Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HK Market Madness

The First Day Back in HK...

I opted for the Fruit Plate meal choice that Cathay Pacific offered. I just ate the stuff in the first dish. The stuff in the top left was like some kind of jam (full of white sugar I guarantee) and I just dont touch non-organic grapes. Even the strawberries I wasnt digging at all. The bun and butter went in the trash where it could no longer endanger anyone's well-being.

Oh right...and remember, you can bring whatever fruit you want onto the plane, you just can't bring it through customs. Although you probably could sneak it by, but Im not suggesting anything. I would maybe make a superfood fudge (dates, nuts, oils, superfoods) if I had a long flight...but really. Keep it light on the flights and you'll be good to go. I chugged about 64oz of good water before I went to the airport, and then made due with whatever H20 they gave me. That whole "no liquid rule" is a load of horse shit. No kidding. What a joke.
I hope you all realize that those rules are simply to scare us and keep us in line.

Now...onto the goodies...

So, after some kimchee and seaweed salad with Iris during her lunch break, I headed to the market. I love the NYC Greenmarket...but come on...this was bountiful.

Really beautiful layout, and the colors were just amazing.

Check out those little bunches of Tat Soi...love that stuff.

21oz of Goji Berries for 48 HKD ($6 USD) I dont know about quality, but Ive read (from unbiased parties) that all gojis are relatively the same. These come from China, but remember, over here, Tibet is considered China. The whole "Tibetan Goji Berry" idea is more marketing than anything in my opinion.

Love the beauty of the dragonfruit, but we can get these babies in Chinatown/NYC. No biggie.
Lenette from Go Raw Chicago loves the dried version, and I have to second her on that one.

Now onto the main events...Cherimoya, and so cheap it could make me cry.

Super ripe and fragrant guavas...the baskets on the right cost 60 cents US. Heaven is here.

And then I come across a major heavyweight. A MONSTER jackfruit. So glad to be here.

Jackfruit is called Dai Su Bo Lo in Cantonese...literally Big Tree Pineapple.

She cut them out right in front of me, and my bundle of 9 cost about $2.50 US.

Dont get me wrong...the HK people love their flesh too. Such a shame...so many better options around but they are still really stuck in their carcass eating ways. Oh well...more fruit for us.

My original intent for the market was to find fresh Durian. Its still pretty early in the season (in Feb they are everywhere here and really inexpensive). The market I just walked through didnt have any. But if memory serves me correct, I remember a place that had them early. I walked over there, and yes...

About $2 a pound (Frozen + Gassed Chinatown NYC durians are usually $1.50).
I didnt mind at all, because this is something that you simply cannot get over in the states.
They were nice enough to put them in the package for me, and when I took my first bite I started laughing because I forgot just how good these freshies are over here. It simply cant compare. I thought..."hmmm...they are still pretty good in Chinatown/NYC"...but NO.
This is the real deal. So fragrant...so creamy. BLISS.

Im saving a few pillows for my coconut smoothie tomorrow. Life is good...

Mission accomplished. I say Im not obsessed with food, but when you are over here and you can have jackfruit, guavas, and durian for an afternoon snack,
there is just no way to not get all geeked out about it.

Come to SE Asia and live the dream. I got the camera holstered on my hip so expect a load of pics in the next few weeks. Peace everyone, wish you were here!



Bueller said...

Looks like you're having a blast! Sorry I missed you before you left. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Dhrumil Purohit said...

Hah, I love it man.

Keep the fantastic posts coming!

raw by default said...

That fruit plate from the plane actually looked okay... until I saw all the other stuff. It's like a giant fruit salad! Darn it... now I'm hungry again.

Kristen's Raw said...

That fruit looks so BEAUTIFUL and REFRESHING! Simply lovely!

I'm not well versed in overseas organic issues. Is any of that organic?


Alec said...

I was wondering the same thing, Kristen. In a couple of years I'll be moving to China for a year. I can deal with non-organic, but I imagine Chinese farmers would pump heaps of chemicals into their produce, which would probably be banned in the UK and Europe. Don't know what things would be like in Hong Kong though.

Lovingraw said...

What wonderful pictures Anthony. Thank you for sharing. - Philip

Azura Skye said...

I am sooo very jealous!

What a bountiful array of delicious lookin' fruit!

It would surely be utopia if it were organic as well.

Anonymous said...

I tried to sneak my fruit through USA cutoms and the bomb/drug sniffer dog came racing up to me and went crazy, his handler looked shit scared until I said "Oh don't worry it is only fruit in there!!"

Looking at Alec's comment about China and chemicals, it is strange to me to think that you assume Chinese would "pump heaps of chemicals" in their produce...why would you believe that?

alissa said...

brr...it's freezing here! i can't believe you're wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Go Raw Chicago said...

Awesome pics. I'm so happy for you! You just made my morning. I consider myself pretty "geeky" about new fruits/food I've never tried (especially fresh) before too :)

Alec said...

Hi, Anonymous. Considering China is the second largest producer of pesticides in the world (after the USA) and considering China's not so regulation-abiding history of producing goods, I think it follows that they would use an lot of pesticides in their produce. If a farmer can make his strawberries bigger and redder than his neighbour's, he'll use pesticides if he must.

I won't bore you with statistics and quotes, but there are articles etc out there to support what I'm saying.

Synergy Chef Collaborative said...

Just found your blog. Thank You for sharing the sweet pics and changing my perspective another degree about modeling industry as a whole. I will do a shoot. Love to share some kewl recipes with you. Any requests?

Anonymous said...


Melanie said...

Anthony, I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go to the Kong. I was in Korea on a layover for a day, but wasn't impressed with the produce there.

As for airplane food, I am sad to say that as a flight attendant, I know what goes on behind the scenes. What may seem like the 'healthiest' option is almost as bad as the rest. A catering worker once told us that the fruits and salad bowls last 4 months! That's how many preservatives they cover them with. Disgusting.

That's just one of the many pleasures I have as a flight attendant. I have to suck it up and deal with serving passengers the chemical/sugar laden sodas, the preservative filled food, etc. I even get mothers that ask for milk in their baby's bottles with extra sugar! One time 16 packets of sugar in one bottle! Can you imagine! And she was wondering why her child wouldn't fall asleep.

So why do I fly? Well, I'm sure you understand the joys of traveling! You seem like you're having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Alec said...

16 packets of sugar in a bottle of baby milk! That's horrible!! Poor kid.

You should write a blog, Mel. (Is that the new "you should write a book"?)

Ed said...

Thanks for the update! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time.... Make it count!

Mel's Raw Food Adventures! said...

Alec! Working on it! I have the website up but have yet to think of a clever new idea for a blog. Maybe raw and traveling.. hmm..