Friday, December 21, 2007

Buffets and Honest Flesh Eaters um...come here often?

Note to the queasy folk...a few nasty pictures in this one.

Pretty much all human cultures of the world hold a blatant disrespect for the lives of other non-human conscious beings on this planet. Basically acting like Nazis when it comes to how we treat other creatures. In the states, this is mostly hidden though. Our flesh comes pre-packaged or even pre-made, so eating that stuff seems much more benign than what it really is. The horrors and brutality of the slaughterhouse are out of mind usually.

Over here though, its really in your face.
Every day I walk out of the apartment, I have to see this catastrophe:

Thats right...a big ol' tub of skin and guts. These barbarians have no shame.
Little kids see this as they are walking to school! How screwed up is this? No respect of life.
Dont you think this would be against some kind of health code? Sheesh...

As if I need more reinforcements to not eat flesh anymore.
Funny thing though, after they saw me taking pictures of this mess, they cover up the
tubs with newspaper. I suppose no one has ever stood over these things and taken pictures.

Here is another example:

Could someone please tell me how they find this appetizing? Good lord...Im ready to vomit.
At least its honest though, but still totally messed up. These poor animals. Think about this the next time someone is eating a chicken sandwich. (i know these are ducks, dont email me.)

As for me...I'll stick to the good stuff - Durian - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

True love...

Now here is a great tip for staying raw, traveling, and going out to eat with friends.


Especially buffets with a strong salad bar.

You can spend $20 and do all you can eat salad and fruit, while your friends are free to eat what they want. We went to one last night, and it was great. I made a massive salad with arugula and endive and sundried tomatoes with capers and onions and peppers.

And lucky me...they had green papaya salad, just like in Bangkok.

It was SOOOO hot though. I couldnt take it. I had to take a break for a few minutes.

Seriously though...buffets really fit the bill.
They provide for all tastes, you can take your time, and you can get up and walk around a bit.
I usually never go anymore, but when I do, I always enjoy.
We have to be social and have a life, so by thinking of ways to incorporate both our eating style with spending time with non-raw friends, we can make our time here much more pleasant, and it will enable us to stay raw without freaking out about alienating ourselves and eventually losing the plot, if you know what I mean. It doesnt have to be all or nothing though.

You can even go to those Brazillian meat mayhem restaurants and just opt for the salad bar. While your friends are chomping on bessy the cow,
you can be eating great salads you customized yourself.

Not bad, right?


raw by default said...

LOL... you crack me up. In a good way, though. :) Thanks.

joe said...

Hey Anthony,

Love your posts. Going to Fort Collins to visit my brother and his kids. Talked to him about raw on the phone and he turned into this Rush Limbaugh maniac and started yelling. Interestingly I just remained calm and asked him not to be like that-he was being a big a-hole-and when he figured out that I was going to pay for my own food and that I was not out to convert anyone but his kids he chilled. I found out he was on major pain relievers, so he was just bitchy and scared. He gets hell bent very easily. So..... this will be a test. Thank god I'll have a rental car.
Thanks for your blog and pics. It motivates me. I'm 44 on Sunday. Yippee!!!

california girl said...

We are all waiting for your naked PETA photo shoot- but I'll settle for the top pic in this post- TOO funny! But seriously, you are so right. In my flesh eating days I always had to be as unaware as possible of what I was eating- couldn't even cook it myself or I would just lose my appetite. We are really good at disassociating ourselves in the U.S. I think in some other countries they have become so desensitized by these sights that it just seems completely normal. But, wow - you are SO right!

Anonymous said...

you have such a cool life! thanks for sharing your adventures:-)


Anna said...

Anthony. Hello from Russia. I'm just curious if you notice any effect of raw diet on your vision. I can see you still have you glasses on but maybe you switched to other dioptres?