Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Raw Divas Podcast

I did a GREAT audio interview with Tera from The Raw Divas
last week and I was just notified that its up on the site.

Its a long interview...but I think it will go by pretty quickly.
I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think.

Day one of the shoot was LONG. Great, but really long.
14 hours total, and tomorrow might be the same.

The caterers hooked me up with LOTS of figs and mango,
and even coconut water. They were so nice.
I havent had a fresh fig since September...
they were better than I remember.
I am so glad I have two fig trees heading to Minnesota
in just a few short weeks. Fun fun...
Enjoy the interview everyone, and if you
are anywhere close to NY next weekend,
please consider attending the Successfully Raw Event
being held on Saturday.

Its really a great deal...please check it out!


Michelle said...

Hey Anthony, I would love to know more about you Minnesota project. I know you are busy now but if you get a chance maybe you could give an overview.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony. That interview was great. The Raw Divas asked some good questions that had some uniques perspectives. I can identify with the spiritual aspects of raw foods. When you mentioned the importance of close personal relationships I can totally identify with that. When you and the Raw Divas touched on relationships and community I harken back to my memories of the retreat. The chemistry among all of us was so profound and wonderful. I got this sense of belong that I haven't had before. I have this intuitive knowledge that we need close relationships. The sense of community and family was there at the retreat. So much love and support and I imagine that you will strive for that at your permaculture project. I can't wait to continue to grow with the Raw Foods Community every day. I look forward to listening to more of your interviews. You should definately do more with the Raw Divas. It sounded like you were having fun and the questions were authentic.
Peace and love,

Michelle J said...

Hi friend,
Great interview Anthony!

I also know that even though you had a long 14 hour day, you probably were in the best of moods and laughing all day! Your great like that!!! :O)

See you saturday!

Uncooked Hipster said...

"I wish that women ruled the world."
That's hilarious! For some reason all the raw men I've met have said that in one way or the other.
One of my friends was talking about how the energy of America would be different if Hillary won, heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony- first off...I love your blog!Let me just preface this with: I have been a vegan for over a year and I'm really interested in raw foodism. I am not doing it 100% right now, but I eat only fruit, veggies, nut seeds, and a few whole grains. (basically just brown rice.) I eat all raw nuts, as well as green smoothies, and TONS of produce.

I am wondering though.. what do you tihnk could help me with my acne? I have been on retin-a-micro for a few years, which has helped a lot. About a year ago i went off it because I thought maybe I 'grew out of it' but my acne came back worse than ever. I now get a few pimples at a time.. but not HORRIBLE. the only thing i hate is that my face is sensitive now because the cream makes my skin always 'new' on top.. so it has a pinkish tint while the rest of body is more yellow toned. Do you think consuming MSM powder even though I'm not raw could help? Do you have any other advice?

I'd like to be all raw, and some day I will.. But I am going to India for 3 weeks this summer with school, and I have a tight schedule there and all the meals are planned. I'm already nervous about eating vegan there.. and I hope there isn't ghee in everything! It is discouraging because if I eat a certain way here and it does help, I know I won't be able to eat that way all of august.

Any suggestions would help a lot!

Thank you!

Raw Bliss said...

Hey Anthony! I enkoyed the call SO much! Thank you and thank Tera for sharing. :)

You're so lovely and sound so genuine.

I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you again!


Michelle said...

Wow, thanks so much for sharing your conversation with the raw divas! It was so inspiring! I'm new to raw and have been having a hard time transitioning, but after hearing all the power that living a raw and healthy life has given you, I am so motivated! Thanks again Anthony!

yardsnacker said...

Great interview. Couple thoughts: I think that the issue with men being typically closed minded has more to do with cultural programming. IMO
We so associate creativity with femininity and that is where guys are afraid to explore, to our detriment, esp considering the great artists of the last 2 centuries had no problem being men and creating..

*It's fascinating that you went for 2 years all on your own! Woah.

*Great point, shouldn't be reading foods with labels to begin with. Gem.

*I'm a new community gardener. Land here in Seattle is primo expensive, thank goodness for community gardens...I had no idea New York had them! Lots of roof space tho! :D

*Also you can get info on wild foods of your area from your local library, usually quite a few books!

*Being connected, from the food you eat, reminds me of what my bro said about hippies being the only activists because they are awake.

*Great work Anthony! Thanks for taking the time to post this!


veggie barbie girl said...

omg your so hot!
do you have a myspace?

Devon said...

I am sitting here propped around pillows on my wood floor, listening to your interview and recharging. Soothing through some pains that have overcome me these past weeks. I have been delving into breaking up some darkness that runs behind the threads of joy--and it is in hearing your voice--in between jumping on and off the road bike I set to my trainer--and feeling connected to a hand out of a Unquantifiable Sadness. At times our overwhelming loneliness takes new shape into a painful solitude that stands at the axis between 1. Road to Clearer Soul, or 2. Retreat and Sooth into Understood Past Space. I suppose route 2 would be Okay, but certainly not offer great progression. Route 1 has felt like the one I have always chosen, and there come days when I throw my heart up and say, "I CAN"T CONTINUE THIS PAIN - IS IT TRULY TAKING ME FURTHER (?!) WHAT IS 'FURTHER?'" It does. I apologize for the unloading of these thoughts - but I hope some of your readers can relate to these experiences of what trick us to think Regression in Spirit, but really are the Progression. I realize that some of these pains are faciliated and felt vis-a-vis being with a Living Diet. The growing pains of this independence are sharp and intrinsically difficult to wrap around one's head so the boat trip into the Inferno might be taken with the conciousness of the great Freedom offered on the other side. So, Awesome... just hearing your dialogue with Tera has soothed me into motivation and I now see Route 1's path of Generosity and Kindness again. Thank you for your Clarity in all ways you carry - it is Healing to others and picking me up in ways that reimage a Devon age four, running amok in my grandmother's herb gardens of Michigan's wonderlands. (Wild Fennel prolifically growing in Golden Gate Park-so Rad!)
Big Love - d.

Linda in the Raw said...


Just stopping by to say hello! Glad you're doing well! I enjoyed the interview. I related to what you said about reading labels/disordered eating. Peeling away emotional layers whilst juice feasting - just blogged about/dealt with the whole issue and set those defeating feelings free!!!

Viva la Revolucion!

All love,