Friday, March 4, 2011

Pine Pollen - Its About Time

First off - If you arent blessed to have these majestic
trees in your area or don't have the time and/or passion to harvest
your own pollen, check out Surthrival.
Their pollen is harvested from the pristine forests of Mongolia,
which is VERY different from the streets of southern california where
I happened to come across this stuff....
Read about their pine pollen will give you a good briefing
on why people are so crazy about it, and why I would spend hours
collecting it and then many more processing it.

I lucked out...I was at a casting (which I didnt get but I am happier
because it led me to this swath of pine trees) and after it was over,
I walked out to my car and looked up the street and saw them all in
their full glory....just a bit too late because all the flowers seemed
to have been spent by the wind already.

Im making the second vid for this now, but here is the first.
I really wish I could have had someone filming that day
after the casting...I found so many plumpers just bursting with pollen afterwards..

They made the AZ pine pollen harvest seem really tiny!
That happened exactly 364 days ago!
Im now making tinctures with vodka and freezing the powder for later.

I do have to wonder about the air quality of LA and its effect on the plants.
I know that organic veg can be grown in similar conditions,
but when I think of the fresh mountain air and what those pines must
be like...It really gets me thinking about heading north.

Im hoping to get up to Northern AZ and hunt for more the next
time we go on a springwater run...maybe that will happen within
the next week. Foraging is definitely one of my favorite things to do...
its so therapeutic and it really puts someone in the moment while
they are foraging and looking for food and medicine...its so great.

the next movie is coming soon!

Im sorry for not posting enough...I highly recommend staying up

I have been foraging so much this year. The food is everywhere.
Its hard to beat dumpster diving and central park wild foraging
in NYC, but I really think Phoenix has that potential.

Just yesterday I picked pine pollen, ripe olives, tangelos,
oranges, grapefruits, lemons...gojis are coming soon,
saguaro cactus in june...picked barrel cactus fruit a week ago..
pecans are finishing up now too...the list goes on!

Forage! Gather! Put your ecosystem into YOUR system...
with wild water and wilder really changes a person
on so many levels. That step alone will completely alter a person's life.

Much love to all of those spreading the word!

Spring is here! Get out there! If you cant find good wild food near you,