Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Masterpieces of Frederic Back

Two Works of Frederic Back...
Both so enlightening.
Both truly masterpieces.
One shows the destruction that many men can do.
One shows the pure positive creation that one man can do.

I highly encourage you to see them both.
They are both wonderful and need to be shared with all.
The man that created these drew every single frame including
the backgrounds...tens of thousands of drawings to show us such
powerful stories...you can purchase his whole collection on Amazon HERE.
He actually drew 200,000(!!!) drawings to create
"The Man Who Planted Trees!"

The Mighty River
(The Story of the St. Lawrence River over the past 400 years)

The Man Who Planted Trees
(The story of a man in France who planted a forest with his bare hands)

(low audio...you might want headphones for this one)

An important lesson here is the power of consciousness.
One conscious man was able to do SO MUCH positivity.
It took tens of thousands of unconscious men to pillage the St Lawrence,
but it only took one conscious man to create a forest.

Think about that...the power of a conscious soul that is active.
It greatly outshadows the unconscious destruction that may surround
some of us...but just know how it lies within you...always.

Whenever a person is ready to assume the task of co-creation,
the Universe sets up support systems to make it manifest.
Every time.

These works have come back into our lives for a reason.
Ive said it before, but it needs repeating:
I FULLY believe that we have come to this planet to bring
Paradise back again...to turn Earth back into the Paradise Garden it was.

People may get esoteric about why we are here...humanity's destiny.
They might say that we are here to fully explore ourselves
on the physical level and hopefully reach enlightenment one day.

Some will say that its a test...a time to prove ourselves worthy.

The beauty of this is that if we choose to turn Earth back into the
paradise garden it once was, all of these things and more will be achieved.

I feel as if its a PREREQUISITE. That we need to act and co-create
before we can philosophize about why we are truly here.

Again...grow the paradise around you...the paradise that Earth WANTS
to be again...the Earth as we found it...it is time to reconnect.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hail Merry!!!

A masterpiece in chocolate - Merry's Miracle Tart.

I just received a big order from HailMerry.com...oh my.


When I picked up the box at the agency, I didn't quite know what I was
getting myself into...I knew it would be good, but not like this.

Treats! And a t-shirt too...what a bonus.

Here are the products that came...I need to pace myself here haha!

Nice shirt too! Super comfy...

Salt & Pepper Sunflower Seeds...Dad would LOVE these.

Lemon Grawnola...

Cherry Almond Hemp Grawnola...this is already eaten as I type this!

Chimayo Chile Pecans...I had to hide these from myself. Seriously.

Chocolate Macaroons...in a world of dry and flakey macaroons,
these are moist morsels of pure chocolate plumpness.

The vanilla ones are just as good...moist and super tasty.

Macaroon-y goodness.

Orange Rosemary Pecans

Lemon Thyme...such good flavor combos!!

Orange Cranberry Grawnola...so perfect.

And now...TART TIME!.

Meyer Lemon!

Persian Lime! What??? Too good to be true.

Keeping it REAL - Chocolate!

Chocolate Mint...wow.

And now...the masterpiece so far.
Chocolate Almond Butter...

I can agree...this tart is the rightful winner.

This was just too good...thank you Hail Merry for really bringing
the goodness..I could feel the positive intentions in this food
and it was better than I could have even hoped for!

A little cherry-almond hemp grawnola in some coconut creme...

Look at those chunks! We like it chunky!

Support this company! High vibes! Hailmerry.com!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Episode 12 - Andrea Cox on the AA Show

In this episode, Andrea Cox joins us to discuss
her dietary story, life, colonics, exercise, and much more.

All her tips and tricks for looking her best as well -
some Id never heard of.

Its a great interview...thanks so much for being a guest Andrea!!!

Check her site out at www.thehealthyhaven.net -

She is holding classes in the southern california area as well,
and will be releasing a new book too. Cheers!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Apples of my Eye

I planted the trees that these apples came from 3 years ago.
I honestly dont even know their names anymore...
I think one is a Haralred and the other may be a Regent.

My mom mailed these to me about 5 days ago along with some
Whitney crabapples that turned pretty mushy.
I baked those in the oven with sweet potatoes and they
came out perfect...the best way to deal with mushy apples
besides blending them up with greens...

The true beauty about these apples is that
both cosmetically and taste-wise they are flawless.
I dont even buy apples anymore really.
They are usually sprayed and if they are organic,
they are often from New Zealand...go figure.
We are in PRIME apple country and the only ones
we can buy without chemicals are likely from NEW ZEALAND??
And the taste...simply the best ever from these.
I couldnt believe how crisp and sweet...pure gold.

However, I did NOTHING to protect them from worms.
No chemical spray (NO WAY!!!)
Not even a clay spray to block out the worms.
All I did was give them loads of minerals and nutrients in the soil
and did some foliar sprays in the spring with diluted kelp,
apple cider vinegar, and molasses. The nutrients in this mix
have seemed to produce a VERY happy plant that could protect itself.

Not only that, but I also have loads of biodiversity in my garden.
So many different kinds of plants and loads of beneficial insects.

(The Minnesota Food Forest bubbling with Biodiversity)

My grandfather has been spraying his apples for decades,
but he is figuratively living in an island around a sea of corn
soybean fields...think of what the "pests" in those areas must
think about when they have to survive...they will stay right on
that farm and continue to reproduce and until beneficial insects
are introduced the cycle can likely never be broken.

(My Grandparent's place...where is the biodiversity?)

These two pics demonstrate why suburbs covered in trees are
far more useful and environmentally friendly than fields.
My spot isnt even in the suburbs but you get what I mean...
especially if those trees all produce FOOD. Thats the key.

He couldnt believe that I didnt have any worms without spraying.
I told him years before that it was possible and this year he
saw it with his own eyes...follow the laws of nature
and she will be sure to take care of you.

Here's a vid of me talking about it all...cheers!!

We are going apple picking soon and will only support those
that don't spray with nasty chemicals!
If youre into this, call ahead and tell them that if they are spraying
they are losing your business! Money talks in this culture!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding a Korean Nut Pine in NYC

This video MAY have captured my excitement,
but seriously I was in plant geek heaven right there.

I have planted so many trees in the past 4 years,
but the Korean Nut Pine is the only evergreen conifer
that I have planted in the food forests.

They are so tiny though...the ones that I have planted.
To see a majestic queen like this in person humbled me.

So beautiful...so serene...so life-giving.
The squirrels are feasting on her bounty,
and after seeing how laborious it is to get each little kernel out,
I realized that I may have planted a squirrel buffet instead of a human one.

So it goes though...It will be worth it and the KNP (korean nut pine)
is well known for its massive pine pollen catkins..
so not only will we get nuts but also heaps of pollen.

Such a treasure...plant some NOW!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Paradise Garden for 9-11

If Only I would have waited 6 more minutes! 11:11:11 on 9:11:11!
I was exhausted after walking around Heaven on Earth all day though!

I found it fitting to spend 9-11 in a forest garden.
That day was so tragic and so unneeded that I felt by
spending time in a little slice of Heaven on Earth would be a fitting
way to spend the day...especially away from the madness of NYC.

I was SO happy to see this sign! People are getting it!
Think about how much positive change just one person can do.
Now...multiply that by 10...or 100...or 10,000...its JOYOUS
to think of what people with love in their hearts can create.
Or 100,000,000????
A part of the garden is an edible schoolyard.
And for the end of the summer season,
Chef Mario Batali has hosted a wonderful section
that is all about showing people how to make wonderful and healthy
food from fruits and veg that we can grow in our backyard.
My hat goes off to you dear sir! WELL DONE!!!

Downtown in NYC, there were sirens, secret service,
and hundreds of thousands of people.
We were here.
Talk about the acid/alkaline balance.
I was so happy here.
It fills my heart so much to see little kids getting into gardening.
THIS is the future...not wars and greed...but gardens. And love.
Less fighting and more planting!

To my complete surprise, we found a Korean Pine Nut tree!!
I honestly would have made the trip up here to see JUST this tree.

AND...we were able to find some unselected kernels...
the squirrels are living very well in this garden.
When you think about the labor needed to shell each kernel,
you gain a much deeper respect for how sacred this food really is.

I have planted at least 6 of these in my food forest in Minnesota.
They are 2 feet tall. To be in the presence of this majestic being
was truly an honor...she is so beautiful and lovely.
I could feel her peaceful energy.

I couldnt think of a better place to be...really.
We can have this everywhere. We just have to want it enough.

Let's make the planet a Paradise Garden. We can grow it now.
We can co-create Heaven on Earth.
Really we can.
The Great Spirit would be so proud of us for doing it
in the face of such a strong and painful dichotomy.
I really do believe that is our purpose.
Once we create it, our children will see the value and never let it slip away.

And remember...HAVE FUN ALWAYS!

Im sending SO MUCH LOVE to the victims AND
the perpetrators of 9-11 and everything that has happened since because of it.

We must send love to all that is here...for it is truly all of us.
The "evil" that lurks in the high places of the world feeds
on the hate and disappointment that we send it...
we must above all send them so much unconditional love,
and second, show them that a paradise planet is in ALL of our best interests.
And then we just start creating it. If they are with us...GREAT!
If not, they won't even be relevant anymore anyways.

It is the only way to have Heaven here again as it once was.
We must send EVERYONE love.

I know it sounds sappy or cheesy or whatever,
but obviously the other strategy isnt exactly working.
SEND them ALL love. All of them.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Strange but True Facts about 9-11

I always said that if I felt something to be true, I would share it.
If I was laying in my bed as an old man and thought that I could
have shared some more information with people in any way that I could,
but chose not to because of some hopeful future $$$$ from a TV
show or whatever else...and I chose to keep quiet -
I would feel like I had chosen money over truth and wouldnt
be able to live with myself or pass away knowing that I was a fraud.

Luckily, this is the official story though! Enjoy!

The strangest part about all this is that barely NO ONE
that I know here in the USA questions ANY OF THIS.

Is it really that hard to believe?
Anyways...watch the OFFICIAL story above an decide for yourself.

Truth is FAR stranger than fiction.

I would love for this to have no merit...trust me I would.
Id love to live in a country with a gov't that actually serves its citizens...
that would just be so amazing I imagine. Its coming though...

I love all of humanity...no arbitrary borders or lies from the mainstream
media can get me to hate people from another country
or because they dont believe the same things as me.
I TRULY feel that we are all waking up to this,
and these are the last gasps of tyranny. What a time to be alive.

In my next post I'll share with you what I did on 9-11...
I think you'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daniel Vitalis on the AA Show

When I started this show, one of the first thoughts that came
into my mind was having DV on the show...Im glad it happened
right before his west coast tour.

Watch the whole video HERE.
The links are listed below on that page as well.

His event with Frank Giglio and Arthur Haines
called "Ancestral Ignition" is happening in Maine soon
so if you can make it, it will be an amazing event that will teach
you skills that WILL be needed not long from now!!

Thank you so much brother for coming on the show!
Your work has positively affected my life in so many ways
(water, herbalism, weston price, etc) and I am forever indebted!
If anyone is wondering...I have guests on the show from all styles of dietary techniques,
but I truly feel that DV is onto the core of what we need to make it click!
Especially in the LONG TERM!

Enjoy the video everyone!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Philip McCluskey on the AA Show

Philip joined me via Skype because he's in Alberta, Canada at the moment.
He shared with us his story of breaking free from his 400lb body by
eating living foods...salads, nuts, avocados, juices, and smoothies.

He has made HUGE gains with this lifestyle, and it was a great
honor to have him on the show sharing his experience.

Thanks again Philip!!!

Here is the podcast available on podtrac!


Chef Frank Giglio on the AA Show

It was such an honor to have Chef Frank Giglio on last week.
He has been involved in the culinary world for over 15 years now
and his story is both inspirational and highly informative.

Thanks again for coming on the show brother!

And dont forget - the AA show is now available as an mp3/podcast!!