Monday, October 26, 2009

A Good Reminder from Leija

These two videos really hit home for me.
Ive known Leija for awhile, but just found her vids
on youtube, and was really happy about her message.
I highly suggest checking these two videos out.
The story about the book manifestation is REALLY inspiring.

Here is a clip from her recent post on her blog found HERE.

Today, as I sat on this park bench, breathing, observing and taking in the lifeforce energy around me, I noticed a child (probably about 10 metres away) staring at me with a small smile on her face. She was the cutest little Asian girl I've ever seen. If she wasn't so bouncy, I'd swear she was a little porcelain doll. After about two minutes of eye contact and non-stop smiles, she walked over to me with her mom and said, “I like you. Will you be my friend?” That put the biggest smile on my face. I said, “Of course I'll be your friend,” while her mom laughed. I was curious why she decided to come up to me in particular. I'm some big adult sitting on a bench. There were many other adults and children all around. What was it about me? Now, this girl was probably about three years old, and what she said truly astounded me! She reached her hand out, placed it on my knee and said, “I want to be your friend because I love you and I know you love me. We come from the same place. I just know it.” My mouth just about dropped open. Her mother said, “Wow, kids say the darndest things, huh? Ok Katelyn, time to go. We gotta go pick up your brother from school.” She picked her daughter up, said, “It was nice meeting you”, and started to walk away. I didn't know what to do. It didn't seem appropriate to run after this woman, and say, “Your daughter is amazing. I'd love to hang out with you two. I think we have a connection here!” Instead, I sat there smiling, feeling so overwhelmed with emotion that tears began to roll down my cheeks.


When I read that my jaw dropped.

Check out her writings and videos for sure.