Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RawUtah Fall Update

My good friend Jake in Utah has been hard at play!

Check out whats he's been up to at Rawutah.com

I think what he is doing has so much relevance to the issues
we are facing today, and he is bringing it to another level,
even from the Dervaes in Pasadena because he is building a
food forest and growing in a harsher climate.

And he is doing it in the suburbs!
Im not working with all that much land
(Im actually using waaaay less than half the 1.8 acres)

BUT, my overall surrounding landscape is still a bit wild.
My brother Jake is in a very different place,
and is totally shaping it into a forest garden.
He is on the Utah/Arizona border as well,
which even further drives the point home that
permaculture works just about everywhere.

I hope his neighbors are catching onto the idea.

Right on my friend! Keep it up and keep spreading the light!

Does this get anyone thinking?
Now is a good time to get a fruit/nut tree (or ten).
Half-price sales, wet weather, maybe its time for you too?