Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cambodia (quickie)

No Time For Pics...taking the boat up the Tonle Sap river this morning from the capital (Phnom Penh) to Siam Reap (home of Angor Wat...the largest man made structure in the world).
We leave in 20 this is just an update to let you know that all is well.
This has been one of the most amazing trips so far, and its only the start of day 3.
Im going to have to break it up into many posts, but it will be worth it.
I cant recommend this country enough...seriously, its overwhelming.
Everyone...thanks for all the love and support. You are the reason I keep this all this up.
I am so thankful to be connected to you, even if its through the computer.
Reading the comments is so much fun. Thanks again.
Much love everyone...have a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

I just can't resist - you are the most beautiful, handsome man I've ever laid eyes upon. I've been trying to get into a raw food lifestyle for 2 years, and stumbled upon your website. Wow. Maybe now I'll be more inspired! Cheers...

tash said...

Hola. This computer, hmmm, I do believe I just saw a heading regarding Cambodia...but now it is not there. I think it said Cambodia, yeah. Well, just wanted to say that this country does bring to mind Angelina Jolie and her awesome philanthropic nature. I think we will see the day where all souls utilize their celebrity for the greater good. One day, maybe we won't even have celebrities, and everyone's talents (and beauty) will be in the limelight and equally accounted for...just a random thought. Have a beautiful day!

All the Love!,

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip. It sounds like you've experienced the extremes so far: fresh durian to cooked stuff. But, you've taken it all in stride.

derek said...

Looking forward to some pics of Angor Wat!

Bella said...

I'm travel deprived right now and hoping to live vicariously through your trip... so I need some freaking photos and details! I guess I'll have to go flip through my "Lonely Planet Cambodia" again and daydream.

carrot baby! said...

I just have to say...Anthony, you are the most beautiful person i have ever laid my eyes on!! I have been on the raw for 2 years now. You are a real inspiration to me as your genuine, gorgeous, and have passion!
Keep up the love and inspiration! Gorgeous...
~carrot baby (Kati )