Friday, July 24, 2009

A Visit with Biodynamic Farmer Steve Storch

I had been looking forward to this for quite a while now.
I had first learned about Steve Storch through
Patrick Timpone's

Here are his three interviews:


Join up if you already havent, its free (you can upgrade)
and the information found in these interviews (lots of raw stuff)
is worth thousands of dollars. I try to listen to one every other
day and its been very groudbreaking for me.

Steve is a Marine Biologist, but his true passion is
the soil and biodynamics. His interest was sparked after
reading "Secrets of the Soil" which also affected me greatly.

He developed the Thalassa Mix with a partner,
and I can attest to the power that it has.
My tomatoes and cucumbers have not one pest.
The idea of spraying them down seems ludicrous.
Of course, there is lots of biodiversity in my area which
keeps "bad" pests in check, but my tomatoes and cukes
have the most wonderful flavor Ive yet to taste anywhere else,
and its simply because of the thalassa mix (ocean minerals).

All of his produce goes here: The Greenthumb.
Located right on Hwy 27 in Watermill NY.

He developed an automated vortex brewer,
which is additionally powered by solar energy.

Old fashion wisdom meets new school tech.

Anyone who is a fan of Victor Schauberger
and Daniel Vitalis will know of the power of vortexing water.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of biodynamic agriculture,
called for vortexing the water 20 seconds in one direction,
then 20 seconds in the opposite direction...(FOR ONE HOUR).

If you want serious arms of steel and have lots of spare
time on your hand (maybe listen to an audiobook while stirring?)
then the manual method is for you. Steve's work frees up time
to work on other projects while the water is doing its thing.

Steve is also developing "Earth Towers" on his property.
In his words:
"The tower resonates to the frequency of the earth and
helps heal and restore the etheric earth energy so
disturbed by cell towers, HAARP devices and other military industrial activities."

Read "Secrets of the Soil" or google Earth Pipes
or Earth Towers for more info.

He has at least 8 hives (that I saw) on his parcel,
and puts little crystals in the corners of the landing pads.
The bees were climbing all over them.
Im going to do the same when I get back to MN.

He raises chickens, scottish highlander cattle,
donkeys, a horse, and some goats. Lots going on here.

He says the donkey are one of the most personable
animals he knows...truly individuals.

He uses the manure from the animals along with
biomass on the property to make his biodynamic compost.
He adds in the biodynamic preps to fully connect the soil
to the atmospheric forces in the cosmos.

To many, it might sound too "far out".
But we have to remember that we are not only
a member of this planet, but a member of this galaxy
and universe as well. Its all one interconnected web.
To think the cosmos has no effect on us is pretty hilarious.

Ive had biodynamic produce and dairy products,
and I can tell you that cosmic forces or not,
this food is amazing and tastes beyond what I thought
was capable. I had biodynamic apples in Germany
last fall, and never in my life have I had an apple like that.

Steve's lettuce was so strong and bitter...I felt as if I was eating
dandelion. There is truly power in biodynamics.

Biodynamic farming is definitely not veganic farming.
There is a large role that animals play in biodynamics.
Horns are used to make the compost, and even a stag
bladder is used. Steve sources his animal products
from deer hunters, so its not like the animals are being
raised for these products. I was uncomfortable with this at first,
but the animals are being raised for food anyways.
That might be a lame excuse for vegans, but remember,
the SOIL is not vegan. The soil wants meat and manure
and all types of dead matter. Do what you feel is appropriate.

I purchased 3 buckets from Steve, and have already
started seeing inca berry bush and miracle
fruit are better than ever.

Thanks Steve for showing us around and spreading
the ideas that will heal this planet from the warfare
of chemical and GMO agriculture. for THESE people by supporting their work.
They and their methods will do far more than any
government endorsed program.

Check out Steve's site at

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of our day in Long Island...including our new springwater find!
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