Sunday, December 9, 2007

One Long Day

Have you ever had those times where days just meld into each other? So much has been going on lately...and I havent even been around the computer that much to post about it. Im really thinking about getting the iphone so I can take care of emails while Im on the go, otherwise it just can add up if Im gone too long.

Another Raw Food Goddess...this diet is for REAL.

Lenette from has been in town since Tuesday night and we've all be hanging out together. Going out to eat, galleries, DANCING, and lots of tourist stuff. I can't really remember what even happened on which day at this point. All of us friends have been doing so much that its all blending together.

We went to the COSM gallery today and actually met Alex Grey. Wow...I mean, I dont even blink an eye when I see most celebrities, but meeting him was such an honor. He is unbelieveably talented and totally turned on to spirituality, AND raw food. He actually went to Pure Food and Wine with his wife for their anniversary. So cool...and it was completely a surprise to see him there.

Tomorrow is Chinatown for coconuts and durians, Jubb's Cafe, and ice skating in Central Park...If I dont break my ankle tomorrow skating, I'll be happy.

And hey everyone...I'm totally digging each and every comment you've posted.
Everybody out there is awesome,
and it really means the world to me that you care enough to write your thoughts.
Who knows if I book that pizza commercial, but I know what I'll do if they offer it to me.
Lets all turn negative energy into positive. Spin it on its head and create something beautiful.

The new motto:

I pledge at every opportunity to turn the negative into the positive...
To transform night into day, and to realize that
Every moment is an chance to create with love.

The guy behind the bike should have been driving an SUV.



Lovingraw said...

You met Alex... now I am really jealous! Glad you had fun bro!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever done flying trapeze? It is really an amazing experience-it compliments this style of living. Taking risks and having fun-truly raw : ) Judging by your loft bed gymnastics you would definitely like it!

raw by default said...

That first photo cracked me up. I wish I had a bed I could use as a jungle gym...

Sounds like you're having a fun time. Enjoy ice skating! I haven't gone in years. What I'd really like to do is go to the outdoor rink on one of the local mountains. Seems like it would be more relaxing than skating in a noisy arena.

I didn't even know who Alex Grey was! Well, I had seen some of his paintings, but I didn't know his name. Very cool stuff.

Jaynie said...

Hello Anthony,

Have only recently discovered you. It was so cool reading one of your posts recently. Because a few weeks ago I was in New York, dining at Pure Food and Wine, and dancing at Cielo. And you were blogging about these places, and I thought what a small world and a big world it is! I'll probably be back in the Spring. It would be lovely to meet you.

Take Care

Courtney Pool said...

I am thoroughly enjoying the entirely unrelated picture to your blog of you hanging upside down :D

Anthony said...

Its the only thing I use the bed for now! I sleep on the floor because I dont like using the ladder each time nature calls...I dont think I'll ever buy a bed again...except one with monkey bars.

Natasha Danielle said...

I can most sincerely and honestly say that this blog is one of my greatest reading pleasures! Only love!

Rock On,

Kristen's Raw said...

Sounds like you're having a ball! Lovely :)

Kristen's Raw

naseem g said...

ANTHONY!! i was flipping through GQ in the checkout aisle, waiting to buy my yummy avacado and guess who was in the magazine?! YOU!!! on page 151 (this is probably normal for you, but i think its extremely exciting). anyway, its an advert for Matrix Firm Fix Gel. So yea, i bought GQ...just because you are in it lol.

well thanks for making my day!!
oooh and, on top of that, my roommate and i just exchanged christmas gifts and she got me: The Raw Food Gourmet, Going Raw for Total Well-being by Gabrielle Chavez!! :D

hope u have a blessed day :D