Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Juice and Simple Eating

Copious Quantities of Chlorophyll in the Blog lately...take note.

My juice recipe is usually 32 ounces. This glass here is 16oz.
It would be great to make one in the morning and one in the evening, but juicing is
consuming enough as it is, so I make a 32oz Chlorophyll Bomb first thing in the morning.
Add in purple kale if you have some around. Get those purples into your system.

Then its usually whatever fruit I have around an hour or two later.
Im not big at all on bananas anymore.
Lately its one or two persimmons for breakfast, or one large papaya. Easy, right?

Maybe around 3pm Ill make a salad or eat something I have already in the fridge. If Im making a dessert I'll nibble on that. No big deal. We might be raw food enthusiasts, but it doesnt mean that we have to be obsessed with food.
There are much more fufilling things in life. Dont settle simply for food.

Im on the go, doing things, meeting with friends. I dont have time to always be pondering
recipes like in the past. I loved that time of my transistion, and it enabled me to make awesome
raw food dishes, but I like how I eat now. I eat simple and GET ON WITH IT.

I'll usually finish the evening up with a green smoothie. The earlier I do that, the more alert I will feel in the morning. Gabriel Cousens tries not to eat a meal after 2pm. I think that this is a great idea, but since I stay up till 3-4am, I have to switch it up a bit.

This is what a hachiya persimmon should look like before you eat it. Dark red and SOFT.

And when you bite into it...

How is that not pleasurable? Enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

So if you are a little obsessed with raw food right now, just go with it.
Read your books, play around in the kitchen, and make friends & family try your creations too.

Sooner or later, one usually shifts to simplicity if they stay with raw food. I think if someone does living-food correctly with lots of greens, they will feel so good that they will never go back.

Unless they do. Haha...



raw by default said...

LOL... that juice looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It's hard to believe that's a colour found in nature. But then, I think a lot of us have had our colour senses dulled. We forget that food is supposed to be colourful!

I'm surprised at how little you eat. Concentrated nutrition, I guess. I'm still hungry all the time, so I eat a lot more volume. And I eat late at night. Oh, well. I guess my body will adjust when it feels like it.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how the relationship we have to food changes with time on the raw food diet. It becomes evident that the modern-day convention of eating is like cooked bananas! Every other animal on the planet (unless they are being fed by humans) eat based on basic need from moment to moment. May we all find simplicity.

Anonymous said...

That persimmon looks delicious. Keep it simple, that how I do it.

Natasha Danielle said...

Persimmon. Yum.

Courtney Pool said...

Chlorophyll bomb - that's a great name for it :)

~eve~ said...

Looks like you are moving more towards 80/10/10 at the moment. I think it's fantastic to be able to keep it all so simple and superquick!

dancer said...

Hey there! :) I made a new blog (had to delete my old one - long story). So, so sorry I haven't responded to you yet! I will soon, promise. Hope all's well!

Sheena said...

That's my favorite fruit you're holding there! Um, the skin is edible? Aish, I always skinned the lovely persimmon, and if there wasn't a knife I did it with my teeth *gnawgnaw*. How much tasty flesh was lost by that T-T! That glass of green looks scary (for now). Yeah, sometimes simple really is the best, the pure taste of one single piece of ripe fruit and the loads of time you safe. I can't wait to eat at Pure Food and Wine though or to play around with recipes. How much does an average menu cost at Pure?

Hannah said...


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