Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008...

Ta Phrom Temple (Near Angkor Wat...Dec 2007)

At Last....

I had every intention to post regularly as I was traveling, but upon discovering the internet
situation in Cambodia (slow connections AND slow computers) and deciding to just live in the moment, I made the choice to just wait till I got back to Hong Kong and pump out some quality posts instead of half-assing it and taking out too much time of the trip.

Attention is here.

I cant recommend going there enough. Especially as a raw foodist, its was just amazing.
Im going to break the posts down by day. I really have so much to share.
Look at the size of that wild coconut in my arms. 40 CENTS!!!!!
Oh yeah...that pile of durians behind me was pretty exciting too :)

(messing around with break-dancing Cambodian kids in Phnom Penh)

Lets just have this post to think about 2008.

No excuses...2008 is going to be the year that you have your great breakthrough.
If not now, when? If not here, where? NOW NOW HERE HERE.

If you need the man's calendar to get you into gear, then so be it.
Embrace that and use it as your fresh start. No more mediocrity though.
Its super-hero time. I'm serious here...Im not accepting excuses. Time to live.

There is no one stopping you, and everyone is at your fingertips for everything you need.
Whether friends through cyberspace or in the physical world...we are here to help.

USE us. USE me. I want to help you become what you are meant for.
Need answers? Motivation? Email me! I might be able to help.
Hearing about your progress and personal growth is my gift.
A gift that I cant buy, which makes it all the more precious.

Live a life worth writing about. PLEASE. This is the moment to start.
Every second is THE moment to start. 2008 is your year. Live it up before its too late.

This Cambodia trip has shown me even more the true beauty in simplicity and
the essential need for traveling and exploration in my life, especially before it becomes too late and expensive to travel abroad because of oil issues.

My mind is clear about what I want to accomplish and experience in 2008, but I must remain open to what the universe leaves in my lap. Have goals, but dont let goals have you.

Nothing but the absolute best for everyone in 2008. May this year bring us closer to full enlightenment of the human species and everlasting peace to all creatures.

Fight WAR, not wars. Nothing but love everyone...Happy New Year.

Its good to be back.



april said...

Hey, I really like your blog so are so real with how you feel and everything. I want to start my new year off with a month long juice/smoothie fast. I just want to start the year off fresh. I want to be 100 % raw but the social situations are difficult w/ being raw. I wish raw food would become main stream, just like how people ask for the vegetarian dish, people could ask for the raw food dish. Anyways, just liked this post and wanted to say that I want this year to be an incredible one of breakthroughs and everything wonderful. Happy new years!

tash said...

Talk about inspiration~!

Only Love,

Bella said...

Hooray! So excited about your Cambodia photos. I'm actually that kind of person who WANTS to sit at your house and look at your vacation slides for three hours! And I know all about the pain in the ass it can be getting on line from when I was in Thailand and Laos... better to use your time to ENJOY the beauty around you. Love how positive you are. Look forward to much more.


SproutingSeed said...

You never cease to amaze me Anthony. Your positivity and zest for life is inspiring!

Backpack the Planet!

Michelle J said...

Anthony, your post! Happy Raw New Year to you! 2008 is going to ROCK!! In March i am going to take part in the global juice feast! I think i will do it for 30 days. I am so psyched about this! Besides losing weight, its just so healthy and liberating! So, here's to 2008! Maybe, we can meet at PFW someday!
Love Michelle

Lovingraw said...

SUPERHERO time baby! So funny you said that, I have been thinking that the past few weeks. Thanks for shooting that out there. It's time for all of us to become who we were destined before the beginning of time to be!

Be blessed brother and see you soon!


Carmen said...

Anthony, I love your blog. I am from NY but now I live in Austin TX and I love it. It is so nice to read about rawfoodies in NYC. I love your passion and honesty. You do inspire and motivate and your beautiful spirit shines in your words and pics.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing yourself!

Kristen's Raw said...

Awesome post :) Happy New Year!!!


Kristen's Raw

Hugh said...

Welcome back to posting mate, good to see you've had an enlightening trip to Cambodia!

My 2008 is going to be a big year! Instead of settling down to another year of the same old work bookings and kissing another Summer by without noticing it, I'm making a change. This April I start a degree in Traditional Acupuncture and journey towards learning how to help people heal themselves. It's going to be tough, I have to work hard to support my family and do all my study. It's going to be worth it though!

As for my raw eating, it's been a good day. Green Smoothie breakfast, Papaya and Cocoa Smoothie for Lunch, I made raw Coleslaw, the best Hemp Milk I've done yet and prepared Eggplant Jerkies for tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all that dwell here!

raw by default said...

Did that huge pile of durians smell... funky? :)

Happy new year!

shannonmarie said...

Love your post. I want to take a trip like that. Bring me back some coconuts and durians. Yum!

Happy New Year :-)

wyldegirl said...

once again, you're voicing (with such vibrant enthusiasm!!) all the thoughts swirling around in my head- i think the world's energy is quite aligned and inspired. . . and growing moreso everyday.
rock on, hope to see you mid jan in ny
x Jenny

Bueller said...

Hi Anthony! Welcome back! Love your post. Happy New Year!

Mel's Raw Food Travels said...

I hear ya about the importance with traveling. It opens your eyes so much to the world around you.
Your blog is so inspiring. I'm enjoying reading about all your travels.
For you, or any readers on here interested, I have started a blog about my own raw food travels!

Jen said...

Happiest of Happy New Year to you Anthony! Thanks for being one of the people who fight to raise the vibrations of the world. I think 2008 will be a year of change for many people who are "waking up", and they would be very fortunate to fall into your hands.

Ryan Mahoski said...

Inspiring words, Anthony. I may not have the opportunity to visit Cambodia this year but agree travel is life's elixir. Thanks for sharing life's insights and offering to coach the uninitiated. Between Raw Model and Kristen's Raw, I should have no excuse but to remain motivated in '08. I'll start by revering the apples of Arizona a bit more.

satya said...

Happy New Year! I cant thank you enough for your blog! Let the stillness be with you!

Anisha said...

Hey!! I am a bit late on the response, but I figure late than none! Loved this blog, so pure and real. I am experiencing India on a whole new level now. Although not 100%, but with a whole new perception. Can't wait to see more photos! (=

Anonymous said...

Well Anthony, I have putting off writing you because you look like such a busy man. I was eating raw for about 2 weeks and got inspired so i did it and after 2 weeks i was used to it. Then the dreadful holidays came and well i fell off the bus so to speak. I saw a difference of the 2 weeks i was on it, i was so much happier and i even swore to myself that i was going to have a picture on line to be an inspiration for everyone. Now im sad and i cant snap out of it, i know that it takes me to get it started again but i feel like im the only one doing it and there is no one in houston doing it and im on my own. :( i want to get on the bus again and never look back ! I would love some of your inspiring words to help push me. Thank you so much for your time.

- Star-

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony ,

Its Star just wanted to write you because i did not have an account yet, hope to talk to you soon:)

Anonymous said...

I know this is going to sound really weird...but...I noticed you have a metal filling in one of your pictures. Does that bother you and are you going to have it taken out? Also, what kind of mattress/pillow do you sleep on? Oh, and one more q: when traveling asia, where you aware of parasites and if so, what did you do to avoid that? Enjoy the questions! : )