Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Most people that have known me for a while would say Im pretty tame.
I was always pretty mild-mannered...never to make a goof out of myself or act too silly.
Lately though...these past few months, Ive been feeling really good and not acting as self-conscious. There was a day when I would NEVER EVER dance around unless I was drinking, and now I can go and just do it and have a good time for its own sake.
Coming out of the shell? Raw food magic? Who knows? I just want to have fun now.

If you play by the rules and stay in line...
its very VERY likely that you are going to stay with the rest of the crowd. Mediocre and semi-happy. I watched a video from Matt Monarch the other day, and he was talking about NOT playing by the rules. NOT behaving.
I think the rules are made up by the rulers so we can continue to be on a lower level than them.
Obviously, I feel that this way of living is due for a big change.
Don't hurt others of course, but do what it takes to make your dreams happen.
Misbehaving is likely the key to liberation.

Thoreau once said something about regretting that he was so damn-well behaved in his youth, and if he could go back, he would definitely raise some more hell. I come from the upper-midwest, where its pretty expected to not draw too much attention to yourself and to not cause trouble. Its only lately that Ive been coming out of this. Its just so funny how we care so much about the opinions of strangers. Social conditioning? Herd Mentality? No thanks.

Check these people out....

Taking lame holiday pics next to this plastic polar bear. can ride that bear like ya own it!

Who do you think has more fun in life?

Certainly not this bum security guard who made us leave...

BORING!!! A prime example of what happens when you follow the rules your whole life.
Do you think he is raw? Haha...Go home and eat some fried pork rice, amigo.
(I LOVE the Pants-tucked-in-the-Boots trend for 2008! Look out!)

We went and saw I Am Legend with Will Smith (who is fit as ever) right before all of this.
I would say to go watch it (its scary though...), or at least rent it when it comes out. Its a pretty depressing movie, so when we got out of the theatre, we were pretty happy to be alive and well.
I guess a little celebration was in order.

Just have fun! To hell with all the regulations. Those will only keep you down.
Block out the distractions, discover what you want, find out how to get it, and GO FOR IT!

And have tons of fun while youre doing it.

#1 - The Universe is our playground.
#2 - The Universe is our workshop.

Im drinking a coconut-guava smoothie as Im typing this. Cant complain...

Im posting lots lately because I dont know what the internet situation will be in Cambodia.
I leave on Saturday, so there are a few more to come.

Raw Food Good, Cooked Food...Crazy.



Jen said...

Hi Anthony,
I saw I Am Legend last night too! It really was scary in parts! It left me thinking too, and I love that.

It looks like you're having a blast! You're so lucky to have all that cheap exotic fruit over there !! I would totally take advantage of that..YUM!!

What a great post too. Thanks for reminding me to have more fun!

Courtney Pool said...

This made me laugh so much tonight because you don't even know how spot on you this post is for me right now :)

And yes, I felt like I needed to go watch Winnie the Pooh after seeing I am Legend.

Lauryn said...

I watched that video with Matt Monarch. I like his attitude, but look wise I feel he looked so much better on the 100% Standard American Diet.

He looks shorter, skinnier, harrier, and his hair has become much lighter in tone. He was so much more attractive & sexier looking before. It's kind of scary how weak & frail he looks now IMO.

Check out his video:

Which Matt looks better?

Anonymous said...

Your life seems so amazing(full of adventure). I hope all goes well in Cambodia.
I actually had my first Figi water today. The taste was great. The taste was very cloudy and crisp; kind of like it had substance.

Well have an awesome time on the other side of paradise,

Lovingraw said...

Well said brother! Why live choose a boring life.... lets like extraordinary!! Lets not regret one minute. Lets do all the things our heart desires. Let us be bound by NOTHING! : )

Anthony said...

About the Matt Monarch thing...I have to say that I think he looks much better now. Sure, he looks way more wild, but its more natural and I think it just depends on our reference point. Maybe its the hair. Nothing wrong with being lean though.

He was definitely more full before. Maybe if he was more tan and cut his hair he would be more "presentable". I think he looks great though. Whatever floats your boat I guess.


Tasha said...

Dearest Anthony,

You have truly inspired me to Live (and never so much as dream of merely surviving). It is because of you and a most dear friend of mine, Kev, who also so speaks to my Heart of Hearts, that I have now chosen a more honest path for myself...a path of philanthropy that will help to uplift humanity forever. You are sooo good. The Divine is sooo good. Thank you for your cup of Love that does runneth over so; it does runneth over for Humanity so! Cheers to Love and Life. Right on! This is what I mean when I say that you rock! Blessings and keep on keepin' on! I don't know you personally, but I do choose to call you Friend...because your Energy is so great and it can be felt miles upon miles away... Of this Truth I just so wished to speak...

Cheers to Joy and All~Things~Beauty~FuLL~!,

Matt Monarch said...

Yes!!! That's it Anthony!!! The posted picture of you on the escalator goes exactly with this concept.

Follow that rapidly pumpin' breathless heartbeat; Always!

Matt Monarch

tash said...

I personally think that Matt is extraordinarily beautiful.

P.S. Iris is extraordinarily beauty~full too!