Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Give em' Something to Talk About...

Dogmatism still haunts us from all aspects of life it seems.
When I first started, I pushed for 100% purity, and because of that I had no life whatsoever.
I went to the gym, I went grocery shopping, I made food, I was online, and um...
went to the gym again? See what I mean? This went on for a quite a while.

Vibrant or not, this isnt a way to live life. Of course I could have integrated myself more, but at the time I thought cooked food was "Demon-Food" and didnt want anything to do with most of those people. THIS IS NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO ACT.
I thought I was better or more advanced or whatever. Turns out it was mostly arrogance and
being really alone. But I kept telling myself..."They dont know how it feels to be raw!" I chose total purity over a social life. That rubbish had to stop. My life is really cool right now, and ironically its because of raw food...making friends, hanging out, and going dancing once in a while.
And I am still 100%, so thats not even the issue. The issue is whats going on in your mind.

Like many Born-Again Christians, Rawmodel was pretty militant. I just kept telling myself that everyone else was ignorant and that if only they would learn about raw food the world would set itself on the right path again. Simple!



Here are some responses to the Pizza Hut Commercial Post.
FYI everyone...this was a CASTING. An audition...for some reason many people thought that
I already booked this job. Read sloooooooowly. I love how some people want to chop my head off just for bringing up the question of whether or not to take the job.
Wow...throw that negativity in the compost bin.

Here is one:

Anonymous (usually the case...) said...

You can argue anything to bend it your way. That arguement will work for anything you do Anthony. Whatever. Tell yourself whatever you want. The people that comment on here will back you up. Just keep telling yourself that you make this hypocritical money to go for some greater cause. If you walk through shit, you will have shit on your shoes.

Let's ask David Wolfe if he would take $5000 made from a pizza commercial and use it to plant trees in elementary schools across the nation. Do you think he would? Hopefully this question can be answered in a few months.

Some people are just vampires...sucking the energy and good vibes out of life and other people.
Avoid these people like deep-fried coca-cola.

On the brighter side of life, we have these lovely thoughts...

1 -

Alissa said:

Dear anthony,

you ARE a good role model, and I appreciate your honesty. I think a lot of people get really discouraged and disillusioned trying to live up to this purist ideal that doesn't necessarily exist. i think that's a very unhealthy and unbalanced way to be. we are all human. YOU are NOT responsible for someone else's level of RAW. you are responsible for yourself. if you inspire others, that's great. but other people need to take responsibility for THEMSELVES and take the experience of others as guidance - not the bible. if they don't agree with how you deal with things, they should implement that IN THEIR OWN LIVES - not berate YOU for not living out THEIR IDEALS AND MORALITY. After all you are only a human being. You clearly make a sustained and honest effort. And if that's not good enough for other people, maybe they should look elsewhere for support. Perhaps, within themselves.

Within themselves...what a concept. Look in the mirror and the teacher appears.
You already know the answers, now you just have to remember.
Who ever said that I was human though? Haha...Im just visiting for a while.

Here is another -


greenfeline said...

Bravo on your post. I love reading your blog because you think for yourself! I see so much dogmatism in this movement it is ridiculous!


I'm bringing something different to the game here. I could be pretty tame and talk about how to make holiday treats (which i STILL do as well) or about my adventures at the farmer's market, but I am more than that. And I wish more raw-food enthusiasts out there would type more interesting thoughts and happenings in their life. I promise to deliver on both accounts.

If you type about controversial issues, you get feedback.

Now let's find some fresh garlic for those vampires...


alissa said...


just visiting, eh? is that why you're so 'green'? ;)

keep up the good work, anthony. you are a good ROLE MODEL by being HONEST. if you presented yourself as something else to please others, you would be a POLITICIAN.

and lord knows we have plenty of those!

SproutingSeed said...

I love this Anthony. Dhru once said something the the effect ¨being raw doesn´t define you¨ It´s really just a small part of who we are. Keep up the good work. You don´t have to live up to anyones expectations other than your own. Your a refreshing soul in this wonderful raw world.

Peace and Blessings - Ian

Becca said...

Love, love, love. This is my favorite blog to read! Spicy comments (anonymous and otherwise), free-thinking, holistic life, exploration, it's all there.
It's been said by others so I won't repeat the "I support you living your life" deal.
Thanks for being real. I like to see you in ads and think to myself, "Shit, that guy is RAW and wants to live in a yurt, that's awesome." I tell everyone about you because of that.

Anonymous said...


Please do not ever change...your blog is a beacon in the midst of a lot of junk out there..

jocelyn said...

You are beautiful and I love you!

down the rabbit hole said...

In the words of Mr. Marley...

"Don't you look at me so smug
And say I'm going bad

Who are you to judge me
And the life that I live?

I know that I'm not perfect
And that I don't claim to be

So before you point your fingers
Be sure your hands are clean

Judge not
Before you judge yourself

Judge not
If you're not ready for judgement-Woah oh oh!

The boat of life is rocking
And you may stumble too

So while you talk about me,
someone else is judging you

Judge not
Before you judge yourself

Judge Not
If you're not ready for judgement-Woah oh oh!

The boat of life is rocking
And you may stumble too

So while you talk about me
Someone else is judging you"


Hugh said...

Wow, in a blink of an eye a peaceful blog can turn into a battle zone. I hope this can all be left behind as quickly as it started.

I wonder if it is our action of labeling ourselves as a 'something', be it 100% vegan, raw foodie or whatever, that makes it so easy for our behavior to be damned. I prefer not to sort myself into any rigid group of people, it just doesn't suit me and I don't need to. I can understand though that some people need a strict rule to live their lives by and any transgression can be seen as heinous.

It's your life you are sharing with us most generously, please go ahead and just do what feels comfortable for yourself.

naseem said...

ANTHONY! keep up the good work!! i like you and ur blog just the way you/it are/ i would most definitely put some pizza hut pizza in my mouth for a good cause... (except i couldn't because im allergic to antibiotics, any amount, so it could be life threatening). but since you can do it, GO FOR IT! (if you get the job lol)

speaking of getting the job, if you did, ud get $5000?! thats amazing.

keep on being positive!!
merry christmas!! (or happy holidays!)

KristinGoneRaw said...

Bravo, Anthony! I totally agree. We are not just raw foodists. We live our lives to the fullest! Isn't that the point? Raw food is the mechanism, vibrant living is the goal.
Whoever said that "s**t" comment didn't realize that somebody is going to pocket that money. It may as well be someone who will put it to good use: for "the downfall of the Beast," right? And when you do take a job like that, your readers will hold you to your word, Buddy.
--You're great!

RawFitMama said...

Hey Anthony,
Love the blog! Unfortunately we see in our society (and esp in the raw movement) that most aren't accepting of views other than their own. Your blog has an IN YOUR FACE...upfront way of telling your journey. I think that the blogs that are full of farmer's market secrets are equally as important. So long as people realize there is room for EVERYONE in this movement. It IS movement for geez sakes! For those who are full of negativity...remember Rumi's second agreement: "NOTHING anyone ever does is because of you". People are walking their own path. Continue to MARCH down yours.

california girl said...

I applaud the "think for yourself" ethos. If you are living by some rigid set of rules, how much living are you really doing? Life is to be experienced so make the truest decision for yourself in each moment. Interesting that you had already decided what you would do w/ the pizza gig money before being scolded by anonymous; this wasn't a defensive comeback on your part. I agree w/ your take on turning the beast on itself. Reality is that someone else will make the money and those dollars will not likely flow as you would flow them. Good luck!

Chef de Mocha said...

I know this may be a little late - but I wanted to do my 2Cents worth in your quest for ripened Hachiya Persimmons.
Try putting them in a bowl of some sort and wrap the top of the bowl w/plastic wrap - Stops the Ethylene gas from releasing and doubles, if not triples, the ripening time.

Michelle J said...

Hey Anthony, Simply put..i love everything you stand for dude!! Don't ever be afraid to speak your mind! I love you!

Jen said...

I don't think you need to be apologetic to anybody Anthony, especially someone online who doesn't know you. Your blog offers many valuable insights. That's why I like reading it. Raw is about the journey, and we're all in different places. Rather than try to be perfect and put others down for not meeting some false ideal, why can't we be supportive of others on their journeys? Raw foodists are a small community to begin with. There's no reason to cut each other down when we should really be building each other up!
So use herbs and drink wine occasionally if that's you want. You're human! And a good person, from what I can tell.

Natasha said...

Alissa...your comment is Divine. You are truly a doll. Thank you so much for your support of this blog. There is such TRUTH here. It is as refreshing and beautiful as freshly fallen snow.

Anthony and Alissa, I was thinking the same thing after having read that last post. Yeah, who said you were human, seriously, teehee.

Oh, wow, I love those Marley lyrics! Right on! Awesome!

Naseem, my dear, do you know what "naseem" means in Persian? (Perhaps you already do and perhaps you are Persian too.) I just had to comment, as it is one of my most favourite words ever! It means "butterfly"! And the word always reminds me to fly high! It just sounds so beautiful in Persian!

I wholeheartedly agree, california girl, that is the reality of it, isn't it? Right on. I'd take the money too, and give it to charity. Anthony is a modern day Robin Hood! We should all strive to be such! (I'm jumping on the bandwagon right behind him! Methinks it makes perfect sense.)

Such supportive comments there are here. Y'all are beautiful! Every single one of you, all walking your own unique paths, each one being the path which is less traveled. Rock on, loves, rock on! Always remember that each one of you are from the stars!

Only Love,

Brian L. said...

I was just wondering if you can give an account on what you eat normally in a day? All the different foods. How many different fruits? How many different veggies?

Maybe snap a pic of your grocery list perhaps? How must do you spend weekly on groceries?


Anonymous said...

wow...that's all i can think to say at the moment. wow, where do I begin? I'm so proud of you for taking a stand and standing firm on it. I've read some of your earlier posts and so many people have call you a hypocrite and didn't really understand where you were coming from. You have such a good heart. I hope all the best with making your dreams reality. You remind me of a kid who has never been told that they couldn't do something. (Wouldn't that be awesome if instead of people crushing the imagination of children they would incourage them with positive you can.) You have so much energy and you inspire me to do more with going green and trying to get some of my family healthy by see my results. I've been trying to learn Dutch too. I've always been amazed at other languages, and I will be going to Ghent, Belguim over the summer.
Anyway thank you for your blog and just keep going because you CAN accomplish all of your goals.