Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Japanese Alkaline Water and Cute Coconuts

A Few More HK Treats that You Cant Get in the States...

Besides the tropical fruits at the market, there are some other items that I just have to get while I'm over here. One is the super alkaline mineral water out of Japan. This stuff is not cheap though, but since Im only here for a short while, I like to enjoy it while I can.
A 2L bottle cost about $5 (OUCH) but it REALLY tastes good...and check this out:

Maybe my Japanese friends can help me with the other numbers,
but no joke..thats a 9.4 on the pH scale. Good grief...
Last year I was actually drinking Trinity Springs over here, probably because they still had some in stock from the last shipment, but was gone this time.
Oh well, this stuff is great and its totally natural from what I gather.
Take note everyone: I used to love Essentia and Evamor alkaline waters, but I realized that the only reason they were so alkaline was because they were adding calcium to it.
It wasnt even spring water as far as I can remember.
I just drink Fiji or Iceland back home...
maybe some New Zealand spring water from Trader Joe's lately too.
Aim for pure sources...thats all I can say.

Damn...look at how fresh that durian looks! The ones back home are like dark brown from who knows what. I dont even know if I want durian back in NY again. Maybe once in a while.

Check these little cuties out...

This is actually a coconut. Really thin hard shell, and full of water and good thick meat.
The quantity of both are actually the same as the young thai coconuts back home, and these cost 40 CENTS EACH. I kid you not. They are so easy to open as well..just flip the upside down and with the DULL side of your knife you crack open a circle.
No more severed digits, fungicide, or irradiation.
A big thanks to the force for bringing these into my life again. Blessed...

About the organic question...there is a region called "New Territories" and there are lots of organic farms there that ship greens into the city. We actually get home delivery here and its great. As far as the tropical fruit is concerned, Im just crossing my fingers and washing the skin. Most of this does NOT come from china, and I think there is an unfair bias towards the heavy pesticide use there...HK is NOT China. Any HK resident would GLADLY let you know of this fact. If anything, I would worry about them using dirty water or Humanure to feed their crops, but I dont know. Ive never been sick over here, and I lived on lots of greens (both organic and not) for 4 months last year. So there you have my two cents...
Take it for what its worth. And I dont think Jackfruit and Durian grow in China.

I fell asleep at 10pm last night, and woke up at 3:30am. Ive been up ever since and its now 4:30pm. I kind of like that early to bed-early to rise stuff. Sunrise is really where its at.

I think Im going to have a few more coconuts...40cents! Haha!!!



Hugh said...

I actually really enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn in Hong Kong every time I visit. It's so refreshing to experience one of the fundamental differences in our cultures, exercising/socialising old people!

No one is up in England bar the milk man at 5:30am but in the estates of HK all the older generation are up and going outside (some armed to the teeth!) to chat and exercise. I think it's just marvelous.

I usually get more than my fair share of odd looks as well being the only white guy living on the estate too!

Alec said...

Here's the other nutritional information for you:

pH = 9.40
HCO3- = 143.40mg/l
Germanium = 8.89 ppb
Potassium ion = 0.60mg/l
Hardness/solidity = 16.1mg/l

I don't know if that means anything to you - means nothing to me!

Anonymous said...

where can i get the japanese alkaline water? i'm in manhattan, they have it at Sunrise Market? please let me know?
Thank you!!

Tasha said...


raw by default said...

That durian sure does look different. Does it taste different, though? Wikipedia says that there are different varieties of durian... I wonder if what gets exported to North America is the same as what you can buy over in Asia.

Keep those photos coming! It's neat to see all this stuff. But it makes one realize what a tiny variety of produce we get in our stores...

Aaron said...

Hey Tony, Your friend Aaron here. Nice to talk to you on the phone the other day even though you are in HK. Say hello to Iris for me and Kala. I just wanted to enlighten you a little bit with your "I dont need very much sleep because i am raw". During sleep, our bodies are recharging and releasing fat burning hormones like HGH and Lepting that burn fat, manage stress, and control your appetite. This is especially important for those of us who do more exercising and activity then then normal person. So, even though we might feel that we dont need sleep or that we need less of if because of our eating habits, our bodies actually require MORE HGH for our bodies to recover from excersising and lifting, etc. This all sounds like it should be common sense but we all need to be aware that need to give our boddies the right amount of sleep and it will only help your muscles and body repair faster and do a better job at controlling our appitite. See ya when you get back to MN!