Saturday, April 26, 2008

Going to Minnesota...

(Some delicious flax-apple-coconut oil based pancakes with
strawberries and macadamia whipped cream....who says we sacrifice taste?)

At last...the day has arrived.
I am flying to Minnesota tomorrow to get things started.
All the fruit trees have arrived, and now its time to enrich the soil.

Mother Nature is not one to cooperate sometimes though.
I found out yesterday that a 6" blizzard ran through Minnesota
yesterday and probably gave my Georgia-raised fruit trees
quite a shock. I am a bit worried about them right now.

I am trying to send good thoughts their way...I really hope they make it.

Anyways...I am going to be working hard all week long,
shoveling swamp mud up onto the soil and spreading worms around
and building sq ft Im likely not going to be online at all.

Im taking everyone's positive vibes with me as I begin this project.
Ill be filming everything, so no one will miss a thing.

Oh yeah...and the black sapote seeds that I planted?
One has sprouted! I soaked it in my mouth for 10 minutes
and held it in my hands for another 10.
I planted it in the soil 2 weeks ago, and I saw the first sprout today.

Here is the one we just enjoyed three days NYC.
Being brave pays off.

Ive never raised a tree from seed before...this could be so great.

Have an awesome week everyone. Be the change.


Eating Raw at Vegetarian Restaurants

Dawn and I have been going to Quintessence quite a bit lately.
I dont think Ive ever been a "regular" at a restaurant before.

I do think that we are getting more kamut bread with the
Fofu Moroccan Platter than before thats totally good.

Anyways...we were looking for some more variety.
We have been to all the raw restaurants in NY,
and most are great, but we were missing the
vibrant scene of a youthful restaurant.

Just a note...when I was single..I NEVER went out.
I felt like I could make it better anyways and I didnt have
anyone go out with, so that summed it up.
Plus, I was saving up to buy property and fruit trees,
so it kept me pretty tight in the wallet area.

Im really digressing here, so let me get back to the point.
I knew that a popular organic place nearby in the East Village
called "Counter" had raw dishes. I checked the menu and saw that they
had one raw option for each course. So I surprised her and took her
somewhere new. It was great to be eating out somewhere different finally.

And the food? AMAZING! They had such good raw stuff
and the prices were REALLY fair.

Here is what we had...

The "Caprese". A Macadamia Nut cheese layered with basil and tomato.
WONDERFUL. Same texture as buffala mozzarella that I had in Rome.

So nice to have new dishes...

This was the "Vegetable Terrine". Holy amazing.
Same flavors as the lasagne, but with a new twist.
We totally loved this.

And how thoughtful...they included a SALAD with the ENTREE. *Hint Hint*
What does it cost to add a little side salad? 25 cents?
Its the little things that really add up...remember that.

And for dessert we had this Macadamia Macaroon Tarte
floating in rose-lime water. UNREAL. Cost? $9!!!!

This was some of the best raw organic vegan food we've had.

Here is the point about this whole post.
Many vegetarian places arent hip to raw yet.
EDUCATE THEM. Inform them that raw dishes will
bring in more customers and will still be loved by the current
vegetarian customers (and maybe more). Its a total win-win for them.

Let them know that you and many of your friends
are looking for vegan places to eat at, but cant because
most restaurant owners insist on cooking everything still.

Its up to us to bring more raw food into our lives.

Dawn mentioned to me that as raw foodists, we (me and her)
probably live in the best neighborhood in the entire world
for going out to eat and having raw food.
We are here in the East Village of NYC and there are
6...yes 6 raw food or raw friendly restaurants within
a ten minute walk. Thats ridiculous. Its too easy.

I have been taking this for granted. It must be so horrible
to feel stuck at home all the time, when you just want to go out to eat with someone.
Going out to eat with loved ones is such a cornerstone of social activity, right?
I was always alone before so it didnt matter, and now I see the challenge
that people go through. It has to be very difficult.

If there are vegetarian places near you, and you are sick
of salads, see what you can do to get the management educated
about the potentials of raw vegan dishes. Show them some cookbooks
and give them some websites. If they see the $$$$....they will act.

Be the catalyst for change...if not you, who?


Randy Pausch Lecture

No need to comment really...just watch and think about your own life.

If you live properly, the dreams will come to YOU.

We are SO lucky to be where we are, and yet so many of us simply
focus on all the negative things. Value your gifts, both the ones
you have received, and the ones that you give to others.

Spread the light and enlighten your own existence.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Exercise Explained

(Guacamole wrapped in a wild burdock leaf...keeping it wild...)

Ive been getting some feedback lately that my workout
routine, however effective, is highly unrealistic for someone
with a regular job and other responsibilities.

Let me clear some stuff up, because I know I have caused some confusion.
I stated that I DID a workout that was like this:

One hour of treadmil or elliptical in the morning (with audiobook).
Then I would have breakfast and go about my day.

At night...since I was living alone and was a lonely raw foodist,
I went BACK to the gym to pass the time.

I did an hour of weights, and then another hour of treadmill/elliptical.

This routine got me into great shape.
But NOW...I am pretty happy with where I am at,
and now Im in a relationship which consumes time (in only good ways)
so I am pretty much in maintenance mode these days.

I work out about 1 hour a day, usually every other day.
I focus mainly on upper body, and then try to walk everywhere
during the day. Its likely that I put 10 miles in everyday.
I live in NYC...its how we do things out here.
When I go back home to Minnesota. I am amazed at how inactive I become.
Sit in house...get in around...get home again...sit in house.

All that walking does add up.

But again, my workouts are drastically reduced from before,
and my eating habits are much more controlled.
Since I was eating late at night before, I would have to go to the gym
to burn off those calories. Now that I eat much lighter at night, I dont have to put
in that extra effort to balance out the heavy foods.

If you love rich foods and want to stay thin, you might have to work for it.

If you are satisfied with where you are at, you can trim back your routine.
If still have to go a little more hardcore to burn more than what you ate
and what is still stored on your body.
Its pretty simple mathematics as far Im concerned.

Also...if we can learn to multi-task, we can get more workouts in.
I know most of us still watch movies and TV at night, despite our busy schedules
that "seem" to make anything challenging impossible to accomplish at night.

If we can double up, we can get in shape quicker, learn more, and entertain ourselves.
We have to use our brains and attach pain to pleasure, so it becomes a joy
to exercise...not some chore that we HAVE to do.
We now GET to watch a movie and burn 1000 calories.

When you are getting paid to look healthy, you find many creative ways
to do the hard parts like exercise, yet still make them enjoyable.

Its all about persistence...above all else.
No matter what technique you choose...if you do it often
enough and can control your eating habits,
eventually you will reach your goals.

Best always,


Monday, April 21, 2008


One thing I hear about Raw Food that always makes me cringe is this statement:

You can eat whatever you want and not gain weight! Its RAW!!!


If you follow that rule, all your late-night raw ice cream sundaes
and superfood fudges will have you wondering what the hell happened.

I thought this was true for a while, so I would still eat heavy things late at night
and let me assure you, despite still be 100% raw, I put on weight.

It still breaks down to simple math as far as Im concerned.
You have to burn more than you eat if you want to LOSE weight.

The beauty of most raw food is that there is so much bulk, and not
so many calories. You can drink a monster green smoothie that will
totally fill you up and it might only be 300-400 calories.

But if you are eating lots of dates and nuts and other dried fruits,
you are going to be sadly surprised.

I made the progress I did because I did lots of greens and non-sweet fruits
like cucumbers and tomatoes and kept it light at night.
AND I exercised. Most raw vegans still dont seem to do much of this.

Otherwise I would stay even or possibly even gain weight again,
despite being 100%. So dont fall into this trap.
You cant just eat whatever you want because its raw.

There are still dense calories in nuts and dried fruits
that will bite you in the butt if you arent careful.
Of course enjoy these items, but just be conscious.

Keep the heavier meals for lunch, so you can burn off those calories
throughout the remainder of the day, and then ride it light at night.

Have your raw sweets, but dont go overboard and try to have them
a few hours before bed. These little things can really add up over time.

Raw is wonderful, trust me I know...
but we still cant escape the simple math of calories.

Argue with me about it if you must, but Ive gone
through it and it really rang true for me.

Durian in Central Park...for LUNCH. :)


Why Bother? This is why...

I recently read an article in the NY Times forwarded to me by a friend,

it talked about going green, and if it more for feeling better about ourselves

since everything is being cancelled out by carbon guzzling newcomers

like China and India. If the troubles are even worth going through.

Here is the link, I would highly recommend reading it to accompany this post.

The main point was...WHY BOTHER?

This is why I am creating my eco-project...

At first it was just to have a sanctuary where I could
rid myself of bills and live the easy life with loved ones.

Then I started reading about carbon footprints and peak oil.
Everything I wanted to do, was totally beneficial in these areas.
I would be growing my own food and producing my own energy.

Then I started learning about the life-force in plants,
and how homegrown plants are FAR superior to store bought organics.

So by reducing my carbon footprint, I am allowing myself
to have the best and cleanest possible produce, I am ridding myself of nearly
all of the common expenses that afflict most people in the western world,
and I dont have to slave away at a job I dont like because my
lifestyle revolves around more simpler activities which dont cost anything.

Dont get me wrong...this project is going to cost alot.
But nowhere near as much as if I wanted to buy some standard box house
and drive a fancy car around and go grocery shopping every couple of days.

There are more up-front costs, but after that it should be smooth sailing.
By doing this project I hope to show that by reducing our carbon footprint,
its better for our bodies, minds, souls, and wallets.

We are the Earth. What is good for the mother, is good for the kids.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

A great many things happen when you plant a vegetable garden, some of them directly related to climate change, others indirect but related nevertheless. Growing food, we forget, comprises the original solar technology: calories produced by means of photosynthesis. Years ago the cheap-energy mind discovered that more food could be produced with less effort by replacing sunlight with fossil-fuel fertilizers and pesticides, with a result that the typical calorie of food energy in your diet now requires about 10 calories of fossil-fuel energy to produce. It’s estimated that the way we feed ourselves (or rather, allow ourselves to be fed) accounts for about a fifth of the greenhouse gas for which each of us is responsible.

Yet the sun still shines down on your yard, and photosynthesis still works so abundantly that in a thoughtfully organized vegetable garden (one planted from seed, nourished by compost from the kitchen and involving not too many drives to the garden center), you can grow the proverbial free lunch — CO2-free and dollar-free. This is the most-local food you can possibly eat (not to mention the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious), with a carbon footprint so faint that even the New Zealand lamb council dares not challenge it. And while we’re counting carbon, consider too your compost pile, which shrinks the heap of garbage your household needs trucked away even as it feeds your vegetables and sequesters carbon in your soil. What else? Well, you will probably notice that you’re getting a pretty good workout there in your garden, burning calories without having to get into the car to drive to the gym. (It is one of the absurdities of the modern division of labor that, having replaced physical labor with fossil fuel, we now have to burn even more fossil fuel to keep our unemployed bodies in shape.) Also, by engaging both body and mind, time spent in the garden is time (and energy) subtracted from electronic forms of entertainment.

Even if my actions have NO effect on reducing the climate crisis,
it is still totally beneficial and self-serving to do it anyways.
Lets face it people...we are facing a major sh*t-storm soon because
of the way our society has been (dis)functioning for the past 200 years.

Food costs rising, fuel costs skyrocketing, civilization shutting down
because of limited fossil fuels, good old global warming,
deforestation, economic crisis, and all the health issues going on.

This model for living protects the people involved from most, if not all of it.
Of course if the Earth becomes barren then we are all screwed, but I doubt
civilization will still be around long enough to make that happen.

Even if you are totally selfish...this is the best way to structure your life.
Its funny how the true "self" is actually the whole.

Changing your light bulbs will do more for yourself and the Earth.
Things are getting bad...start preparing yourself now.

Umm....Happy Earth Day?


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Permaculture Update

(courtesy of Growing Spaces)

Lots of big things finally going on.

The trees have shipped from Georgia.
They are sitting at my parents house in Minnesota
just waiting to be planted. I am going crazy thinking about it.

I ordered the 22ft Dome Greenhouse. It should be shipping
in about 2 weeks. I would highly recommend getting only
a dome greenhouse because it gives you the height to grow
fruit trees that otherwise wouldnt survive in a colder climate.

The trees that I have growing in the greenhouse will be:

Red Indian Guava
Hong Kong Guava
Italian Everbearing Fig
Meyers Lemon
Hachiya Persimmons
and I am sprouting Black Sapote seeds right now....

They are going to encircle a wood-heated cedar hot-tub
that will keep them warm and moist throughout the year.

I will drain the hot tub once a week and use the soak
water to feed the plants. Our bodies will be soaking
in that water so hopefully the water will deliver some
important information to the trees/plants as we water them.

Maybe it sounds like a joke, but read Anastasia and tell me what you think afterwards.

I have to have some brush cleared out for more fruit tree space
and all of that is supposed to take place next Thursday.

I really want to be there for it, but I am on hold
for some big jobs at the end of the week so I have to wait and see.

The first big projects will be enriching the soil with compost and worm castings,
planting the trees, setting up the greenhouse and building the vegetable beds.

All the grape vines and berries are shipped now as well.

If we can plant more fruit trees in our personal spaces
which will soon give us the best food for pretty much no cost,
we will be saving more money and will be able to use that for
self-improvement, travel, or any other projects.

This is one message that I really push: FOOD INDEPENDENCE.
In reality, money is paper. FOOD IS REAL.

If you produce or pick your own food, you empower yourself
beyond belief. You elevate yourself to a level of freedom few can enjoy.
And the more you develop it, the more freedom you have and the
more time you will have to become what you were meant to be.

We should likely know that LIVING food is the best food we
could be eating in order to gain our super powers back.
But the question then becomes...what are the best?

Homegrown and Wild. Try your best to make it happen.
Lets all go beyond organic if we can.

We have all made it so far...and we've just begun.

Spring is here...keep planting EVERYWHERE.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Love in the Desert Smoothie

A new smoothie I thought up very recently.

Maybe someone has done this one before...

It wouldnt surprise me at all because it makes so much sense
and its tastes so amazing...this cant be the first.

Here it is.

Aloe Vera...a wonderful beauty food.
Be sure to rub the excess all over your body...seriously.

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, otherwise known as Indian Figs.
Known to treat type 2 diabetes, and they simply taste wonderful
along with the spectacular color they provide.

Try and get in different colors into your diet.
Especially purples and pinks and reds and blues.
And of course green...but we figured that one out already.

And then to round it out...Agave. Totally optional of course,
but you may want to sweeten it up a bit.

Or try some kind of desert honey if agave isnt your thing right now.

Its fun to make smoothies that come from the same bio-region.
Everything coming from the desert or the Mediterranean region.
Think of it...when I make a smoothie with apples AND mangoes..
something just doesnt feel right. I think I need to keep things more localized.

Enjoy this wasnt expensive either. You can find the aloe leaves
for around $2, and the prickly pear cactus for 75 cents-$1.

What a lovely smoothie for springtime too...youll love it!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Soursop in NYC

What can I say? I made it happen.
I don't want to incriminate myself with border patrol,
so I wont say much more.

The soursop is safe with me now in NYC.
And I swear that I did not hide it in any body cavity. OUCH!!!

To be able to enjoy the sweet & sour cotton candy flavor
in NYC is such a rare treat.

However...the funniest thing is that while walking
through Chinatown today, I saw a vendor selling soursops!
(Bowery and Grand....if you are interested)

BUT...she was selling them for $6 a lb! I bought mine
for $1.00 a lb! That soursop on the video would
have been 18 dollars in NY! Good grief!

Grow your own..I always say.
Just think about the value of rare organic fruits grown
in your own space with love and lots of minerals.

If you cant grow your own, get them back to the states
in any way possible, and dont forget to smile at the customs officer.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only...this is all a big lie.
I am a good law-abiding citizen that would never dream of breaking
any kind of rule set forth by the almighty US govt.



Monday, April 14, 2008

Detox Footpad HOAX!

So many synchronicities...

I was watching 20/20 the other day, and they did a piece on this new
"detox" product that absorbs toxins through your feet.
Its been getting a good deal of attention on the internet lately...these pads.

Well...20/20 did a REAL scientific test and found that the ads
were a complete joke and that the company was totally ripping people off.
Check out the article and watch the clip HERE.

So obvious...the real way to detox is through the colon or skin...
not some fad that claims to do it easily through your feet.
The video explains it all.

And then JUST NOW...I get Peter Ragnar's Newsletter.
And guess what he is selling now...

Now...either Peter is seriously misinformed,
or he is just trying to sell us something?
I am honestly really tiring of all this.

Could he be selling something else that really doesnt work?

Use your own judgment, of course.
I've presented all the information to you right here in this post.
We are all reasonable...use your judgment.

Posted below is the it carefully.

Looking out for you...


How Toxic Are You? Take This Test!

You may already know how powerful reflexology and foot massage can be. That’s because connections to all your vital organs are found on the bottoms of your feet. Stimulate those acupoints and you improve the health of those organs. Now, just imagine being able to directly suck accumulated poisons right out from your liver, kidneys, and other organs through the soles of your feet. I mean actually being able to see the nasty toxins being extracted!

"By applying these simple, easy-to-use detoxifying pads on your foot at night, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your health."

That’s right—no pills or strict diets needed to get the poisons out. When I first began using these detox pads, I was utterly shocked! The reason was that my diet has been near perfect for years. I workout every day, eat raw organic veggies right out of the garden, get plenty of rest and sleep, and live a low-stress lifestyle.

"So you can just imagine how shocked I was the first morning I removed the pads from my feet..."

There it was—the undeniable truth, visible to my very own eyes—yuck!

Well, I thought better on the outside than inside my body where the crap would turn into cancer or worse. Amazed, and so will you be the first time you try these detox pads. In fact, if for some reason you doubt how dangerous the poisons that were extracted from your feet are, you can always have the pads sent to be analyzed.

Nonetheless, you’ll be astounded at what comes out of your body with these simple pads.

These pads are a unique and powerful concoction blended to form a powerful detoxing product.

The Takara Patch formula is unique on the marketplace, with a time-tested blending of the following natural ingredients in their optimum ratios for maximum effectiveness. I've tested them all. Simply no other patch can compare!

There may be many detox patches on the market... but not all are created equal, utilizing the patented original Takara Detox Foot Patch formulation.

Naturally blended for the maximum effectiveness...
Containing absolutely no chemicals, synthetic ingredients, or additives! No potentially harmful or irritant ingredients (eg. sorbitol, glycolic acid)! Containing absolutely no fillers or unnecessary ingredients!

Additionally, the non-foil backing of the patches ensures the absolute purity, potency, and effectiveness of the ingredients; to maximize your cleansing experience.

Please, just see for yourself!
In luminous health,

Come on live in the woods and eat nothing but wild raw food.
You breathe clean air and drink clean water. You are obviously very clean.
Those pads you are using turn black with moisture...not toxins!
Learn more about a product before you start selling it to trusting fans.

I really liked Ragnar...heck, I even spent $50 on his wild food book.
(Only buy this book if you want to learn how he lives with wild foods,
this book will not help you at all with plant identification)
I'm kind of saddened by all of he in the same class
as all of those info-mercial people? Really??

Just telling it like it is.

In luminous truth...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Food Matters

This movie could change it all.
It looks to be SO well done...

HUGE thanks to Devon for sending it my way.

Food Matters Official Trailer from foodmatters on Vimeo.

This could be what we need to show our friends and family.
It looks professional, very nicely edited, and ENTERTAINING.

Im excited to watch this when it finally comes out.

You simply cant hide TRUTH forever.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cracking the Chocolate Code in Providence

Just a quick reminder to all of you in the NorthEast US...

We are taking the bus from Port Authority on Sunday morning
for 4 HOURS to be there. Its going to be great and we all
need to support those who are brave enough to host events.

These people are pulling the raw community together
and spreading knowledge, so if we can somehow get there
we really should. The round trip from NY to Providence is $67,
but its totally worth it to see this. And I hear Providence is a nice city too...

If you can take just ONE idea from these events,
and use it to make your raw path more enjoyable and therefore
well, then every second and cent you paid was worth it.

Cacao is the key for many people to stay raw.
It may help you get away from cooked junk food.
Knowledge is power.

Just a reminder...make it if you can.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Monsanto Stuff...and Planning Ahead

By Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace HO/A.P. Images.

I've been hanging out in my hotel room catching up
on some online articles that Ive been meaning to read.

One was the excellent article in Vanity Fair's recent issue
about the corporation called Monsanto.

I beg you all to read it. I will probably take about 20 min.

Its basically the same as the movie, but Vanity Fair does
a really in-depth job of writing about this issue.

I don't want to be one that always focuses on negative stuff.
I think by now most of you would know that I am about positivity.
But we must be informed about this company.

The more we know, the more info we will have to make
sound decisions to take care of ourselves, our family,
and our communities in the future.

On a related note somehow...

Some people who are lucky enough to actually have some savings
are always asking others what they should do with it.
Most brokers (SALESPEOPLE) will tell you to invest in stocks,
bonds, and other paper assets. Why? Well...they get a commission.

"Wall St is the only place where someone who drives a Rolls Royce
will take advice from someone who takes the subway." - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Here is a tip from someone (me) who has nothing to gain from you:
Start taking control of your food SUPPLY.
You dont know who will try to take control of it in the future.
Well...maybe after reading the above article, you will.

We have to think now and start planning.
And the best part is that you have the freshest
fruits and vegetables grown with love and not with chemicals,
and you are protected from companies that want to turn your
food into some kind of ugly science experiment. produce shipped 2000 miles from home isnt exactly fresh.
Lets always think about LIFE-FORCE.
Look into getting a greenhouse, too.
Year round produce...the freshest ever.

Remember...EAT the freshest,
LOOK the freshest,
FEEL the freshest,

Knowledge is power. Start planning to create your Space of Love.
Its the absolute best thing you could do with any extra money,
and land is still relatively cheap 2 hrs away from major cities.
You'd be surprised. 2 acres is all you need.

You can kind of see how it matches
up with the grape-arbor entrance.
I'll have to clear a little land, but most of it is ready.
As many of you know, this has been in the works for 3 years.
Start planning now.

And of course...

I'm sitting in my hotel room eating the biggest Black Sapote
I have ever seen in my life.

Lots of seeds too...hmmm....what to do with them?


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back to Mexico!

Well...when your mind and body are fueled on Living Foods,
you tend to do everything BETTER than before.

When I was working in Mexico two weeks ago,
the hours were long, the clothes were VERY warm,
and because it was a commercial, it was many things over and over again.

BUT...I kept my mood elevated, and was grateful for
just being there and being able to work.
I gave them 100% all the way until 9pm,
and stayed cheery and helpful.

They must have noticed, because they are having me
back to do some more stuff on Thursday.
I am flying out early tomorrow morning
and will be back on Friday. A much quicker trip.

Keep feeling that gratitude...
I'm on the hunt for black sapotes again...can I bring
them back to the states??? Ah...I want to so bad.
You have no idea how insanely good and creamy they are.
No joking...the chocolate pudding fruit. cant even make this stuff up!!!

AND...I am going to be speaking at Raw Spirit Fest in September!
I just sent over the contract yesterday so it might take a while for
everything to be put into their computers,
but they assured me that I have a spot on that Friday afternoon.

Its not a main stage talk, but a workshop that I'll be holding.
I hope to see you all will be my first time at RSF.

I had a Brazil Nut Milk from Jubb's an hour ago.
Once you have tried theirs, its hard to have anything else like it.
Theirs is by far the best that Ive had.
Its such a good value too...the water they use is so good
and the milk is so smooth and silky. Highly recommended.

Alright, I have to be up at 530 tomorrow so its an early night.
Lots of progress happening with the Permaculture project too.
The excitement builds...

Eat your greens everyone.


A Snapshot of the Daily Diet

I've been not-so-good about updating people about
what I've been having for FOOD lately.
This is supposed to be about food I suppose...

So what did I eat today...

3 oranges for breakfast...WITH SEEDS.
Avoid Seedless...these are hybrids that can't reproduce.
Not exactly natural...right? Seedless anything is no good.

Made a big brazil nut milk and dumped 2 tbls of Bee pollen into the middle.
Looked like an over-easy egg. NOW we are getting GOOD protein.

Some "raw-foodists" are into eating eggs and meat raw.
This is probably a part of the ancient diet, but I would like
to believe that we have better options now than eating raw flesh.
Dont confuse "raw" with this. Most of the time "raw" means LIVE plants,
but there is a small minority that still likes to gnaw on DEAD carcasses.
It might be RAW, but its not ALIVE. "Raw" usually means Raw Vegan.

I'm not going to judge...Im not going to each their own.

Still...want to slurp down a nice raw unfertilized chicken embryo? Hmmm...

Ill have the bee pollen and hemp seed. Thanks.

Speaking of Hemp Seed....
I did one apple, cut in slices and eaten with hemp butter
and honey with some cacao powder mixed in. An easy and super
nutritious snack. Don't over-do that one though...too many apples
with nuts and seeds can mix poorly and cause some...AIR.

Later on we made this wonderful salad. Everything was DICED.
Red Bell Pepper
Mature Coconut Meat

with a dressing of honey and lime juice.
Took a while to dice everything, but it was so good.
This is my favorite thing to do with the mature ORGANIC coconuts.

Then around 8pm, we made a massive juice.
I call it the tear-jeaker. The one not-so-enjoyable thing I consume
is my heavy (bitter) green juice. Its over quick though, and its a mighty chlorophyll everyone is happy. Especially my cells.

Here is the tear-jeaker. Listen up Juice-feasters.

4 BLACK Radishes. BLACK. SPICY. Full of the beauty mineral called Sulfur.
2 bunches of Collard Greens.
3 Lemons.
1 Cucumber
4 ribs of Celery
1/8 lb of Ginger

Now...I never said this was enjoyable. But that is the lovely
thing about can be quick and then you can get on
with the rest of your day. I like to have this as my dinner,
because for some strange reason...Im not too hungry afterwards.
Go figure...right?

Everything else I consume tastes SOOOO good and I love it all.
But my juicing is a labor of love.

Britanie of Raw Faith
asked me if I blend my juices or just juice them.
That pic of me with the 64 oz of green liquid is all "Juiced" juice,
except for some wild greens that I blended in at the end.
They are too valuable to me to be juiced I get all of the
magic in with the vita-mix. That 64oz was probably the
most green juice Ive drank EVER in one sitting. I had
a bunch of greens on hand and had to make due.

The amount of greens I get in, in my experience,
is very congruent to how alert and how GOOD I feel.

Its really about finding out how you can get 2lbs of greens
into your system every day without going crazy. If you can
figure that out and do it consistently, you will very likely
know what I am talking about.

Ok...thats it. Finished the day up with a big juice.
Try to keep it light in the evenings and wake up with tons more energy.
Lots of good stuff throughout the day.
Started off with oranges (FRUIT)...remember that one.

Big Raw Spirit Fest news coming up too...


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Foraging Concerns

It didnt even occur to me until recently,
but someone could totally eat something crazy
and blame me because I somehow inspired them to
get into wild foraging. is the disclaimer.

I eat wild foods. I have gone on wild food walks
with the Wildman Steve Brill, and own
various wild food manuals and flash cards.

IF you are deciding to re-wild, I suggest you know
what you are eating. Dandelion is probably the easiest,
as is Wood Sorrel and Maple Leaves.

I take no responsibility if you get inspired and go
out and make yourself a hemlock smoothie. Sorry.

Here is an old saying:

"There are old mushroom pickers,
and stupid mushroom pickers,
but you will never find an old AND stupid mushroom picker."

Go to www.,
learn about what you want to eat
and make sure you know what you are putting in your body.
You wouldnt eat some crazy stuff out of the grocery store
anymore, so please still use the same caution when getting
stuff from the wild.

You might also want to taste little teeny bits of anything
just to see how you react to it.
Dont go out and make a green smoothie of foxglove.
A little foxglove and you would likely still survive,
a green smoothie...adios.

Get a good book. What you spend on it will be nothing
compared to the FREE wild greens you will soon be getting.
Its a small investment considering the skyrocketing health
you can experience soon afterwards.

Cool? Cool. Dont be crazy. Learn and then re-wild.
Glad to inspire...just don't get yourself sick or killed.
We all love you WAY too much.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Gratitude, pt 2

This is what keeps me grateful to have read this. Check it out.


Today my dreams of foraging have come true. i was walking around campus and admiring the flowers and the trees with full blooms. There are cherry blossoms behind my house and trees with flowers in full bloom everywhere! So I was walking around campus and discovered a huge group of dandelion. The flowers and leaves were 3-4 inches long and two inches wide. I crouched down and gathered them in my hand. I foraged about I'd say enough to fill both hands. I looked along the grass and discovered there is dandelion everywhere! I felt a sense of relief and pride. It makes me feel even more connected to life. Abundance is all around. Food is everywhere. I remember while I was growing up in the suburbs of Virginia people looked at dandelion as such a nusance and killed them with chemicals. So sad for them.

I brought the dandelion leaves home and noticed that it's not as bitter as the organic kale, collards and swiss chard. As much as I love those greens particularly kale, dandelion is the best tasting. It is sweet and flavorful and not as bitter. My dad liked it too so I plan on continueing my foraging of dandelion and in the process I'll save so much money by not having to spend as much on greens. I also plan on planting dandelion as well.

Thanks for spreading your passion and zest for life all around.


Talk about liberation. When you can go out into the world and find
your own food without using the money of the system...
when you can feed yourself from the earth without their
supermarkets and farming and packages...
Thats REAL freedom.

Forget about the Yankee Doodle Dandy crap we've been fed
for all of our lives. As long as we depend on the system for food,
they have us totally trapped. We must become smarter animals.

Here are some more pics from a recent Central Park Wild Food Walk.

Word to the out for the condom wrappers while
foraging in the parks. I didnt even notice that one between
my legs until I looked at the picture later.

Oh well...cant blame people for wanting to do it in nature again!

Just pick up your wrappers people!!! And your condoms! EWWWW!

I did NOT eat this mushroom...Im not qualified at identifying them yet.

Wild Green Salad with some orange peppers and onions. YUM! FUN!
Make it FUN!! If its not fun...its not worth doing.
Raw food is worth doing, but in order to stick with it early on,
you've got to figure out how to make it fun.

Raw chocolate and wild food foraging are two VERY good ways
to do just that. Its all a big game...make it fun.

-Anthony 1

We've been drinking massive chlorophyll bombs lately,

I did 64 oz today of kale, romaine, radish, celery, and cucumber.
If I drink juice, I drink vegetable juices, especially green leafy vegetables.

In my opinion...and I could be wrong, I feel that fruits should be eaten.

Anyways, lets touch on gratitude.

If I ever do any kind of mediation, its mainly focused on feeling
grateful for all the good things in my life.

When you think about it, we are so lucky to be where we are.
Its really laughable.
Just to be able to read and see and write and talk.
Watch "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and ask yourself if you
REALLY have any problems you should be feeling bad about.

We have access to the best information, food, and people on the planet.
And yet, most of us will feel crappy about our job, or some negative
friends or family members in our life. Those thoughts can really drag us down.
Crazy humans...always thinking about the bad stuff in life.

So as an exercise...lay in bed, and think about all the GOODS.
The GOOD people...The GOOD food you eat...THE GOOD things you do.
Truly let the feelings of gratitude wash over your body.

You have to FEEL it...not just say it.

Think of the Universe as a wise old grandmother.
Now...she has two twin grandchildren. One a boy, one a girl.
She gives them both a gift for their birthday.

The boy says, "Thanks grandma...real nice..."
The little girl says, "Oh Grandma...I LOVE it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

Now...when the next birthday comes around...
will the grandma be more excited to give to the boy or the girl?

And its not all about receiving of course...but you get the point.

The Universe (or WHATEVER you want to name it depending
on what your parents taught you) will give you all the good stuff
when you are genuinely grateful for the good stuff you already have.

Trust me...I know this for a fact. Ive tried it and it does make a difference.
You entire daily existence completely changes when you are consciously
grateful for all the beautiful things in your life. Focus on the positives.

Part 2 to come later today...a good comment from a reader.
It made me so grateful to be able to spread some ideas around.