Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Still Going...

I don't think I could dance till 4am without it...

Well...the weekend has finally drawn to a close. On-the-friggin-go! Unreal...non-stop really.
I have been so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people lately.
Its such a funny thing...NY was killing me about 2 months ago, but now I have
all these positive young raw-foodies in my life...its just ALL good.

Im believeing more and more that raw food and alkalinity in general is about accumulation.
You have to work at it...its not like popping some pill or anything like that.
This is much more subtle at first, but when you are constantly adding greens to your system,
sooner or later something switches and you just feel good ALL THE TIME.

I'll be waiting for a subway and be doing a little dance as I wait. People probably think Ive taken something. My $7 a day habit isnt Marlboros....its wheatgrass juice. My friend Seema and I met a lady at a juice bar the other day who was recovering from a car accident. She was drinking green juice like it was the last of it on Earth. She looked at us and said - "i REALLY wish I would have known about this stuff when I was your kid's age..."

Well....YEAH...! The young and raw crowd pays attention to the signs the Universe is providing.
Synchronicities, Deja Vu, and simply pure goodness flowing into our lives are all signs.
On the road of life as well...you MUST look out for the signs if you are going to get where you really want to go. There is no other way. Don't ignore signs.

Lenette and I hit up Jubb's Longevity on Sunday before she flew out. And who walked in? Dr. Jubb himself. A weekend that includes both David Jubb AND Alex Grey is a good weekend.

Everyone there was soooo nice too! We honestly stayed there for 90 min just hanging out. And the food? Im not picking sides or saying one is better than the other, but let me say that I was totally BLOWN AWAY by the food at Jubb's. Everything they let us try and everything we ordered was really good. And their Brazil Nut Milk? NIRVANA.

Im going there on Thursday for David's Tasting and Lecture event that he holds twice a week. They are going to be filming too, so thats always exciting.

Im shooting a catalog tomorrow out of the city, so time for bed...I have to juice tomorrow before they pick me up, so no excuses.

In my juice tomorrow morning?

1/2 tray of wheatgrass (8oz)
5 stalks of celery
1 large Cucumber
4 lemons
Collard Greens (or Kale or Parsley of course...)

Hey...if youre going to do something...Do it RIGHT. No more wimpy juices!

And up next...my daily diet (give or take a little...its pretty random these days...)

Hang loose...



Natasha Danielle said...

This post totally inspires me to get a raw food community going in Missoula, Montana. Thanks for suggesting that, A. Right on. Spiritual community is so beautiful and I love to read about it! Yay for life!

raw by default said...

$7 a day sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. Not when you consider that some people have a couple of Starbucks drinks every day, at $4 each.

How much juice does your recipe actually make?

alissa said...

i just finished reading ann wigmore's wheatgrass book. and i'm trying to figure out how to do the garden. and also which juicer to buy. the green star seems a little out of my league. like i might have to wait a bit. but i was wondering if people had opinions about that...

Anne and Leigh said...

I love your blog, as you know! The inspiration you provide is amazing! Thanks again. I have been having a smoothie every morning and love it.