Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miracle Fruit...Experienced!

First off, HUGE thanks to Debbie Does Raw
for giving me the book "The Fruit Hunters".

I read this book while I was in Thailand,
and it was a delightful page turner for sure.

In this lovely read, the miracle fruit was written
about with great detail. I had never EVER heard of
this fruit before, and was very excited to try it someday.

When we were in Miami, we came upon a great
tropical fruit tree nursery called Pine Island Nursery.
I was IN HEAVEN there. A ridiculous abundance
of affordable fruit trees. I was used to paying $100
for a tropical fruit tree (this included shipping)
and now I was spending $30! Kid in a candy doubt.

(This is me, totally geeking out in front of mango trees)

I bought four items...
A pink guava, a soursop, a CACAO tree,
and pictured above, the miracle fruit bush.

I was glad that we went there, because we
were able to hand select what was available.
They drove us around in a golf cart,
and we just told them what we were looking for.
It was great.

I spent $100 for ALL FOUR items.
Seriously, drive down to Miami, visit the beach
and Glaser Farms, and visit this place. WHAT A DEAL.

Ok...back to the Miracle Fruit.
Here is what Pine Island's site says:
"Miracle fruit has a unique glyco protein that inhibits taste
buds' perception of sour taste for half an hour up to a couple of hours.
They can make lemons taste like lemon candy. The fruit can be used to
enhance the flavor of grapefruit, strawberries, and lychees.
The fruit also acts as an appetite stimulant for chemotherapy patients.
The effects of the glyco protein masks the metallic taste that food tends
to get after chemo treatment. The plants are best grown in containers,
and they can remain in a seven gallon pot indefinitely.

There were little flowers starting to bud out
on the plant, so we knew we had to wait a little while
before trying these little jewels...but within 45 days,
we had our chance.

(About 2-3 weeks from maturity)

(READY...Let's see what the fuss is all about!)

We had a big bag of organic lemons.
Dawn and I split the berry...there was only
one that was ready, and since many more were coming,
we figured we would split this one and see what happened.

We let the juice coat our tongues, and then I started peeling
the lemons. We bit into it with some hesitation...waiting for that
super sour feeling. You know that feeling...think about it RIGHT NOW.
Taking a big bite out of a LEMON.
Is your mouth watering at all??? Mine too. Talk about mind power.

I want to say that it tasted like an orange.
I want to say that it was like sweet lemonade.
It was more like a CANDY LIQUID EXPLOSION.
We couldnt even believe it.

We then juiced 4 lemons.
We drank the juice, straight up, no water.
I kid you not. I am being so serious.
Pure lemon juice tasted like liquid candy.
Not even orange juice. Sweet liquid candy.


The sugar industry lobbied really hard
to get this off the market, and they pretty much
succeeded. I dont even think you can legally sell these berries.

If you eat one of these in the morning, you have
basically no real need for sugar.
We even did a green juice with just greens and lemon,
and guess what...same thing. A little bitter at the
end as it touched the back of the tongue,
but sweeteners needed.

This plant is from West Africa. It likes shade
and warm temperatures...perfect house plant.
We had it in the sun a little, and it didnt like it.
Think about the possibilities here...
and we have about 15 that will be ready soon.


If you can, get one by selecting it in person.
Ordering online is super convenient, but
you take the chance of getting what they pick for you.

I would still do it though. Some places
were charging upwards of $150 for a plant,
but I spent $35 and we now have fruit. So whats up?
You can get the 7 gallon one for $65 plus shipping...not a bad idea.
You'd have fruit very quickly.
HUGE possibilities here.
Thanks Deb!!!! You are getting some soon!

Thank the universe for the internet...we are so blessed.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dome Greenhouse Video

Check your volume, it can be a bit loud.

The video doesnt show the scale of the dome,
but its a great start. My dad picked up two
3lb packages of bees w/ queens today too!
So we are back in business when it comes to pollination.
Just in time, because everything up there is just starting
to break free from its winter slumber.

Meanwhile, Ive got a great tan from
laying out during this weekend of 90F.
P90X, green smoothies, and some suntanning really makes a difference,
especially right before summer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too Funny, Had to Share

What's in a word, anyways?

The Garden Movie

My good friend John McCabe over at
sent me this link a few hours ago.
John's book about hemp is ESSENTIAL.

The Garden Movie

Here is the trailer from youtube.

I was getting pretty misty-eyed at the end.
This is what we need to get involved in.
Whether its your own patch, or a community garden,
the right to grow your own food is timeless.
Don't waste it!

Share this trailer!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Interview with Rhio

I did an interview last week with Rhio
from the show "Hooked on Raw".
Check it out HERE.

Let me know what you think!
Too many "UMS"?
Let me know if you think it flowed.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks Rhio and Leigh!
Thanks for the glass bottles too!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greenhouse Dome Update W Pics!!!

Cherry Blossoms...about 90 days ahead of schedule.

I finally recieved my camera and charger in the mail
from Minnesota yesterday, so here we go....

It was about 25-30F outside when I was there two weekends ago,
but inside the dome, it was peaking out at around 90F.

I worry sometimes that it will throw off the persimmons
or the fig trees, but they seem to be digging the heat.

The persimmons are blossoming!
Im assuming that it means everything is ok.
Fresh hachiya persimmons this october...

We have some pears that we overwintered inside
of the greenhouse, they blossomed well before the cherries
and are already starting to bear fruit!

I would give the trees a shake to make the pollen fly
everywhere and I would start coughing within
2 minutes because of all the pollen flying around.
I wouldnt sneeze, Im not allergic to it, it was more
of a dust-like effect...I had to step outside afterwards.

Here are some overall shots of the inside.
There is still tons of touch up work to do,
but the basics are in, and will only get better now
that the soil is stronger.

Here is one of the kiwi vines...
you need a male to pollinate the fruiting females.
I got one male and four females.
They will soon be climbing up the walls
and covered in fuzzy kiwi fruits.
Here are the seedlings.
Just a bunch of random stuff,
plus some white sapotes that I sprouted.

And check this out...

One of the black sapotes I grew from seed.
I ate the fruit that gave me that seed about a year ago!
Can you believe that? This is my memento from Mexico City.
Black Sapotes grow to be massive, but we'll see how things go
in the will be fun to see it grow.

I started some plants in NYC and then drove
them to Minnesota. This right here is a blue hokkaido squash.
I will eventually train them to climb up the walls as well. GREENERY!!

Here is one of the three fig trees. The garbage can
sitting next to it is for warmer water storage.
I don't like plastic either, but these had to suffice
for heat storage until I could build something else.
Id like to do some kind of half-buried cedar barrels
to mix rainwater and amendments like minerals
and compost tea...cedar would be ideal for the water.

Lets see if I can find any other pics...
Here's one:

I lived off of these two weekends ago.
Lambsquarters (wild spinach)! Growing like crazy
in the greenhouse, while outside is still barren.
Its sitting next to the beehive...which is empty for a few
more weeks until the new bees arrive.

Im editing vids of the greenhouse tonight,
so those should be up pretty soon.

If you cant afford a dome greenhouse,
just manage to build whatever you can.
Even a 4'x4'x4' square with plastic stapled
to the wood could make your sq foot garden
productive 9-10 months out of the year instead of 6-7.
Even covering individual plants with a cut-open milk
jug would help...especially with heat-lovers like peppers
and tomatoes. If you can think of a safe way to warm
up your soil earlier on, the more produce you can grow,
and the more money you can save, and the healthier, and
HAPPIER you will become. Its all about growing your own.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zeitgeist Addendum

I just watched this for the first time yesterday.
I loved the first Zeitgeist, but the second one is
so much more "solution based", and I LOVED it.

Its 2 hours, but feel free to skip around if you need to.
I watched it while stretching and doing some yoga poses.
(I can almost put my palms to the floor again!)

Seriously though, this film is the best I've seen
on the topic of freeing ourselves from the monetary system.
It gives broad utopian solutions, which are great, but
we need to start taking action and providing for ourselves now.

Thats the beauty of permaculture, food forests, and living a
life where you only work if you feel like it, and all of your
basic needs (and MANY heirloom persimmons anyone?)
are more than taken care of. The time saved by not having
to work will allow you to develop your mind, body, and soul
and finally reach levels of potential never dreamed of.

I plan on having viewings of this film sometime soon!
Maybe even power-walks in central park/and then Westerly Market for snacks?

Thanks to all that contributed to the last post too!
Glad to see so much positivity!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Addendum to last post

Sometimes I get rushed and I dont have time to review
the posts much before putting them up on the site...

I think accrediation is good. If I was having
a solar panel system installed, I would want the person
to have some kind of schooling and certification, right?

Well, maybe if I KNEW that they installed their own
system and everything was working wonderfully,
then I suppose I would trust their work.

I'm just saying...look at results for sure.
And be patient with your own results...nature rewards persistence.

Stretch as much as possible! That one REALLY rewards persistence.

Im watching "Simply Raw" right now for the FIRST TIME!
Great stuff! Why did I wait so long??

My arms are so sore from carrying two empty 5 gallon glass bottles
for about 2 miles. Filling them tomorrow! FINALLY!

Want to look great? Work out. Duh!

Lets face it, if you want to look good this summer,
simply eating raw food just IS NOT ENOUGH.
And not only for guys...remember ladies, working out
will burn off fat quicker and make you look more toned
and give you more oxygen. WORK OUT.

You've got to earn it...there has to be some physical exercise.
I know it might not be your favorite thing to do,
but the question good do you want to look this summer?

It's one thing to eat a bunch of raw food, but it is
quite another to get off your duff and start MOVING.

I see sooooooooo many people in the community
who SIT around all day reading about being healthy
(usually on the computer) but if you want real results,
we've got to get out and hop to it...make it burn.

I was getting pretty skinny this winter.
We were traveling and I was rarely doing any strenuous
exercises, and I wasnt consuming much high quality plant proteins.

So when we returned to NY, my friend and I agreed to start
working out together and we chose the P90X workout.
(click on the video to make it go silent.)

Its intense, and it includes days of yoga and kempo
(which is like a kickboxing-muay thai workout)
and lots and lots of abs, push ups and pull ups.
Its really into body resistance, and movement.
Im loving it, and the results are really striking already.

Of course, nutrition is key. So we made a big
order from Mountain Rose Herbs that would last
us for a while. The entire program is 90 days.
(Hence the P90X) ;)

Ive done 30 and am already really happy with it.
So here is what I ordered. You might want something different.
We are all different and to try and fit us into one box of nutrition
is a bit small-minded...keep exploring and experimenting.

Maca...always good. Some people might get
a little too sexy if they eat too much of this stuff.

Chlorella...major density here. A whole new level
compared to canned tuna fish. Those poor guys
choking down that stuff dont realize what they are missing
(good quality protein)
OR what they are getting
(a good fat dose of mercury and pcbs...YUM.)

Use chia seeds in place of flax. No phyto estrogens.

Milk Thistle Seed protects the nice thickness
to the smoothies without adding lots of fat too.

Spirulina...Big hugs to Courtney Pool.

Wild Pollen...hopefully I won't have to buy much
more if the bees pull through this year.
But at the rate I eat this stuff, I know Ill have to buy more.

Gojis...complete protein. Not making it a staple food,
but getting in about two or three tbls a day.

Good ol' Hemp Butter...not rancid at all and 11g of
raw plant protein for every tbls. VERY GOOD.
Manitoba Harvest for me all the way.
Freshest and really supports the raw community.

And some tonka beans to play around with...
Im a Daniel Vitalis junkie, and this guy really
knows his stuff, so Im experimenting.

Im also experimenting with some grass fed eggs,
but its pretty minor. The real goods are in the superfoods for sure.

Blast the paradigm of the unhealthy and pale
vegan and vegetarian. We have to work out.
I dont care what facts someone can spit out at me,
or what peices of paper they have that some school (business)
gave them for paying tuition. The only thing that matters
at the end of the day is....RESULTS.
If the person giving you advice doesnt look the way you want to look,
then KEEP LOOKING. Look for results, not diplomas or certificates.

Ive been making videos about these smoothies, so they
will be up as soon as I get the footage in the mail.

Have a great weekend everyone.
One favor that I must ask...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BIG dome update!

In the haste of getting to the airport yesterday,
I left my camera at my parent's place.

Its too bad, because I took so many good pictures of the greenhouse.
It has really exploded with greenery. I was SOOO relieved.
Its hard working on a garden while everything is still
brown and dormant...the upsurge in growth really helps
with the was night and day compared to February.

I walked around the greenhouse barefoot all weekend,
and really enjoyed being with the the plants.
The persimmon trees are starting to blossom!!!!

We also have three pears and one cherry in there, which
are waiting to be transplanted outside.

There are already little pears forming and the cherry tree
is in full blossom already. This is WAY ahead of the outside
trees, which are just now beginning to show some little buds.

Having the dome has seriously extended my growing season
by two months on EACH end of the summer. The only real lackluster
months are Jan and Feb, and even those could be amazing if I would have
planted more fall crops that could have been harvested througout
those very cold and dark months.

But ahh...those months are OVER. Its 40F outside,
so when its sunny, its about 100F inside! The windows
pop open if it gets too warm, which is really needed because
it will reach 120F in the summer easily if they are broken.

The camera will be here by the end of the week!
I took lots of videos too. I made a massive hemp-milk
with loads of lambsquarters and bee pollen. AMAZING.

I wouldnt have been able to eat lambsquarters until
early June...its mid april and they are already 12 inches tall.
Growing right on top of the compost heap!
After eating those, organic spinach from whole foods seems
like a sad and very expensive joke.

Ok...planting incan berries and schisandra berries today.
Thanks Rawstrength for sending those S. Berries to me a while back!
I will DEFINITELY send you some when they are ready!

I am starting a new flat of seeds, so I have 18 open slots.
In it, I will fill 3 varieties:

6 purple tomatillos...YUMMY! Salsa with Cherokee Purple
tomatoes would be INSANITY!!!
Not to mention blue and purple corn chips!

Here are the Incan Berries.

So many aliases here...Golden Berry, Cape Gooseberry, Physalis...

All delicious and easy to grow. Read a funny article about them HERE.
What would you do if you had TOO MANY incan berries???

And the ones Im really excited to grow and eat...
SchisANDRA berries!!!

They like shade, so that is perfect.
Make sure you find plants that will love each area of your
living space...there is a plant to match that little pocket of
your home or yard. Cacao trees like Shade...think about it.
I think it might be an ideal indoor fruit tree. Not too big,
and likes indirect light. We'll see how it goes.

Anyhow...Ill get those dome pics and vids up asap.
I found a big grove of pine trees near my house too...
Good to know that a pine pollen source is only a 1/3 of
a mile walk from the garden...cant wait to try this stuff..

Have a great week everyone!
If you havent started some seeds indoors by now,
the garden spirits are NOT happy with you.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Water and some D. Vitalis interviews to check out

Im trying to remember the last time
I got so many comments from a post...

VANITY!!! Haha....

Im glad to see so much involvement though.
Dawn has really done meticulous research over the
past few years, and she really has it dialed down at this point.

It took her about 4 days to write it, and Im
glad to see everyone appreciate it...thanks so much!

So......another way to cleanse the skin? CLEAN WATER.

Im assuming that many of you in the conscious eating/living
circles have heard the buzz about freshly harvested spring water.

Within the past few months, Ive started listening to Daniel Vitalis,
and his work has really sped up my personal progress.
His work with water, herbs, surTHRIVal, and wild foods
REALLY resonate with me to the core.

Im turning into a DV junkie for sure!
If you are looking for some more interviews,
go to Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network
and click on the Health and Nutrition podcast section.
I also recommend listening to the parts about agriculture
and finance...MINDBLOWING.

I signed up quickly and for free (premium members get more
content, but the free membership that I have is still amazing).

Ive just been blown away by all the great stuff on there,
whenever Im walking around or sitting in the sauna,
Ive got some podcast from O.R.N. going.

Dhrumil also interviewed Daniel on WLIR last year too,
so if you havent heard that one, for sure...check it out.
His message is SO much more approachable to people that
still want to eat dairy products and meat...
Introducing my family to Daniel's work would be so much
more adaptable for them than showing them David Wolfe's.
The more you listen to the interviews, the more you'll know what I mean.

Anyways, back to the water.
I can feel the difference, and everything about getting your
own spring water is SO win-win all the way.
It tastes amazing, it hasnt been steeped in plastic
bottles for months and months, and is FREE.
(minus the cost of getting out there...but we can carpool of course.)

Here is a video that we made from that day.
We harvested 18 gallons and still have about 6 left.
Its been 9 days, but there are two of us.

If one were prepared, they could harvest
one month of water each time they went.
This was an HOUR from NYC. If we can
get it here, chances are you can get it an hour
from where you live too.
Don't assume immeadiately that you can't.
I did that too about spring water at first,
but the light has shown through and I know realize
that not only is it POSSIBLE, but its optimal and I would
never ever want to go back to the old ways.

Check out and google your state
and "natural springs" or "spring water".


Friday, April 3, 2009

Acne Sucks. Period.

The good news is you can fix it. I did.
By Dawn

After reading Anthony's last post about acne, we both thought it would be good to share some of the information I have gathered over the years in regards to acne. I am in no way an expert. I just hope some may find this information helpful, as I know how bad skin can ruin a perfectly good day. I also have been very fortunate to have a wonderful doctor who has shared much wisdom with me. I can attest first hand to my results.

Acne hasn't always been a problem; it definitely was absent during puberty and those teenage years, when it plagued my classmates. I don't remember noticing acne until sometime during my mid 20's, when I started to get weird, hard, sometimes painful, cyst-like bumps (usually by my hairline on the sides of my forehead) during my mid-cycle. In vain, after the prescription creams didn’t work, I treated them with Accutane. Gasp! Yes, I know now how terrible it is for the body- but at that time, I was desperate for clear skin.

Accutane (pretty much like all prescription drugs) treated only the symptom (acne)- but not the problem (see below). And a few years later it came back- and this time not only did I get them again on my forehead, but I also started getting them around my chin, and so I began to seek out alternative treatments.

To try and make a long story shorter- I began eating better (an organic,vegetarian whole food diet + green smoothies) and started seeing a doctor who practices Nutritional Biochemistry; using muscle testing and whole food supplements. My skin was better, but not good enough, so I turned to a “100% raw food diet” thinking it was the last thing I needed to do- the final “fix” for my skin. I was 100% raw for 10 months straight, but that alone did not fix my skin.
(My favorite salad from Sari Organic in Ubud, Bali)

What I Learned
What is on the skin comes directly from an inflamed intestinal tract. The skin is the body’s third way of eliminating toxins (metabolic waste)- but it is not the preferred way (bowels/kidneys, lungs). Usually, an inflamed intestinal tract is caused by an over growth of yeast or parasites, resulting in an under-functioning liver- this is the key to all skin problems.

You need to:

1. Detoxify the intestinal tract (clean out the gut), which will take the load off the liver- allowing it to do its job, which includes properly balancing/detoxifying (excess gender) hormones.

- Eat a good whole foods diet- high in salad greens, veggies, and low sugar fruit (berries and green apples).

- Avoid or minimize “sugar” and “sugary” foods. This includes most fruit and even natural sweeteners such as agave. Sugar feeds yeast and parasites. Most people have an overgrowth of yeast in their gut from eating too much over the years and from taking antibiotics, which kills off their good bacteria and allows the bad to over grow.

- Take Probiotics- daily. I take “Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules” (good bacteria) by Metagenics, and “Arabinogalactan” (food for the good bacteria), by Pure Encapsulations. Please be aware that there are many kinds of probiotics out there. My doctor does not believe in probiotics derived from soil-based organisms (which are very popular now). Even though people may initially have good results from them, he doesn’t believe they belong in the body since muscle testing rejects them.

As you clean out the gut, you need to heal the gut wall. I take “Ultra GI” by Douglas Laboratories, which heals the gut wall preventing intermediate products of digestion from getting directly into the body, without first going to the liver.
* It should be noted that I also did a comprehensive yeast protocol and did not need a parasite protocol.

2. Take care to support your liver so it doesn’t tax your kidneys.
The liver is soooo important, and I don’t think most people realize how much work the liver does- otherwise they would be kinder to it. If the liver is not taken care of – then it is under a lot of stress and will not be able to detoxify everything properly and your body will send you signals (i.e. zits) to let you know it needs help.

I take a supplement called “Livco,” by Standard Process, that is an herbal mix of Schisandra Fruit Extract, Rosemary Leaf, and Milk Thistle Seed, for toning, strengthening, and detoxifying the liver. Artichoke and Dandelion will also help allot.

3. Clear up Heavy Metals
When you do this, you need to make sure you have a good functioning liver, since it will be detoxifying the heavy metals- in addition to its regular duties. You should not even realize you are doing a detox. If you get a “brain fog” feeling you are not doing this properly.

For my heavy metal detox I took (and from time to time still take) “Parotid PMG” and “Cholacol II” by Standard Process, along with NCD Zeolite, CO Enzyme QH, and Ascorbic Acid. Many people just take zeolites, but by itself it is not good for the body. The zeolites need to be properly bound to leave the body. This supplement mix makes sure your body is protected while gently, albeit thoroughly removing heavy metals from the body.
(Some of the supplements mentioned)

So say you do all of this (it takes time) and you still have acne- most likely you are like me and countless others…your hormones are out of whack! No matter if you are 100% raw and/or you did all of the above – you may still have acne!

I really noticed a significant difference when I started to take, “High Lignan Flaxseed Complex” by Invite Health. The little bits of zits that were still hanging around the chin area during my cycle disappeared. Lignans (found in flax seeds and also in certain tree bark) are SHBG (sex hormone binding globulins) – which bind hormones together making them less active.

Each month, during a woman’s cycle an egg is dropped and it forms a corpus luteum, which gives us natural progesterone that balances out estrogen. Naturally as women age, they may start having an anovulatory period (you bleed but do not release an egg or ovulate) so the hormones will not be balanced out. Birth control pills and all the hormones in processed food may also be to blame for this phenomenon.

Surprisingly, I noticed another big difference in my skin when I stopped eating a 100% raw diet. Whoa! Now, I am not saying that eating raw is in any way bad… our bodies are designed for a raw diet (*see exceptions). However, in hindsight I believe I was eating too many nuts (dehydrated foods) and WAY too much flax (I sprinkled it on practically everything), and though full of Lignans and other good things, it is full of oil which make the sebaceous glands overactive. Daniel Vitalis, also mentions in his Elixir Craft Series that he believes flax is estrogenic.
(what a beauty!)

What’s the connection between acne and hormones?
Hormones are receptor sites for bacteria (often referred to as “staph”), which is on the skin at all times. More hormones = more bacteria = bad acne. The excess bacteria quickly plugs up pores, and can easily get infected and cause scarring- no matter how many times you wash your face! Try “Thymex” by Standard Process to help alleviate zits (keeps staph under control).

Remember that this process will take some time. Be patient. Everyone’s body is different. Some may not like taking supplements- for me I found it more viable to take them as I could not get that many herbs (for example: for my liver) in my diet on a daily basis without them. Vitamins, enemas and colonics will also help.

The best part of my journey is gaining a better understanding of my body and though in the past I knew something was “off” – I now know what is going on and how to address it. I still get mini zits from time to time, but as Anthony will attest it is definitely not an issue for me anymore. I still take supplements, though my intake has decreased over time. I use a proprietary botanical face wash system and masks from Arbonne (mainly cause I like good products and pampering) and am fine eating a mostly raw diet, along with cooked vegetarian food. Don’t stress over your diet (stress can contribute to breakouts too!)... just be yourself (100% you) and listen to your body.


* Raw Diet Exceptions: Lightly steam cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, etc). They are goitrogenic and have cellulose, which requires cellulase (we don’t have this) to digest properly. If you lightly steam you break down the cellulose making the nutrition available for the body and the heat makes less goitrogenic.

P.S. Avoid Soy. Not only is most of it GMO but also it is high in estrogen.

P.P.S. There are a couple of other supplements I would like to mention that help aid (mainly in regards to estrogen dominance) in the body’s ability to detoxify hormones and keeping them under control.

Vitex: (Vitex agnus-castus) or Chaste Tree is a traditional woman's dietary supplement. Vitex does not actually contain hormones. It appears to increase progesterone by stimulating the release of a hormone called luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland. It is widely used to promote overall health and balance in a woman's cycle.

Calcium D-Glucarate: enhances detoxification and promotes estrogen metabolism to support cellular health.

DIM: is a naturally occurring phytonutrient that is found in cruciferous vegetables. Though discovered over ten years ago, the connection between plant-derived dietary ingredients and estrogen metabolism are just now beginning to be understood. Research has shown that DIM has the ability to act as an estrogen balancer in both women and men. It can be used by those addressing estrogen dominance problems and seeking to reduce conditions such as uterine fibroid tumors, fibrocystic breasts, and other women's fibrosis related conditions.