Thursday, December 13, 2007

Geoffrey Beene

The Raw Food lifestyle pays off yet again...

I felt really fortunate to be working today.
The weather was miserable and luckily I avoided that whole mess mostly all day up until 6pm.
I was shooting for Geoffrey Beene...they are known mostly for menswear. Pretty strong brand.
This job was for "in-store" which means that those pics are used in the retail store and not ads.
I worked with them last December, and it was great that they had me back again.

The job today went even better.
Ive been great about correct portion size while eating and not eating late and heavy like before.
Im back at the point where I can wake up and my face doesnt look sleepy.
This was always a big issue for me, because it really shows in pics.
The general rule of thumb is to wake up 2hrs before a job
so the "sleepy" look (puffier face and eyes) goes away.
Eating earlier at night is so great for this.

No matter what we eat, cooked or raw, there ARE certain times to eat which are best for maintaining or losing weight, and of course also certain quantities.
You simply can't expect to eat nuts & dried fruit at 10pm and somehow be surprised that you gained weight. I don't care what anyone says, if you eat anything heavy
and go to sleep within 1 or 2 hours AT LEAST, you will put on weight.

If you eat a large dinner, at least do some twists or boxing moves in front of the boob-tube
before you go to sleep. Those 30 min (minimum) done consistently, can make the difference
between average and WOW.

Im just eating really early these days and drinking liquids to hold me over. I sleep WAY less this
way and I dont have to be so active to burn off those late evening calories. I think
if one were to really have a hold on their eating habits and eat raw, early, and light, all they would have to do would be some muscle exercises and they would be looking so fit.

I would suggest just walking around a bunch and doing yoga poses whenever you can as well.

So back to the of the bigger decision-makers was there and he thought that I would be great for their new suit line coming out next year. I'm hopeful that it all works out.
Thank you living-foods...thank you healthy lifestyle...thank you late-night dancing...

My agency is having their holiday party tomorrow night, then Saturday is the event with everyone for the We Like it Raw party. Then I'm off on Sunday to HK and Cambodia...crazy. Lots going on.

Embrace the simplicity and control your cravings. It pays off soooo much. Keep it light at night!

Pictured above are some berry tarts.

Crust: 1 part nuts and seeds (We used brazil nuts and pumpkinseeds this time),
And one part dried fruit. We used dates and a little bit of dried apple.

Filling: Blended berries. (I would maybe add some coco oil next time)
and then berries on top. complicated! Keep giving these to your cooked friends and loved ones and they will start to see the light. Raw desserts are so key for the transition.

Much love always everyone. Have a fantastic day today. Make it as magical as you want!
Your choice always.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”



Jennifer said...

heh, this post is wicked timely, as always. i had the craziest cravings for sweets and fats last night (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate) was already pretty late for me, so i resisted and noshed on some sauerkraut wrapped in nori instead. maybe it has something to do with coming off the fast...

sounds like you've got some stellar stuff going on in the near future. have fun and safe journey! BLESS!

Michelle J said...

Hi Anthony, I didn't know you are going to HK and Cambodia!! Thats totally awesome! How long will you be gone? I bet you will look great in the Geoffery Beene ads! How could you not look good?? :O), anyway have a great trip!! I'm going to make the fruit tart today!! Love ya!

Tash (Natasha Danielle) said...

Hi Jennifer. Me too, wicked timely. (I love that phrase.)

Nori wrapped in sauerkraut, eh? That sounds spectacular!

Yeah, I've been trying to become lighter in weight and wish to experience the body as temple. Finally, no more cravings have I. I think that I have finally realized that the indulgence is not worth the ill feeling aftermath. (Honestly, processed and cooked foods don't even taste that great to me anymore...especially processed. Bleh.)Tremendous thanks for the tips, Anthony. I think I've finally crossed over, teehee, and I'm lovin' it~!

Speaking of experiencing the body as temple, I feel moved to share this beautiful site with you loves:

Gorgeous photography of yogis...

shabbiness said...

Hello. I'm from Russia. I don't have enough knowlegh of English to talk with you well. But I want to say that I happy that anybody are go with me by way health and good eat. Thank you!

Doug said...

Thanks for the encouraging words and inspiring me! Have a great trip!

raw by default said...

Have a great time on your trip, Anthony!

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey anthony
I agree, eating before bed is really bad and makes the mornings not so pretty.
thanks for the tarts, I will try them for dessert.
If you ever get to Los Angeles maybe you can join our LA raw potluck group (from giveittomeraw).
Have a safe trip!

debbiedoesraw said...

hey Me again.. I tried the tarts.. here is the result:

Anthony said...

Ill be gone for two-three weeks. Gabriel Cousens is going to be in NY on the 15th, and Id like to be there to have the chance to visit with him.

Wicked Timely...I am in love with that saying now.

I hope everyone realized how simple the berry tarts were...dont eat them too late! Funny...I post about keeping it light at night then show a recipe for these tasty treats that really arent so super light. Oh well..embrace the dichotomy.