Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Permaculture?

Permaculture is a term coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren that means either Permanent Culture or Permanent Agriculture. Its a way of raising plants and animals, and creating a self-sustaining environment that fosters symbiotic relationships between all plants and animals involved. By designing systems according to Nature's laws, less work is needed for upkeep and the deep biodiversity of the landscape manages itself.

By working with nature by creating biodiveristy instead of against nature by using pesticides and herbicides , there are no toxins or harmful chemicals needed to produce supreme health in the garden and living space. The plants become HIGHLY mineralized and are more vibrant, strong, and fresh than anything else available. They are also much more naturally resistant to pests because of the superior health found within their cells.

I first came up with adopting this idea because I wanted to create a little space where I would have my own fresh fruit and vegetables, and have peace and quiet with my loved ones. I wanted to know the source of my vegetables and fruits, and I wanted them to be the freshest ever. I think we have to go in this direction if we hope to reach optimal levels of health. Items shipped from California to New York aren't exactly fresh. Get it?

After studying the issue of Peak Oil and the future of food and GMO's, I realized that this model for living would actually save myself and my loved ones in the not-too-distant future. The organic living space will provide us with living foods as long as we lived there despite any national economic or fuel crisis. If trucks were no longer shipping fruit and vegetables across the country, we would continue to be safe and healthy. And in fact, after eating from our own gardens, we wouldn't even dream of eating second-class, stale, and possibly polluted produce handled and grown by complete strangers. I firmly believe that this way of eating has created nearly ALL of our problems, and that we should be growing our own food and foraging wild plants instead.

So with this method, I am spending no money on food after the initial costs of developing the soil, planting the fruit and nut trees, grape vines, berries, and vegetable seeds. I also keep bees, so we have some pollen and honey to use as well, and the bees feast on the pollen of the fruit trees and pollinate every flower so we will have more abundant fruit harvests.

The freshest, most vibrant, and toxin-free food for FREE. All you have to do is love the plants and pick the harvest. We are safe from recessions and food shortages, and are promoting biodiversity and pollination in our local environment.

Good for our bodies, our bank accounts, and the Earth.

Permaculture, combined with wild food foraging, is the way of survival and optimal health in the 21st century and beyond. We are combining the technology of the present day with the wisdom and growing techniques of the past. True synergy.

And because we are spending less money on food, house payments, electricity, and water, any money we continue to earn will go towards vacations and expanding the planting of more fruit trees and more beneficial methods and ideas for others to adopt.

If you want to VASTLY improve the quality and quantity of your life, invest in some good soil and start a garden with some fruit trees. Not only will you be physically healthier, but your soul will sing and you will reconnect with the natural cycles of life.

I am simply elated that I learned about this at an early age. Get active now! You have been shown a way towards your freedom!!