Monday, August 30, 2010

Curt from Spiritual visits the Blackbird Food Forest!

We are planting this beauty TODAY!
In AZ aloe vera will do very well in part shade - no worries about that.
They often get very burnt out if they are getting scorched all day long.

Curt brought us Chaga and Reishi from the Northeast US
and we have been making some amazing brews lately.

2 Vanilla Beans
Frank Giglio's Cosmic Chai Mix (AWESOME!)
Some goji berries from

Here's the man sourcing the magic -

Always a pleasure! Thanks Curt!!! Come back soon!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blackbird FB Friend Giveaway

(The hummingbirds in the Blackbird Food Forest cant get enough of these hibiscus flowers)

Big News in Blackbird land...
we have been invited to speak at the Whole Foods in Pasadena
on Sept 25th...Deb from Debbie Does Raw and myself will be sharing
our stories and solutions for conscious eating and living in this modern world.

Saturday, September 25th

A Model for Living; creating sustainable, balanced health with real Whole Foods


Join Anthony Anderson (aka Raw Model) and Debbie Young

for a informative lecture and discussion on Raw Foods.

Anthony Anderson transitioned into a raw food diet via a desire to lose weight for his modeling career and experienced immediate profound changes. In sharing his story, Anthony’s hopes are to make it easier for others just beginning their journey. He is building a sustainable home and organic food/garden in Minnesota where he is growing over 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables and is also working with the Blackbird Team in Arizona on a Desert Organic Garden and Food Forest. Anthony is also a co-creator of Blackbird Naturals and a contributing writer on the Huffington Post, Gliving, and WelikeitRaw.

Debbie Young, a 51 year old mother of 3, was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in April of 2007. She started on a raw food diet in October of 2007 and in June of 2009 started incorporating grass fed bison,wild caught salmon, etc.

She writes 2 blogs, Debbie Does Raw and Grass Fed Momma.

She has written articles for Raw Fu magazine and other raw food/wellness blogs.

Space is limited. Please sign up at the customer service booth or by

calling the Marketing Department at (626) 351-5994

Its an honor, especially because Whole Foods is so supportive
of our Food Forest/Organic Garden projects and we can
see a very fruitful and synergistic partnership happening here.

We are just feeling the flow...and we want to give away some goodies!
We're always building up the Facebook page - and its a good
way to spread the word about our workshops and food demos -

We will mail to the US and Canada - just so you know.
Otherwise its starts getting really pricey.

We are about a week away from selling our 10,000th truffle!
We will be celebrating!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Biodynamic Tomatoes from LA Rotheraine

Join the challenge!! The two I planted in MN were getting big
but now???? Im afraid to look. They were 8ft + when I last saw them.

Thanks LA! Awesome stuff man!

RawUtah's Greenhouse Dome Update

Always amazed at what Jake is up to -
thx for the mention brother!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Change of Consciousness

"Permaculture is revolution
disguised as organic gardening."
- Graham Burnett
'Permaculture – A Beginners Guide'

A Model for Living at Organic Ave in two days!!

See you Wednesday!!!
"A Model for Living" Diet & Permaculture Workshop by Anthony Anderson of and Blackbird Naturals.
Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm

Where: Organic Avenue, The Space of LOVE*
116 Suffolk Street, NY 10002

Cost: $30 includes a 10 piece Blackbird Naturals Raw Cacao Truffles

Register in advance: call 212-358-0500


Anthony Anderson shares his experiences with creating Permaculture Food Forests and Blackbird's mission of sacred commerce while adding in beautiful and inspirational ceremony music and guided meditations about creating your own Garden of Eden. Enjoy the evening with him and experience High Vibrations. You'll also be presented with a gift of wild-harvested seeds from Anthony.

His talk on Wednesday will go beyond a garden workshop. Anthony shares the story of how he discovered raw food and all the ups and downs that encountered along the way. He will also talk about washing away disabling negativity from your daily life. And the experiences of planting Food Forests in both the harsh winter freezes of Minnesota, USA
and now the Blackbird Food Forest in the extreme heat of Arizona.

Admission for the event will be $30 and will include
Blackbird Naturals Raw Vegan Cacao Fudge Truffles
($20 Value) as well as juice samples from Organic Avenue.
There will be informational handouts as well,
but remember to bring something to write with.

And...there WILL be some singing,
so close your eyes if you're shy and just smile along ;-)

For more information visit

A Model For Living v 2.0

Fate had it that I stay in NYC for a few extra days...

I came out for a shoot last Friday and was planning to leave Saturday
morning until I found out about some really serious castings early this week.

Synchronicities have been happening ever since!

I am so excited that my "Model for Living"
Diet & Permaculture talk will be taking place at
Organic Avenue at 116 Suffolk St in New York City
this Wednesday evening!
Amazing liquid sunshine from Organic Avenue,
Organic and Wildharvested Seeds from me,
and High Vibrations without a doubt.

Ceremony music, meditation about creating your own Sacred Food Forest,
and simply letting gratitude and appreciation wash over ourselves...

My last talk focused heavily on Permaculture and Gardening.
This talk on Wednesday is WAY more than a garden workshop.
I will be telling the very odd story of how i discovered raw food
and all the ups and downs I encountered along the way.
We'll also talk about washing away disabling negativity from our lives,
and of course the experiences of planting Food Forests
in both the harsh winter freezes of Minnesota, USA
and now the Blackbird Food Forest in the extreme heat of Arizona.

I will always share my mistakes and triumphs,
and discuss everything that has worked for me so far
with both diet, permaculture, (and some philosophy too!)

I'll also do a Q+A after the talk to wind things down.
So come and join us Wednesday evening. Likely 6pm-630pm ish...

Admission for the event will be $30 and will include a
Blackbird Naturals Raw Vegan Cacao Fudge Truffle (mouthful)
($20 Value) as well as juice from OA and different organic seeds
that I've picked recently. There will be informational handouts too,
but remember to bring something to write with.

And...there WILL be some singing,
so close your eyes if you're shy and just smile along ;)

See you Wednesday!

Contact Organic Avenue @ 212-358-0500 for tickets...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waking Up About Fluoride

Documented Facts...
Remember this as you soak your seeds or water your plants.

Please watch and share! Give it 3 minutes!

Mainstream Dentists dont realize the harm that they are doing.
They have been taught that this poison is actually healthful for us.


It is forced BY DESIGN on us...ask yourself why.

Peace and God Bless!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rawutah's Food Forest Update! YES!

Jake from is at it again!
Im always awaiting his videos and my thist was quecnched nicely today.

Jake and I have been collaborating for over two years now
and its a total joy to see his place popping like crazy.

Check out his latest...INCREDIBLE!!!!

A message from the man himself -
just in case anyone doesnt read comments:

This is fun!! Seriously...heaven on earth!!!! I've had few people ask me what I do for work. This is what I do....gardening.

A few yrs ago..I lost my job. Instead of getting a new job, I sold my car...invested in a greenhouse and supplies and got going!!! Thanks to a dude named Anthony sharing his passion and method for such things. Made a deal with my brother and mom, that if they kept the power on...etc..I'd grow the food...and increase the yield over time....IT"S WORKING!!'s supplying a bunch of our food needs.
As well as the good medicine of just working with the in the sun.

This method works!! If you're in a family or community..
not everyone needs to go off and earn a greenback.
Maybe a few do at first...but slowly that will change to where..
... is working and living off the land...
IF...they want.
We see ourselves slowly moving this operation to a
larger patch of land near a spring...and all of us living and breathing there.
If not..this little city great!!
What if all the urban sprawls did this...whoa...
goodbye world problems..hello abundance!!

Just got Volume 1...of "Earthships" by Michael Reynold...YAH BABY!!
Now that is... INSPIRING STUFF!! Cheers!!

**---I had the biggest smile on my face reading that!---**

Keep shining the light brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!
Jake's goji berries are thriving in both Blackbird's Food Forest
and in my dome in Minnesota - they are a superb addition to our "arsenal".

He inspired me to start my own, and we now have 10 goji seedlings
out on the patio growing very well...slow, but well.

Endless thx for the co-creation Jake!

Organic Avenue Vid

Just a brief little teaser...
Im developing a powerpoint presentation right now
with embedded videos and photos to really bring this
workshop to the next level.

Enjoy the video! Music is from a Mpls native
by the name of Dosh...the album is Naoise...last track of the album.

Again...huge thanks to OA for the support and spreading
the light, and massive gratitude for the attendees...
not only for the support but for choosing to take
big steps towards planting their own Space of Love.

Thank you!!

By the way - Jenny from was there
and she made tempeh with the sage I handed out.
Her boyfriend who has been a veggie for ten years said
it was the best tempeh he's ever had. Id like to think it was the sage ;)

Here's the link
- fun stuff!

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones

Ive been trying to post comments to the huffington post
about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation poisoning
the people of Africa and they CENSOR my comments.

No foul language, nothing undocumented,

Scumbags...oh well.

Check out the latest interview with my favorite forecaster
Mr Gerald Celente...GREAT interview.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Planting Organic Tomatoes

A New Vid from Youtube...check it out!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Model For Living Talk at OA

Huge Success!
Thanks to everyone who came out and
took a huge step in creating paradise!
We had about 50 people at the event,
and everyone had their fair share of truffles,
nanking cherries, mint, sage, oregano, and seeds from
our space of love in Minnesota.

I gave out a copy of FoodMatters,
which is such an excellent and inspiring movie
that would appeal to everyone because of the high quality.
Check out the trailer - if there was one vid I could show newbies
this would clearly be the one so far.

I spoke for a solid 2 hours and when I looked at the clock
I simply couldn't believe that the time went by that fast.

Its like that in the garden too...time flies. Good sign.

Thanks again to Mia and everyone at Organic Avenue for
your support in our vision and helping to spread to word!!

This was the first of many!!
Spreading this message is my purpose...
feels great to be in the flow.