Sunday, October 31, 2010

Patrick Timpone Interviews Blackbird!

A big dream for me...I always wanted to be on
since I started listening to it two years ago, and now
the manifestation is almost complete!

Tune in on Thursday or check out the podcast after...
we'll be talking about our mission of replanting paradise,
getting kids into gardening and thinking outside of the mainstream boxes,
and why we are so adamant about Permaculture and Food Forests.

Needless to say Im jumping out of my pants!
THANK YOU Patrick for all the info that you have brought
to everyone's lives...myself BIGTIME.

If you havent subscribed to,
DO IT NOW. Its free and Patrick shares all this wonderful
content because he knows we all need it so much at this critical point in time.

See you thursday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Endurance of Suburbia

Its best not to get tied up in apocalyptical thinking...

Take Cuba for example - when the Soviet Union fell,
Cuba was cut off from most of its markets and all the energy
and food imported was severely cut - the economy dropped almost 75%.

Did they end up eating each other like in the movie "The Road?"
NO! They started planting urban food forests and rooftop gardens!

We will do this all soon - and we'll realize that its the best
thing that could've ever happened to us.

Ocean Mineral Wheatgrass

I finally got back into this recently,
and because of the cold room (61*F) I've been
able to keep mold to a minimum and have
been really happy with the explosive results.

The chickens just LOVE the grass..they totally
consume the entire mat of it and whatever is left just
meshes into the ground. Its wonderful, and the fact
that they are getting 90 minerals compared
to a random grass patch...its a whole new level.

Pasture raised is CRUCIAL...but what are the chickens pastured on?
How AMAZING is that pasture? 90 Minerals?? Its coming soon!

We can take it SO far many tools and so many
innovations being made. YEAH!!!
Ill be making more instructional vids about this soon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Healthforce + Blackbird

The Lovely Bethanne of set us up with
some Healthforce goodies and we are LOVING THEM.

We came up with a lovely blend of Sedona Springwater,
Homemade Kombucha and loads of Elixir of the Lake.
It seriously looks like a big frothy dark green porter...
And it tastes like fruit juice because of the Kombucha.

We will be making a video about this lovely blend soon.
Its day 3 of crushing these amazing concoctions, and we are both
feeling amazing. All the PEA in the Blue Green Algae is just beautiful.

Thanks Bethanne and Philip for your support!
We are HOOKED!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Goji Souls

They look so etherial!

These are the same that we are shipping out tomorrow,
the Raw Food World made a monster order so we've been busy
getting everything labeled nicely and packaged with TLC.
Check out the collection HERE...and limited edition ones are coming!

Bringing these little gojis to Southern California next week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Planting Seeds of Freedom!

We are so proud to be offering these wonderful seeds
that really have such a strong life force and will reseed heavily.
Keep your tins for harvest season!

We are venturing to Southern California in one week!
We will be doing lots of talks and demos so stay tuned...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Reconsider Columbus Day

Please reconsider WHY we are subjected to this holiday STILL.
After we have all realized that this man was responsible for genocide.

The garden of Eden that we are replanting -
and people like columbus turned it into hell on earth.

The crimes against the indigenous people of the Americas
first woke me up that something was indeed seriously wrong
about our culture and the way this country was founded.
We are living on stolen land...period.

We have to move forward though,
and the recreation of the food forests is IMO

Bold statement, but all the solutions
flow from the creation of those magical spaces of love.

So lets stop worshipping pillagers,
both dead AND alive. Its still going on,
and we are strongly encouraged to SUPPORT our
"Pillagers. Occupiers. Invaders."???

Do we see the correlations?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sowing the Seed of Freedom!

We've had a HUGE response over the seed collection.
We are honored to be offering these wonderful bundles of life,
especially to communities so focused on the best food possible!

We are going to be making films focusing on each plant and why we chose it,
and also new updates in the Blackbird Food Forest.
The temperature has mellowed out now that October is here,
so everything is thriving in the perfect weather.

And we have 9 new baby chicks!
The cycle begins again! We've been filming them and we
can assure you that the 2nd time around has MUCH less stress.
baby chicks are very smart and resilient creatures
so if you show them love and give them a warm place to sleep they
will be very happy little angels. The flock expands!

And we have a winner for the seed giveaway!
Connor Murphy won this time around,
so he gets the pick of the wild salad mix
which is lambsquarters, dandelion, and wild orach mountain spinach,
the immunity boost which is made up of
Astragalus, Calendula, and Maca, or any combination of three
from the seed collection on
Congrats brother! We're excited to see what you'll do with them!

So the seeds are flying through the air and reaching
so many awesome friends...thank you everyone for the support!
Share your photos with us and we'll be doing a great community page
where we'll all be sharing our success! Knowing what varieties we'll be
working with its going to be a very short time before big results happen.

Even if we can all make youtube vids sharing our plants online -
thats a huge bonus for everyone and it really keeps the inspiration
and creativity flowing! We'll be having some limited edition offerings
of special gatherings coming soon! We'll keep you posted of course!


Friday, October 8, 2010


Its time for everyone to grow their own Wild, Organic Superfood!!! Holy Basil, Maca, Calendula, White Sage, name a few!

Click HERE and Visit Blackbird to collect your own and join in the fun of replanting Paradise! And remember that we are continuing to do the same!

Everyday our Food Forest projects are expanding and we are getting the word out. Much love to everyone for all the support and help. We are all Co-Creators here, and its an honor to be working with each of you.

Many of our seed varieties are Wild Harvested which means- Strong Life Force, Grows with Vigor, and as the Mother intended.

Enjoy, much love my friends!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grow Your OWN Superfood!

Blackbird Naturals is proud to announce the release its

We have selected our personal favorites that
do really well in food forests and permaculture projects,
and we are so excited to be sharing these wonderful seeds
with everyone looking to claim food sovereignty by
growing their own superfoods and medicinal herbs.

Daniel Vitalis came up to us at Au Lac asking for Nettles!

He plans to plant lots of wild edibles near his home in Maine
next year and these seeds are the perfect fit - most in the collection
are wild so they will be able to hold their own in nature without
much coddling from humans - and they'll also be able to fight off other plants nearby.
This is a huge aspect that many of us into gardening forget.

Domesticated plants need human babysitters almost everyday,
and this fact is multiplied by 10 especially early on in their lives.
Protection from bugs, mammals, other plants, and the ups and downs
of mother nature that no one can easily predict.

Feeding the fauna with cabbage plants in Minnesota.
(I found out later that these plants were entirely gobbled
to the ground by either deer or woodchucks. Great... )

And in addition, these plants are FAR more superior in terms of nutrition.
Compare spinach with wild spinach (lambsquarters)
and youll be amazed how many more minerals are present in the LQ.
Here's a video I made about 18 months ago...
please forgive the production quality!
And I didnt even plant these in the greenhouse!
Lambsquarters, as well as the other seeds in our collection
have such a strong life force that they somehow just appear
on the property...once you plant them you will know what I mean.

We are offering some fun 3 packs as well -
The Wild Green Salad Mix which has
Lambsquarters, Dandelion, and Wild Orach Mountain Spinach.
These three are powerhouses compared to their domesticated counterparts.

Another one is the "Immunity Boost" trio of
Maca, Astragalus, and Calendula.

We will be offering lots more 3 packs soon.

These are seeds that HEAL the planet.

When we saw Kevin Gianni at Au Lac we synchronistically gave him
a tin of Rama Tulsi (Holy Basil), which he told us was his favorite.

And be sure to reuse your tins! They are good for holding keepsakes,
and they are weatherproof so you can put more of your own seeds in there
next season. Our varieties reseed heavily (wild + natural plants DO THAT).

Matt and Angela will be offering them at The Raw Food World,
and many others will be on board as well.

We are so happy to be offering products that literally create paradise.
Find us on Facebook HERE and feel free to shoot us a question about
the collection - they will be available on Friday October 8th!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

California HO!

(I swear this is real...give yourself enough time and you WILL hit the bullseye.)

So here's the scoop - we are moving to about ASAP.

We had such a powerful experience out there last week.
It really solidified that we need to pursue things out there.
I can do some castings again and really promote our message.

We love Arizona...but as you and all of us know -
things will happen much quicker out on the west coast.

Whole Foods loves our mission and we met with the California people
a few days ago so everything is falling into place now.

We are going to get a space where we can have lots of events and
eventually have a legit storefront to really bring the message home.


In the meantime, we just want to get out there and start NOW.
We are looking on Craigslist and things are promising,
but we are also putting our situation out there for all of our friends
in case they know of a random *or not AT ALL random* situation
where we could housesit or sublet for a few months.

If you know of anyone that wants to travel for the fall season
or anything, let us know...we are always looking.