Monday, December 17, 2007

The EASY long flight

My Apologies for the lack of photos...I have to upload everything still.
I flew out of a dreary, sloppy wet NYC and landed in HK with the temp reading 75 degrees.

My flight was 16 hours long. We flew right over the north pole and down through Siberia
and China, then to south Asia. I ate four Persimmons which ripened JUST ON TIME.

Four persimmons, tons of water with MSM, lots of stretch sessions near the restroom
at 30,000 feet and a few movies. If you are flying to Asia, let me seriously
recommend Cathay Pacific. They are SOOOO good to their customers, and the seats are the best. And it was a direct flight really stress free all the way.

I have experienced NO jet lag. No puffy ankles, and no dehydration.
Im on my way out the door to search for fresh Durian. Life is blessed.

The We Like It Raw event on Saturday was so fun, and id like to thank Dhru for setting
it all up and for everyone that came out to dance and visit. Love you all!

Keep it juicy,



kalequeen said...

hey anthony,

i'm glad you arrived safely. enjoy the amazing weather!11


Hugh said...

I am going back to Hong Kong again this coming February for my sister-in-laws wedding party (oh joy to be the only westerner at a Chinese wedding party!)

I am very interested to see your adventures in raw foodism whilst you are there.

goingRAWr! said...

hey mister!
glad to hear you got to hk safe and sound, just in time for durian season!
you can actually get raw meals on planes, did you know? even malaysian airlines offers and i have had a cathay one before.. pretty basic but good.
i'm leaving for melbourne tomorrow night.. i'll make sure i stay stress free all the way too!
rock the casbah over there!

Lenette said...

Good for you for keeping up the blog while traveling. Hope you have the best time ever. Can't wait to hear all about it. Let me know when you get back. ~L

Salkis Re said...

I am so jealous of you. I am here in new York, the slush and cold are reaking havoc on my sunshine time, but I will survive. I really want to be my the beach right now sipping a coconut banana smoothie and listening to Bob marley while watching my children make sand castles... This can happen! ^)

raw by default said...

Just curious, but how did you get the persimmons on the airplane? I thought there were restrictions on carrying fruit across borders.