Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008...

Ta Phrom Temple (Near Angkor Wat...Dec 2007)

At Last....

I had every intention to post regularly as I was traveling, but upon discovering the internet
situation in Cambodia (slow connections AND slow computers) and deciding to just live in the moment, I made the choice to just wait till I got back to Hong Kong and pump out some quality posts instead of half-assing it and taking out too much time of the trip.

Attention is here.

I cant recommend going there enough. Especially as a raw foodist, its was just amazing.
Im going to break the posts down by day. I really have so much to share.
Look at the size of that wild coconut in my arms. 40 CENTS!!!!!
Oh yeah...that pile of durians behind me was pretty exciting too :)

(messing around with break-dancing Cambodian kids in Phnom Penh)

Lets just have this post to think about 2008.

No excuses...2008 is going to be the year that you have your great breakthrough.
If not now, when? If not here, where? NOW NOW HERE HERE.

If you need the man's calendar to get you into gear, then so be it.
Embrace that and use it as your fresh start. No more mediocrity though.
Its super-hero time. I'm serious here...Im not accepting excuses. Time to live.

There is no one stopping you, and everyone is at your fingertips for everything you need.
Whether friends through cyberspace or in the physical world...we are here to help.

USE us. USE me. I want to help you become what you are meant for.
Need answers? Motivation? Email me! I might be able to help.
Hearing about your progress and personal growth is my gift.
A gift that I cant buy, which makes it all the more precious.

Live a life worth writing about. PLEASE. This is the moment to start.
Every second is THE moment to start. 2008 is your year. Live it up before its too late.

This Cambodia trip has shown me even more the true beauty in simplicity and
the essential need for traveling and exploration in my life, especially before it becomes too late and expensive to travel abroad because of oil issues.

My mind is clear about what I want to accomplish and experience in 2008, but I must remain open to what the universe leaves in my lap. Have goals, but dont let goals have you.

Nothing but the absolute best for everyone in 2008. May this year bring us closer to full enlightenment of the human species and everlasting peace to all creatures.

Fight WAR, not wars. Nothing but love everyone...Happy New Year.

Its good to be back.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cambodia (quickie)

No Time For Pics...taking the boat up the Tonle Sap river this morning from the capital (Phnom Penh) to Siam Reap (home of Angor Wat...the largest man made structure in the world).
We leave in 20 this is just an update to let you know that all is well.
This has been one of the most amazing trips so far, and its only the start of day 3.
Im going to have to break it up into many posts, but it will be worth it.
I cant recommend this country enough...seriously, its overwhelming.
Everyone...thanks for all the love and support. You are the reason I keep this all this up.
I am so thankful to be connected to you, even if its through the computer.
Reading the comments is so much fun. Thanks again.
Much love everyone...have a great holiday.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Walking (and crossing) the Line

Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

I went out to dinner with Iris and her extended family tonight.
We always go to these nice Chinese restaurants where they have these large round tables
and in the center is a rotating glass platform (lazy susan they call it in the States) so
you can spin the wheel until your favorite dish is in front of you. Love that idea.

There are 7 hardcore Chinese eaters there, including the 90 year old matriarch, so guess what?
Im eating at a Chinese restaurant tonight. Hmmmm...

Sure...some could say: "Anthony - Pack an avocado in your pocket and eat in the bathroom while no one is looking. Or...just bring your own salad." Well...this is the real world, and many people have NO clue what this raw food lifestyle is all about. They all think that Im this hardcore vegetarian, so at least they order alot of bok choy and kale for me. You cant get it raw, and actually, I think because of bacteria issues, Id prefer it cooked.

There has to be a threshold. I dont want to eat it, but what do you say?
"Sorry everyone...just going to sit here and watch you all eat and totally make you all feel strange....dont mind me at all...I just think you and your eating habits are so wrong."

This is basically what Id be conveying. I avoid this. I'm giving in, but again, I'm over here once a year and we go out to eat like this once a year, so if I have to go through a runny nose while visiting with these nice people, than so be it. I'll recover.
We cant all cling onto 100% like it was the last cacao smoothie of our lives.
They all ask me how I can look so healthy with only eating plants. It totally stumps them.
However, they always ask me for diet tips and exercise advice though...
so its cool that they show some interest.

I was lucky enough to talk with them about Chinese medicine, and the grandmother knew so much. Ive been looking into Ho Shu Wu lately, and she said thats its really good for the kidneys, and especially the hair. One of the uncles was like..."Why would you want to take it? Your hair is so dark and thick!" Of course there is more to Ho Shu Wu than hair regeneration, but that is the main concept of it over here.
"Why not take action now?" I replied.

Here is a picture of three generations. Ages 90, 55, and 26. The grandmother was VERY active too. My grandma looked like that around 65, and then went downhill pronto after that. By 80, she was a withered old shell of herself. This wonderful woman was the exact opposite.

They all love the fact that Im into gojis and gingko nuts too.
Im trying my best to represent over here, people!
Chinese medicine is 5000 years old, so I must give it much more respect than the sterile, synthetic, and profit-motivated systems of the west.

I woke up at 530 am to get one last post in...Im off to Cambodia in one hour.
The pictures are going to be INSANE I guarantee you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and have a very non-commercial and meaningful holiday season.

Give the gift of companionship and non-judgemental love and acceptance.
Let your loved ones know that you support them and cherish them more than any
new electronic gadget or wardrobe. We have to really break out of consumerism if we expect to have deeper and more purposeful lives. Save your money for a trip maybe?
Buy fruit trees for everyone! Now THAT is a gift that really keeps on giving.
Gifts for liberation. I like it.
Banksy is doubt.


Buffets and Honest Flesh Eaters um...come here often?

Note to the queasy folk...a few nasty pictures in this one.

Pretty much all human cultures of the world hold a blatant disrespect for the lives of other non-human conscious beings on this planet. Basically acting like Nazis when it comes to how we treat other creatures. In the states, this is mostly hidden though. Our flesh comes pre-packaged or even pre-made, so eating that stuff seems much more benign than what it really is. The horrors and brutality of the slaughterhouse are out of mind usually.

Over here though, its really in your face.
Every day I walk out of the apartment, I have to see this catastrophe:

Thats right...a big ol' tub of skin and guts. These barbarians have no shame.
Little kids see this as they are walking to school! How screwed up is this? No respect of life.
Dont you think this would be against some kind of health code? Sheesh...

As if I need more reinforcements to not eat flesh anymore.
Funny thing though, after they saw me taking pictures of this mess, they cover up the
tubs with newspaper. I suppose no one has ever stood over these things and taken pictures.

Here is another example:

Could someone please tell me how they find this appetizing? Good lord...Im ready to vomit.
At least its honest though, but still totally messed up. These poor animals. Think about this the next time someone is eating a chicken sandwich. (i know these are ducks, dont email me.)

As for me...I'll stick to the good stuff - Durian - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

True love...

Now here is a great tip for staying raw, traveling, and going out to eat with friends.


Especially buffets with a strong salad bar.

You can spend $20 and do all you can eat salad and fruit, while your friends are free to eat what they want. We went to one last night, and it was great. I made a massive salad with arugula and endive and sundried tomatoes with capers and onions and peppers.

And lucky me...they had green papaya salad, just like in Bangkok.

It was SOOOO hot though. I couldnt take it. I had to take a break for a few minutes.

Seriously though...buffets really fit the bill.
They provide for all tastes, you can take your time, and you can get up and walk around a bit.
I usually never go anymore, but when I do, I always enjoy.
We have to be social and have a life, so by thinking of ways to incorporate both our eating style with spending time with non-raw friends, we can make our time here much more pleasant, and it will enable us to stay raw without freaking out about alienating ourselves and eventually losing the plot, if you know what I mean. It doesnt have to be all or nothing though.

You can even go to those Brazillian meat mayhem restaurants and just opt for the salad bar. While your friends are chomping on bessy the cow,
you can be eating great salads you customized yourself.

Not bad, right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Most people that have known me for a while would say Im pretty tame.
I was always pretty mild-mannered...never to make a goof out of myself or act too silly.
Lately though...these past few months, Ive been feeling really good and not acting as self-conscious. There was a day when I would NEVER EVER dance around unless I was drinking, and now I can go and just do it and have a good time for its own sake.
Coming out of the shell? Raw food magic? Who knows? I just want to have fun now.

If you play by the rules and stay in line...
its very VERY likely that you are going to stay with the rest of the crowd. Mediocre and semi-happy. I watched a video from Matt Monarch the other day, and he was talking about NOT playing by the rules. NOT behaving.
I think the rules are made up by the rulers so we can continue to be on a lower level than them.
Obviously, I feel that this way of living is due for a big change.
Don't hurt others of course, but do what it takes to make your dreams happen.
Misbehaving is likely the key to liberation.

Thoreau once said something about regretting that he was so damn-well behaved in his youth, and if he could go back, he would definitely raise some more hell. I come from the upper-midwest, where its pretty expected to not draw too much attention to yourself and to not cause trouble. Its only lately that Ive been coming out of this. Its just so funny how we care so much about the opinions of strangers. Social conditioning? Herd Mentality? No thanks.

Check these people out....

Taking lame holiday pics next to this plastic polar bear. can ride that bear like ya own it!

Who do you think has more fun in life?

Certainly not this bum security guard who made us leave...

BORING!!! A prime example of what happens when you follow the rules your whole life.
Do you think he is raw? Haha...Go home and eat some fried pork rice, amigo.
(I LOVE the Pants-tucked-in-the-Boots trend for 2008! Look out!)

We went and saw I Am Legend with Will Smith (who is fit as ever) right before all of this.
I would say to go watch it (its scary though...), or at least rent it when it comes out. Its a pretty depressing movie, so when we got out of the theatre, we were pretty happy to be alive and well.
I guess a little celebration was in order.

Just have fun! To hell with all the regulations. Those will only keep you down.
Block out the distractions, discover what you want, find out how to get it, and GO FOR IT!

And have tons of fun while youre doing it.

#1 - The Universe is our playground.
#2 - The Universe is our workshop.

Im drinking a coconut-guava smoothie as Im typing this. Cant complain...

Im posting lots lately because I dont know what the internet situation will be in Cambodia.
I leave on Saturday, so there are a few more to come.

Raw Food Good, Cooked Food...Crazy.


Japanese Alkaline Water and Cute Coconuts

A Few More HK Treats that You Cant Get in the States...

Besides the tropical fruits at the market, there are some other items that I just have to get while I'm over here. One is the super alkaline mineral water out of Japan. This stuff is not cheap though, but since Im only here for a short while, I like to enjoy it while I can.
A 2L bottle cost about $5 (OUCH) but it REALLY tastes good...and check this out:

Maybe my Japanese friends can help me with the other numbers,
but no joke..thats a 9.4 on the pH scale. Good grief...
Last year I was actually drinking Trinity Springs over here, probably because they still had some in stock from the last shipment, but was gone this time.
Oh well, this stuff is great and its totally natural from what I gather.
Take note everyone: I used to love Essentia and Evamor alkaline waters, but I realized that the only reason they were so alkaline was because they were adding calcium to it.
It wasnt even spring water as far as I can remember.
I just drink Fiji or Iceland back home...
maybe some New Zealand spring water from Trader Joe's lately too.
Aim for pure sources...thats all I can say.

Damn...look at how fresh that durian looks! The ones back home are like dark brown from who knows what. I dont even know if I want durian back in NY again. Maybe once in a while.

Check these little cuties out...

This is actually a coconut. Really thin hard shell, and full of water and good thick meat.
The quantity of both are actually the same as the young thai coconuts back home, and these cost 40 CENTS EACH. I kid you not. They are so easy to open as well..just flip the upside down and with the DULL side of your knife you crack open a circle.
No more severed digits, fungicide, or irradiation.
A big thanks to the force for bringing these into my life again. Blessed...

About the organic question...there is a region called "New Territories" and there are lots of organic farms there that ship greens into the city. We actually get home delivery here and its great. As far as the tropical fruit is concerned, Im just crossing my fingers and washing the skin. Most of this does NOT come from china, and I think there is an unfair bias towards the heavy pesticide use there...HK is NOT China. Any HK resident would GLADLY let you know of this fact. If anything, I would worry about them using dirty water or Humanure to feed their crops, but I dont know. Ive never been sick over here, and I lived on lots of greens (both organic and not) for 4 months last year. So there you have my two cents...
Take it for what its worth. And I dont think Jackfruit and Durian grow in China.

I fell asleep at 10pm last night, and woke up at 3:30am. Ive been up ever since and its now 4:30pm. I kind of like that early to bed-early to rise stuff. Sunrise is really where its at.

I think Im going to have a few more coconuts...40cents! Haha!!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HK Market Madness

The First Day Back in HK...

I opted for the Fruit Plate meal choice that Cathay Pacific offered. I just ate the stuff in the first dish. The stuff in the top left was like some kind of jam (full of white sugar I guarantee) and I just dont touch non-organic grapes. Even the strawberries I wasnt digging at all. The bun and butter went in the trash where it could no longer endanger anyone's well-being.

Oh right...and remember, you can bring whatever fruit you want onto the plane, you just can't bring it through customs. Although you probably could sneak it by, but Im not suggesting anything. I would maybe make a superfood fudge (dates, nuts, oils, superfoods) if I had a long flight...but really. Keep it light on the flights and you'll be good to go. I chugged about 64oz of good water before I went to the airport, and then made due with whatever H20 they gave me. That whole "no liquid rule" is a load of horse shit. No kidding. What a joke.
I hope you all realize that those rules are simply to scare us and keep us in line.

Now...onto the goodies...

So, after some kimchee and seaweed salad with Iris during her lunch break, I headed to the market. I love the NYC Greenmarket...but come on...this was bountiful.

Really beautiful layout, and the colors were just amazing.

Check out those little bunches of Tat that stuff.

21oz of Goji Berries for 48 HKD ($6 USD) I dont know about quality, but Ive read (from unbiased parties) that all gojis are relatively the same. These come from China, but remember, over here, Tibet is considered China. The whole "Tibetan Goji Berry" idea is more marketing than anything in my opinion.

Love the beauty of the dragonfruit, but we can get these babies in Chinatown/NYC. No biggie.
Lenette from Go Raw Chicago loves the dried version, and I have to second her on that one.

Now onto the main events...Cherimoya, and so cheap it could make me cry.

Super ripe and fragrant guavas...the baskets on the right cost 60 cents US. Heaven is here.

And then I come across a major heavyweight. A MONSTER jackfruit. So glad to be here.

Jackfruit is called Dai Su Bo Lo in Cantonese...literally Big Tree Pineapple.

She cut them out right in front of me, and my bundle of 9 cost about $2.50 US.

Dont get me wrong...the HK people love their flesh too. Such a many better options around but they are still really stuck in their carcass eating ways. Oh well...more fruit for us.

My original intent for the market was to find fresh Durian. Its still pretty early in the season (in Feb they are everywhere here and really inexpensive). The market I just walked through didnt have any. But if memory serves me correct, I remember a place that had them early. I walked over there, and yes...

About $2 a pound (Frozen + Gassed Chinatown NYC durians are usually $1.50).
I didnt mind at all, because this is something that you simply cannot get over in the states.
They were nice enough to put them in the package for me, and when I took my first bite I started laughing because I forgot just how good these freshies are over here. It simply cant compare. I thought..."hmmm...they are still pretty good in Chinatown/NYC"...but NO.
This is the real deal. So creamy. BLISS.

Im saving a few pillows for my coconut smoothie tomorrow. Life is good...

Mission accomplished. I say Im not obsessed with food, but when you are over here and you can have jackfruit, guavas, and durian for an afternoon snack,
there is just no way to not get all geeked out about it.

Come to SE Asia and live the dream. I got the camera holstered on my hip so expect a load of pics in the next few weeks. Peace everyone, wish you were here!


Monday, December 17, 2007

The EASY long flight

My Apologies for the lack of photos...I have to upload everything still.
I flew out of a dreary, sloppy wet NYC and landed in HK with the temp reading 75 degrees.

My flight was 16 hours long. We flew right over the north pole and down through Siberia
and China, then to south Asia. I ate four Persimmons which ripened JUST ON TIME.

Four persimmons, tons of water with MSM, lots of stretch sessions near the restroom
at 30,000 feet and a few movies. If you are flying to Asia, let me seriously
recommend Cathay Pacific. They are SOOOO good to their customers, and the seats are the best. And it was a direct flight really stress free all the way.

I have experienced NO jet lag. No puffy ankles, and no dehydration.
Im on my way out the door to search for fresh Durian. Life is blessed.

The We Like It Raw event on Saturday was so fun, and id like to thank Dhru for setting
it all up and for everyone that came out to dance and visit. Love you all!

Keep it juicy,


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Geoffrey Beene

The Raw Food lifestyle pays off yet again...

I felt really fortunate to be working today.
The weather was miserable and luckily I avoided that whole mess mostly all day up until 6pm.
I was shooting for Geoffrey Beene...they are known mostly for menswear. Pretty strong brand.
This job was for "in-store" which means that those pics are used in the retail store and not ads.
I worked with them last December, and it was great that they had me back again.

The job today went even better.
Ive been great about correct portion size while eating and not eating late and heavy like before.
Im back at the point where I can wake up and my face doesnt look sleepy.
This was always a big issue for me, because it really shows in pics.
The general rule of thumb is to wake up 2hrs before a job
so the "sleepy" look (puffier face and eyes) goes away.
Eating earlier at night is so great for this.

No matter what we eat, cooked or raw, there ARE certain times to eat which are best for maintaining or losing weight, and of course also certain quantities.
You simply can't expect to eat nuts & dried fruit at 10pm and somehow be surprised that you gained weight. I don't care what anyone says, if you eat anything heavy
and go to sleep within 1 or 2 hours AT LEAST, you will put on weight.

If you eat a large dinner, at least do some twists or boxing moves in front of the boob-tube
before you go to sleep. Those 30 min (minimum) done consistently, can make the difference
between average and WOW.

Im just eating really early these days and drinking liquids to hold me over. I sleep WAY less this
way and I dont have to be so active to burn off those late evening calories. I think
if one were to really have a hold on their eating habits and eat raw, early, and light, all they would have to do would be some muscle exercises and they would be looking so fit.

I would suggest just walking around a bunch and doing yoga poses whenever you can as well.

So back to the of the bigger decision-makers was there and he thought that I would be great for their new suit line coming out next year. I'm hopeful that it all works out.
Thank you living-foods...thank you healthy lifestyle...thank you late-night dancing...

My agency is having their holiday party tomorrow night, then Saturday is the event with everyone for the We Like it Raw party. Then I'm off on Sunday to HK and Cambodia...crazy. Lots going on.

Embrace the simplicity and control your cravings. It pays off soooo much. Keep it light at night!

Pictured above are some berry tarts.

Crust: 1 part nuts and seeds (We used brazil nuts and pumpkinseeds this time),
And one part dried fruit. We used dates and a little bit of dried apple.

Filling: Blended berries. (I would maybe add some coco oil next time)
and then berries on top. complicated! Keep giving these to your cooked friends and loved ones and they will start to see the light. Raw desserts are so key for the transition.

Much love always everyone. Have a fantastic day today. Make it as magical as you want!
Your choice always.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Juice and Simple Eating

Copious Quantities of Chlorophyll in the Blog lately...take note.

My juice recipe is usually 32 ounces. This glass here is 16oz.
It would be great to make one in the morning and one in the evening, but juicing is
consuming enough as it is, so I make a 32oz Chlorophyll Bomb first thing in the morning.
Add in purple kale if you have some around. Get those purples into your system.

Then its usually whatever fruit I have around an hour or two later.
Im not big at all on bananas anymore.
Lately its one or two persimmons for breakfast, or one large papaya. Easy, right?

Maybe around 3pm Ill make a salad or eat something I have already in the fridge. If Im making a dessert I'll nibble on that. No big deal. We might be raw food enthusiasts, but it doesnt mean that we have to be obsessed with food.
There are much more fufilling things in life. Dont settle simply for food.

Im on the go, doing things, meeting with friends. I dont have time to always be pondering
recipes like in the past. I loved that time of my transistion, and it enabled me to make awesome
raw food dishes, but I like how I eat now. I eat simple and GET ON WITH IT.

I'll usually finish the evening up with a green smoothie. The earlier I do that, the more alert I will feel in the morning. Gabriel Cousens tries not to eat a meal after 2pm. I think that this is a great idea, but since I stay up till 3-4am, I have to switch it up a bit.

This is what a hachiya persimmon should look like before you eat it. Dark red and SOFT.

And when you bite into it...

How is that not pleasurable? Enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

So if you are a little obsessed with raw food right now, just go with it.
Read your books, play around in the kitchen, and make friends & family try your creations too.

Sooner or later, one usually shifts to simplicity if they stay with raw food. I think if someone does living-food correctly with lots of greens, they will feel so good that they will never go back.

Unless they do. Haha...


Still Going...

I don't think I could dance till 4am without it...

Well...the weekend has finally drawn to a close. On-the-friggin-go! Unreal...non-stop really.
I have been so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people lately.
Its such a funny thing...NY was killing me about 2 months ago, but now I have
all these positive young raw-foodies in my life...its just ALL good.

Im believeing more and more that raw food and alkalinity in general is about accumulation.
You have to work at it...its not like popping some pill or anything like that.
This is much more subtle at first, but when you are constantly adding greens to your system,
sooner or later something switches and you just feel good ALL THE TIME.

I'll be waiting for a subway and be doing a little dance as I wait. People probably think Ive taken something. My $7 a day habit isnt Marlboros....its wheatgrass juice. My friend Seema and I met a lady at a juice bar the other day who was recovering from a car accident. She was drinking green juice like it was the last of it on Earth. She looked at us and said - "i REALLY wish I would have known about this stuff when I was your kid's age..."

Well....YEAH...! The young and raw crowd pays attention to the signs the Universe is providing.
Synchronicities, Deja Vu, and simply pure goodness flowing into our lives are all signs.
On the road of life as MUST look out for the signs if you are going to get where you really want to go. There is no other way. Don't ignore signs.

Lenette and I hit up Jubb's Longevity on Sunday before she flew out. And who walked in? Dr. Jubb himself. A weekend that includes both David Jubb AND Alex Grey is a good weekend.

Everyone there was soooo nice too! We honestly stayed there for 90 min just hanging out. And the food? Im not picking sides or saying one is better than the other, but let me say that I was totally BLOWN AWAY by the food at Jubb's. Everything they let us try and everything we ordered was really good. And their Brazil Nut Milk? NIRVANA.

Im going there on Thursday for David's Tasting and Lecture event that he holds twice a week. They are going to be filming too, so thats always exciting.

Im shooting a catalog tomorrow out of the city, so time for bed...I have to juice tomorrow before they pick me up, so no excuses.

In my juice tomorrow morning?

1/2 tray of wheatgrass (8oz)
5 stalks of celery
1 large Cucumber
4 lemons
Collard Greens (or Kale or Parsley of course...)

Hey...if youre going to do something...Do it RIGHT. No more wimpy juices!

And up daily diet (give or take a little...its pretty random these days...)

Hang loose...


Sunday, December 9, 2007

One Long Day

Have you ever had those times where days just meld into each other? So much has been going on lately...and I havent even been around the computer that much to post about it. Im really thinking about getting the iphone so I can take care of emails while Im on the go, otherwise it just can add up if Im gone too long.

Another Raw Food Goddess...this diet is for REAL.

Lenette from has been in town since Tuesday night and we've all be hanging out together. Going out to eat, galleries, DANCING, and lots of tourist stuff. I can't really remember what even happened on which day at this point. All of us friends have been doing so much that its all blending together.

We went to the COSM gallery today and actually met Alex Grey. Wow...I mean, I dont even blink an eye when I see most celebrities, but meeting him was such an honor. He is unbelieveably talented and totally turned on to spirituality, AND raw food. He actually went to Pure Food and Wine with his wife for their anniversary. So cool...and it was completely a surprise to see him there.

Tomorrow is Chinatown for coconuts and durians, Jubb's Cafe, and ice skating in Central Park...If I dont break my ankle tomorrow skating, I'll be happy.

And hey everyone...I'm totally digging each and every comment you've posted.
Everybody out there is awesome,
and it really means the world to me that you care enough to write your thoughts.
Who knows if I book that pizza commercial, but I know what I'll do if they offer it to me.
Lets all turn negative energy into positive. Spin it on its head and create something beautiful.

The new motto:

I pledge at every opportunity to turn the negative into the positive...
To transform night into day, and to realize that
Every moment is an chance to create with love.

The guy behind the bike should have been driving an SUV.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

And a few more...

Give em' Something to Talk About...

Dogmatism still haunts us from all aspects of life it seems.
When I first started, I pushed for 100% purity, and because of that I had no life whatsoever.
I went to the gym, I went grocery shopping, I made food, I was online, and um...
went to the gym again? See what I mean? This went on for a quite a while.

Vibrant or not, this isnt a way to live life. Of course I could have integrated myself more, but at the time I thought cooked food was "Demon-Food" and didnt want anything to do with most of those people. THIS IS NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO ACT.
I thought I was better or more advanced or whatever. Turns out it was mostly arrogance and
being really alone. But I kept telling myself..."They dont know how it feels to be raw!" I chose total purity over a social life. That rubbish had to stop. My life is really cool right now, and ironically its because of raw food...making friends, hanging out, and going dancing once in a while.
And I am still 100%, so thats not even the issue. The issue is whats going on in your mind.

Like many Born-Again Christians, Rawmodel was pretty militant. I just kept telling myself that everyone else was ignorant and that if only they would learn about raw food the world would set itself on the right path again. Simple!



Here are some responses to the Pizza Hut Commercial Post.
FYI everyone...this was a CASTING. An audition...for some reason many people thought that
I already booked this job. Read sloooooooowly. I love how some people want to chop my head off just for bringing up the question of whether or not to take the job.
Wow...throw that negativity in the compost bin.

Here is one:

Anonymous (usually the case...) said...

You can argue anything to bend it your way. That arguement will work for anything you do Anthony. Whatever. Tell yourself whatever you want. The people that comment on here will back you up. Just keep telling yourself that you make this hypocritical money to go for some greater cause. If you walk through shit, you will have shit on your shoes.

Let's ask David Wolfe if he would take $5000 made from a pizza commercial and use it to plant trees in elementary schools across the nation. Do you think he would? Hopefully this question can be answered in a few months.

Some people are just vampires...sucking the energy and good vibes out of life and other people.
Avoid these people like deep-fried coca-cola.

On the brighter side of life, we have these lovely thoughts...

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Alissa said:

Dear anthony,

you ARE a good role model, and I appreciate your honesty. I think a lot of people get really discouraged and disillusioned trying to live up to this purist ideal that doesn't necessarily exist. i think that's a very unhealthy and unbalanced way to be. we are all human. YOU are NOT responsible for someone else's level of RAW. you are responsible for yourself. if you inspire others, that's great. but other people need to take responsibility for THEMSELVES and take the experience of others as guidance - not the bible. if they don't agree with how you deal with things, they should implement that IN THEIR OWN LIVES - not berate YOU for not living out THEIR IDEALS AND MORALITY. After all you are only a human being. You clearly make a sustained and honest effort. And if that's not good enough for other people, maybe they should look elsewhere for support. Perhaps, within themselves.

Within themselves...what a concept. Look in the mirror and the teacher appears.
You already know the answers, now you just have to remember.
Who ever said that I was human though? Haha...Im just visiting for a while.

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greenfeline said...

Bravo on your post. I love reading your blog because you think for yourself! I see so much dogmatism in this movement it is ridiculous!


I'm bringing something different to the game here. I could be pretty tame and talk about how to make holiday treats (which i STILL do as well) or about my adventures at the farmer's market, but I am more than that. And I wish more raw-food enthusiasts out there would type more interesting thoughts and happenings in their life. I promise to deliver on both accounts.

If you type about controversial issues, you get feedback.

Now let's find some fresh garlic for those vampires...


I guess its only inevitable that when you talk about "hypocrisy" and contradictions in lifestyles, you are bound to get comments. Ive heard stuff about not being pure because I mentioned that it was the first time going out to dance without drinking or smoking. This might sound like a big deal, but I have gone out 4 times in the past 12 months. Most of it included drinking wine. Instead of saying:
"Hey! Awesome that you had a great time dancing and not having to drink!
Not bad for a white guy!".....I hear:

I have no right to get on your case, but geez, your "Monday" post from December 4th has been bugging me since I read it. Maybe I completely misunderstood what you were all about. Maybe I just didn't read all your previous posts carefully enough. But nowhere do I remember seeing any other references to recreational drinking and "herbs". I'm disheartened, to say the least. Now I'm wondering all sorts of things. Raw is great, raw is wonderful, raw gives you a natural high... yeah. But have you honestly been practicing what you've been preaching? You said, "Im glad that I enjoy it enough now that I can do it totally sober and high on the experience." Was the first experience so awful that it had to be augmented with something? Was drugging the system really necessary? Or have I completely missed something and are wine and "herbs" a part of the raw scene that nobody talks about?

I'm not giving you a "don't do drugs" lecture. You're welcome to do what you like; you're an adult. But I am concerned that you could be misrepresenting the whole raw thing. If you want to do this self-medication or reality escape (or whatever it is for you) thing, just come clean about it. Judging by the great comments you receive, you're a role model to a lot of people, especially those who are just starting out with the lifestyle. You're young, good-looking, and "in-the-loop" in the NYC raw scene; people are going to assume you know what you're talking about. If doing this stuff is what helps get you through the day, just say so. But don't just say it's all the diet and the great company if that isn't the whole story.

Sorry if this sounds confrontational. I'm just not one to let things go. And if I'm completely off-base here, let me know. Blogging (and most forms of Internet communication) are kind of notorious for misinterpretation.


Now...reader, you know I like you. Hopefully youre not upset that I posted it.

Here was my response:


I really appreciate all the time you took to write to me.

I'll clear everything up tonight. I dont smoke now, but you have to be realistic about things. Just the fact that I even mentioned it shows that Im not a hypocrite. I usually have two glasses of red wine during dancing, and it DOES make a difference. I dont care if you are 100% or not, a little wine in the system makes the music sound a little bit nicer.

I was sad reading everything, because I felt like I let you down. Maybe I'll just post our emails for the next issue. And I never trashed smoking or drinking. Its totally unnatural to inhale burning plant matter, but tell that to all the indigenous cultures that do it every so often in ceremonies with all different kinds of plants.

I am completely for cannabis consumption, but I would recommend simply eating it instead. Im not sure where he ranked it, but David Wolfe said that cannabis flowers are one of the Earth's most perfect foods.

I am 100% raw, and its great. But there are other things to experience in life on top of that. Combinations. What if I ate peyote or mushrooms and went dancing? No unnatural fire involved there...who makes up the rules that a raw foodist must be completely pure of every mind altering substance available...that RAW should be enough?

Anyone who tells you that hasnt done anything else. Ive experienced complete bliss while 100% and with nothing else, but I had to have tons of sunshine, be doing breathing exercises, doing skin brushing, and getting adequate physical activity. Only then would I be SOARING at 100%. I could be doing massive amounts of raw smoothies and if I was missing other elements that I just listed, I wouldn't feel as good. So what are we aiming for? Its not just food. I believe that raw plant food is essential for getting there, but its not the only pilot if you know what I mean.

I would only recommend very small amounts of whatever a person likes to do (as natural as possible, preferred...) I have done other substances while 100% raw, and it is different, but occasionally (once a week dancing?) might be alright.

Id much rather see someone who drinks coffee and is raw than someone who is cooked and drinks coffee. Same for alcohol, drugs, and whatever.
At least they are doing 90-100% raw plant foods.
Should we negate all the positives if they happen to not be perfect?

I am without a doubt completely for 100% raw veganism (does that include bugs?) and getting fresh air and growing your own food and being physically active...but there are other experiences out there that one should try. Some yes, some no, but I dont make the rules. If you like what I am for, then its cool. I just want you to keep reading....

Im actually surprised that I havent heard more yet, honestly you were the first to mention this. I really do appreciate the thoughts though. I like reading your words and I always think you have good things to say.

I hope this helped...