Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bee Update

Just when you need some help...the Universe provides.

So I have ordered my two colonies of bees for this spring.
Im not sure how many are supposed to come with each hive (2)
but it seems like its supposed to number in the TENS of THOUSANDS.
Good lord...what am I getting myself into?

Endless thanks to Miss P, who sent me the link to
ENDLESS THANKS. I learned quite a bit just from this video.

I still have quite a bit of time to learn more...but this is a huge start.

And then...out of nowhere, I start receiving info on a beekeeping
workshop being held up in the Bronx. Wyldegirl was thoughtful
enough to send the heads up...Much thanks always Jenny!!!
(Her post on organic certification is SO right on...)

Here is a link to the course...Wave Hill Beekeeping Workshop

Knowing about this place can help keep some sanity via greenery
in an otherwise cement-laden existence.

And a final thought...

I have heard that beekeepers are consistently the oldest
living peoples in our society. Studies of Centenarians in Russia
have shown that most of them raised bees, and that their daily
consumption of honey and pollen, and also bee stings,
have contributed to this phenomena.

So...I could actually be giving the gift of supreme longevity to my
parents. My project is taking place across the road from my parents
so we can all share in the endless bounty together...and so they can
take care of the place while I'm traveling!

By putting in bees, I could be doing more for my father's health
than if I attended 8 years of medical school...
(Which some might call VERY expensive mental conditioning...Ask yourself.)

My sister is going to Med School at the U of M in Minnesota right now,
and she still lives on cooked cereal, coffee, and soy milk. Obviously
the whole Genetically Modified-estrogen-dead food issue really isnt taught to them.

"Drugs and Surgery = Good....Nutrition and Exercise = Irrelevant."

Maybe I am a bit too hard on the whole Medical system...or not.

They are in charge, and look at where we are. Its time for a change.

If everyone was a living-foodist, their entire industry would completely
collapse in a year. Think of the money lost. Think about the insurance industry.
Its scary...too much money involved. They simply need sick people to earn a living.

BEES BEES BEES. Good for the Earth, good for LIFE....good for US.



Hanlie said...

No, I don't think you're too hard on the medical profession and, might I add, the pharaceutical companies. They've sold us down the river for profit.

I was trying to convince someone to do a liver/gallbladder cleanse this week, but because the doctor said that the cleanse was "unproven except for anecdotal accounts", this guy is now going to have major surgery where he will lose an organ! The cost is huge, not only for the doctor and the hospital, but also in recovery time and exposure to risk. And they call us crazy!

Jennifer said...

heh, spot-on as usual anthony. i took my bro and his gf out to dinner at PFW with phil and glen. this was their first time experiencing raw food (they loved it, of course), both of them are in the medical industry. crystal is doing her residency in psychiatry and my bro is still in school. over dinner at PFW crystal was telling me how the food at hospitals is totally wack, and admitted to eating mcdonald's pretty regularly. she said 3 people tried to commit suicide last year at her hospital. i thought she was talking about patients, but she was talking about OTHER psychiatrists!!! crazy, huh? hypocrisy vs. hippocrates...blows my mind. i'm pretty proud of my bro - he's getting his MD but only so people will take him seriously. his true interest is in chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. oh yea, and finding the cure for AIDS. ^_^

Michelle J said...

Peace dude! I love the fact that you you will single handedly contribute to the well-being of your parents! Totally awesome! Your permaculture project sounds just so perfect and exactly what the world needs! You and you alone can make this world a better place!!! Yep, you can!!!

raw by default said...

Well, if I'm ever hit by a bus, I really hope the whole Western medicine system hasn't collapsed. Emergency medicine seems to be about all that system is good for, though. Especially in these days of drugs. Whatever happened to that old drug-war slogan: "Just say no"? Hmmm...

alissa said...


i've been getting lots of signs from the bees lately...

H said...

There's no money to be made when people are well. Of what benefit is it for a doctor to heal his patients? He essentially puts himself out of work, and then how would he pay off that expensive degree? Sad, but true. Bees are awesome. It's reallly interesting reading about how collectively they act as one for the betterment of the whole hive. We humans could use to learn from them.

Miss P said...

Anthony - David Wolfe would be a great person to chat to about beekeeping, if you get the chance at his event, next month.

He's keeping hives now, and I would bet that he is learning lots and might have some wisdom to impart. Just a thought.

And, if you would kindly pass on from me, that he needs to unfurl those angel wings and fly down here to Australia! :-)

Keep spreading the love & honey!

Anonymous said...

I know the medical system in the US and other places is messed up and that the pharmaceutical industry is evil.

However, in places where healthcare is free, socialised healthcare systems, not only do the doctors generally do what they do because they love their job and really want to help people but a whole bunch of emphasis is put on the importance of exercise and healthy diet and lifestyle (and they do their best to not let the pharmaceutical industry get the best of them too)

Just something to consider

Have fun with your bees, that sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, does anyone appreciate the value of having a strong connection with individuals and a community? Being connected to people is more than having a conversation or doing an activity with people. It transcends all the physicality. Relationships are like flowers that are blossoming yet I rarely see people connected to one another. There is a spiritual, psychic, love connection that is lacking in the world around me. I wonder if anyone here identifies with I am saying.


Anonymous said...

heard of a young Mom , who was given an epidural for being in labour for 48 hours , they told her it would speed things up (please explain that one to me ?) she has now been paralysed for a month and they said "OH Dear, you must have picked up a virus in the hospital !!!!!!!!!!

I feel so mad !

Good luck with the bees.


bueller said...

Fantastic post Anthony! Bees are so important! I can't wait to meet your little guys.


Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to comment here. My husband is a naturopath, I am an allopath, or Western doctor. We live and work in Canada, which is a different system than the U.S. I am consistently amazed at the critiques offered by people of MDs - how we are money hungry, uncaring, unaware, invested in ill health etc. These broad generalizations would be completely unacceptable if made about any group, but folk feel comfortable and justified making them about MDs. That alone should be a signal that something is awry. The fact that some of us have received poor health care, or that MDs are not trained in every helpful modality, does not mean that these sweeping negative stereotypes are fair or accurate. Most importantly, the only people who suffer when these generalizations are made are the people who need health care of any kind. When we entrench these mistrusts, vague condemnations and stereoptypes, all we do is make it harder for the various care providers to learn from each other, communicate with each other, and provide collaborative and progressive care for people who need it. Those of us working to bridge the disciplines, to bring allopaths and naturopaths and nutritionists and chinese medicine doctors and all types of healers together are not helped by these critiques. Nor is any one group responsible for the poor health of the nation. When I read these critiques, I am alienated and discouraged, and I am already so aligned with the principles of wholistic health (including raw food)! Imagine the effects on MDs just beginning to acquaint themselves with perspectives outside of their familiar terrain. MDs are working to help people. One may not agree with their methods, or their outcomes, and fair enough. But then let's raise the level of the discussion to address those issues, rather than degenerating to a broadscale condemnation of the ethics and morals of people that have dedicated their working lives to caring for ill people. If we cannot manage to communicate in an open, encouraging and collaborative manner, how do expect to progress?