to go to Costa Rica to learn how to surf next week, could you go? I know I COULDN'T...and it pisses me off.

I am not free. My mind might be free. I can watch commercials all day and not be enticed by any of them. Ive really stepped out of consumerism. All my money goes to making payments on my 5 acres in the Catskills and towards food and rent. I read, learn, exercise and bike, and lay out in the park. This all cost me practically nothing, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Getting rid of my car REALLY freed up a good amount of money too. Really try and do this for yourself and be ready to put away an extra $500 a month on average. (And that is WITHOUT car payments!)

But still, I am obligated to stay in this city even if I want to leave. I want to make money so maybe in 5 years I can be free. You can too. Save your money and do smart things with it. Use it to make more money, and learn how to enjoy life without spending so damn much of it. Set up your emancipation plan now. There are power in numbers.

I'll do a post about food in a few days, maybe tomorrow. Ive been trying to do a mono-diet (just one type of fruit at a time) and lots of green juice. Probably 64 oz a day of green juice. But my passion is creating dishes like the banana-pistachio crepe pictured above. The filling is cacao-carob avocado, with a raspberry creme sauce on top. When I ate this, I couldnt stop smiling because I dont know if I have ever had a better dessert in my life. Maybe the Cacao-Volcano at Pure Food and Wine.

If you ever go to Pure, and arent sure about whether to go for dessert or an appetizer...PLEASE go for the desserts. They are usually much more labor intensive and the taste is simply glorious. Glorious? Yes...pure flavor glory. The Not amazing. You could make them at home much easier than the desserts. Take it from me.

Thanks for checking yourself in all ways possible. Stop supporting this madness of consumer capitalism and imperialism. The sooner you can step out of the worker-consumer cycle, the sooner you will REALLY be free. The greener you are, the better it is for the Earth, and your pocketbook. Buying a Prius is not green. Riding a bike and renting a car once a month to do a weekend trip is green. Think about it...and think of all the money saved and calories burned. Its a win-win all around.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We've all been lied to

A Thick Web of Misinformation.

The more research I do, and the deeper I look into the issues of why Americans eat the way they do, they more I realize that we have been lied to for generations in order for the meat and dairy and processed foods industries to profit from our ignorance.

This is so apparent now. I see all the myths about protein and calcium requirements being satisfied only with animal products and I now know that they are complete fabrications. Total lies created so every good little robot among us will go out and eat what they tell us.

And because of this diet we have been told to consume, we are sicker than ever, which supports the medical and pharmaceutical industries. If we were to consume a diet of uncooked fruits and vegetables, these industries would basically collapse. I havent been sick for 2 years. Not a cold, nothing. No flu shots, and no immunizations since high school. The idea of putting pills into my body is completely foreign to me now, and it stuns me to see how people just dump prescription and even non-prescription drugs into their bodies without any thought.

We are drugged, and as long as we keep putting gas on the fire (eating an unnatural diet) things will only get worse. And do you think its bad now? The wave is going to crash upon us soon, because the first generation raised after WW2 is now reaching the elderly period, and they are the first Americans to be raised on processed and denatured foods. Everything was organic before the petrochemical boom of post WW2.

Basically this system of ours wont be able to support this, so I would highly suggest of creating ways to take care of yourselves in the next few decades. Plant some fruit trees, learn how to garden, start exercising. At least then you wont have to spend so much on health insurance.

And KNOW THIS...every dollar you pay for health insurance goes towards taking care of the people that trash their bodies. The insurance companies know the odds...and the chances are that you aren't going to cash in on all of your premiums. If anything, I would get catastrophic coverage and just start eating a natural fresh plant-based diet and start getting physically active. You are going to look better, think better, and feel better. And the money saved on drugs and doctor visits and the premiums for your health insurance can go towards vacations and other ways to enrich your life.

BOTTOM LINE...they have sold us the disease, and they are selling us the cure. WAKE UP and realize that if you avoid all the garbage food and meats and dairy products that were never meant for your body anyways, you wont have to pay for the cure because you will be healthy and radiant. Cancer and diabetes are products of bad eating and drinking habits. Our immune systems become so pathetically weak that any cancer cell that enters our body can soon take over. With a healthy immune system, the white blood cells will do their job, but not in the body of a cooked foodist. Too much stress, and the body cant protect itself anymore.

Our parents were lied to, and they wanted the best for us. So with all the misinformation they were given, they passed it onto us. And now, most of us are addicted to the foods we eat and because we've never thought about giving them up, we've never realized how deeply connected we are to these foods. Challenge yourself and see if you can give these foods up for 1-2 weeks and just eat fresh fruits and salads. You'll be amazed at how strong the addiction really is. I couldn't believe how hooked i was on ice cream and pizza. I was a drug fiend...plain and simple.

But we...we have the info on our side now. We have the internet, and more resources than ever. We dont have to believe that cigarettes are good for us (doctor's used to recommend camels...remember?) or that eating meat and drinking cow puss is essential for good health. Bloody lies that are meant to get us to consume. See through the fog and eat the way you were made to eat. Just because our parents were misinformed and are addicted to these foods does not mean that we have to keep repeating their mistakes. Just because we ate certain foods in our youth doesn't mean we have to eat them now. Re-create yourself and your life.

This is it - Whole, Uncooked, Organic, Fresh, Plant Foods. So simple, yet so tough at first. You couldnt pay me $100 to sit down and eat a pizza now though. After all Ive learned, and the achievements in health that Ive made so far, it would be such a huge step back. Sounds very silly, but I must be saying it for a reason. Ive been through alot in my 2 years of eating living plant foods, so give some weight to what I have to say.

I love I make them raw once in a while. A nice sundried tomato spread, a crispy corn/flax/red pepper/tomato crust, shredded zucchini, and basil on top. Loving every bite...and no big ball of dough and cheese in my stomach afterwards. I get gas just thinking about it...yikes.
See through the lies...and embrace your truth. Find out for yourself and see what you feel. Contact me at if you have questions. Im here to help.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

What do you do with 18-20 Hours of Free Time?

18-20 Hours of Free Time each day...what do you do?

The above dish? I call it the Fig-Sunflower medley. In the middle is a puree of fresh figs, then surrounding that is a pate of dried figs, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, and dates. This is all sitting on a bed of shredded golden beets. Beautiful, right?

My goal in life for the past 5 years was to reach semi-retirement by the age of 35. By semi-retirement, I mean that I am still active, but I am doing something that I love and making enough money to get by. Plus I would have enough savings to live off of interest and investments. I wanted to achieve this so I could devote my free time to things that I love. Things that I choose to do, and not that I have to do.

However, for most of my life right now, this has become the case, and I didnt even realize it until recently.

I have the daily schedule of a retired person. Well...I probably do a TON more than they do, but overall, its pretty similar. I wake up, go to the gym, ride bike, read, watch movies, stretch, and listen to audio books as much as possible. Whenever I am walking or in the subway or even in the kitchen, I have an audio-book playing on my ipod. It has made my life 100 times richer. I do have castings, but again, Im listening to audio-books as I go there and wait in line. Always adding to the knowledge...

With this free-time I was forced to ask the question: "What can I do to make the most out of this excess time and enjoy it as well?" We have to ask ourselves questions so we can come up with the best answers. Most people just go along with the flow and dont ask questions that can lead to answers that open up whole new areas of life and possibility.

My whole thing is about self-improvement. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want to learn and study as much as I desire. I want my body to be in supreme physical condition, and I want to be connected with the life-force of the universe. This might sound really cheesy, but I have to admit that these areas are what I focus on.

I cant recommend enough getting an ipod. Just get the ipod nano...they really are such a good investment and give back so so so much to the user. Not even that expensive when you compare it to going out to eat a few times. And you can enjoy it for years, not just for an hour like a meal. I get audio books from the library or from friends (or download them), and this way no matter what I am doing during the day, I can be implanting knowledge into my mind. The great thinkers of the world have discovered so much, and have left so much of that knowledge available to everyone...its a complete tragedy that we choose not to take any advantage of this. We could make life so much easier for ourselves by learning from them, and then expanding on their knowledge and pushing the evolution of ideas so much further.

The physical part...just being active and making it as fun as possible. And effective as possible. Going to the gym before breakfast for one hour is like going to the gym for two hours after breakfast. The results will really be doubled if you go there on an empty stomach. Its amazing. And I watch TV while Im on the treadmill, and listen to good music that is motivating. I ride my bike almost everywhere now, so my heart is always beating fast. And plus...I live in NY so Im walking wherever I have to go. When I got back to Minnesota and Im using the car alot, it amazes me how little movement I get during the day. And this is how 99% of the population lives in this country. Its no wonder that most of their bodies are in horrible condition.

Flexibility is big for me now, so Im always trying to stretch. Whenever I have a free minute I stretch anything - my neck, my shoulders, my calves, whatever is convenient. And its all about CONSISTENCY. Every day! Just a little bit every day makes the difference. Continuous and never-ending improvement!

Michael Jordan was not born with god-given talents...he practiced every day of the year while other kids were sitting inside watching cartoons. If their is anything god-given about it, it was his discipline and passion for improving. You must realize this...its all about continuous improvement through training. Bruce Lee became the best in the world because he practiced for HOURS AND HOURS each day. You reap what you sow. To say that God gave them this gift is an excuse for not reaching great heights yourself. People say this for, art, athleticism...all of the masters in these areas have devoted their lives to improving themselves with their craft...while most people were going to work and watching TV at night. THINK ABOUT IT.

Spiritually...I lay in bed every night and let feelings of gratitude flow out of my heart. I am so thankful for the people in my life, and for the opportunities I have. I think by being thankful more flows towards you. Reading and audio-books helps so much in this aspect too...learning about mystics and quantum physics and religions of the worlds, the ones that are liberating as well as the ones that are enslaving to the mind. We have to learn where we have been so we can take the next step in our evolution. I listen to the free podcast of "Speaking of Faith" from NPR every week and that has added so much to my understanding of religion and spirituality. And its free!! We dont have to hire professors or even buy books to learn...there is so much free knowledge available to us in this society that we have no excuse now for not being super-human.

I do realize though that we aren't all blessed with free time like me. My diet is so clean and light that my body is no longer stressed with digestion so I wake up after four hours of sleep totally refreshed. When I would go back to cooked food, I would wake up after 6 hours, maybe even 8. And it would take about 1-2 weeks to get back to 4 hours. This gives allot more time to be creative.

Plus, I DONT HAVE TO COOK MY FOOD. And I dont have to scrub pots and pans. I eat fresh fruit, whip up a salad or a smoothie, and GET ON WITH LIFE. I love making creations in the kitchen, but that is more of an artistic outlet for me than a daily way of living. No scubbing or dishwashing...and there is no meat or nasty bacteria near my food so all I have to do is rinse of my plate with a little dish soap and thats it. Think of the energy savings...

So multi-task and get those audio-books into your life. Do exercises in front of the TV before you leave for work or before bed. Do boxing moves, or ab-crunches, or shoulder will feel it. Your heart will beat, and after one month you will see a difference. Consistency is the key though. You can do this...look at my examples...sure I have a ton of free time, but think about all the free time you would have if your diet was more simple, or if you just did two things at once? Those TV-exercise routines can totally transform your body after a while, and it will be alot more painless and easy than getting all your stuff and heading out to the gym. Just do it at home! Even spend $30 and get some 5lb and 10lb weights...there are no excuses anymore. Love yourself and make the right choice to evolve and become all that you are capable of becoming. You are more than what you are.

I spend too much time in the kitchen, but I listen to audio-books the whole time, and I love creating new dishes with my imagination. I just heard about people waiting for up to a day in line for the new iphone....I hope they brought an (audio) book with them.