Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dhrumil and David

I'm in the middle of doing sit-ups and some push-ups
and I decided to put on Dhrumil's recent interview with David Wolfe.

I had to stop what I was doing and post about is the SO GREAT.

These two guys have been so inspirational for me,
and listening to this AMAZING interview boldly reinforces that.

Check out the interview if you
haven't been lucky enough to hear it.

The questions Dhru asks are SO on point
and I am just blown away by David's answers.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hiding Out.

I suppose we all need some quiet time.
Seriously though, I wish I could somehow blog
without sitting down to the computer each time.

I get into these modes where I don't even want to get
online....I spend all day working on the greenhouse,
and then come in and hang out with my family.

When I should be going online at night, I'm usually
watching a movie or hanging out still.

No biggie though...everyone has been busy with the holidays...
Or hopefully they haven't been to consuming.

My parents did away with holiday gift exchange about ten
years ago, and the xmas spirit has been dwindling down
to practically nothing ever since.

I don't really mind it though, because we still hang out
and have a good time, but we are NOT stressed at ALL about
getting gifts and making sure everything is perfect.
There is so much hassle put towards buying gifts
and making everything "just right" that the real
meaning is almost always lost.

We shouldnt need a date on the calendar to be able
to get together and give each other gifts once in a while.
My dad always said that he doesn't want to feel that he
MUST get us a gift on December 25th...otherwise he is a bad dad
or some junk nonsense like that. I always admired him for
his progressive thinking about that.

This post is just to get me back into the groove.
Im loading pics tonight and we will be getting some
videos up soon. Little steps...


Oh...if you are ever in Europe, please visit Prague. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gloomy snowy Berlin...and breakthroughs.

Please excuse any typos. Im on this German keyboard, and their are some
differences. Im on the clock I get a bit rushed trying to do emails and this at the same time.

So...its cold here. The guesthouse host in Amsterdam told us to bring a bottle of
gin with us to get through the cold of Berlin. Its really not THAT cold, but its snowing and
windy. We went out to eat, but its usually dissapointing, so we just made food at home.

We found this BIO (Organic) market nearby, and realized that they have heaps of Biodynamic products...look out for these in the future. I had apples, spinach, onions, and even that grain-fig coffee substitute (like teechino...but 100 times better) with some nice little vegan cookies.

They have always called Cacao ``Kakao`` here too. I thought that Cacao was a term recently brought back into the general vocab in the states, but in Germany its always seemed to be that way.

The biodynamic stuff was AMAZING. Ive never had an apple (apfel) like that in my life.

So as some of you may have pieced together, I am NOT 100% right now. Was a bit bummed at first, but its been fun, and because I was eating heavier raw foods lately, and I am still eating loads of greens, I dont feel all that different.

When I went raw, I somehow stumbled onto a green smoothie diet that lead me to eating about 2lbs of kale a day, with about 4-5 apples and pears. After two weeks of bathroom drama and painfully spooning down those nasty chunky smoothies...I had the breakthrough that sold me on raw forever. So I naively assumed that it was because I was raw, not because i was raw with LOW fat and HIGH greens. Fruit was an afterthought.

Im not sure if most raw people have even felt this raw high. I honestly would never have devoted so much time and energy into introducing others to it if I wouldnt have felt that way in the beginning.

Anyways...keep experimenting with your own diet. We are all different and will react in our own way. But we have lots of time to play around and see what works, so dont beat yourself up if you eat some cooked stuff...PLEASE. No guilt. Add in more greens to balance it out and get on with it. (LIFE).

Peace everyone...more to come. Sorry for typos...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When I get back to the states, I swear,
Im going to be uploading so much content to
make up for all these gaps.
We just spent 3 days in Amsterdam,
and arrived in Berlin this morning.

We will be back in States in Mid Dec, and
at that time I can plúg meself back into the grid
of the internet and become connected again.

Really though everyone...use your compüter effciently...
I cant begin to describe how fuller life is once we stop staring
at screens. Im a huge critic of general TV watching, and I do
see the learning potential of the internet, but geez...I was on too much.
Being that close to an EMF tranmitting machine that often...NOT GOOD.
Its AMAZING that raw people are SO about being natural and in tune,
but sit in front of these glowing boxes all day.

If the rawmodel blog gets read less frequently because more and more
readers are outside living fuller lives, then my purpose is fulfilled.

If you are ever traveling in Berlin, stay at the Wombats hostel...great private
rooms and we are staying her for 3 nights for under $130 (for the WHOLE time) score.
And that includes your own private bathroom...big bonus when you drink too much water before bed.

100% raw while traveling....? NO NO NO.

There was simply no way to do it, and still have a good time here. Sorry to all you purists out there drinking green powders and water while you travel. Thailand is one thing, northern Europe in Dec is quite another.

Truth be told, I feel the same. My raw diet had too much fat in it, so despite being 100%...the mental vibration was the same as me doing 75% raw now. Think about this....

My huge breakthrough with raw 4 years ago was a high green, low fat diet. This gave me energy and mental clarity like I never experienced. When I started dehydrating and eating more gourment raw foods...despite being 100%, I DID NOT FEEL THE SAME.
So if you are wondering what the raw high is really like, remember this.

When I get back home, its greens and a little fruit, and maybe just a little fat.
80-10-10 has alot of strong points to it...if they can just tone down the sugar and up the greens, Id give them a huge thumbs up.

Thanks everyone! Lots of good stuff coming!!!