Monday, March 31, 2008

200 Subscribers to Rawmodel's Youtube Page

I'm trying to bring life and excitement to the
living-foods community and I feel that video is
really the way to go these days.

We are a highly visually stimulated society,
so in order to get some ideas across the gap,
we must go with the flow...and use the vid-e-o...

I recently uploaded a video made in Mexico City
where I was opening coconuts on my hotel rooftop.

Here is the Durian Smoothie combo...

Includes some Durian to open a thai coconut...
and easily enough, how to combine them into one delicious smoothie.

Im starting to do more wild foraging in Central Park as well,
so expect more videos of that really soon.

Thanks to all who have subscribed...
I cant thank you enough and I promise to keep
the content FRESH and light-hearted and yet...informative.


tash said...

Your blog is profound...nobody does it like Anthony. Love the new videos! I am temporarily stranded here in the Orlando, Florida airport and your blog is keeping me company at the moment. Thank you for your compassion and guidance. God bless you, Friend. X

P.S. You are making me hungry for durian! Yum. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
I am really enjoying reading your blog and watching the videos. They are so informative and entertaining too! I have been vegan for about 2 years but for the month of April I am going to try eating raw for breakfast and lunch. Start with a green smoothie and then have a big salad mid-day and see how I feel in 30 days. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!
Emily, San Francisco

Michelle J said...

Great videos Anthony!!! I guess i have to now try durian right? Hope it doesn't taste like onions! :O) Love how you cracked open that coconut!!!

Mullmania said...

foraging in central park? show me the greens anthony, show me the greens.

Jen said...

Oh, how I love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Anthony that last video was so funny. HAHAHAHA. I enjoy all of your videos you are so kind to make them and post them. I have wanted to do some foraging for a while now. Since I've been on a raw foods lifestyle, I have been more active. I live only blocks away from George Mason University and I walk around the beautiful campus.

They're doing so much building where I live in Fairfax City Virginia. They cut down half of the trees around the campus. I've been pondering where exactly I can plant wild greens and my mother gave me some space along the fence.

Today my dreams of foraging have come true. i was walking around campus and admiring the flowers and the trees with full blooms. There are cherry blossoms behind my house and trees with flowers in full bloom everywhere! So I was walking around campus and discovered a huge group of dandelion. The flowers and leaves were 3-4 inches long and two inches wide. I crouched down and gathered them in my hand. I foraged about I'd say enough to fill both hands. I looked along the grass and discovered there is dandelion everywhere! I felt a sense of relief and pride. It makes me feel even more connected to life. Abundance is all around. Food is everywhere. I remember while I was growing up in the suburbs of Virginia people looked at dandelion as such a nusance and killed them with chemicals. So sad for them.

I brought the dandelion leaves home and noticed that it's not as bitter as the organic kale, collards and swiss chard. As much as I love those greens particularly kale, dandelion is the best tasting. It is sweet and flavorful and not as bitter. My dad liked it too so I plan on continueing my foraging of dandelion and in the process I'll save so much money by not having to spend as much on greens. I also plan on planting dandelion as well.

Thanks for spreading your passion and zest for life all around.


Lenette said...

Awesome vids Anthony! You totally caught me off guard when you said my name. LOL! I think I'll have a durian-coconut-avo smoothie on my b-day. Gotta try the kale-durian sometime though ;) It's GOOD. Especially with some gojis thrown in!
You're the best. Can't wait to see the foraging videos.
P.s. I'd also suggest that people try out the frozen durian in the asian markets too. That's what I get and I don't believe their irradiated. They're a safe bet if you don't want to chance getting a soggy durian and if you don't want to invest in an entire fruit. Two pods in a box and I've never gotten a bad one. I need to try the whole fruit-opening experience sometime soon though!

Gina Laverde said...

Great Blog Anthony. My son sat on my lap and watched you make the smoothie, repeating "yum yum yum" the whole time. You're doing a fabulous job. Funny thing -- we use about 9 coconuts each week, and I open them from the bottom. I just poke a whole (very easily) with a screw driver, then turn it over to drip into a glass jar. Then I whack them with a sledge hammer (I'm not kidding) and use the meat. My son and I drink kefir made from coco water. I also kefir the meat and make a pudding that's pretty good.

Rock on!

Sara said...

Oh Anthony...I'm sitting here laughing out loud at that coconut video. The part where you're looking around to see if anyone is watching...too funny. I needed some James Bond music in the background or something. Keep it comin'...good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, Have you heard of "Wildman" Steve Brill? He does foraging walks in Central Park. I always wanted to go on one! A bit far for me though, being in Ontario.
Also, you should check out Samuel Thayer's "Forager's Harvest". It's the best book I've read on the topic by far. He knows what he is talking about and has had experience with all the plants he talks about.

yardsnacker said...

Wow 200 very cool! Congratulations!